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Never wait on inspiration.
For to wait on inspiration is to wait on life,
And to wait on life is just foolish.

Never wait on inspiration.
For when old age comes you'll have forgoten,
Long gone, the soothing breath of creativity.

Never wait on inspiration.
For to wait on anything means you don't trust yourself to grab it,
And inner distrust is a scar too many of us carry.

So never wait on inspiration.
Do not build walls against a flow so wide, that just like air,
You could not live without.

Do not dare to live life on automatic.
Do not dare to wait on inspiration.
May 24 · 34
My mind is a crystal
inside the palace of my body
But my body has no walls,
No limits,  
It is the softness and pain of all that is, combined,
I am a thought that created and never ceased
I am a frontier that expanded and never stoped
I am the water that runs through your skin and never rests
no wind could ever break me and no mountain could ever reach
I am the space that flows unsolved
when two wild eyes meet.
Mar 26 · 39
The grass. The mirror. The food.
I take a sip of them one by one.
My sister's hair on the tile floor. The smell of burnt cookies.
Are golden gifts of incarnation.

The river that runs through the other side of town.
I hear him.
Your tears recoil in silence.
My hands could dive in their void.
Mar 21 · 450
I wanted to be in love with life
So I made you a representation of it.
Feb 7 · 138
I am a butterfly.
I am a butterfly.
And like a butterfly,
I want to taste the sweetness of the flowers
And feel the heat of the sun in my wings.

But I am a butterfly.
In a world where I can not be.
And until the sweet turns bitter and
The heat goes cold,
I will still be delicate.

So remember,
After the world becomes a place
That only fits the strong and bold,
Remember how you felt like
When a butterfly flied by.
Jan 12 · 54
Greatness doesn't challenge me.
I challenge Greatness.
And as She steps up, so do I.
Dec 2020 · 383
The color city
Amanda Sant'Anna Dec 2020
I once heard there is a city
Where everyone has a different color
And you could see a light green boy
Or a deep purple lady
Walking down the street.

So I bought myself a ticket
To color city, just one way
Today I bought myself a ticket
And trew off all my shame.
I want to show my colors freely
In the city where they're okay.
Dec 2020 · 237
tombstone words
Amanda Sant'Anna Dec 2020
A wild woman hereby lies,
Her precious life was rich with meaning

So in this stone, we carve the feeling
Of the dephts of a soul that never dies:

"Once, love and freedom came together, in perfect communion; so wide and powerful

It dared Greatness."
What phrase will come to define your life?
Amanda Sant'Anna Dec 2020
I see right through your soul
When you crave me so intensely
To calm the midnight rays that
Strike your heart immensely

But I have always known
These lights you have within
Their powers fit you right
You don't have to win my eyes

I pray without a shadow
Of doubt, may you understand
There is nothing you can do
To stop the truth's arrival

And it comes dressed in simplicity,
Of oneness, do you see
The thunders that walk inside you
Are not found, we have to be.
Dec 2020 · 270
Amanda Sant'Anna Dec 2020
Baby I left my conciousness
inside your body and
when you dance
I feel tingles in my brain
Nov 2020 · 426
Amanda Sant'Anna Nov 2020
Let my love be so brutal
Let my love be so wide
Let expansion make a home
Inside my chest;
And let the doors be always open
Amanda Sant'Anna Oct 2020
If you are waiting for a love poem
Because you want to feel something other than loneliness
Do not waste your tears right here
There is no one to wipe them dry

If you are waiting for a love poem
Because you're tired of your empty life
Do not let the years go by
You are not a slave of destiny
Love is sitting outside the lines
Oct 2020 · 470
When you look at me
Amanda Sant'Anna Oct 2020
You know what you see when you look at me
And it is not good, I've seen it too
But there is a murmur in my ears
I hear its brightness loud and clear

A child covered in yellow dust and ether
Sits on my chest and tries to talk to me
I shut it down because I do not know her
I only know what you see when you look at me.
Sep 2020 · 250
Amanda Sant'Anna Sep 2020
I drank from the well of shame
And I still feel it burning inside me
Aug 2020 · 606
when my love left
Amanda Sant'Anna Aug 2020
It was monday night
When he wrote me a letter
With all the words he could not say
He filled his bag, and left me sleeping
I woke up empty
He told me he was evil
He told me he was saving me
And that he was doomed to be alone
I drank some coffee to taste the bitterness
If only he had asked me
I would have said I'm evil too
I would have said we could be dark together
I would have told him light is overrated
And that his eyes were enough to guide our way
But he just left
And I went to work
The computer screen was so bright
It made me sick
messy poem, just for self expression
Aug 2020 · 588
It was august 29th when
Amanda Sant'Anna Aug 2020
His river encountered my waters
Flowing wild like the ocean
My waves curled around him
So we could grow bigger
And bigger
And his fishes, we both have them now
So we grew richer
And richer
Then the rain saw our love, so pure
And she blessed us,
So we grew fuller
And fuller
Each night we danced to the moon
Each day we sang to the sun
And we made them both so proud
They gave us light to guide the way
So we grew wider
And wider
Until there was no more space to grow
Then we rested
Nested by thin air
So still, so nurtured
Life herself looked at us
And Death herself looked too
They came down for a swim
In perfect comunion
We were everything.
Jul 2020 · 342
Amanda Sant'Anna Jul 2020
When it’s my time to rot,
I hope I get to lie underneath blue sky
Where I can give my warmth back to the sun,
So thankful for the borrowing
I hope my skin becomes a white daisy fearlessly growing by the road
So I'll get to remind you of the beauty in the world
And maybe my cells will become a cherry
Their sweetness forever imprinted in your lips
I hope my body gets to return the gift it received,
'Cause what a precious gift
And my love, I hope it can be carried by your heart
'Cause what a precious heart.
Jul 2020 · 215
Darkness doesn't cheat
Amanda Sant'Anna Jul 2020
I feel like Darkness speaks to me
And I know she is not a person
But if she was we would be best friends
I'd keep her by my side and let her hold my hand
But no, she is not a person
She could never say she loves me back
Still, I'll keep her inside
Because her hugs feel like home
And her eyes look like my own
And she never lets go
She would never let me go
Like happiness did
True story
Jul 2020 · 216
Blackberry Tree
Amanda Sant'Anna Jul 2020
Maybe I'll die
Underneath a blackberry tree
Maybe one day you'll eat them
And I'll get to be a part of you again
Jul 2020 · 741
Social Media Is My Drug
Amanda Sant'Anna Jul 2020
I scroll my way through life
Cause I don't have to feel the pain
With all the smiles on instagram
I don't hate my life when I'm distracted
Jun 2020 · 205
My answer
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
You ask me if I'm happy
I tell you honey,
Every night I lie in bed
And I grieve
One less day on earth
Jun 2020 · 253
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
I feel my heart beat
and nothing else matters
cause I feel my heart beat
nothing else matters.
Jun 2020 · 512
split moment
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
Let my words reveal the hidden mysteries of the earth
And let my wrists bleed pure life like they never glanced at death
Let my tears be a river pouring joy; and let me flood the world
Oh, let the world torture me, let it burn me to ashes
Let me taste the apple, even if it's rotten
Let me go to eden, and let me meet the devil too
Let me belong
Just for a moment
Even if it's just for a moment.
Jun 2020 · 455
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
The Forest will only tell her secrets
To someone as wild as her

That's why I know them all
Jun 2020 · 412
Important question
Jun 2020 · 211
This is what I have
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
Writing poetry
At 3 am
Cause my sleep went away
Like everyone else and
Words are all I have left
Jun 2020 · 177
Ribbon Bow
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
Hey kid
Have you ever tried
To tie a family together
With your ribbon bow?
Jun 2020 · 165
If only you were interested
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
I could scream
to show you my pain
But I would like to keep
My vocal cords
Jun 2020 · 694
Look what you did
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
When my winter days arrive
I sit on the porch and
I ask the wind
To come and kiss my skin
Not because I love the wind
Just because you are not here
Jun 2020 · 359
Death is my new lover
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
I like the way that Death
Whispers in my ears
*****, ***** things
Always asking for a kiss
And I think to myself
Just how wild
would it be
If today I said
Jun 2020 · 363
Pressure Cooker
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
I never thought
That being stuck inside
A pressure cooker
Would look like this
Never thought
I'd still feel cold

Jun 2020 · 468
The devil and I
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
I've been dancing with the devil
And what I love the most about him
Is that he lets me be myself
Jun 2020 · 277
Eye of the Hurricane
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
Right here,
In the eye of the hurricane
Everything makes sense.
Right here,
Everything is real.
And if the hurricane ends up killing me,
Oh well,
What a wild death would it be.
Jun 2020 · 1.3k
Deep Waters
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
I want to swim
In a ocean
That tastes
Like him.
Jun 2020 · 949
I am tired
Amanda Sant'Anna Jun 2020
How can you read
a history book
With all the blood
on the pages?
Amanda Sant'Anna May 2020
Love doesn't say "excuse me"
Love finds a tiny crack
Between the walls of hatred
And then
Then love gets in.
May 2020 · 414
Amanda Sant'Anna May 2020
As I stared
Deeply in the eyes
Of my pain
And I was ready to breathe my last breath
I told her
I am done being scared of you.
I am done running away.
She cried;
Her eyes so wide
And gave me a hug;
Her arms so desperate
In that exact moment,
My last moment,
I saw.
She was never a monster.
May 2020 · 256
Deeper than deepness itself

— The End —