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girl gonzo Sep 18
I'm sitting under a canopy of dark green leaves
I don't recognize the breed
You come forward and tell me that a new law has already been discovered
What goes up must eventually come down
The first time I recited one of my poems aloud I drove through the page leaving skid marks shaped like tongue twisters
No one paid attention and when I stepped off to catch my breath I threw up a mouthful of apple seeds that I later dug into the backyard
I moved out before i saw any growth but I promise something rose from the dirt, crooked and shy at first
A medley of anxious nail-biting and approval-seeking
I once knew the secret, the all note worthy testimonial to a meaningful life
But the soup has grown timid and uncertain of where it will go when it no longer holds anything
A toothbrush is born from underneath my skirt
is this cleaning the slate?
Butterfly Sep 10
I still feel the anger of the fight I had 7 months ago.
I laugh at it now, even though I probably shouldn't.
lol anybody wanna chat?
Butterfly Aug 5
Months ago we stayed up until 3 am talking.

Now I can't even say hey to you without having a mental breakdown .
It isn't your fault
Johnny walker Jul 19
And the world moves on around me as If for me time
has stood still just like I'm
frozen for I no longer move
on with time and seems like
a world away since my sweetheart left for
And this old world It keeps on turning but It seems turn for averyone but me time has stood still frozen like In surspendid animation but the life with Helen now seems like
a  world
But my brain still remains active for memories of happier days they're spinning like a carousel silently In space Images flashing through my brain reminding of my sweetheart who left for Heaven In what now seems like a long time
"My answer is no."
Oh man! Come on, not again!
now that I think about it...
ya know;
I guess...


Come on,
I thought you knew
what my answer would be years ago!"
My mom's response to many of my teenage questions.
Dreams that once lay  shattered as If broken
on the ground but piece
by piece I'm slowly putting them together that of that once lay broken on the ground
Through positivity and
help by many friend piece by piece my life slowly being rebuilt one bit at a time
And to where there Is a part acceptance now
of a life gone and need to carry on with what time I have left In this life for
to try to make a new from which has now gone and to try and make the best of what Is left of a love once so true
Trying to make a go of what's left of my life an acceptance
that what gone that of my wife
who change so of my life but can do know more
There is no rest for me
Even at my best there is
No peace for me
There is a beast in me
But she's asleep, you see
I'm just so tired.
So very tired.
Luiz Nov 2018
once again, I defend
you, me and our end

did never pretend!
each other we mend

spend evenings blessed
my hopes and dream
you arrest

I wish you the best
even when at my lowest
when I die and regress

calendar's slow
time won't flow
flying low
life ******* blows!

in the rear view
there's so much more
adored but now nevermore

forward sees gore
sealed the before
a black fucken door!

obsessed with what
was possessed
end no defend!
kneeled, I confess

pressured, pressed
and depressed
I'm a mess
failing the test
as me you detest!

I'll die a last time and
after our death
fact, not a guess
no rest

'til I find you!

ask a star
your address

so we can again
adore one other
father, beautiful mother
son and daughter

don't bother
for another lover!

because dear reader,

I'll get her!

Luiz D. Shyphre
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