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Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
Those who hide
Have never tried
And can never try
Because they have never seen the sky
Narrow minded people live under a roof of enclosure, unable to be open minded because they have never stepped out and looked at the sky.
Rose Oct 2018
My nose is in these pages for my mind wishes to wander
To a place where faces no longer sneer insults like spit
These fantasies hold more for me than these blank walls
I want more than these crowded streets of faces I know
what a feeling to know, dreaming and wishing are such wonderful things. just don't forget to get out there and do something about it.
Come sleep, lay by me, close
Rest, draw those eyes of yours,
Yet wake and spend your dreams
With me, in each other's, savoring
Each secret wish, each theme of
Want and buried desires, wide
my yearning, my plain designs
For us, for you, my prosaic ways
To dream all our togethers away
And only in dreams did you stay.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
As wide open as the sea
as resonant as the waves
splashing on the beach.
For a moment or so I was
pondering so full as the sea
what has it left to tally
with as empty as the the beach?
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
Arms spread wide
knees bent in respect of tension
attention on your insides
spiraling out in spirit
hearing your heart beat

Feel the hum of life
teem within the absence
(a lighter piece sup *** wit tree)

'm, oh yes mud hum,
     who hoop fully iz zaftig
and/or mister
     Jack Rabbit, whoever wig
gulls or crinkles their nose
     creating a lil whirligig
at this bit of flummery unrig
yule lated impossible

     to make cogent
     and/or tangential with trig
perhaps best red
     after taking a swig
of vintage carrot juice with a sprig
of favorite herb, more'n enough
     to slake thirsting herd
     at the yearly

     Peter Rabbit shindig,
which senseless literary rig
ma roll even Bugs Bunny
     trump petting donned Taj Mahal
     swiftly tailored hare
     reed styled periwig,

     (would turnip his nose),
     button size or overbig,
yet all Joe King aside,
     and please do not think me a ****
excepting (Trix are for kids, eh...?)

this intentional faux paw, an
distress signal tis ideally geared
     for a Unitarian
     herbalist hook can
transform this pro
     fessed human imposter,
     (who in truth got cursed
     as a **** sapien

     by Bunny Foo Foo with elan)
particularly in the guise of Han
nub bull the cannibal,
     (whose unisexual name Jan)
also doubles up

     as my birth month
     dwells in Lan
zing, Michigan, and earns
     keeps employed as a nan

knee, yet experiences inner pan
dumb moan he yum,
     (seized with grippe to dig
     in Farmer Brown's garden), and ran
like the dickens
     all the way to Tran
sill vane ya leaping
     across Atlantic Ocean forced
     to adopt the lifestyle of a Van
dull with razor sharp buck teeth.
Seanathon May 2018
When the eyes see trees and not possibilities.

A future that is not beyond tomorrow.
A person instead of a lover, or another.

When all of these things, in closing eyes see...

Then ones line of sight is oriented properly.
Meaning - Trees are for more than just use. Tomorrow is more than just another day. Your lover is a person, not your past. And to see the truth in these things is to be in THE moment.
Seanathon Apr 2018
The moment you worry
About the days which are gone
You create the current warry
About what you couldn't control
Warry is a slick word
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