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Amaryllis Feb 2020
You told me you had my back...
Now my shadow is still behind me,
And where on earth are you?
Starry Sep 2019
Love has come and gone
The trust is fleeting
Like blossoms
On a tree
How can I tell witch is
Loving fact
Or hurtful lie
When you betray
Our love
I am like seasons
I come in phases
And I know that I will find
Another in the spring
This is not my current situation but it was In the past.
danahslade99 May 2019
You swept me out to sea,
I followed you willingly.
Then you threw my heart onto the rocks
So the fragments washed away from my grasp.
I couldn’t find myself again,
Piece my heart back; mend.
Yes, I saw the light, no, I did not take caution
But it was your dry shores that kept me
Strewn for so long, they watched
As my ship corroded in wait
Of help from your imaginary inhabitant.
You are the deceiving lighthouse
I should have stayed away from your edge.
But your beam pulled me in
A warning sign in the disguise of a friend.
Afia Jun 2018
I know it seems insane
When you think of all those who betrayed
It’s like a sip of hot tar
With a pinch of toxic air
That scratches at the back of your throat
And pulls out the molten lungs in folds
No memory so bitter can be casually erased
Only time heals the bruised in pain
People who stab you in the back will try to live on your pain.  Do not let them. Time will bring the better of you at the table.
LillieJamillah Feb 2018
I know this blue
It is old
Maybe ancient
Changing shape but still the same
I know these scars
They are heavy with memory
And cold from shame
How many life times have we done this?
How long have I been bleeding
And how energetic you always are
I am empty hands
I am all screams silent and aching
I the fool, all aglow with love
Happily being walked across
Accepting pain that  I am always,
Always too young to process
and forever too old to cry about
I am a pleasure best invisible
And it’s best I keep my joy to me
Less your hug becomes the squeezing
Becomes the cutting off of oxygen
Becomes the death nearly as cold as the spaces you have for me
Why don’t you stay away
So I can remember who I am
Troy Nov 2017
I am a bad person
I don't belong here
I never did

Don't you see
I'm a nothing
A nobody

An emo piece of trash
That should never have existed
I get called ****
I get called fat

And yet
I won't eat
My body won't let me
And it hurts

4 days
4 days with nothing
4 long days with crying
4 days telling myself I should go

4 days telling myself
You all would be better off
If I wasn't here

You would be
And he tried to stop me

Break downs
Not eating

I thought I was doing good
But the cycle goes on and on
And he was the only one to notice

I hide behind a fake mask
So none of you will worry
But what do I get

I play mad so you won't see I'm sad
I play happy so you won't see I'm tired

I get blocked
I get called names
And worst of all

I thought I was getting better
But I broke
So have fun

And I'll have fun as me
And my blocked life
Ella Gwen Feb 2017
One drop
and then another

rolling down dusty cracks in a windowpane;
as transparent as the clouds.

Here they fall, whispering widows
traces as substantial

as the autumn leaves
when the wind whimpers,

as substantial as your smile
when I'm not looking.

The drops simmer on,
down the desert of expression

fall down down down
and I will

make sure to look the other way.
john shai May 2016
Just like the flow of a thought
Our story coherently played out
Each event like an intention ought
To float on a wave of doubt

Crashing on the shore of memory
It was foamy and filled with greenery
And the birds did feed on its nutrition
And words written in the sand, destruction

Of very moments that were sweet
     Now washed clean as a sheet
Hailey P Feb 2016
The devil wiggles
Your tongue
And spits lies
Like the fire
Of a thousand suns
Hanna Kelley Jan 2016
She is a pearl, not fully grown yet.
She hides in her shell away from the predators that only want to rob her of herself.
Over the years she grows, she adapts to the world around her because she knows that once she is done growing she will be something beautiful.
She plays show and tell with the tales of her young depression, the solitary game of hide of seek that she wanted so badly to win but she could never find herself.
The only game she ever wins is the mind game that no one other than herself can figure out.
She is awarded champion for making it into high school, the hell years of her life.
She did it, she made it this far,
And now everyone and everything are at her throat trying to drown her in her self doubt and the misery that a waits when she comes up for air.
She holds her trophy high as if it was supposed to be a beaken of hope repeating to herself "I can do it".
She questions her heart, like her heart is the one teasing her with happiness but we all know it isn't.
She tries so hard to hide herself from everyone who could potentially cause her harm but its impossible, her shell is cracked and everyone has found the opportunity to try to break in.
Her insecurities are scars, heart breaks are bruises, betrayel shows as broken bones, dishonesty are missing teeth for each person who has ever walked out of her life.
She plays a game of show and tell with her young depression, like she can point to each scar and say "I was fat", each bruise and repeat "he left me for her", each broken bone, each tooth and her tears will tell you the rest.
She will walk over to her trophy case and sigh because she knows it doesn't give her hope, its just proof showing she could withstand breaking infront of everyone for years.
She is a pearl who grew up the wrong way, she will never be perfect.
She will have dents and cracks and she won't be as strong as she was supposed to be.
But that doesn't matter because only beautiful people show their flaws,
She is still everything beautiful to me.
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