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Isaac Sep 22
There is peace to find
In this world so wide.
Where is it, you ask?
Intimacy with the Creator.
Written 22 September 2019
i will worth
that great wealth

to be wide of her
as the rich one

heard me
noticed me

how i talked
about her

he spies
he sends eyes

until he sees
he loves

he tells the offers
and i had chances

to be rich
or have her smart

but i love her
i let her know

any more
she does know

i become wide
i do not take that amount
which makes absent
to any mind
the man loves her, he wishes every good to who beloved. and he can sacrifice for
Her child was downed
Downed to the downed land
His wings were completely destroyed
The hunger animal approached

She screamed, "Help my juvenile!
He was so little
He can't face that awful

His wings were damaged
Oh! My God help him
She looked wide

The birds could not rejoin
They knew who would join
They escaped as the rain

Fallen wide of the kind land
In spite the kind should demand
The mother knew there is no gain

Except pray to his God
As she knew the wild could
Snap him without any tick

So she closed her eyes
Flew wide, wide
While her tears ascended

As the flow of anger and trembled
Water as the man was deliberated
As wild
every one has hope. when that hope is evaporated, man could be fall and lost his aim.
Olivia Lost May 10
Resting my eyes always leads to memories of what I no longer have.
Dreams of you loving me and kissing me slowly.
To wake to the painful reality that you left.
The reminder each morning is too much.
So I stopped sleeping.
it has been months and I still struggle
The hour will return,
Bad things will disappear over the threshold.
Tobacco smoke curls warmer
And more melodic punk rock.

The natives wear sneakers,
Indians make tea.
Democratic mopeds
Mass-stamped China.

He laughs and cries,
It is a parody of singers.
All itching to **** him,
Tease other people's fathers.
i found myself lost
i found my heart stold
i found my mind shattered

they said thanks to God
you are still alive
that is not good

to live wide
from your smart and hide
my haert at deepest thought

what had been happened?
are you good?
or hot air touches your hair

making you annoyed
tell me! do not hide
love making the lover busy and get a lot of thoughts
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
Those who hide
Have never tried
And can never try
Because they have never seen the sky
Narrow minded people live under a roof of enclosure, unable to be open minded because they have never stepped out and looked at the sky.
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