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Betty Mar 8
Low tide
the sea has retreated
leaving  behind a keepsake box of **** and shells
spilled out across the beach
hidden watery things
drawn from the deep
they melt as footprints
when the sea returns
gathering her chicks
to rest below the waves
in sandy contemplation
of the world above
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
You never were the best at opening up wide
Preferring instead to trap weakness inside
To walk these thin lines between love and hate
You've mastered a particular gait
So that you don't trip over perplexity
Playing hopscotch to avoid injury
Limping from your phony pain
Past scars long healed
It seems like make-believe wounds are the only ones revealed
Recent crash in interest leads to exaggerated claims
Fishing for attention just a part of your games
Head over heels
My heart beats blood red
Pounding in fear that your devotion is dead
You said last time you checked your feelings had not faltered
But if that's true then tell me why your behavior has altered
You'd give anything to make me happy
Except your time
My expectations are steadily lowered while accusations climb
To go back to the beginning is my greatest desire
Embers are all that remain of a once raging fire
Wearing a pair of lacy ******* in hopes they will make you stare
But the sad reality is even that won't make you care
I know you never meant for things to end up the way they are
Neither one of us realized we would take extremes this far
Yeah back in our youth we were naive but strong
Over the years we succumbed to the current nudging us along
Never thought we'd see the day our dreams caved in and switched to doubt
Now your presence is a privilege I might have to live without
Here's a quick one from deep in the back of my mind
Amanda Sant'Anna Nov 2020
Let my love be so brutal
Let my love be so wide
Let expansion make a home
Inside my chest;
And let the doors be always open
phlwest Sep 2020
we kiss
like tides unsure of the shore
Ruheen Jul 2020
I can't tell if the stinging in my eyes
Is from my tears
Or from keeping my eyes
Open in the rain
Too long.
Both end up blurring my vision anyway.
I don't mind though.
Because if there is a God,
And he's up there,
Then at least I know
He's as frustrated as I am.
And he deserves to be.
why does the world which is wide
becomes so narrow?
why do the eyes which see a ray
see only sallow?
why does the fresh air which spreads happy
brings sorrow?
you are the born to to grow and magnify
the wealth not make fewer?
we push the hate at every side
not prison it at outer hollow
let us spread the love at every sight
the world will be so major
let the love spread and you will see
Faizel Farzee May 2020
covid -19
a killer unseen, without uttering a threat
it has the world pulling at every nerve, it has them down on their knees.
It has people creating songs about going crazy in quarantine
While Trump is really going crazy,
he cant throw money at it
for someone like him, this is unseen,
now his true colours shows
his fake, while the world bleeds
he is still trying to save his stake.
he has ample, yet he still pulls at every last cent.

If you cant see this, he must have stolen your eyes
he keeps it with all his supporters minds,
it's in his refridgerator, he keeps it on ice.
locked in a safe
now they all mindless, so they play by his rules
yet he control the outcome of dice.
he dont care about the human race
you can clearly see it on his unsympathetic face.

Why dint he react in haste,
maybe his just slow?
He is worth 8 billoin dollers, i really dont think thats the case
he cares more about the economy,and  losing face
he knows if the US economy drops
at the table in the whitehouse, he has to set china a plate.
give them the morning paper run their bath
and under his breath, he would have to quietly hate.

He would rather let the world burn,

They miscalculated this whole situation
they thought they were unleashing an attack
they forgot to disable the homing pigeon
it did a 180, knocked at their door, politely disclaimed Hi , I'm back.
Talking about money he has to track, that they paid to create this monster
is it just me or has the whole world been smoking crack.
we glossed over that, i get it  
He can even in song confess, our hands will still be tied
money is power, an intoxicating lust
the jury has already been bought, the justice system unjust.
truths are not pretty, neither is the world
so the darker truths we have to highlight
this whole situation, it's like im living in the zone of twilight
my mind cant compute, it doesnt feel right, what nex, t get abducted at night, now aliens can be real, parralel universes
truth shivering in fright this unholy night.
Michelle Apr 2020
I lay,
Soft head in soft pillow.
Fabric against porcelain skin.
Heart spread wide open.
Gentle stream filled with warmth,
The hush of one thousand voices
in my mind,
And even through the ceiling is dark,
I can feel the gentle warmth of the
You know the feeling ;)
Dancing to the melody of those that be
The wolves came out to set me free
They all began grinning
And doused me in some milk and  honey
Now my soul has gotten *****
Anything for a little money

They gave me a blindfold
And started to lead the way
Because they are the ones
Who are in control
Now I'm in a tub
Filled with blood

The trauma
The rituals
It wasn't worth my soul
So here I lay
Just another youth
Gone hollow.
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