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Nylee Jan 4
Grab my hand, barge in my fantasy land
Freak me in, freaked out me
It's like a convergence of parallel realities
Combined to be the one
Sunny side up, Moony side comes
Pacing with different lengths
Crossing roads, holding hands.
It's a plus score, to match wavelengths
Scheming and unscheming
Unscrewing and ******* up the plans
Now it is out of controlled ideology
what becomes of we.
David Hilburn Mar 2023
Due, the times
Arrival of a concerted friend
At the designated since, the basis of every crime
To be, a whole salvation of what ends

Keep, the times
Rue and divulgence to a rapid and just
Merit, the coping suggestion of what ides
Were, the note of atonement in fair, if not ought's must

Solemn, the times
Strange horizon's with a calling
Ably, the needs of another, shied
And true, sigh of curiosity, that has seen falling

Adage, the times
Sworn to better kind
Turns of repose, have the sense to shine
Well and could, the very order of what mind

Secret, the times
May to fore, the airing, a league with might
To know a callous sorts of claim, the history of why
We are that we are, the other side of what mercy might

Stars, the time
Worth neither whether willing nor would
Comparison needs the let, the better in a wishful lime
Tow and certainty to hold, a portrayal of hosts who could...
asking if oblivion is to be, offer it, and the flies will come...
Simon Apr 2021
Space Case is not the advertisement for fear of losing yourself to the very darkness that is blanking out from normal reality and heading into a newer reality, (from which only your own psyche can fictitiously acknowledge, properly).
However way you spin the wonderous find of the gap in your own little sub-space (that is your own even tinier different types of psychological roundabouts...)
Nothing is truly centered in the very lucky situations, where each newly realized predicament isn’t as endearing as you'd first realize them to be.
Carrying out the struggle for the circumstance, that is one's own disembodied state, where such lucky situations...go completely dark!
Now, what's the first ideal of a space case.... Nothing more than what you haven't already knew from before you lost your very first contact with reality.
Since after all, your newly realized ideology is ("reality central") itself!
Things become slightly corrupt when reality central takes center stage, because you have no such management on this sort of (now newly put together source).
It's almost as if you've been entirely thrown into a newer source of energy, that only you and you alone, can bring yourself back out from, (via "your own little reality" itself).
And when your own psyche can once again, fictitiously acknowledge properly, then everything starts to take many tumbles (just so it can reorganize itself back into its original form). Coming directly from the very agreement from its own previous ideals and impressions upon a perspective that danced a little too much), when becoming stuck between two sources of familiar energy sources that signatures the very voice of concern, (or even a voice of caution).
Where everything starts to begin spiraling out of control!
But there's no chaotic tendencies, when consequences become the newer mortality rate...that this very circumstance provides the very presently disturbed predicament that still surrounds itself with such disbelief) over something so sudden, immediate, and radically unexpected!
But that's life, after all. And you can't control what goes on (outside of your own mind's eye). When you truly control what goes on from deep within the very inside itself.
Lastly, what goes around, comes straight on back around...when it truly becomes this scenario (upon many sequences after sequences) that enable you (once again), to hitch up a ride with the very sudden, immediate and radically unexpected realization of such a, well...
Let's pretend (for ONLY just a single moment, before it slips into its own dream sequence or improbable dreamscape, where nothing truly "healthy wise", comes back from that)?!
Which then delivers a type of pressure-free release into (the very such now incredible acknowledgement) of officially knowing that everything that had just built-up (over time) towards this very point in time...
Is nothing more than the ever-lasting, ever-increasingly and never-ending spectacle...of a simulation for "abrupt flaws"!
Because when it comes to such a slithering snake, that is a simulation for abrupt flaws....
Everything begins blurring out of sync!
Then begins distorting the very outside world, as if it was merely a mirage (without "self-acceptance" in itself)!
And when everything completely comes to the very turning point that is fusing together this perfect little bundle of "incomprehensible" joy.
This is when things collapse into a radically self-inducement scenario, where the "head case" (that you once were, on the outside world).
Now officially becomes the newly established Space Case! (Full of primary self-doting commands and actions that consequently, don't fit perfectly in the outside world.
When it was truthfully all about the head case that was meant to evolve into the space case all along.)
"Reality Central" is (as yet again), back up and running!
Begin your newer reality, my friends....
If you’re not already slipping back on into your own such fictitious beliefs again?
When you’re really not accepting the outside world for what it really is. (Except, that's blasphemy!
Only when you don't simply accept your own ideals from within your own heart.)
Being a Space Case is nothing more than for something (or someone) to become what is truthfully your own ideals working (as yet again...) OVERTIME!
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
Desert dry-
Cracked and scarred,
Empty of feeling and life.
With nothing there to grow,
Life daren’t wander inside.

It is the rain,
That begins the roots for life,
It is the rain-
That washes off the scarring-
To show its lack of permanence.
When it pours from the heavens,
We know our world is pure.

So why not his heart?
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
Darkness isn't to be feared,
It exists as the beginning,
As a reminder of all the potential,
Before you have done anything,
Before you open your eyes,
Before you take the first step,
The darkness is always there,
So get comfortable with it,
Because when you strike that first match,
When you flick that switch,
It is gone forever,
And all that is left,
Is the stark truth of reality.
Norman Crane Oct 2020
That feeling—
Night running between tree trunks,
Bark scraping your cheeks—
Before smashing face-first into:
   Neck snapped,
      The blood leaks,
That feeling is freedom—
Before you awake unfeeling your body,
Legs useless, mouth drooling dumb,
Welcome! You're one of us now,
The obedient numb.
I can! replaced by May I?
Physical stagnation, ornamental degradation
of the soul: the will dies always
Norman Crane Sep 2020
an idea blows
across a global garden
cities shake like leaves
Maria Mitea Sep 2020
felt superior  to the very nature of all things, and he found a way how to prove it.

“Why staying bound
by humanness,
while I am better
than anyone else”

With his own money,
Hannon bought a flock of birds
and raised them up in a dark place,
very dark place,
teaching them how to sing one song
named “ Hannon is God”,
This is all they’ll sing in the dark.

When Hannon considered
the birds learned the song,
he let them fly free,
believing his own song
“Hannon is God”
would spread everywhere
and would be heard by everyone.

He let them free,
the next moment
the free birds forgot Hannon’s song.

They flew free,
and song their own birdsong
to this day
Maria Mitea Sep 2020
Eyes lost
in waiting,
looking in vain,
Despite it,
He kept them
widely opened,
He put it away
on the old
wood table.

his courage
lifting up
ferrous arms
a tinny piece,
rolling himself
in still noise
a cigarette of
a variety of
great purge
good reason,
one pack a day

It helped survive
the cold,
and everyday
toil when
soldiers and ants
of freedom.

looking in vain,
Despite it,
He kept them
widely opened,
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