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When a creator’s ability meets an end,
And their fabled angelic muse is no longer a friend,
They look high and low,
Scouring through grass and dirt and sometimes even snow,
To bring back that gift
That left their life with an unimaginable rift.
When it flows- let it rush,
Resistance of the mind is futile,
No matter how hard we push,
And one should know that such is juvenile,
So let it be, to let one see,
And let thought be free,
It is how we- the form taken royally,
Will truly know what's inside,
When one knows- there is nothing to hide
If you help one person out,
You won’t change the world,
But you will change their world.
The greatest fear that everyone possesses,
Is being Vulnerable around the wrong person.
I’m a man,
This much is a fact,
Yet I fret for my hair,
And I know I’m not alone.
I’m a man,
This much is a fact,
Yet I fear I’m too thin,
And I know I’m not alone.
I’m a man,
This much is a fact,
Yet I’m concerned I’m not muscular enough,
And I know I’m not alone.
I'm a man,
This much is a fact,
Yet I fear that I’m not manly enough,
And I know that I’m not alone.
I’m a man,
This much is a fact,
And I have my own insecurities projected from multiple sources,
And I know I’m not alone.
He cried,
Through the looks in his eyes,
He always had long sleeves down,
And was in a constant frown,
The police he told,
And their eyes rolled,
Now his children are in black,
Scared dad is not coming back,
But the mother is behind bars,
But it’s too late by far,
I wonder if war would be so frequent,
If those declaring such evil on another,
Had to face it head on,
Would presidents, ministers and chancellors,
Be more open to discussion,
If it were their leg that risks the landmine,
Their friends that fell to the I.E.D,
Their lives were the ones on the line,
Alas only a thought experiment,
Cowards tend to create conflict and flee,
Sending other to do their ***** work,
Then too afraid to look them in the eye,
The eye that saw unimaginable pain,
Unimaginable suffering,
Unimaginable evil,
The world leader is the reason,
Those unimaginable things,
Still reflect in their eye.
The world is Jaded and Numb,
It takes work,
To stop it from Hollowing you.
TV killed the Radio,
Internet killed the Love,
Impatience killed the Relationship,
Depression is just our Mourning
People confronted her,
For living in the clouds,
But with a head full of dreams,
She ran her own world,
One which will never be seen.
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