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AW Dec 2020
We worship words
While words have lost all meaning
Pinned down and carved out
Hollow sounds
Mere moulds we fit to the world around
AW Dec 2020
If the quantum is foaming
Roaming space for a chance to manifest
Lest it neglect to collapse in on itself
Then who am I

To negate the hypothesis
That life is ineffable
Interfering with the pattern
That would have else entangled me
I find myself a wave function
Undetermined until interacted with
Insignificant until observed

Who am I to challenge
That everything is energy
Rising through the ranks of probability
A wavelength contracting  
An equation waiting to materialize

Who am I to doubt
That uncertainty is anything less
Than a superposition  
A potential to fill
The vacuum to the brim
With vibrations that extend far beyond the evidence
Fluctuations fulfilling a destiny  
Of singularity
A momentum to make matter matter
AW Jun 2018
Worth wondered why
I didn't want Him
While He was always
A better companion
Than fear
Why I deemed Him more a
Question of value
A question at all
While He merely was
Wonderfully enough
AW Jun 2018
El muro me das
Sin mostrarme la puerta
Huérfano soy, de alma y pie
Limites pintas
En colores de retos
La pintura me vendes a cambio de paz
Libertad tomas
La conviertes en miedo
Con sangre escribes mi nueva canción
Promesas me haces
De pasión y impacto
Los confundes con lucha y labor
Me haces creer que
Deseo rodera
Sentirme segura y en comodidad
Me robas del nuevo,
Ser aventurero
Mis sueños ahogas en ayer
Disclaimer: My Spanish is probably not at a level to be writing poems at all, but I gave it a try anyway. Let me know if there are any linguistic errors.
AW May 2018
Blank heart, blank life
Your pen leaves ink stains,
Black rivers
That seep into my palms
Drip down my hands
Stain my fingerprints
With traces of you
I sit here,
On the edge of mystery,
A thriller, open-ended
Jibberish wishes that
Stumble off my lips and listen
Only to where your music flows
Beats, blows through unsteady determination
Plaster falling from walls as
Shels from eyes
Fresco revelation
AW May 2018
Tonight is the hypothesis
Predicting possibility
Molding what we are
Into mathematical equations
You + I = the great unknown
AW May 2018
Halfway into solid soils,
These roots have changed their minds
Fractures welcomed quickly
For a chance at new sustenence
Broken, they are, still,
Open to a fresh start

A shard has found its way,
Its place, its role,
Its eternal purpose
Part of a whole as broken as he is
Still, life, painted out of imperfections
Only cracks and stains
Form patterns that mean anything

The waves roll in
Broken against rocks, cliffs,
Heady as the lists they offer their battles to
Never stilling the insatiable thirst for living
Yet always enough
To toil, turmoil, retreat
And re-emerge

The crystal starts its free fall
Darting down in ominous torments
Forlorn hope of wholeness
Only to be broken into molecules
Shattered by its very nature
Melted into volatility
Still permanent like the sky it came from

The earth trembles me every time,
Fragile, into hiding
This world, broken, new grounds opened
Mountains crumbled, veil torn
Still I am, unstirred
As the dawn dissolves all darkness
Every time heaven opens
I am merged into peace
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