uhhhhhhh Nov 2017

We estimate a teen gets a dildo stuck up his or her butt every four seconds.
Vacuous air space remains in the rectum for some time afterwards.

Oh yeah. Up my ass. Up my ass. Up my ass. A lit candle–up my ass. A firecracker, a finger, a thumb–up my ass. An egg. A vibratin' egg. A scrambled egg.
Well, yeah, my ass may be big, but I don't recall a song ever being written about your flat one. Interesting!

It really does smell like something crawled up my ass and died.
It is even more disquieting to find mold growing, pink splotches – Are they from outerspace?

ass angel wings, like the kind they got in greeting cards and shit. float over to 'em, I'm floating, cause I'm dead.

I'm polluting HePo with filth.
Temporal Fugue Oct 2017

I took it to the Psychic
she told me, it, knew all
I took it to the Psychic
she lives, just down, the hall
She examined and she prodded
under a ventilated hood
She prodded and poked away
and told me, it was good
She told me I was destined
the greatest poet, I will be
She told me I was destined
then she flung my poo, at me

Ewwww, just wandering ;D
Charles Campbell Oct 2017

There I sat, broken hearted
Try to poop but only farted.

This is an old little saying we used to say at camp when we were little. Enjoy :).
Joe Thompson Sep 2017

Many a human being is smitten
When they come face to face with small furry kitten.
And theys hardly need much -
Just some cat food and such.
Oh yes, don't forget a small box they can shit in.

eF Sep 2017

You hang around clowns,
Wondering why your life looks
Like it's a

Wasting time.
Austin Woodruff Jun 2017

Poems pipes pumping poop places people pretend to know.

The plumbing of poetry for people pretending not to cry.

A Piece played that pleas for peace when patience was never a friend.

"Plumbers will always have a job as long as people keep pooping"
Donna Jones Jun 2017

Flying in blue sky
A seagull as a moment
And shits on my head

Sorry to use a swear language but it was the only word that seemed to fit quite nicely :)
Temporal Fugue May 2017

Sometimes the futility takes me
and stuffs me in a box, too small

When it happens on a Monday
to the coffee pot, I'll crawl

I'll sit down at the table
my mug with brew, in hand

Staring out my kitchen window
surveying my yard, and land

Thoughts occur as lighting
arriving at the same time, that their gone

Watching my neighbor's cats and dogs
taking craps, upon my lawn

:/ Sometimes, I get a plastic bag, and throw poop as would an angry monkey, over the fence.
Ginny Webb May 2017

Come on now let me get
The poop off your butt.
You wouldn't want me to
Just leave it there to rot.

Stop flailing about
Like a little octopus
You don't have eight tentacles
But your two legs thrash enough.

Quit spreading all the poop
With your Herculean feet.
I like my dirty carpet clean
Not buttered with your leaks.

Oh, little man of mine.
Oh, tiny newborn wren.
Give me a thousand kisses
Before you shit a storm again.

A little giggle in the morning...for all the parents out there, sinking knee deep in stinky diapers! ;)
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