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Her eyes are the lighthouse of the Pharos,
Alexandrian, bronze-mirrored fire flung round
The gloaming coastal sorrow like sand-glittered spears.

Her praying mantis limbs of light,
Sever-poised for needlepoint strike
At the jeweled glint of wings in dim, rare-seen limits,
Now one with her rasping sea of scarab beetle husks.
Mysidian Bard May 13
I was there when darkness
was all you ever knew.
So black it was; the night,
that your shadows left you too,

but then across the horizon
a beacon's match did strike,
and burned a path right through the dusk
to end your lonely nights.

Years flew by in blinks of an eye
and long gone are those days;
but still despite, I kept the light
that watched you drift away.

Forever my heart will be your guide
so that you never sail alone,
and if you're ever feeling lost
you'll know the way back home.
Andy Apr 4
And I keep swimming towards you.
Even if the current pushes me away.
My stubborn self swallows its love for you, drowning, struggling to keep its head over water.
And they tell me you’re the lighthouse.
Even if you’re far away. Just keep swimming.
And I know you’re there. Waiting for me. But not just yet.

And my heart believes it all. What a fool.
A story about a girl.
Pearson Bolt Apr 2
languid waves
lap at the shoreline
as the wind
scoops up handfuls
of sea foam
to scatter
across sun-baked sand,
rolling lazily along
before disintegrating
into open air.
the faint hum
of the breeze
is whipping
past our ears
and the yawning
breathing of the ocean’s
gentle sheen
refracts sunlight
across white-crested

i can feel callouses
forming on the soles
of my feet
as i make my way
barefoot across the boardwalk.
little reeds sway
in the sand
and salt-eroded shells
are tiny lumps,
half-buried treasure chests.
a storm is brewing
on the horizon,
but the dark clouds
can’t quite cut down
the sun
from the heavens.

i am wandering
back and forth,
tugged along
by the ebb and flow
of the ocean.
between the highs
and lows.
and see
the old watchtower,
the lighthouse
fallen into disrepair,
standing silent,
a sentinel
securing the shore.
witness the erosion of water.
know that
for a time
the tower stood tall and proud
an insulting finger
stretching towards
an apathetic sky—
defiant, to the end.
RaeAnn Mar 23
There you go again.
Where’d you go this time?
What do you keep locked away
In that vault you call your mind?

I know it's dark out there,
So bring your flashlight -
Even if it isn't me.
Take someone
Into the dark spaces
So they can help set you free.

I pray you don't get swallowed
By the daunting night-sky sea.
But if you get lost, look out,
The lighthouse there is me.
Safiya Husain Mar 21
Like a harbour docked with ships ,
That Leave and arrive in the guidance of a light house, is my heart.
A shelter to the arriving and departing love.
Yes, but...non-guided.
Wrecked,Wretched and awful.
That once rented a gruesome space
to a soujourner.
A tenent unknown and untrustworthy.
Sumairu Feb 19
I met a woman who used her smile to change the world everywhere she goes.

Her smile is a beacon for tear filled faces; like a lighthouse on a foggy night, guiding sad hearts to peace and serenity.

Now, when I look at people's faces I'm reminded how her words of action helped embrace my own smile. Therefore, it is my new found duty to smile everywhere I go.
All it takes is a smile to change the outcome.
Pallavi Jan 29
Miles away the distance......
But still we are close.
Your love is like a lighthouse,
Which navigates me to arose.
I can't overlook that smile
Which is engraved in my heart.
My love for you will never sink,
No matter how much we are apart.
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