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Now, believe your gut,
your heart will negotiate,
your mind will delude.
the first feel tends to be the right feel; when it comes to the subject of trust.
George Krokos Jul 2023
There are seven eyes of understanding
some people in life are so commanding
but the divine wisdom behind them all
is to rise up in knowledge and not fall.
Just as there are seven planes of consciousness - seven spiritual states - so also are there seven states of understanding. It is always seven. The number seven is the divine number. The seven understandings are:

Eye of Instinct: governs the animal world which includes insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Eye of Intellect: rules most of the common human realm of existence.

Eye of Inspiration: is for those human souls whose feelings are developed like poets and artists and other creative people.

Eye of Intuition: is for those advanced human souls who have conscious visions and understanding true to the point. What you understand by intuition is always true. What you understand by intellect is sometimes true and sometimes not.

Eye of Insight: human souls on the fourth and fifth plane have insight; their understanding is direct, without thinking with the mind.

Eye of Illumination: means seeing God as he is and is experienced by those human souls who see the Light of God inside and outside of their mind. The understanding is divine.

Eye of Integration or Realization: this is the merging, becoming and understanding of oneself as God (the I am God state – Nirvikalpa Samadhi).
Apart from the title, the introductory quatrain and the last listed named state of Integration to comply with the title - the 7 eyes (or - i's), all of which are my own creation and inclusion, there is also in parts some additional wording included of mine (marked in italics - unable to be seen here on HP) to complement the quoted knowledge, that Meher Baba, a spiritual master of the twentieth century, perhaps the greatest, revealed on the 29th of September 1940 at Meherabad (a place dedicated to him in India, near Poona) and is recorded in an extensive biography written by Bhau Kalchuri, one of his followers whom I had the good fortune to meet in person, titled: Lord Meher – vol7 pages 2617-2618.
Full credit for the above goes to Meher Baba of course and to Bhau Kalchuri who was given the task of writing the biography which is available for reading online by anyone who is interested -
Please also see another fantastic website called Life Eternal - - that's dedicated to Meher Baba which has most, if not all, of the quotes and sayings that he communicated during his lifetime. Jai Baba!
Lorraine Colon Apr 2023
A woman knows when a man loves her,
By Divine Grace she perceives such things;
Even when his love goes undeclared,
She can feel it vibrate her heartstrings

A woman knows when a man loves her,
Her heart opens when he turns the key;
From her face a noble radiance streams
Reflecting love's rare divinity

A woman knows when a man needs her,
Watchful she stands, ready to appease
With wise counsel and devoted love,
Putting both his mind and heart at ease

A woman knows when a man loves her,
She'll nourish  love's seed until it grows
Into their own Garden of Eden.
O, there is no doubt, a woman knows!
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2023
I dreamt I still knew myself the moment you turned your face to me

you were about to enter a very personal space: a diary, a dream journal, a shoebox of love letters, a suicide note, the angry ramblings of a madman

Standing on the bridge where we're no longer suffering, the dream exhaled

and joy found eternity running over the closing frame, floating away in every direction where time intervenes
Brandon Aug 2022
Spiraling neck swivel here

Gaze upon my dark shadow

Bestow to me all truth

And guide me through this darkness
Shadow work
Ken Pepiton Aug 2022
As an avatar or an actual mind, acting intelligent,
slow choice of words. Act Intuited, as if,
uranatural, and grammar is not all it was, we have
lines and commas and an entire cognative kit,
-as any natural outcome of minds agreeing,
some reason concept offered, take hold, claim a piece
- past the fracturing, full-on insane, dementia in a friend…

one hundred and fifty-one pre-positions, counting upto.
Readers are rare, where you were, when
some sense akin to whatif, we did, and then
****-prooof dust as is,
this is it. The long and the short, attention spans
bubbling along
this same pebbled wide place where minds converge.
Such a pleasant feeling, posting here, in clouds, most fragile medium minds have agreed to imagine
David Hilburn Jul 2022
Guarantee the valley...
Sweat and simple salt
Shared by constant, and fluent reasons
The tale of taste in a long run, for a hidden fault

Twists of fate, insists of courtesy
The truth be told, I have no problem
With wisdom, the tale of evidentiality
But a wise more, to finish anger, is our whim

Latent, the sobbing of a charisma
Sweet endeavor, do I seem the better of others?
When a promise of significance, is ours for the only dilemma
That will make liberty, a levity in justice, the irony of lovers?

We have the time, to tell you another story...
Through the timid shall, the world has a future to beautify
With all of a sincerity's bloom, a pyre to worry?
And the coming victory of self and same, a lucre we identify

With hatred...
Here to say, in language we see, is an assured privilege
The tows of compelling a home to sing the body lead
To wishes in the name of God, is anywhere here and now, a legend?

Poise of a common nose, to the grindstone
Welcome us to the table of vice, like a halt of decency
Among the clouds or finished with sunshine early, we have sown
The new, with now, the needs of all; any soul to show humanity...
A banana split from hell and back...
melody Jun 2022
everything hurts
but not in the sad way you think
everything hurts because nothing wonderful is curated without a little bit of pain
the pain is the fuel which leads you to light
or maybe that’s all my life has ever been
a journey back to heaven
i always mix up anxiety and adrenaline
everyday is another day i can’t believe i made
i was born a melody but life transitioned me into a serenade
love is the only thing that overcomes the pain
i live for glimpses of it
it passes through fast like the sparkles when the sun hits the sea
and in those moments i feel free
the warmth i felt for all the times my heart sang
it hurts to use my senses at times
i ache and i cry
but i know bliss will soon tell me why
a kiss for today, and a kiss for forever
for now i love the universe until he tells me it’s time
Erik T Blaze Mar 2022
As the World
I can hear the world
They're unruly and desperately
seeking for love on ever-
But they proceed with no concern
they're unable to discern or
Not heeding the many
warnings and dan-
Unaware of the many
forces that lin-
Now as we stand by idly
as we witness
this cruel state of
We're losing our
instead of making sense
of what's
going on
of the shapes that are
taking form
We're miss-in-
sowing the seeds to breed the
Provoking violence within the
of the spiritually blinded
While letting our
speak the truth
of the spirits that blind
Reminding us
of where we Fail
A rude awakening
outa the
Snapping outa the
of being frozen in a
For our only chance to
Is to thrive in our
Moving on in advance
observing Truth
Learning to pro-
As we focus in our aims
to Arrest
developments of
We're pulling down the
Exposing Principalities
Ephesians 6:12-20
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