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4d · 97
war 19/7/18a
they told me
   prepare for war
of course i said yes
   to fight and save

i see the path ahead
   honor, integrity, conquest

and now i walk to certain harbor
war integrity  victory
6d · 83
haiku 19/7/16c
the depth of night
dark mellow thoughts
i see heaven
say what
6d · 115
haiku 19/7/19b
the dog ate my bone
i cooked it and gave
ancient friendship
Jul 15 · 61
Mark Wanless Jul 15
मैंने एक गिलहरी को देखा
जमीन पर मृत
निर्वाण के लिए पहुँचना

mainne ek gilaharee ko dekha
jameen par mrt
nirvaan ke lie pahunchana

i saw a squirrel
on the ground dead
reaching for heaven
Jul 15 · 42
haiku 19/7/14a
Mark Wanless Jul 15
i felt a kiss
upon my mangled cheek
Jul 8 · 87
Mark Wanless Jul 8
the battle was
and yes i saw
a tempest

to tell to all
not a victor here
nor a conquered
just a soul not dead

Zeus was called upon
   and failed
the Titans were called upon
   and failed

men fought unaided
   as always
Jul 8 · 127
haiku 19/7/7a
Mark Wanless Jul 8
i wondered why not
to turn around and look
i did and was
personnel experience
Jul 2 · 107
haiku 19/7/2a
Mark Wanless Jul 2
i saw a squirrel
on the ground dead
reaching for heaven
Jun 29 · 140
haiku 19/6/29a
Mark Wanless Jun 29
wiggled my toes
in cool clear waters
when it is a haiku, it is a haiku : )
Jun 26 · 249
haiku 18/10/20a
Mark Wanless Jun 26
wind in strong trees
brown leaves flutter
blind woman
is it strong ?
Jun 22 · 76
haiku 19/6/21b
Mark Wanless Jun 22
the mold on the bones
of a wolf ****
600 years ago
a good try in my opinion
Jun 21 · 71
haiku 19/6/20d
Mark Wanless Jun 21
mother protector
naturally as nature
for a friend
Jun 20 · 68
haiku 19/6/20a
Mark Wanless Jun 20
wolf puppy eats bones
pauses for a moment
sharp teeth
wolf was added at the last minute ?
Jun 20 · 128
haiku 19/6/19a
Mark Wanless Jun 20
the walnut falls
muffled in fall leaves
soft evolution
Jun 19 · 138
paradox 101
Mark Wanless Jun 19
the future me
looks backwards
and sees no one
but dreams
the future me
looks forward
and sees no thing
but emptiness
Jun 17 · 89
haiku 19/6/ 17a
Mark Wanless Jun 17
out the window
calm air -
sparrows flying
Jun 15 · 72
Stormy Sea
Mark Wanless Jun 15
Stormy Sea

if on a dark and stormy sea
   washed with cold and spray
i see a lighthouse calling me
   i will gladly turn away
want the travail of the wind
   want the cold and spray
harbour is an earthly place
   no place for me to be
say what
Mark Wanless Jun 15
"Sonnets From a Conversation With a Friend XXXIV "

It is very hard to see the beauty
Of screaming children. In fact i did not
See beyond my own self child inherent
Till my forty-second year of quaky
Life. When you spoke to me in actions
Plain and clear and compassionate. No two-
By-four swung could ever ******* to
The depth of your humble example that's
You and honestly live one moment at
A time for whomever. But now i see
Beyond the boundary sculpted unfree
Concepts graven in emptiness to what
Can surely be until what truly is
Is touched. A joined now of effort and bliss
Jun 15 · 50
haiku 19/6/15a
Mark Wanless Jun 15
smoke rises
from village hearth
baby's sleep
just now
Jun 14 · 170
Hair's of Turtles
Mark Wanless Jun 14
"Hair's of Turtles"

There is no way that i
       am supposed to think
The hair of the turtle
       does not have to be long
There is no way that i
       am supposed to feel
The hair of the turtle
       does not have to be short
There is no way that i
       am supposed to act
The hair of the turtle
       does not have to be red
old poem
Jun 12 · 223
haiku 19/6/12
Mark Wanless Jun 12
caveman thinks
in the old dark
thank you dimitris sarris
Jun 12 · 42
Dead God Soliliquy
Mark Wanless Jun 12
**, what noise? Ahhh 'tis but the wind disturbing
A precarious balance. Well I know
This barren waste holds naught but air and rock,
For once again has wrath and anger pricked
The mind of Zeus to vengeance, and bans He
Now all visitations. No more shall the
Daughters of Oceanos come to speed
The hours with mild discourse. No longer shall
Their beauty bless my days. The weight of isolation
Does so press upon me that the vain and
Servile babblings of Hermes would be welcome
But His voice forbids it. And these craggy
Towers wrought of Nature cruelly do
Bar the simple pleasures of rambling goat
And song full bird, for no beast may attain
These heights save one, my feathered torment. Half
My time is spent, half is yet to come, and
Darkly do my spirits waver. Is it
Not better to give to Zeus His want and
End this agony, than to grieve the trials
Of stubborn opposition? Would it not
Better serve my purpose to be free these
Fast fettering chains? Oh how dreary do
These weary thoughts color the mind, yet how
Quickly do they fade in the light of immortality.
It is far more wise to own this vile *******
Than bend to a raging will. Well I see
The coming of His pains and my release,
And the certain knowledge of those days steels me
To endure.
oldie but a goodie
Jun 11 · 65
haiku 19/6/11
Jun 11 · 169
On journey to
Mark Wanless Jun 11
On journey to
Discover self
There is none
Jun 10 · 231
And The World Is Human
Mark Wanless Jun 10
"And The World Is Human"

Children laugh in their innocent play
A young man loves his wife today
A twice worn dress is thrown away
        And the world is human.

An unknowing child is lost then found
A bleeding man attracts a crowd
The carousing deaf like their music loud
        And the world is human.

A ****** man has a love for life
A pious man berates his wife
A robust man knows pain and strife
        And the world is human.

In all the lands there's old and new
And time flows on for me and you
There are many wonders left it's true
        And the world is human.
Jun 9 · 126
lyrics maybe may 17 19
Mark Wanless Jun 9
lyrics maybe may 17 19

words words words
  heard them all my life

just a refection of my mind
  a mirror of distortion

a life of my creation
  here i am now

walking forward slowly
  into the dark

unknown to those who sleep
  when they lay at night

to change this time i can not
  think of what to do

cause i'm looking outside
  but inner is the true

time to hate is over
  hating for so long

time to create the next life
  master of the song
Jun 8 · 185
Mark Wanless Jun 8
flabby warrior
sits on riverbank
katana drops
May 29 · 100
haiku 19/5 13
Mark Wanless May 29
shallow river
on the sandy bed-
bones beneath
May 27 · 126
haiku 19/5/25a
Mark Wanless May 27
the orders come
   march forward slogs -
forward we march
May 23 · 146
a bunch of children
Mark Wanless May 23
i saw a bunch of children
playing games upon a board

i was a nasty child then
did not know that i would

do nothing but perpetuate
a memory of hate

sorry brothers
hope you have escaped
Apr 25 · 116
Mark Wanless Apr 25
Garl april, 25, 19

The time of his death was
unknown of course

Garl walked the perimeter sticks
wooden spear at the ready

Garl saw more than he thought
therefore the world of the cave walls

His dreams were to amazing
images of other worlds
so beautiful so strange

All were their dreams at night
but the samans put them on the walls

An act of great courage  due respect

In his dreams Garl saw himself
on the walls   at first with fear
later with desire

The samans were also hunters

The hunt was a strong image to have

Garl was out with the hunters
he saw the hunt    he saw his
image on the cave walls

He went forward to the mammoth

He is now seen on the cave wall
   by thousands

The time of his death is unknown
of course
garl a fore speek of mark
Apr 21 · 140
Doh !!!!
Mark Wanless Apr 21
if life were easy
everyone would be doing it
humor or homer you choose
Apr 21 · 48
haiku 19/4/10c
Mark Wanless Apr 21
tapped on the shoulder
tapped on the shoulder again -
good times
Apr 21 · 76
haiku 19/4/10b
Mark Wanless Apr 21
slowly step across
the narrow path -
fear    crawl backwards
Apr 21 · 76
haiku 19/4/21a
Mark Wanless Apr 21
jet flying past
the open window -
tons of flesh and steel
heard the first two lines,,,,waited about an hour for the third, with a couple or rewrites.. : )
Apr 20 · 63
Mark Wanless Apr 20
the sky was blue the clouds were grey
the sun shone now and then
she came to me from far away
her name was Adolen

Adolen oh Adolen you tore my world
in two
never saw a women since that
looked as sad as you

we travelled on to here and there
and walked a grassy field
we wondered and we wandered near
an edge that did not yield

the echoes from the fallen down
controlled our glassy stare
you lept into the near beyond
i did not follow there

Adolen oh Adolen you tore my world in two
never loved a girl so much that
was a sad as you

Adolen oh Adolen you tore my world in two
never saw a women since that
was a sad as you
pretty good
Apr 15 · 125
inspired by obsopete
Mark Wanless Apr 15
63, born cold, winter
storms my breath
b.s. in everything
yucky yuck yuck yuck
Apr 15 · 368
haiku 19/4/15a
Mark Wanless Apr 15
when i reach
the end of my journey
i will tell you
makes sense to me
Mar 14 · 261
haiku 19/3/14a
Mark Wanless Mar 14
i saw a dragon feeding
upon imaginary folk
it seemed the blood was real
Feb 21 · 115
inspired by d
Mark Wanless Feb 21
Now Is Not A Time Of Wind And Cloud,No
A Forest Fly's Away The Sky Of Place
Landing On A Moon Lit Shore By The Sea
The Turtle World Sails Far Across And Goes
To A conscious realm, of cars and t.v.
something walks
d = dimitris sarris
Feb 20 · 92
the state
Mark Wanless Feb 20
calm peace of pacifism
no knife to your throat
socialism is good if
you have a desk job


3 children dead from hunger
the state wants soy
you think you gonna have a desk job
Feb 14 · 212
haiku 19/2/14a mcw
Mark Wanless Feb 14
the buddha
is the Buddha
and here we are
we are here
Feb 1 · 268
haiku '19/1
Mark Wanless Feb 1
dusty breath of chill air
open space and yellow moon-
stubbed corn field
Feb 1 · 330
laugh u 5
Mark Wanless Feb 1
volumes of fresh tobacco
with no rolling papers -
potato pipe
Jan 27 · 113
haiku (not sure 2)
Mark Wanless Jan 27
there is no hope yet
from the destroyer of worlds -
Jan 27 · 178
laugh u 3
Mark Wanless Jan 27
the mindless bog
monster of dreams
eternal as hope
dark but humorous to me ; \
Jan 27 · 105
haiku (nut sure)
Mark Wanless Jan 27
in the barren sapling
a turkey sits -
unruffled presence
like it : )
Jan 20 · 108
Mark Wanless Jan 20
the sound of a forest falling
is a country dying
Jan 1 · 603
haiku 2019
Mark Wanless Jan 1
the silent white flakes
fall on december ground -
happy new year
ha ha ha
Jan 1 · 105
Mark Wanless Jan 1
the dogs
smell us
and wonder
do not
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