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1d · 37
haiku 21/5/12a
how simple a thought
baby's do it around which
the whole world revolves
5d · 53
haiku 21/5/10b
you in your mind
challenge a girl
good luck
5d · 41
haiku 21/5/10a
7d · 72
haiku 21/5/8a
from death arises
creation don't mean a thing
but that which you choose
7d · 64
haiku 21/5/4a
the wisdom of the
ages ugg killing something
with a big ol rock
May 7 · 174
haiku 21/5/7c
Mark Wanless May 7
gun man comes into
i try to **** him hard or
hide behind a child
May 7 · 79
Mark Wanless May 7
dolma walks the earth
touches loves honors people
she is a mountain
May 7 · 52
haiku 21/5/7a
Mark Wanless May 7
learn from the past no
learn in the present and we
remember the past
May 7 · 45
haiku 21/5/6e
Mark Wanless May 7
it does not matter
what the question is you are
the final answer
May 7 · 73
haiku 21/5/6c
Mark Wanless May 7
the mountains are so
beautiful i do not see
the path before me
May 7 · 69
haiku 21/5/6b
Mark Wanless May 7
understanding the
shape of a mountain not an
unknowable task
May 7 · 51
haiku 21/5/6a
Mark Wanless May 7
the tower of time
the mind triumphant slowly
passes to the next
May 3 · 68
haiku 21/5/2a
Mark Wanless May 3
emptyness is a
young mouse ******* on cotton
that you do not see
Apr 30 · 132
haiku 21/4/30a
Mark Wanless Apr 30
tree in bloom white
flowers symbol of mind
forever young
Apr 30 · 90
haiku 21/4/30a
Mark Wanless Apr 30
dead lizard on the
tumultuous road i croak
under the machine
Apr 28 · 81
haiku 21/4/28c
Mark Wanless Apr 28
so everyone
is an idiot and so
am i i love us
Apr 28 · 554
haiku 21/4/28b
Mark Wanless Apr 28
where does love begin
in your own head only source
in the universe
Apr 28 · 98
haiku 21/4/28a
Mark Wanless Apr 28
in the land of ten
fingers the twelve fingered man
is the guitar king
Apr 26 · 82
haiku 21/4/26b
Mark Wanless Apr 26
can you see the dog
in the windows refledtion
it's yourself here now
Apr 26 · 61
haiku 21/4/26
Mark Wanless Apr 26
do dogs have choices
do we i think of old gods
were we free or pets
Apr 25 · 192
haiku 21/4/25a
Mark Wanless Apr 25
can know society
yes you can if you think so
your mind the master
Apr 25 · 97
haiku 21/4/24d
Mark Wanless Apr 25
dog my friend my dog
he is master i love him
we **** together
Apr 25 · 74
haiku 21/4/24c
Mark Wanless Apr 25
peace is true war is
true compassion love hate mind
all is true stand strong
Apr 24 · 110
haiku 21/4/24b
Mark Wanless Apr 24
the call of mountains
in my mind i perceive them
so much a coward
Apr 24 · 187
haiku 21/4/24a
Mark Wanless Apr 24
i see the stars in
your eyes as i dream of you
again my sweet love
Apr 24 · 63
haiku 21/4/22c
Mark Wanless Apr 24
i was laying there
doing nothing just let them
help me here i am
after a heart attack and stints put in
Apr 24 · 79
haiku 21/4/22b
Mark Wanless Apr 24
Oni master os
Ple dor cam an a cresis
La dol fa rim neh
Apr 22 · 72
haiku 21/4/22a
Mark Wanless Apr 22
the cold winter bite
i am tracking the prey close
bear killed i shall ****
Apr 20 · 70
haiku 21/4/19a
Mark Wanless Apr 20
beautiful woman
revolver pick up truck beer
on ice a real sight
Apr 16 · 396
haiku 21/4/16a
Mark Wanless Apr 16
a life a life an
innocent life we were once
ha ha i love you
Apr 16 · 136
haik 21/4/13a
Mark Wanless Apr 16
the fly carcass stuck
on wall ten years monument
to a life will lived
i just like it
Apr 16 · 90
haiku 21/4/2b
Mark Wanless Apr 16
choose or be a life
puppet on a string is you
unless you say not
Apr 3 · 60
"A Country Sunset"
Mark Wanless Apr 3
"A Country Sunset"

Dogs bound along the road.
Hogs squeal their hunger. A toad
Flees to safety from tabby's chase.
Trees sway in the wind. Sol's face
Slowly hides behind the corn
Sleepily, till dawn reborn.
Apr 3 · 102
haiku 21/4/3a
Mark Wanless Apr 3
water on table
moves to where it wants and then
i am cleaning it
Apr 3 · 96
haiku 21/4/2a
Mark Wanless Apr 3
i am dog we are
dog living our human lives
and we procreate
Mar 21 · 126
do dat 21/3/20c
Mark Wanless Mar 21
gotta do dat
before i die
gotta do dat
before i die
gotta do dat
before i die
don't want to do dat
Mar 21 · 228
haiku 21/3/20b
Mark Wanless Mar 21
went to see a wise
man on the mountain saw a
poor man on the street
Mar 21 · 86
haiku 21/3/20a
Mark Wanless Mar 21
what are choices but
a skill of hand internal
progresse in practice
Mar 17 · 266
createhaiku 21/3/17b
Mark Wanless Mar 17
my words meaningless
your thoughts create a new realm
and are consciousness
Mar 17 · 104
haiku 21/3/17a
Mark Wanless Mar 17
relinquish your will
not if you want it truly
define it as will
Mar 13 · 259
haiku 21/3/13a
Mark Wanless Mar 13
the most important
thing in life keeps on changing
which is important
Mar 9 · 107
haiku 21/3/8a
Mark Wanless Mar 9
i'm going to the
liquor store the liquor store
i am going to
Mar 7 · 142
haiku 21/2/7c
Mark Wanless Mar 7
with compassion my
food i travel and growl and
the world pads my feet
Mar 7 · 142
haiku 21/3/7b
Mark Wanless Mar 7
the dogs of life they
they tell me what to do please i
want to be of pack
Mar 7 · 394
haiku 21/3/7a
Mark Wanless Mar 7
dear god i am but
a nose wafting in the scent
of your effluence
Mar 5 · 97
haiku 21/3/4c
Mark Wanless Mar 5
i am a piece of
**** floating on compassion
someday someday yes
Mar 4 · 113
old memory 21/3/4b
Mark Wanless Mar 4
a deformed cow walks
on dharamsala streets and
i try to accept
Mar 4 · 140
haiku 21/3/4a
Mark Wanless Mar 4
the powerless dog
lives a very long lifespan
or dies just in time
Mar 1 · 242
haiku 21/3/1a
Mark Wanless Mar 1
i want power i
want all power and i will
misuse it greatly
Feb 26 · 265
haiku 21/2/26a
Mark Wanless Feb 26
poor me oh poor me
have everything i need
no excuses left
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