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3d · 60
haiku 24/2/27b
learning from mistakes
definition reality
3d · 89
haiku 24/2/27a
oh the little fists
happened again this time she
tried so hard to not
5d · 85
haiku 24/2/23c
i am small knowledge
person yet i see the whole
universe as we
5d · 55
haiku 24/2/23b
i know i never
saw many things see few things
small knowledge enough
7d · 106
haiku 24/2/22a
large round red puddle
blood of the dog that bit me
i do feel better
Feb 21 · 100
haiku 24/2/21a
Mark Wanless Feb 21
cognit discontent
cognition desire
the mother of movement
so says amoeba
Feb 19 · 94
smokey eyes 24/2/18b
Mark Wanless Feb 19
the generation of knowledge
a task an event a time period
birthed in ignorance
no future thought just now
over and over creation here
the window of memory closed
on the thousands who first
built fire understanding nothing
except burnt fingers smokey eyes
Feb 18 · 169
haiku 24/2/18a
Mark Wanless Feb 18
someone asked me if
i was a robot writing
i do not think so
Feb 16 · 112
haiku 24/2/14
Mark Wanless Feb 16
i is me you are
you they are them together
we are all of us
Feb 11 · 191
haiku 24/2/11
Mark Wanless Feb 11
cigarette smoke in
my lungs bitter and burning
why do i want more
Feb 11 · 164
haiku 24/2/9a
Mark Wanless Feb 11
i dream of a day
when pain shall no longer be
oh so like a child
my mind grasps blindly
Feb 9 · 87
haiku 24/2/8a
Mark Wanless Feb 9
mi casa es mi casa
i dream of family
slowly all pass
Feb 4 · 389
haiku 24/2/4b
Mark Wanless Feb 4
a person at peace
suffers the sunset to be
whatever it is
Feb 4 · 213
haiku 24/2/4a
Mark Wanless Feb 4
see the emptiness
in between things and moments
your mind is right there
Feb 2 · 129
haiku 24/2/1b
Mark Wanless Feb 2
can you imagine
can you imagine a new
can you imagine
Feb 1 · 156
haiku 24/2/1
Mark Wanless Feb 1
write it and give it
was created just like bone
still walking somehow
Jan 28 · 107
haiku 24/1/27b
Mark Wanless Jan 28
funny thing about
life is it ain't personal
Jan 25 · 153
haiku 24/1/20b
Mark Wanless Jan 25
the constellation
of your mind is a matrix
thought now is guidance
Jan 25 · 182
Mark Wanless Jan 25
death is part of life
life is part of life birth is
creation of life
Jan 18 · 189
haiku 24/1/12b
Mark Wanless Jan 18
enough rice and beans
and attitude to die for
happens then good bye
Jan 18 · 161
haiku 21/1/14a
Mark Wanless Jan 18
i live in a world
of make believe it is my
life or so it seems
Jan 15 · 129
haiku 24/1/14b
Mark Wanless Jan 15
either i am or
i think i am but am not
doh ain't that something
Jan 13 · 86
blanknesshaiku 24/1/11
Mark Wanless Jan 13
the blankness calls i
hear and see and imagine
many things not real
Jan 9 · 191
haiku 24/1/1a
Mark Wanless Jan 9
what is it you want
from me nothing what you want
from yourself question
Jan 9 · 242
haiku 24/1/7a
Mark Wanless Jan 9
the words do not create you
you create all the words in
mind that which is you
Jan 6 · 166
haiku 24/4/2
Mark Wanless Jan 6
the dynamic mind
of a never was is
Jan 6 · 185
haiku 24/1/2
Mark Wanless Jan 6
if a good man
goes on a journey
will he arrive there
Jan 6 · 196
blind words 23/12/22b
Mark Wanless Jan 6
peepers close i see
dark i string the bow let fly
i hear dying sounds
Jan 5 · 158
haiku 23/12/28a
Mark Wanless Jan 5
i will die but i
won't today is a moment
the next step is now
Jan 1 · 313
haiku 24/1/1d
Jan 1 · 271
haiku 24/1/1b
Mark Wanless Jan 1
my mind is greater
than me i just say things now
you do what you want
Jan 1 · 168
haiku 24/1/1c
Mark Wanless Jan 1
woof woof woof woof woof
and the humans go ahhahh
Dec 2023 · 801
haiku 23/11/20
Mark Wanless Dec 2023
the channel of deep
mind is a falling down to
the origin self
Dec 2023 · 293
haiku 23/24/1
Mark Wanless Dec 2023
i am absent just
not empty not gone
when empty not gone
Dec 2023 · 59
haiku 23/12/22
Mark Wanless Dec 2023
in the one mind world
peace is an option slowly
we keep on trying
Dec 2023 · 186
haiku 23/12/27a
Mark Wanless Dec 2023
if nothing is there
then nothing has been truly
expressed through nothing
Dec 2023 · 161
haiku 23/12/22c
Mark Wanless Dec 2023
i can't remember
what i want to say to you
please you tell me now
Dec 2023 · 336
haiku 23/12/20
Mark Wanless Dec 2023
peace equals absence
of conflict in your mind
feels like nothing
Dec 2023 · 1.2k
see 23/12/7a
Mark Wanless Dec 2023
see a beginning

travel to end

i have been

some where else

the journey is over

my steps were fallow
Dec 2023 · 251
the dead 23/8/19b
Mark Wanless Dec 2023
i see a litle corner of red
and my mind ignites infinity
aided by the history of mind
mechanics oh so magnifiscent

the progress is progressive
the power is for sure
the mind of men is future
again again so intensive

i am ignorant of what has been
i see not the past as manifest
but i am here now thinking
the dead are the masters
Nov 2023 · 634
haiku 23/11/29
Mark Wanless Nov 2023
it is hard to think
of mind when your hair is on
fire put out the fire
Nov 2023 · 357
growls of hell 23/8/16
Mark Wanless Nov 2023
hounds of hell talked to me last night
hounds of hell talked till it was light
didn't know what they said
just confusion in my head

and i listened oh i listened
to the growls of hell
i listened oh i listened
to the howls of hell

went awake inside my head
saw the face of satan yeah
image of a normal man
kinda looked like you my friend

and i listened oh i listened
to the howls of hell
i listened oh i listened
to the growls of hell
Nov 2023 · 302
haiku 23/11/22
Mark Wanless Nov 2023
i think therefore i
am no i am therefore i
am yes am think now
Nov 2023 · 215
haiku 23/11/1a
Mark Wanless Nov 2023
what is the teacher
perception what is the
student creation
Nov 2023 · 307
haiku 23/10/29a
Mark Wanless Nov 2023
white snow and rabbits
cuddle up to me for warmth
the presence of is
Nov 2023 · 345
The Tower of When 19/9/3
Mark Wanless Nov 2023
1,000 yrs ago is nothing in the
  tower of when. Standing on
a rock 2 million years past.

The future is present and
   the present is last.
Oct 2023 · 147
tomorrow 23/8/19a
Mark Wanless Oct 2023
the child is asleep
dreaming of the way
to find a better life
Oct 2023 · 254
haiku 23/10/25a
Mark Wanless Oct 2023
death is not fair life
is not fair ha ha ha ha
deal with it human
Oct 2023 · 121
freedom near 19/9/15
Mark Wanless Oct 2023
to free the lobotomized
masses of the world
i must free the
lobotomized me
Oct 2023 · 200
Doh !!! 19/4/21
Mark Wanless Oct 2023
if life were easy
everyone would be doing
it here we are now
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