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10h · 100
haiku 20/5/27a
the imaginary
world hurts
when it changes
7d · 90
haiku 20/5/20a
saw an episode
of my life
and was not impressed
7d · 40
haiku 20/5/20c
"in these trying times"
was first said
10.000 yrs ago     or more
Apr 28 · 73
haiku 20/4/27b
Mark Wanless Apr 28
my freezer is full
of vegetables and meat
I wonder what to eat
Apr 28 · 128
haiku 20/4/27a
Mark Wanless Apr 28
we are just beautiful
people walking around
thinking of other things
Apr 26 · 79
haiku 20/4/26b
Mark Wanless Apr 26
bring the light into darkness
how else can it
be dispelled
Apr 26 · 135
haiku 20/4/26a
Mark Wanless Apr 26
with big ego
I seek emptiness
in my own way
Apr 14 · 71
haiku 20/4/14a
Mark Wanless Apr 14
never saw a dog
that looked like a dog
kinda looked person to me
Apr 9 · 76
haiku 20/4/ 9a
Mark Wanless Apr 9
I call the mountain to me
with an ego oh so clear
ha ha ha ha ha ha
Apr 8 · 162
haiku 20/4/7c
Mark Wanless Apr 8
I was desiring something
what I got was
an empty cigarette
Mark Wanless Apr 8
The dog barks I hear a voice
a mindless call to action.

Heart races, weapons manned, a
murderous transaction.

A thought or ten passes within
will I do or die on this day.

Emotion my enemy, dying a little more with every trigger I trigger.

And I walk one pull
at a time into the darker

The absence of light where my soul once reside, for my sanity I continually barter.
Apr 7 · 90
haiku 20/4/7b
Mark Wanless Apr 7
cause an effect to occur
there is not other time than now
think and choose and do
Mar 22 · 83
haiku 20/3/17c
Mark Wanless Mar 22
there is an empty
space in front of me
I fill it
Mar 12 · 90
haiku 20/3/11
Mark Wanless Mar 12
i was a rant for many times
of life love existence
i felt it all in ignorance
you betcha
Mar 6 · 65
haiku 20/3/5a
Mark Wanless Mar 6
if their is a fiction
of youth the old
know it well
i am old
Mar 6 · 103
we are it 20/3/5
Mark Wanless Mar 6
the wing beats
of the butterfly

tell me what to do
i disagree, but cannot sleep

i anger at the signals
all around me all the time
i drift to sleep on *****

called to something
outside myself
it said you are it

no effect without cause
i am it
Feb 29 · 125
treachery 20/2/29b
Mark Wanless Feb 29
on the battle field of courage and pain
the young men defend the old politicians
the cost is blood and treachery
Feb 29 · 111
haiku 20/2/28a
Mark Wanless Feb 29
i am stepping out
of hatred into compassion
slowly slowly learning is
Feb 27 · 149
haiku 20/2/27a
Mark Wanless Feb 27
slow deer walk on snow
brown on white
large and little
actually saw it,,,my interpretation
Feb 18 · 477
valiant 20/2/16/c
Mark Wanless Feb 18
i went to war
the valiant the brave
on both sides
and dogs ate the dead
Feb 17 · 176
haiku 20/2/16b
Mark Wanless Feb 17
i see you
you are beutiful
throughout time
Feb 17 · 54
haiku 20/2/16a
Mark Wanless Feb 17
i saw a pale horse
grazing on the grass
in a field   peacefully
Feb 14 · 126
kiss 20/2/6
Mark Wanless Feb 14
one step calls a mountain
i kiss your lips for free
you kiss me back again
our love is depthless seas
Feb 8 · 123
haiku 20/2/8a
Mark Wanless Feb 8
i can not see
what i refuse to look at
the darkness the dark
Feb 7 · 163
haiku 20/2/7a
Mark Wanless Feb 7
the dog barked twice
the cat cried to death
i went back to sleep
Feb 4 · 155
haiku 20/2/4
Mark Wanless Feb 4
you are down's syndrome
everyone else is crazy
join the club
Feb 1 · 85
haiku 20/1/19a
Mark Wanless Feb 1
the wolf howls
the bear growls
the man silently kills
Jan 31 · 263
haiku 20/1/30b
Mark Wanless Jan 31
i sent my mind into the universe
**** it
it came back empty
Jan 30 · 130
haiku 20/1/30
Mark Wanless Jan 30
this time of compassion
my effort so small
ha   one minute step
Jan 30 · 86
haiku 20/1/28a
Mark Wanless Jan 30
reality the fictitious
truth moment by moment
Jan 19 · 288
Mark Wanless Jan 19
pain is real
misery is optional
peace is absence of conflict
life is a pleasant windstorm
for the lucky few
Jan 2 · 105
haiku 20/1/1
Mark Wanless Jan 2
to see enlightenment
in the mirror
no other choice
Jan 1 · 171
free 19/12/31b
Mark Wanless Jan 1
the simple folk surround me
the terribles astound me
i wonder which i am sometimes
and walk among the free
Jan 1 · 124
death raft 12/31/19
Mark Wanless Jan 1
read death raft
for 10 hours straight
slow reader
Dec 2019 · 164
haiku 19/12/20a
Mark Wanless Dec 2019
the words of the mentor
the words of the king
self created
Dec 2019 · 173
haiku 19/12/20b
Mark Wanless Dec 2019
am i sight
am i consciousness
i see you
Dec 2019 · 134
Mark Wanless Dec 2019
i called a dog
it bit me
i understand
Dec 2019 · 126
dog ma
Mark Wanless Dec 2019
the pup was mid size
lazy but quick when wanted
played rough but never drew blood
ate her fair share

stayed warm on the rim
protecting her siblings
just the way it was
no problem

grew to love the hunt
the view of the pray
calm powerful quiet
a good meat provider

years of travail thinned
the pack at times
the long summer and
everyone grew fat

fight for food
battles won and lost
rising in order
season is ready

only the strongest allowed
a dame of menace
courage to touch her
her will prevailed
Dec 2019 · 228
haiku 19/12/8
Mark Wanless Dec 2019
the dog went to war
dragging along a man
century is moot
Nov 2019 · 133
haiku 19/11/28a
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
i know there is an
elephant in the room
i see big grey toenails
Nov 2019 · 51
haiku 19/11/26c
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
woman is creator
man is man
creator needs man

the dog is the dog
Nov 2019 · 110
haiku 19/11/26b
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
the dog is the dog
the man is the man
woman is creator
Nov 2019 · 143
self portrait 19/11/20/a
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
a dreaming pup
suckling at the teet
courageously whimpering
Nov 2019 · 64
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
i saw
the dog
on the road
Nov 2019 · 94
haiku 19/11/13a
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
fifteen fat turkeys
beyond the window
light sprinkle of white
Nov 2019 · 140
i saw 19/11/12a
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
i saw a man waiting for a rat
     to come out it's hole
     so he could eat it

the snow was menacing but i
     did not notice i passed by
     no avalanche ever came

standing naked on a small ledge
     anxious waiting to drop hard
     i masturbated and left
Nov 2019 · 102
haiku 19/11/2a
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
saw a darkness
in your eyes
direct reflection
Nov 2019 · 73
haiku 19/10/15
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
the mind is terrible
thing to waste
one day at a time
Nov 2019 · 575
haiku 19/10/28
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
compassion one step
at a time
the answer
Nov 2019 · 62
haiku 19/10/22a
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
oh long ago
the song was sung
and here we are
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