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Carl Fynn Jun 27
Shrewd enough to pick a purse
To feed a mouth sheltered under a rain of curse.

Empty bottles and opponent as partners
The fruit of a faint love
Now mine to pick.

Sleep and wake to the sour taste of poverty
Cure in the heart of men that walk the street

Too good to smile at the tartered shirt
Too quick to point our direction

Too heavy a baggage to carry
Too light the burden I offload

Ran back to my sheltered nest
Broken bottles and a red eyed woman
From whence I came
To this world of pain

Opponents as partners
The tattered shelter nature spared us

A smile on the little ones
My motivation to attract a pointing finger

My tatttered shelter - Opponents as partners.
There is pain on the street... a smile can save a soul
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
Beggars on every corner,
stabbings every day,
no one seems to care about it,
so why I should care?

Potholes are getting bigger,
and the bins are always full,
scruffs takes the stuff out of them,
food leftovers and cigarette butts.
Nobody cares about it,
so I should care why?

Kids do shoplifting in Tesco's,
they smoke ****,
drugs they buy and sell.
Pregnant ******* the bus stop,
is smoking a cigarette.

Nobody cares about it,
so why I care?
B Sonia K Dec 2018
They line the streets
And on every  corner
One "ailment" or the other
A family,  sometimes brother and sister.

Crying in a song
Singing with one voice
All covered up in fake injuries
Lamenting about past glories

They line the streets
Crowding every corner
Always a bother
Clinging to our knees
In their torn dresses

Keep them away from us
Stop them from touching us
With their deceptive illusions
Appealing to our emotions
With empathetic persuasions
And now our money is gone.
Vexren4000 Jul 2018
Boxed boxes,
Brought by buyers,
Bypassing bylaws,
Bystanders begging beggars,
To stop their boisterous begging,
Beasts berating beasts,
*******, beastly, bringers,
Bearing rings for ring bearers,
Loosing touch with world events,
Locking into self sustaining loops,
Cutting off contacts,
For the betterment of the whole.
Emmiasky Ojex Jul 2018
We’re hungry
But we lacking

We can’t even dare ask
Cos for us all, eating food is really an heinous task

Their moving out in their cars
While we, in here we are, hiding in our infectious scars

I wanna go out of here to there
But what about these ones I’ve got as friends

It’s really irking
But can I be in such a hurry?

If I have the brain to leave!
How will my younger ones live?

If I have the power to go and beg!
What about those in here, living without legs?

But then, we’re hungry
And we’ve got no one sending us daily meals

Seems I just have to make a run for it
And beg a few things for human being to eat

We all don’t have a choice but to live our time this way
For we are children of those who didn’t make good use of their young days.

©Emmiasky Ojex
Please reach out to those who need help and have nothing, will you?
Mansi Mar 2018
Have you seen
those souls
enveloped in grief,
enclosed in shells
of humans
just as poor?
Sitting by the road
for alms -
more than that
for compassion
and love.
When they spread
their feeble hands
in front of you,
just look
their eyes.
You will see
all the pain
the neglect
and torture
that they have been going through.
Your heart will melt
with pity.
Even in extremities,
they come up to us
asking for
to continue
their struggle
in those hard times.
They hope that
the one they approach
will hear their soul's cry
and be kind enough
to give them a reason to smile.
We we act indifferent
or turn them down
they just shatter inside
oh! these souls
so disturbed
and traumatized -
but knowing
the harsh world around,
they gather
whatever hope is left in them
and begin
their search again
for a generous soul.
India has over 400,000 beggars. Moved their plight and suffering, I wrote this poem.
Star BG Nov 2017
Beggars, I am
asking for clarity
inside our life journeys
from spirits guidance.

Mendicant I am
toward Source taking steps
to feel my inner self.
To release tattered veil of forgetting
so I know who I am.

Beggars, I am toward Sprits guiding voice
trying to grab hold of innocence
to ride waves of love
inside grace.

Beggars, yes Beggars
we all are divine and sacred,
possessing magical sparks within.

And once aligned in heart,
highway opens with no roadblocks.
Just endless possibilities to roam free
in world of grand realities.
Inspired by Lazhar Bouazzi
toots Aug 2016
I want to be in a world, where
Even beggars have their beds, and
All the things in the world are sweet,
And fair.
And don't land , until I'm there.
AJ Jul 2016
I know why God is there
When nights blow cool wind
Onto the stringy hair of paupers
And on streetlights along purple roads.

When eyes are dimly lit
By the moonlight’s grace
Under a sky full of magnetic tears,
There is God, and he’s there
To deal out soap bars
And washcloths
To ***** cheeks
So that, for once, dust can go
Back to dust
Without leaving behind bodies
For wolves to feed on.

I know why God is there
When the hungry lie down to die,
When the restless beg for sleep,
When murderers beg for forgiveness,
When beggars dip their hands
Into pools of holy water
On sidewalks of sleepless cities.

I know why God is there,
And the reason is at the end of a long rope
Hidden somewhere deep underground,
Dangling above the fountains of prayers.
a dagger of thousands years,
shedding endlessly,the blood of beggars...
Indeed,ready they,who you call Paupers,are to do anything,
only to earn a living...

On the edge of knives,
poor ones lives their daily lives...
The children,all set to walk towards education,
but hunger hinders their concentration...
Still they are ready to do anything,
only to earn a living...
Starvation and Malnutrition are mere words,
compared to what they are really enduring...

Like us, they have wishes,
simple desires,
wants to have:
Proper water to drink,
Proper food to eat,
proper place to live...

God we are not,but their small desires,we can satisfy..
Their fate,we can change,
as their happiness,is still within range..

Together let's save the poor ones,
because a simple act of caring can create an endless ripple...
A modification made to one of my written poems :)
Hope you like it!
Share if it is worth of being shared
don't if its not..
but do help the poor ones,..
not because they depends on you but because they don't really deserve the life they are living..
They deserve something better..
After all humans have equal rights..
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