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Luna 3m
I wonder if
Emotionally stable people just
Sit on the throne in the mornings
Flushing out
Unwanted emotions
Filtering through
The daily
Maria Mitea Jun 18
This is the time of enlightenment.

Sunday morning I am running at the farm market,
for buying three pounds of organic enlightenment,
Gluts tight, chest stiff,

Every single step is planned and marked on the asphalt,
I have an important goal to reach, not to teach.

I am in a big rush, stay away and keep the road clean,
You know what I mean. Unfortunately,

A little bird pooped on my forehead and made me mad,
Hoaxed by this joke I stepped on some dog ****,

That got me mad even more, while an old lady asked me
to carry her over the pit. I mimic, wait

“I hurry now, but I will give help after,
I buy three pounds of organic enlightenment”

Without messing up with any acceptance.
I have an important goal to reach, not to teach,

I keep running, every Sunday morning at the farm market,

This is the time of enlightenment.
Aaron E May 27
"The thing about sht, is it rolls down hill"
My grandfather told me that.
He was a chemist.
"I know about some sht," he said.

"You get sht on by the people above you,
and you sht on the people below."

"Some may let sht slide,
some can't let sht go."

But you never sht on someone beside you.
That's how you make sht work.
I don't really know how to tag this, because I'm not even sure who would be interested in searching for it. Please consider sharing my sh_t on these fine interwebs.
Reappak Apr 9
I had to write on anything I wished
There was this demand
So I decided to write on ****
Which goes down in troops
Entering the toilet's streams
A chocolate mousse it seems
You may say, you may say yikes
But that is how the toilet likes
Yes it smells! Yes it stinks
Yet its fun to watch it
Plop, drop and kink!!

life makes you into a
tiny seed
and throws you into a
pile of ****.

But do not be fooled.

And do not be brought down.

With the right thoughts
and the right actions,

that pile of **** can become


and help you grow even stronger
than before.

Shakytrumpet Dec 2019
'Tis not the tender
Paper betwixt mine cheeks, 'tis
Mine hand that greets me

For fragile parchment
Hath been punctured by me, the
Elegant **** jokes are fun
Bhill Sep 2019
What is a dogs life
Eating, pooping and barking
Waiting for you to arrive
Checking out the garbage cans
Hanging around on the couch
Sleeping, sleeping and sleeping
Asking you to please pet me
Can we go for a walk now
Answering the door with barks
A joyous FAMILY member
A beautiful soul

Dog backwards is God
Very appropriate name
Cherish your together time....!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 238
The memories that pets can give you are wonderful. Cherish them always!
babygirl45 Jan 2019
they look in the bowl
it is dark and and quiet
one stand alone
a poo is present
it glistens in the toilet water
the brown feels soft on my skin
'I didn't eat any corn'
I spoke to the poo within.
my poo
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
I'm terribly sorry, my dear

for you see, I was on my way

up the stairs to fetch them,

post haste,

when unexpectedly,

I was accosted

by a sudden,

uncontrollable urge

to empty the contents

of my colon,

in more the fashion

of the process of urination

than of defecation
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