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babygirl45 Jan 31
they look in the bowl
it is dark and and quiet
one stand alone
a poo is present
it glistens in the toilet water
the brown feels soft on my skin
'I didn't eat any corn'
I spoke to the poo within.
my poo
I'm terribly sorry, my dear

for you see, I was on my way

up the stairs to fetch them,

post haste,

when unexpectedly,

I was accosted

by a sudden,

uncontrollable urge

to empty the contents

of my colon,

in more the fashion

of the process of urination

than of defecation
Temporal Fugue Sep 2018
I've my peeves
and things I just don't like
like your puppies ****
on my shoe, morning, noon, or night

So when you've had all your days
and think you're heaven bound
remember all the **** you left
as justice comes, around

Moving toward that day, just ahead
I can only pray and hope
when you're in the **** hotel
you've only fresh doggie ****
for soap

(Slippery, and gooey, on a silken, golden rope)
It doesn't matter the size or breed of the dog, it's the owners that need to be punished, I think this poem is good solution ;D
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
I write these words
Whilst sitting on the can
Can you fold paper?
The paper man can!

He is sitting right next to me
Stuck to the wall
He's rolled up quite neatly
In a cylindrical ball

I'll pull a few sheets
Cause I'll need them for wiping
I'll do it right after
I finally  stop typing

I'll wipe once or twice
And turn around a check
I think I'll wipe thrice
To be sure, what the heck?

I'll flush it all down
In a brown yellow swirl
I'll wave to it goodbye
Then curtsey like a girl

Wash my hands, wash my face
I'll grab for Fabreeze
I'll spray it like mace
Smells like sweet island breeze

I feel so relieved
As I head for the door
That my ****** excretions
Are in me no more!
Temporal Fugue Aug 2018
I should take the dog
to the dog park
he's been a good dog
and a friend

I should take the dog
to the dog park
so he can wag
his tail end

I could take the dog
to the dog park
so he can run
and play

I would take the dog
to the dog park
but he'll just put his ****
on display
I swear he craps like 6 times when I take him there!
Knit Personality Aug 2018
Here I sit unbroken-hearted:
I tried to ****—and did—and farted.
Here I sit, not in a trance:
For *******, sitting's the proper stance.

Here I sit unbroken-hearted:
I put your pants on, then I farted.
Here I sit, not in a trance:
I tried to ****—and did—your pants.  

K Balachandran Jun 2018
rain bird serenades,
Squirrels play second fiddle;
ravens party-****!
Temporal Fugue May 2018
Every day on the thruways you can see the surprise
in dozens of bundles, of differing size
some thin and narrow, or thick and piled high
doggy deposits from owners despised

Big logs, big logs, big bad logs

Nobody could tell whose woofer's it was
the smell was horrific, dog food the cause
ya couldn't say much as master offend
It wasn't their dog, they all like to pretend

Somebody said "I'd like to catch one
leaving the loafs on the turf in the sun"
accosting the ******* with chastising care
"pick up the **** your dog just left there"

Big logs, big logs, big bad logs

Big logs, big logs
Being in a dog friendly place doesn't mean the owners of pooches are any more intelligent than their pets. :\
Temporal Fugue Mar 2018
This started out as **** prose
but I couldn't follow through
words and lines decomposed
no way, no how, could doo

So I'll doo this instead
turn it over too you
playing verse in my head
not having a too-doo

Smile and ponder this
my friends and mon amie
never easy too dismiss
overdue to take
a ***
:D ****** functions are always funny IMO ;D~
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