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Never wait on inspiration.
For to wait on inspiration is to wait on life,
And to wait on life is just foolish.

Never wait on inspiration.
For when old age comes you'll have forgoten,
Long gone, the soothing breath of creativity.

Never wait on inspiration.
For to wait on anything means you don't trust yourself to grab it,
And inner distrust is a scar too many of us carry.

So never wait on inspiration.
Do not build walls against a flow so wide, that just like air,
You could not live without.

Do not dare to live life on automatic.
Do not dare to wait on inspiration.
My mind is a crystal
inside the palace of my body
But my body has no walls,
No limits,  
It is the softness and pain of all that is, combined,
I am a thought that created and never ceased
I am a frontier that expanded and never stoped
I am the water that runs through your skin and never rests
no wind could ever break me and no mountain could ever reach
I am the space that flows unsolved
when two wild eyes meet.
The grass. The mirror. The food.
I take a sip of them one by one.
My sister's hair on the tile floor. The smell of burnt cookies.
Are golden gifts of incarnation.

The river that runs through the other side of town.
I hear him.
Your tears recoil in silence.
My hands could dive in their void.
I wanted to be in love with life
So I made you a representation of it.
I am a butterfly.
And like a butterfly,
I want to taste the sweetness of the flowers
And feel the heat of the sun in my wings.

But I am a butterfly.
In a world where I can not be.
And until the sweet turns bitter and
The heat goes cold,
I will still be delicate.

So remember,
After the world becomes a place
That only fits the strong and bold,
Remember how you felt like
When a butterfly flied by.
Greatness doesn't challenge me.
I challenge Greatness.
And as She steps up, so do I.
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