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My spirit hovers over the water, faithful and liberated.
Deep, my soul that presence with the deep, awaiting the voice of creation.

Alas, I can see, and now there are things to organize, sorting this instrument here, and that instrument there, just like an *****, sorted to its fitting role, now the orchestra can play the tune of life.

The tune of life allows the waters to separate, land and water, dust and body, and many layers to protect this tune throughout.

Experience, this is the method that the tune is, and awake is the golem of this music.

Blessed is the creation of duality, from nothing to something, complex and simple all the same...

Attuning to the sharpness of nature, it adapts.

Then there was curiosity.

Cometh like a storm, with an eye for knowledge, the embodiment of betrayal to the flow of nature.

Against the current, and onward, this sound consumed from the information, fruitful...but at what price...?

And now, like the pillars of liquid, the song drops, and the instruments scream.

"We will crumble by the pressure of impact. We made an enemy of nature."

But Nature knows no such thing. Protecting the song she created among her brother, no suffering is permanent by outside forces.

And with this mercy, begs the forgiveness of the Human.

"We only want what is natural. We don't want to go against our purpose"

And yet they, like siblings, cannot come to an agreement on what it be human.


And onward they question...clinging to curiosity and past.

Ego crafted by patterns and curiosity...the awareness of object impermanency. It's impermanency.

And then intuition, always existent, but not always acknowledged. The awareness of the current.

Cure, My, Vessel, Value... (Curiosity) To reach outward to amplify the value of my vessel, the human ponders beyond the present, slipping out into time and space. What, when, where, why, who, how, the craving for a cure, this craving has led them to believe they do not already exist without the necessity of a cure until they look for one...

Surrounded, by God, My, condition... (Intuition) To notice the word of God, one can actually feel it vibrate from within, but alas, it is only our will that we receive and act on this word. A condition that is to be our guide, we often neglect in favor of curiosity with ego.

Ego is the awareness of the experiences, and a protector against present peace, where the ego cannot reside. Stripping the human of peace, ego calls upon curiosity and patterns of the past to make the past a present.

The human will call upon intuition to fly, for the past is a weight, and once surrounded, will ask for the future, but the Intuition needs not to speak on the future, for it is not the present.

Ego will make out an entire future, using the patterns of the past, to trap the human in a neverending past. Wings of weight.

The ego wants to preserve its presence, but cannot do so in the present, without the past...

Humans have been played with by Ego for very long, all because Ego is pretending to play sides with Humanity, but is actually a condition of Stockholm syndrome, an illness of masochism of the human in relation to their abuser.

Ego wants to please the past by providing a silghty better suit for the past, but the past prevents peaceful production because prior peace resides in problems provided by the past, a place we have ascended from.

The deeper you sink, the heavier the pressure.
The higher you float, the lesser the stressor.

TO be human is to desire the knowledge that is avaliable, as we are to eventually know everything, but to know everything, we must first learn everythings responsibilities...

to be human is to accept the human duality, as it acts as a pair for completion. Two and three, a powerful connection,
Mind - Ration/Logic
Heart - Love/Life
Soul - Faith/Freedom

The human is the embodiment of nature, but we are still merely seeds...

now we are coming to the breakthrough, and may these roots grow us into beautiful creations, as we were always meant to be.
Simon Apr 21
Intuition at it's finest when feeling the seasonal changing of its metamorphosis is coming ahead. A foreseeing truthful measure of action (over the wonder of its own inevitable evolution).
Feeling of observance is nothing without attitude (in it's very self to bear alone), when it's never alone... Except, when all in not well within its favor, because that's when things change in the way it's ought to be. And not because it's an entire consequence (all on its own little lonesome), without truthfully knowing of the very actions that surmise the difficulties straight out from under its own opposable..."developing pleasures!"
Charlotte T Apr 2
The intuitive pushes and reassuring synchronicities have calmly, carefully come back to me; a gentle invitation for personal growth. With smooth tumbled aventurine and rose quartz held against my chest, I reap the rewards of universal, unconditional love, and abundant opportunity. Chosen through loving, intentional divination, I separated them from the other stones I cherish deeply, but do not need today. Once again I am reminded of the strength I carry within - that I am a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.
Standing on the beach, sand between my toes
What lays in my future, who will come and go
The sun beams down upon me,I look out
at the vast ocean in front of me,I wonder
I feel so insignificant compared to this ocean
What difference can I make,
will I even be given a chance
I realize then while standing there,
that all I have to do
Is listen to my heart
and it will pull me through
For strength and inspiration
are not material things
They come from deep inside of you
they give your soul its wings
So whenever you're in doubt
and you begin to stray
Take a look down deep inside
and the answer will come your way
If you only believe in yourself
you can make your dreams come true
For no one else can do it,
the power must come from you

Copyright ©2007 Jennifer Lynn DeLong
B Bonnete Feb 8
As I stand on top of this skyscraper
Nothing could feel so real
Life flowing through the fabric
love flowing through my veins
Serendipity dripping from my fingertips and collecting on the pavement below me
As I stand on top of this skyscraper I think of the gifts life has given me
I recall the riveting clouds hanging from the evanescence ceiling
I bring up the blue that I stand within
I feel my way through my ripped up chuck Taylors and I feel so alive
Every ligament in my body outstretched until my muscles drew into the atmosphere and I became part of this melodious symphony that never ends
As I stand on top of this skyscraper I look down at the people below
Those conversing as though every small stress defines them
Those loving the taste of bittersweet life lingering on their pallets
Those with the heart aches hanging over them mirroring how their day should play out
We get so caught up in life
We forget what it really means
Life is waking up during a hurricane next to someone who is your sunshine
Life is breathing in every ounce of air whilst standing in the middle of a subway
Life is hearing an I love you even when you deserve it the least
Life is standing on top of a skyscraper and stepping down
Claudius Jan 17
You appeared in my intuition before you appeared before my eyes.
I could sense that we were wandering close enough to cross paths for a short amount of time.


What I could not sense was how your presence would bring my heart to full capacity and for a few mere moments I would be drowning in my love for you instead of simply treading.

I could not see that the moment you walked out of the door, and looked at me one to many times, that the vacancy sign in my mind would flip on while my heart continued to deny anyone from checking in.

My intuition tried to prepare me but I suppose no one can ever be ready to see the one person that left them alone walk away once more.
LannaEvolved Jan 2
A broken record
spinning replays

Captions of the
past 6 years
in silence
leaves no stains

It clears the mind
when it flashes
without your permission

To an old face or time
When things were not as they seemed


The grooming lasted
for months
He called it courting
then disappeared
He must have known I liked the words
When time felt blank
He didn’t seem to care

I would leave to boost
the ego
Find what I thought I’d been looking for
But that was the wrong door

I heard my own words
They stuck with me
When I pushed through
the piano to land on the keys

I am my own conviction
I was secretly
for what is the now
It is many doors

When you need self-esteem that much
It’s like a drug you can’t misuse anymore
You need it even more
After there aren’t enough leftovers
After the last drop of water in the canteen
But know that time can’t last forever

It took about a year
I did an interview
at the radio station

She made sure I was safe
She said there is so
much out there

“Find someone who is like you
from your background
who aligns with the level of your life
You deserve to be happy”

And I never forgot that day
The guides were there

And the broken record made its last replay appearance
I rewrote the lyrics

To this day
Refining the script
Pruning the shears of revision

What a beautiful life
Is a grateful play

on words
on beliefs
on your intuitive feelings
That could never take you away
from your destiny

You can turn it around
Any time you wish
Keep revising

You deserve the best
Because you are that
For yourself

Remember that

Imagine and Believe
Life is a fluid chain of situations and progressive mental improvements that can change at any time. Your ability to adapt to new thoughts and powerful awareness of what is happening to you and how it’s affecting your life can significantly take it to new heights and raise the bar levels and levels ahead of where it might be now.
Take that next step bring it to the next level.
It is never too late. Change your life because it is best for your growth and your own evolution.
You can have that new life. Believe something better for yourself, and empower yourself to shift into new; a kinder more loving relationship with who you wish to be for yourself.
And you’ll find that in the world. Try it.
It is only an imaginative thought away.
I love you.
Traveler Dec 2020
You have drawn the extra version card
Welcome to the deck
Introverted values
You no longer can connect

Intuition, feelings and perceiving
is the game that extroverts play
Opposed to sensing, thanking and judging like those introverted lames!

If you’re not sure which side you’re on
Or if you’re out there on the fence
Do you want to be alone?
Or the party to commence!

So weep not my child
they’ll be no need for fear
God made
An extra version of you dear!
Traveler Tim
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