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1d · 38
"As a Dead Bird"
as a dead bird drops i fall into a silent place
with echoes upon echoes of mind moving itself
and i scream with the effort to speak of it
to retrieve a speck of the chill fire
to recognize and pronounce it a word
or shape of word      or confusion of word
to bear it into a semblance
all food costs money my
   poetry is free   you betcha
1d · 44
17/12/6b keep on
keep on keeping on never stop breathing
   free no place to flop
keep breathin walk walk step
   keep on breathing don't forget

feel the heartache keep on breatin
   hurts so much life oh baby
breathin breathin never stop
   your not here if you don't fit

oh baby oh baby oh baby oh baby
   do wah do wah do wah do wah
1d · 256
17/12/6 my entropy
it is impossible to explain
   forever and one second are the same
without your time just make believe
3d · 82
haiku 00/00/00
in the beginning
was the word and the word was
4d · 87
haiku 19/12/20a
the words of the mentor
the words of the king
self created
4d · 94
haiku 19/12/22a
who are you to life
the source of the world
one and only
4d · 273
haiku 20/1/1
to see enlightenment
in the mirror
no other choice
4d · 46
haiku 20/1/28a
reality the fictitious
truth moment by moment
6d · 211
haiku 20/1/30
this time of compassion
my effort so small
ha   one tiny step
6d · 167
haiku 20/2/7a
the dog barked loud twice
the cat cried out in death
i went back to sleep
Jun 19 · 89
haikuhaiku 22/6/18c
Mark Wanless Jun 19
the elephant dreamed
he was god he fell into
a mud hole and died
Jun 19 · 296
haiku 22/6/18b
Mark Wanless Jun 19
the monkey in the
picture looks like me
my ears ain't that big
Jun 17 · 73
Mark Wanless Jun 17
haiku 22/6/16

i see a pale horse
grazing on grass in field so
Jun 17 · 233
haiku 20/2/16b
Mark Wanless Jun 17
i see you human
you are beautiful
throughout time
Jun 17 · 83
haiku 20/2/28a
Mark Wanless Jun 17
i am stepping out
of hatred into compassion
slowly slowly learning is
Jun 17 · 129
haiku 20/2/29a
Mark Wanless Jun 17
forever i stand alone
surrounded by compassion
illusion and reality
Jun 15 · 251
haiku 20/3/17c
Mark Wanless Jun 15
there is an empty
space before me
i fill it
Jun 15 · 83
transient 22/6/9c
Mark Wanless Jun 15
the tiny dog the tiny dog
walks slowly in my brain
and tells me of ted bundy and startrek
i am the big dog in charge
and leader of the mind
though very uncoordinated
i strive to be free ha ha
don't miss the transient memory
it is all there to see but i
turn away and watch the shadows
on the wall,,,,,,oh so beautiful
Jun 9 · 153
hahaiku 22/6/6b
Mark Wanless Jun 9
dreams are a force of
nature cause of an effect
what you gonna do
Mark Wanless Jun 6
an unrepentant poet
walks among the world
seeing and not believing
anything perceived

he dreams of inconsistent
anomalies of existanse
sees to the end of time
in imaginary universe

and no one says a word

the story begins in this sentence
and ends when you stop reading
you are the creator of all that will be

the door opened and you were born
did you knock or just drop into
it does not matter you are here now

male or female or something else
life was needed and you became it
walk if you can is a metaphor

the world is but a reflex
and dreams are made by god small g
a mess of confusion is it's problem
Jun 6 · 73
the hill
Mark Wanless Jun 6

the grass on the hill
speaks nothing until
our ears open with age
and the demons dark will
loses meaning

the soft melody
of piece sends a thrill
to the harbor of will
and causes a self
into being

action a skill learned
from birth to grave
we pay not attention
to continous pain
and we travel
Jun 4 · 254
haiku 22/6/3
Mark Wanless Jun 4
i saw a dog in
the mind of me again yes
oh he hurts me so
Jun 2 · 238
haiku 22/6/1
Mark Wanless Jun 2
i saw a universe
in my mind it was so ****
Jun 1 · 212
haiku 19/11/17a
Mark Wanless Jun 1
i saw the dog on
the road with
extreme mange
May 29 · 156
haiku 19/9/5a
Mark Wanless May 29
conscious rivulets of thought
abate the cyclonic storms
of karmic mind
May 28 · 156
haiku 19/10/3a
Mark Wanless May 28
Oh My God
you hid the truth
in common words
May 28 · 225
haiku 19/8/23b
Mark Wanless May 28
prism of mind
manifestation of universe
you me included
May 28 · 264
haiku 19/8/20a
Mark Wanless May 28
can there be a sentient
form that understands the all
May 26 · 231
haiku 22/5/20a
Mark Wanless May 26
orange and black stripes
bulge on the fat belly of
the well fed tiger
May 18 · 314
haiku 19/8/19
Mark Wanless May 18
i like it when
you smile at me
May 18 · 220
haiku 19/5/30a
Mark Wanless May 18
tiger scent with
rustle of dry leaves
on the path   a flower
May 18 · 268
haiku 22//5/17a
Mark Wanless May 18
i've had it so soft
the pain blinded me
did not see the real
May 18 · 129
haiku 19/5/28a
Mark Wanless May 18
old warrior
sits on riverbank
katana drops
May 18 · 118
haiku 19/6/17d
Mark Wanless May 18
the polar bear
stands eight feet tall
behind the bars
May 18 · 149
haiku 19/6/15a
Mark Wanless May 18
smoke rises
from village hearths
baby's sleep
May 17 · 217
haiku 19/6/11a
May 15 · 226
haiku 19/7/7a
Mark Wanless May 15
i wondered why not
to turn around and look
i did and was
May 14 · 240
haiku 19/5/13
Mark Wanless May 14
shallow river
on the sandy bed
bones beneath
May 12 · 133
a scene
Mark Wanless May 12
"A Scene"

A Man       Long have I sought answers
                Yet now, seeing her, I stand mute.
                What glories, what honours shall be mine
                When I ask of the Goddess Future
                And She tells me what lies ahead.
Future      Ask of me what you will
                It is mine to answer plainly.
Man         Future, what shall be my greatest glory
                In times to come?
Fut         Happiness is the greatest treasure
                And is sought by all
                Through many and various means.
                Happiness may be a part of all futures.
Man         Yes, 'tis true
                Happiness is a worthy crown.
                How shall I find my happiness?
                Through wealth, fame, power?
                If this glory is to be mine
                From whence shall it come?
Fut         From love. True happiness
                Comes only through love.
                Not love of money
                Or of clattering applause
                Nor love of deeds greatly done
                Or wars bravely fought
                But simple love.
                To love oneself
                Freely, and daily, and imperfectly
                As in all the affairs of man
                This brings the greatest of all treasures
Man         Love? Love??
                My greatest glory in all my days
                Shall come through love?!
                By the power that has put us here
                In this darksome void of emptiness
                You are bound to answer all
                And answer plain!
                Yet you stand before me
                Spouting riddles and ancient stories
                Told to fresh weaned children.
                Tell me! Tell me true! Tell me plain!!
                Where and how and when
                Shall I find happiness!!?
Fut         I tell you true and I tell you plain
                As I have always done
                And never were these words hidden
                From anyone's heart.
                They have been lying amongst your feet
                Crowding you and tripping you
                As you travel your daily lives.
                Yet you kick them aside
                Daring not to look down
                Through fear of being devoured
                By life's pains while caring
                Or lest some vain comfort of man
                Pass you by.
                Truly I say
                The ones who find happiness
                Are those open to change.
                For all mankind yearns
                For the missing part
                And accepts what is before them
                To fill the emptiness.
                But only those who recognize
                The ill-fitting lies of
                Worldly miss-pleasures
                And frail human vanities
                Only they are free to continue the search
                And eventually gain, happiness.
Man         Words, hollow words.
                Long have I lived.
                Many are my tales
                Of wearisome toil and effort
                And again all that is found
                Are simple words.
                You, Future
                Who's power it is to know
                The fates of all men
                Answer me with uncertainties.
                Go, go back to where you came from
                Leave me alone.
                I shall rest,
                And tend to my pains and sorrows.
Fut         NO!! There are no uncertainties
                Or riddles in my speech.
                Only to those who love themselves
                And others
                Is given the boon of happiness.
                You, who's ears are small
                And filled with worldly echoes
                Distorting all,
                You stand before a Goddess
                And dismiss Her words
                Rather than admit your error.
                And yet,
                It is the honour and privilege
                Of all free willed man to do so.
                Therefore I shall be silent,
                And leave you,
                At your own bidding.
May 7 · 127
Mark Wanless May 7

residue of thought
my life resounds
in my head
a circular
May 7 · 363
haiku 50
Mark Wanless May 7
sept. 2018?

dead dog
on the hot road
May 7 · 228
haiku 47
Mark Wanless May 7

from height a feel
onto solid water
sky of blue
May 5 · 257
haiku 22/5/3a
Mark Wanless May 5
love my spaghetti
love my spaghetti mind oh
yah the spaghetti
May 5 · 139
haiku 22/5/2
Mark Wanless May 5
i saw a missile
do a left turn in mid air
so **** impressive
May 5 · 291
haiku 22/5/4a
Mark Wanless May 5
you think the world is
***** you don't understand
your the world entire
May 5 · 155
haiku 22/5/4b
Mark Wanless May 5
world does not impute
itself on you you impute
yourself on the world
Mark Wanless Apr 30
not even a buddha who can
count the raindrops of a storm
that last a thousand years
can understand another persons karma
Apr 30 · 417
haiku 22/4/29a
Mark Wanless Apr 30
a thought in your mind
a wonder of universe
enlightenment    doh
Apr 21 · 504
haiku 22/4/15a
Mark Wanless Apr 21
no coincidence
deep mind manifestation
and the world moves on
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