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White Shadow Dec 2023
In the hush of twilight, a father's absence weaves,
Threads of longing, a heart forever grieves.
Lost at eleven, your warmth fades away,
Yet in my soul's landscape, your presence will stay.

I glimpse your shadow in the whispers of the wind,
A love profound, where memories rescind.
Though your laughter eludes my growing ears,
In my heart's embrace, your joy appears.

An idol unmet, a mythic embrace,
Yearning for stories, your wisdom to trace.
I strive to embody the lessons you'd share,
In life's intricate dance, I sense you there.

Days of triumph and nights of despair,
I ache for your guidance, for your tender care.
A father's embrace, an untouchable dream,
Yet, in fleeting moments, your love does gleam.

I miss you, dear father, in every heartbeat,
In the quiet moments when nostalgia's seat,
Becomes a throne for our moments untold,
A tale of love, more precious than gold.
Dedicated to my father
Francis Nov 2023
Your presence be known, if needed,
In a pinch,
You’re here or there when summoned,
Yet never praised,
Often overlooked and misunderstood.

Always guessing where this road will end,
How backwards is over where you bend,
For all of whom claim to be your friend,
Your classiness and craftiness I will always commend.

Finding nowhere to rest my head,
You were a place to lean on,
A host when I had no place to dream,
A mentor of my bizarre fantasies,
Of all trades that you’ve mastered,
That I aimed to perfect.

Ages lightyears apart,
Yet still closely in tune,
We play the same music,
A grasshopper to your sensei,
I sail the endless seas of your knowledge,
A lighthouse to my rocky waters.

With shared poverty,
You scraped together your last,
To fill my belly with lamb,
Your cynicism of man,
Your confidence in me,
A father and son, not quite
A grandfather and grandson, hardly,
An odd couple that just makes sense.

A Sinatra-like scholar,
With more brains, ***** and bravery,
You are a man’s man for men,
Everything that I want to be,
And everything that I could need,
In a friend.
Dedicated to my friend and colleague, Joe, who taught me so much about everything and gave me a place to sleep when I needed it.
Mark Wanless Jun 2022
the words of the mentor
the words of the king
self created
Descovia Feb 2022
Pardon me, for taking the time
to only express my frequent thoughts in mind.


Deserve all the tranquility your
beautiful soul has to provide

You shift minds, with the flick of a switch! Creativity explosion, amusing in aspects! Kudos, to your classy style in writing, combined with sarcasm and unfolds passion! I believe, it aid the lives, whom seeking answers to themselves, when it comes to your art.

Your heart is what we feel reading your work.

Do not let the battle make you weary.

These are the words not only from a dark magician. A friend. A supporter.
Whom would not have access to power, to maintain balance on my abilities, if I did not learn from the ways of the Huntress! Fighting with magic, and weapons are different styles! Still they both use energy! Needless, to say our overall goal for liberty, are highly similar! I believe you were meant to empower people. Do not be afraid, to take my strength. I will do anything for a friend!"

Your growing strength will spark a powerful resolution.

Get ready!

May Mother Earth continue to bless you and all you love.
Nilia Loh Jan 2021
Why are you so cool?
How do you do all those things?
So elegant yet strong.
So simple but you stand out so much.
So gentle and kind.
Just another human being,
Yet so unique on its own.
I want to grow up to be like you.
A wonder woman like you.
Prachi Sep 2020
Someone asked me,
Who is a teacher?
A pathway to degree?
Or holds a position deeper!

‘Union of multiple roles’, I said,
Is a teacher’s true identity;
One who enlightens the road ahead,
Assisting selflessly which is a rarity.

Playing a huge role in our upbringing,
And giving us a constant support;
Teachers were there motivating,
In the times we felt lost.

They teach us the art of life;
Losing sleep for other’s child,
New and innovative ways they devise;
It is incomparable what they provide.

The ones who are always well-wishing
Steering to right path and escorting;
They instill a passion for learning,
Student’s success is their earning.
Respect for all the teachers inspiring and supporting students.
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