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km Nov 7
gone too soon—
you have lived all your life
making others happy.

now that I think about it
what a selfless person you are
always putting others needs before yours

you believed in me
more than i ever believed in myself
you pushed me to reach my full potential

i wouldn't be the person i am today
and still be the shy girl I used to be  
if I didn’t have you in my life

i thank you for everything
you’re in a good place now
and you will surely be missed.
rip //092418
M G Hsieh Aug 29
i write
because i am upset
and since when has writing become a form
of exploitation of the human condition

this will all be over soon
he said
over? can that be replaced by fixed?
i don't want it to be over
i want my expectations to become real

i don't want you to go
that steady decline you've been in
you made me hope for too many things
we talked about
starting a business
suceeding in business
starting a charity
building communities
we planned out
my wedding
my family
your new house with a swimming pool
you said you'd give me away
watch whether i decide
to be a stay at home parent
or pursue a career
you're still convincing me
to take on a responsibility im not yet ready for
i need you...i still
want to need you
to be my support
at some point i'm not so certain
of my intentions

i met you
i was taught
to value
to build
a reputation
to keep
up appearances
above all else

with you
all i had disappeared

i met you
i learned
to do
what was convenient
to be
invisible to myself
to have
less than what was due

does it stop there?

maybe you taught me
the better part of me
maybe you showed me
the other side of things
but there is so much more
to hope for now

the just will have a cause
worth fighting for

things are at an end
all these will be done
it shall be finished soon enough
when I ask myself
what I am
I am not sure I know the answer

a ‚mature‘ man
of 70 plus

of 11 grandchildren

person of authority

mentor for young ones
still looking for themselves

all of the above
or none of it

in the end only those
who read these lines

A view of blue leading a glaring eye
Toward a deathless heaven’s sigh.
Softly sinking the trembling sun,
As haply as I look upon you as I run.
In these thoughts I find myself desiring
***’s art within this simple man’s inspiration.
I look to the East, I look to the West
Looking for the primmer, Heaven’s Rosetta Stone, lest
It all be to difficult to keep it in heaven's focus.
I clean the lens and offer its richness
To a legendary creature somewhere adrift.
She gazes through my eyepiece bereft
Of the inner truth that she sees.
Focused ahead of you, you see the Helix Nebula
Otherwise known as the Eye of ***, the Alpha,
The Omega, the Beginning and the End.
It’s then you see your body transcend.
You look from the eyepiece and then into my eyes
And I feel us tantricly knowing that we are soul mates.
“What do you see?” I ask as you turn back into the scope.
You answer, “I see the thread of hope
That holds the entire garland together.
I see that we are small and the world is big.
I see that we came from the one end and forever
We will return to the other."
Looking away from the scope she continues;
"In between in this life there is a contradiction
A duality – And if we are to ever experience
This oneness, the one mirrored in this eyepiece,
Then we as a pair need to break
Through the apparent reality and take
Hold of the hidden reality."
Looking back through the eyepiece
She continues, "That which I see
Is at the source of our dual niche.
Accessing, manifesting..
Mastering this duality returning us always
To source.."  

The heavens are all the proof that anyone ever needs. Endless, timeless , mighty yet tame. I love thinking about timeless most of all.
SaWal May 13

Momma, you are-

The one who always evens my odds
In life's thundering skies, my lightning rod

My superhero, my alpha squad
My knight, my armour, my invincible sword

My lady, my lord
My queen, my ***.

Your presence defines my existence, will do so all along,
I promise to keep you happy, healthy and whenever needed I'll be there to sing you them songs.

Happy Mother's Day.
Long and merry live all the super-heroic Mothers:)
The way your eyes became filled with tears
As I showed to you
All my darkest fears
I spoke to you of all my demons
And time and again
How I had seen them
Dancing through my mind
Filling me up with lies
Holding me in a bind
And you reached out your hand
Time and time again
Most times I shoved you away
I would lie to your face
Telling you I’m fine
But you never turned away
You told me you would stay
And you were true to your word
And through all this time
I never could see it
But you are the hands and feet of Jesus
I questioned his love
Thinking I could not be enough
I felt all alone
Even when I was not
I was surrounded by his love
But my eyes they were blind
And you reached out your hand
Over and over again
Finally over time
I see that the hand I called yours
The hand I rejected
Was never truly yours
But it was the scarred hand of Jesus
Reaching out to me
And I see how he used you
To change my life
And finally I believe in his overwhelming love
And I want to be used
To help others too
I want to be
The hands and feet of Jesus
This is a poem about one of the most fckinv awesome women I have ever met. She has helped through so so many hard times and she never once gave up on me. Even when I avoided her for weeks and ignored her even still she pursued me, never getting anything out of our relationship for herself she just wanted to help me. I want to be like her one day.
Adam Apr 27
“Just pick a path,
and pick a vice”

Is what the old man said
when I asked for advice
A moth started to flutter
Its wings, I found myself under
A spell I can't break
Such a perfect mistake

It was then I fought
For a life that was brought,
In this world full of chances
More than a coincidence

Knitted by the threads of fate
Entangled inside the gate
Where flowers bloomed
And mediocrity is doomed

The moth started to guide me
In ways, I don't feel empty
Something dimly lit inside
Burned brightly, unhide
A poem dedicated to my second mother, an awesome entomologist in the Philippines - Dr. Aimee Lynn B. Dupo
Sky Yang Jan 9
Pursue the horizon, o you! o mine
No longer shall you wander the depth within
Where the years are cold, and dark and endless
And tuck the wool about your shoulders, now

No longer shall you travel alone, o mine
Lighten those eyes and springen that step
Lest you lose your way, and left, you pine
Those dark and endless years, most weary

Yonder you see (alas!) the blue horizon
O you, o mine, do not be disheartened,
do not lose your penchant for enchantments
For it is the horizon that is blue, and not you

And it is blue, for the sodden, downtrodden,
And merely, odd-end...
Is blue, regardless of you!
And you! regardless
Poem posted Nov 2017
It's not so much grip over motion,
**** is laughable when viewed from bad angles. Not so much two handling junk, cupping under the over with the tip being slightly tugged. You can't squeeze, choke, but shove your tongue in the *** hole right before he blows his ******* load. You've got to get your thumb to the back of the perineum
Keep that twist ****** even and down the hatchet. Hold, hold...you'll feel the build at the gland, get ready. Either grip it like GI Joe or let that **** fly and press then lick. Press then lick. Young girls don't know what the **** they're doing. Poor man's ****.

A silver platter left abandoned and rounded, tear drop ******* untouched. Make sure he's standing.
Keep it even in tempo.
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