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acacia Jul 8
are there lilac trees where your heart begins? do you follow the river down the road that leads to my smile of gold? i lick up your contagious favors, and i drink up all your sin. you walk around town like you're the man who's never going to win. are there bees of Her buzzing in your ear? are there lipstick stains on your collar you wear as a badge? do you tie *******? can you snort a knot? will you fix your words? will you say it again? do you wear tennis shoes? do you think she looks good like that? where do you roam when the sun comes up? are there birch nut trees in the heart of town? do you sleep at 4 AM? are there wild clovers growing on your lawn? can you tell me where you leave her when you come walk up my stairs? do you drink beer? do you follow him home? do you cry about it?
Seanathon May 23
That smell
Just before a summer storm
Seeps into my eyes
As I am the only person left out in the rain
Under the sky
And the only thing which could clear my mind
Is the smell of lilac as it dies
Just before a summer storm
Erian Apr 10
We danced in the heat of the summer,
We sang along in the glistening silence,
We walked in the roads of lilacs,
We caught fireflies in the starlight,
We reached past our limits,
We acted like every day was our last
And what I wish wasn't our ending.
Zywa Apr 2
My heart drinks the smells

of the lilac tree, I'm drunk –

of li-lilac wine.
Collection "Take a picture, quick"
Kit Scott Dec 2018
It’s like lilacs dancing on your tongue
Like lush, rose-coloured sugar plums
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
What did you expect me to say?
Surely you noticed,
I've got a cat anyway.
Love the lush velvet collar
around its throat
but why on earth
have you coloured it's coat?

Yes, I know I love lilac.
Lilac poppies are best.
Oh ****!
I think you need a
hearing test!

Poetry by Kaydee.
Get your ears tested.
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Lilac emits her scent,
Orchid’s winks bring elation;
Love speaks through us all!
Simra Sadaf May 2018
the beautiful season of spring
brings abundant happiness
in all your loneliness,
basking in evening hues
of rich purple lavender,
lilac scented wind blows
in the air,
pale primrose stretched in a line,
a view so fine.
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