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2.1k · Jul 2016
Don't Listen,,,,,,Listen
Mark Wanless Jul 2016
Don't listen to the noises that are
       all around you all the time
Just listen to the silence which is
       all around you all the time
just makes sense
976 · Aug 2016
To the Big Man
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
To the big man i gave
Money, a smile, kindness
To the little girl i gave
Orders, a frown, rudeness
Of her Buddha nature
No different from the big man's
in Dharamsala
858 · Sep 2016
846 · Jun 2016
Work On What You Want
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
sorrow a mind as long as you want
happiness a place to be if you want
i choose the dark side
long ago i made a decision
happy face or sad face
my choice,, sad face. if
only i had the protector anger
to back it up
i'm working on it.
don't tread on me.
june 7 2016
722 · Oct 2017
Mark Wanless Oct 2017

The personalities formation is as
Throbbing heartbeat and as
Difficult to train as

Yet we may surely do as
Human form inherent has as
Part and piece a place as deep as

721 · Aug 2016
Hair's of Turtles
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
There is no way that i
       am supposed to think
The hair of the turtle
       does not have to be long
There is no way that i
       am supposed to feel
The hair of the turtle
       does not have to be short
There is no way that i
       am supposed to act
The hair of the turtle
       does not have to be red
freedom, the scariest thing since consciousness
706 · Jun 2016
The Creep
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
love creeps deep in
vines and immerse
petty's wither out
bloom the universe
654 · Aug 2016
Break The Mold
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
Break the mold not your mind
Two different things really so close
Their breathing together
What is which you choose
No others job
Suffer/suffer      experience/suffer
Learn and live
Don't learn and live
Feel cause and effect
Yearn and seek
Stop yearning and be
One grain of sand
Precious universal jewel
All in all yin yang
Together rhythm creating
You perceive my excretions
I perceive your excretions
Thought volumes cosmos particles
Karma freedom
Top bottom side side
****** physical something moves
Light dancing
Body slow
X-ray fast
Rock solid
Think thought thunk kerplunk
Think thought thunk kerplunk
601 · Jan 1
haiku 2019
Mark Wanless Jan 1
the silent white flakes
fall on december ground -
happy new year
ha ha ha
598 · Sep 2016
This Magic Hat
Mark Wanless Sep 2016
This magic hat, a crown of thorns sometimes
Hard pressed and poignant, we blessedly wear
Till death recumbent stills the joys the care
The strivings found in all sentient forms.
We walk upon this globe each day without
Wonder nor concernment for monolith
Thoughts arisen, seemingly threaded with
Threads still hidden though faithfully throughout
History named and imagined. The full
Ever-vescent multitude, a flash, the
Portion illumined, then grasped as all in all.
This cause repeats repeatedly, a breath
Of mind cognate and fleeting that does swell
Our conscious state to mortal width and breadth.
558 · Aug 2016
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
the glassy grasshoppers shatter
when bitten       with straight white teeth
chilled yellow peach pulp       a glacier
low blond table wood       biting silk liquid
fresh hyacinth       jasmine
music       plunk on plunk
pearl skin       soft cloud
rose petal       lips
547 · Sep 2016
Mark Wanless Sep 2016
Choices have come to us
Vital, alarming, deadly, painful.
It is time! It is time!!
To choose the new way
With free will and foresight
And love holding together
The one race which exists.
480 · Dec 2017
Mark Wanless Dec 2017

The vastness of the universe
Ignites my soul
Thoughts burst forward
Traversing the void
A shimmering mist of awareness
I drift
On the silence
Of infinity
I merge
With the power
Of a billion suns
473 · Aug 2016
The Song of Not Self
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
Habits, are not the self
Customs, laws, nationalities
       are not the self
Conventions, language, vision, taste
       are not the self
The rolling Georgian hills, the Himalayas
The western Rockies, the eastern Smokeys
The northern forested Canadian home of the white bear
The White Cliffed Isle, the frozen Red Gulag
The cities clogged with motion, the empty vast stretches
       the round, wet, green, globe circumferenced, the stars
       are not the self
The perishables
       are not the self
453 · Jun 2016
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
You are a book i read
By definition metaphorically
Everything is on the page
Chapter and verse not hidden
But i do not see it!!!
Gaping holes in consciousness
Normal!!! Normal!!! Normal!!!
If i could comprehend you always
I would never fear one moment
Of your existence is precious and holy
To you        not me        unless
I make it so
Through effort
Perhaps i will see you as
Folio in a wayside shrine
"folio in a wayside shrine",   not matter what you come across you can see it as a lesson in compassion
446 · Dec 2017
Mark Wanless Dec 2017

I know my share of troubles
        I own them all today
Its a price we pay for breathin'
        And its each in his own way.
No runnin' from the pain now
        There's no place left to hide
When the weight of life is heavy
         I need people at my side.
With caring hands that hold me
        To help me through the day
And a warm and human shoulder
        As I cry my blues away.

Our pain is not the devil
        Nor a hated curse of man
Its a common tie that binds us
        Through the colors, creeds and lands.
Now some have trouble walkin'
         And some are halfway blind
Yet we can help each other
        To a gentler state of mind.
We know our share of troubles
        We own them all today
We can let go of many, and
        Live through the ones that stay.
435 · Aug 2016
A Wonderful Life
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
A wonderful life is not coherent
No linear course can span the all
From 20 till now, a course unimaginable
Yet hear we are, compassion trying to express itself
        despite the illusions.
Forgiveness is not a lie, to stop is to stop
Therefore it has stopped, a comfort of feeling.
The journey is my road, traveled by me, and
Everyone else in the space/time/mind continuum.
I am the sole owner of love, as i am the sole owner
        of fingernails.
Mark Wanless Dec 2017
"Sonnets From a Conversation With a Friend VI "

I've told you of my many mind changes
Not just the surface dross, but the living
Core of the root. The blurred symptoms bending
My sight to destruction, the hate of ages
Thriving within, the tainted defenses
Of ego that burned pain with their weak soothing,
This I told you and more. The thorned purging
Of childhood's conjecture, the strength that is
Formed, sturdy and deep, in one days effort,
The acceptance of self, which slow but true
Did lift, this I told you and more. And the vast
Labors of molding the light and dark shape
That frames my world, now glinting a soft burst
Of love's color, this I've told you, and more.
425 · Sep 2016
Travel a Far Long
Mark Wanless Sep 2016
bean thinking bean trying creating some song
don't know where my mind is be
what can i do for you know wrong
here is a piece of holy me

oh where are you going oh i shout aloud
oh where is the silence of the sea
it's not here i swear my wonderful child
no treasure's found in me

you are the source of penultimate heart
i am the source of knowledgeable free
where is the limit of what we can be love
what is the limit no limit i see

here is a time of again and again
nothing is happening new
cross the river we travel a far long
good night sweetheart i know your love
love me
423 · Jun 2016
March Forward Men
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
march forward my friend
in a world you do not understand
you are not the only one

march forward
your blind, in pain, confused
it's happened before

march forward, you hear the cry
of a child, a man, a woman
many hear the sound

a thousand years ago
a thousand years hence
march forward

pick up your *****
and march forward
written june1,16
422 · Aug 2016
The Witch
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
Ever follow a witch to the witch store?
At times I felt her see me in her head.
An unholy manifest riven in brain chemistry, a pore
For consciousness to flow through, into dead.
421 · Jan 2018
What Is
Mark Wanless Jan 2018
"What Is?"

truth, is a pacifier,
comforting and calming.

truth, is something
to hang on to, giving
a false sense of control.

truth, is an individual
and temporary construct,
of murky human thought.

Truth, is known
only to God,
if God exists.
416 · Aug 2016
Give It Up
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
Giving up the honey on the razor
Blade      for the nectar of the mind      giving
Up the honey on the razor blade      for
The nectar of the mind      giving up the
Honey on the razor blade      for the nectar
Of the mind      giving up the honey on
The razor blade      for the nectar of the
Mind      giving up the honey on the razor
Blade      for the nectar of the mind
Giving up the honey
411 · Jun 2016
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
foreign tongue fast babbling phone call
to half a world away genetic kin
easy as dirt
like the dirt that owns the blood
half a century away
land of snows and lapis sky
hungry maroon monks incanting
barbaric yawp pujas in
decadent political system
controlling the yellow spirit and red blood
of happy ignorant sad intelligent humanity
of the there then
it's always been like this world
when mighty mao and red army liberates
with bullets prisons mortars torture
barrel of the gun communist truth
rippin tongues out with meat hooks
father of such misery you can not see
they treat everyone like this
not just you         yaa that dirt

i was present and hearing a phone call between relatives half a world away, literally
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
Ultimately we own mere illusions.
This my opinion which you do not like.
Tough! I don't care if your karmicly thick
Mind confined does heroic contortions
To affirm. I don't care if your wispy
Aggregate dreams a Himalayan self
Poor ******* son of Santa Claus. I laugh
At your ***** soft logic, dark, faulty
Twisted, and stillborn at the lip. Live your
Pain to its fullest shape, suffer your thought
Completely. I ask only from this heart
That if you choose, reach to me with hope for
Help, that i may gently lend a hand free
Of pretense, as you have done for me.
387 · Jun 2016
Here and There
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
Why were the men of old wrong?
were they ignorant
No! what did they do that was different?
Nothing. Customs ah yes Customs.
What was is not, here is now, okay
i live here, if i lived there
Nothing would stop me from protecting
My woman. Nothing would stop me
Now. Nothing. I live here and there
i like it.
june 7 2016
364 · Nov 2017
One Small Drop
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"One Small Drop"

I gave one small drop
Of help, to someone
I don't even know.
To someone, I don't
Even want to know.
To someone, I don't
Even want to sit
Next to on the bus.
But that one small drop
Counts. And now, I know it.
361 · Apr 15
haiku 19/4/15a
Mark Wanless Apr 15
when i reach
the end of my journey
i will tell you
makes sense to me
355 · Jun 2016
As A Dead Bird Drops
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
as a dead bird drops i fall into a silent place
with echoes upon echoes of mind moving itself
and i scream with the effort to speak of it
to retrieve a speck of the chill fire
to recognize and pronounce it a word
or shape of word      or confusion of word
to bear it into a semblance
347 · Aug 2016
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
Long ago i saw you
Altogether      one      walking in my head
You were stabbing yourself in the arm
With a knife
I was eight years old
I loved you then      totally
Beyond conditioning      totally
Beyond words
341 · Jul 2016
Mark Wanless Jul 2016
Here i turn     and look outward
A practiced eye seeking more
To see     to sing sweetly
To lark and to crow and to sparrow
To twitter whatever appears
To imbibe and regurgitate life

Somalia taxi drivers
Mexican store owners
Black cashiers   policemen   lawyers
          in suits
White nobody's with hard bodies
White somebody's with soft bodies
Computer mind    buddha mind   angry mind
Is an angry mind    red angry haze mind
Red army    massing hoard
******* car horn out the window
Crashed air planes into buildings
White paper fluttering down from heaven
Black boiling smoke    *** smoke
Crack puff cloud smoke    cigarette
Rage against the machine failure
As the raging machine rages on
Expensive cars    poor people buying
          expensive cars
Hot humid days   cool nights
Sticky cummmmmmm thighs
Whale cry     baby sigh
New confusing war cry
341 · Apr 2018
true # 7
Mark Wanless Apr 2018
true # 7

i've seen some real mean
son's of *******
saying they were sorry
with tears in there eyes
new one
334 · Dec 2017
Wet Green Rock
Mark Wanless Dec 2017
"Wet Green Rock"

The wet green rock
That is our world
Floats round and round
A flaming torch
That sends its rays
Through cold dark space
To warm the air and land
And thus is formed
The womb and tomb
In which we live
Our mortal days
And pained we dream
Of other realms
To lay beyond this sphere
333 · Nov 2017
The Body Eclectic
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"The Body Eclectic"

Sons and daughters of the cosmos we stand
       touched together light vibrations
Space emanating consciousness
       consciousness emitting space
       one cause
       without contradiction
Effect arises and becomes
       co-creator shaper
       and shaped
       roiling to laws
       self born
Gravity not other separate but
       one side view of me      you
       rock      the heavens
       coiling together emptiness
       to forms transient
       moving no stopping
       of the process flow exists
       wonderment continual
Words but crippled leprous fingers
       pointing tool only don't get lost
       seeing the path as
       God Journeys End Reality
Metaphors i write crafting melody
       perhaps some may hear
       this effort for my own progress
       to i don't know where
       a here now out
       of the mirror
In the beginning naught
       but the naught void
       not even rays
       clear light
       no need
       all is all in all
What is past present comprehension
       happens none the less
       human views unneeded
       for genesis gnosis
       that which is began
       omniscience fading fast
       under wavelets minuscule
       almost not
Bump bump cling bump bump cling
       physics births itself
       space time sentience
       primordial wisdom
       one step down up sideways in
       ten directions expanding growth
       nothing happening
       out of the ordinary
Miracle a name for beauty
       not comprehended
       i you we fish elephants
One by one no such thing
       separate a myth
Oscillations stream genes
       now are
       before weren't
       again will not be
Particles particles
       ever new particles
       fabricate particles
Us the body eclectic
329 · Jun 2016
Sing it Once
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
want to sell a mastery
poetry such a mystery
been there done that
     such a mystery
don't know when      a never be
no need for mastery
sing it once     is the key
june 7 2016
329 · Feb 1
laugh u 5
Mark Wanless Feb 1
volumes of fresh tobacco
with no rolling papers -
potato pipe
328 · Nov 2017
We Who Are Aware
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"We Who Are Aware"

Within our pulsing sphere of warm, gray, flesh,
A ceaseless ebb and flow of words and shapes
And forms breaks upon the misty shores of
Our awareness, and brings to all who bear
The hallowed blood of Adam, a free and
Unique essence, called soul. Our lives are filled
From cradle to grave with the mortal task
Of finding a frame and structure for these
Swirling thoughts, and thus is born our deep and
Burning drive for knowledge, for entertainment,
For art. Yet this precious gift which falls to
All in unequal share, sparks amid our
Hearts the fires of greed and hate and lust as
Well, and all throughout the ages in the
Pages of history it is clearly
Seen as part of both the purest and the
Vilest acts of man. And so we live our
Numbered days with this golden burden which
Is truly ours alone. The brutes that tread
This world with us have not the width nor breadth
Of sense that stirs within the sentient mind
Of man. They do not grow ambitious for
A speck of gold, nor strive to paint their pictures
On the wall. The trees that live a span of
Years that puts to shame our brief and fleeting
Time, stand mute, and dumb, and dreamless. The flowers,
In their brightest show of color and scent
Have not the splendor found within the dimmest
Thought that twigs at the mind of a babe.
And the ever endless universe, in
All its gleam and glory, shines a light unto
An emptiness until it comes to rest
Upon the sight and soul of we who are aware.
326 · Apr 2018
Mark Wanless Apr 2018

I, half whole, stumbled
Often along my way.
Dragging the weight of errors
Added to disease.
Near blind, I cursed the chaos
In darkness,
Not even knowing there were
Lights to be lit.
And my living heart bled.
Three quarters dead and dying
I reached outside myself
For help,
You were there
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"Sonnets From a Conversation With a Friend XII "

Possession is nine-tenths of the fall to
Captivity of spirit. Many times
You've said those words to these selective ears
And i've heard nothing but your voice. Now, through
Some grating shift of cells, cause unknown, a
Newly perceived response enlightens some
Hitherto unlit portion of the dim
Pre-conscious realm. Which from here on casts a
Shadow interwoven with the many
Other shadows in the vast and blood warm
Ocean called the mind. And i see the harm
You speak of threatening, purely, clearly.
To hold is to close and occupy a sheaving
Of brain, which does empty its use for living.
323 · Oct 2018
haiku 99
Mark Wanless Oct 2018
himalayan mountain
path of stone -
new flower
319 · Sep 2016
God's Breeze
Mark Wanless Sep 2016
full moon      deep sky
       god's breeze
mouse fur over toes
318 · Aug 2016
Free i
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
Siren screaming warning
fading away     i'm happy
to be alive but the thorns
hurt sometimes like fire ants
in Florida with Palmetto bugs
just really big cockroaches in
Hawaii they are pets and even bigger
like the native gals be gentle baby
doll one eighty five going up
and up to the stars the dreams
of children touch god come from god
are god triune stabbing this that is
in the **** to cause movement
is conscious something or other
soft green leaves with sharp edges
flying liquid rock globs on the mountain
black black black ocean deep
wish i could go there in my mind
but for real they play for money
and we pay and pay and pay and wonder
who's the boss believe it or not
no one is is to scary for some
to accept and i'm writing expository but
where are the images well i'm on my way
to find out hope i get there i know
i'm going to enjoy the journey
free i i i i i
317 · Jul 2018
Mark Wanless Jul 2018
i thought i was a voice
in the wilderness
until i heard a voice
in the wilderness
316 · Jun 2016
Breathe a Moment
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
We do not breathe a moment unloved
Though pain unjust
The most fearful kind
Swallows us whole
Torso and soul
Cognition and mind
This human realm
Heaven and hell together
Joined at the root
Ignorance a mountain walked upon
( we not looking down )
Anger desire burning the house
Bewilders blinds defends and
Shrouds the truth now
Is not the end ultimate
Manifestation of
Perceptivity we
But ancestors of those to be
Who shall see upright in spirit
Forebears dreaming
They are the highest form
A dazzling appearance i agree
Yet so far to go
The best is not we
Evolve a bit more i think
312 · Aug 2016
Mark Wanless Aug 2016
i tried to see my muse
all i got was a past full of words
and a definite feeling that if
the blue alien ships
do not land on my head
the green ones will
310 · Nov 2017
Thought The Heartbeat
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"Thought The Heartbeat"

Thought the heartbeat spiritual lung breath
Learned conditioned malleable prism
Of the underneath space-time-mind-light-root-
Center of the universe one fathom
Long dreamed of reality this mountain
Crafted i permeation salts the sea
Relative here now no where empty form
Experiencing movement happy sad pain
Joy fear death yes no death birth twining
Around the wheel sentient shaped cognate
Realms six of one no other place to go
But out nirvana way some say some don't
Care just slake vibrations vibrating till
Satiety with peaked release fall
In brain chemistry world incredible we do
Not know the soul deep with eddies currents
Patterns self aware point bright in view held
Firmly scared to cease idea nothing
But the great unknown a million
Magnitudes of bone in ten directions
309 · Sep 2016
American Dream
Mark Wanless Sep 2016
There seems no end to the infinite
Variety of choices for some
Yet limits that shape our days and dreams
Are societies more common norm

True freedom a plaything in never
Never land i fear to see and say
A flashy bright illusion fooling
The mind in its momentary way

The money masters enslave themselves
And pull the thought strings with greed's intent
Profit their god they bow in their chains
To bleed the masses without relent
303 · May 2018
Yes I Will
Mark Wanless May 2018
Yes i Will

Don't know what your thinking any more
How come i see you in my bedroom yesterday
   at night
This mind is but a figment of the
   never more
The car drives by the camera
I was not here until so timeless
Why do i think i own the universe
Saw you in my bedroom twice again
   last night
You were not there i know a ghost in
   darkest light
If i could touch you one more time i would
   my love
The ecstasy the fantasy is but a dream
   my love    
My future is a bookmark on this page
   of life
Never been to heaven hell just seems
   so wrong
Called you by your name last night in bed
A life of happiness is just a life
   of strife
Knew eternity a time ago
   yes i did
Give it up for one more day with you
   yes i will
298 · Jun 2016
Mark Wanless Jun 2016
Take your bucket of compassion
To the ocean        and pour
292 · Nov 2017
Is Jack, jack?
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
Is Jack, jack?
i don't know no more
listen to good a drummer
drummin differently to much
is in orbit mit dem ***
teroids hemorrhoids itchy plenty
but so what?
i don't know his forms
effort and song belongs
somewhere but not in my
iddy bitty head fluctuating
syncopatic homeopathic
homeo homeo wherefore art
gave himself head advice
in the mirror at the
bug house fluctuating
asyncopatic and swallows
it whole from the T.V.
and dances but he
don't know why
a poem that proves itself
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