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Man Jul 2021
our session is paltry
taking hits betwixt talk
we've taken hits, how many have walked

or just simply dropped

from doping to coke
smoking and joking
over the line with too many tokes
our time's coming too
though we know not when
we'll go too
in the end
Mark Wanless Nov 2020
Zed Alpha Alpha
Bravo Charlie
Whiskey Whiskey Delta

Zed Alpha Alpha
Bravo Charlie
Whiskey Whiskey Delta
CM Lee Feb 2019
Do you know what it means to be alone?
Do you know what it feels to be on your own?
No hand to hold, no shoulder to cry on
No one to hug you when you come undone

I’m with friends but why do I feel so abandoned?
Living life like a bullet without a gun,
Like a sunset without the sun
Thousands of songs still left unsung

I don’t know why they all left me
Maybe, possibly, it’s because I’m a cheat
Tried to keep those promises, believe me
Just had to save a stranger, its in my nature

I guess I deserve everything and all of this
Let me just wait until the poison hits
Let me close the eyes no one will miss
Let me lie here waiting for the dementor’s kiss
trf Dec 2018
Live music is a sound machine,
On all four corners,
Gilded streets, nearly five in the morning,
Pavement feet meet ****** shoes
Shuffling down the block.

Pigeon claps & high hats,
Cat heads & piano chops,
Whiskey sours evening gowns,
Lemon drops with Father Brown.

The St. Claude Shuffle down the boulevard,
Where shoes straddle electric wires.
Sirens ring & bullets proof,
And the blues sing out of shotgun shacks.
This city's done a number on me
no letters from home

windows foggy from here

from distance

she sprinkles her horizon
on me


she pulls me
over her



my canyons wall

laying here beside here
left alone

she was never right beside me
my heart is been

strip me through you hollows
fill my hands with sand
pull me from this
who we think

trying not to whisper
now we
learning why

for every season there is
only summer
makes them dry
flying through
this fall
could we
learn an thing

no letters


Ryan Holden Jan 2018
It seems that all of the actions
from people,
echo and speak much louder
than words do,
but the only problem is -
It seems to be pretty quiet,
doesn’t it?
In life you make your choices. Nobody makes them for you. Always stay positive - give 100%!
kaylene- mary Feb 2018
Love often reminds me that I'm not afraid of hights
or falling -
but I'm afraid of what will happen
the moment
*my body hits the ground
chloe fleming Nov 2017
I'm not addicted to you, per say,
I'm addicted the 2 am conversations
Where we talk about nothing but
Everything seems to come out.
I'm addicted to the way your voice cracks
When you're tired and you swear me you're not.
Even though I can hear the hum in your voice and haze in your throat.
I'm addicted to the way your brain twirls on end
When you try and comprehend the things you cannot.
I'm addicted to the way your lungs heave in and out,
And how heavenly you look when you can finally breathe.
No, I'm not addicted to you.
I'm addicted to everything that makes you,
krm Jul 2017
The times they-are a-changin;
you ain't going nowhere.

Not dark yet,
rainy day women

subterranean homesick blues,
if not for you --
when the deal goes down,
lay, lady, lay.

I shall be released;
blowin' in the wind,
like a rolling stone

Down the highway.

Girl from the north county;
mr tambourine man,
ring them bells.

With god on our side,
to Ramona—
it takes a lot to laugh,
it takes a train to cry
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