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dark blue Mar 4
thoughts racing
heart beating
out of control
like a filly
you're wolf’s prey
wanting a man
to protect
reign you in
anchor your mind
soothe your soul

sssh, baby girl
daddy’s here
to take all your fears away
dark blue Feb 27
it’s in your nature
to submit and serve

present yourself
*** in the air
to your master

to be reminded
that you are
less civilized and evolved
than you think

confused and conflicted
as juices flow
and wetness
glistens on you lips

emotional and primal
you’re just but animal
dark blue Feb 22
never ending
roller skates
snow cones
and unicorns
a kiss on the lips
from a girl
a show of love
long remembered
least forgotten
daddy’s sweet
little girl
dark blue Feb 23
does it
make you wet
getting spanked
by daddy
for being
and bratty
dark blue Feb 25
cookies and cream
coloring books
blankets and stuffies

sitting on daddy’s lap
reminding him
i’m a big girl
and can be naughty
dark blue Feb 17
hold me
hold me tight
never let go
never leave me
promise me
i’ll always & forever
be your little
dark blue Feb 17
how old
is too old
to be a little
i’m a grown up
that has never
grown up
i’m a 40 year old little
that stills needs
her daddy
EmperorOfMine Sep 2018
Your gripping lies make me question why
Did I give you the time to take my sanity away
You never cared, you witched your passive spells
Entwined me in your nails, you've sent me straight to hell
I cannot contemplate what it could take in place
Of your sickened soul, an even bigger hole
Oh can't you stop that smile from ever turning into horns
You little devilish coward, why did you leave me so torn
Your devious smile, like poison to the lame
Crippled all over again, now I am really insane
I lost my mind down here, I guess i'm dead as my brain
I'm settled like fear, yet now my cheeks are wet from the rain...
Was it truly rain?
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