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Andrew 5d
Some people claim they speak with God
Others will try to tell them that’s just their intuition
But I think they’re both right
Alysia Marie Mar 26
I feel her eyes upon me
Digging into my soul
I can't run from this pain
Simply losing control
For she's force-fed
These demons
There's a loss in my hair
From the stress that's upon me
As if she's always been there
But that's not true
No it can't be
I'm losing my mind
For she's claimed you
I'm wishing I was blind
So I can't see
These tricks on me
She's messing with my head
Like a puppet
Maneuvering my limbs with a thread
And I hate it
I shun it
Lock it up tight in a box
But it calls me
It haunts me
Am I not enough?
For you've told me
You've shown me
How I was your world
But can that be the truth now?
Was there always another girl?

                       ­          Alysia Marie 2018 ©
(Written Dec. 31st. 2018)

It's been as fear of mine
A strong fear
One that's taunted my mind with images...
Constantly probing my heart

And that fear?
Perhaps it was intuition the whole time.
Loco Cocoa Mar 17
Something wasn't sitting right with us...
like a void that never filled.
I was almost oblivious to the pain of
deep cuts that never healed.
A moment of clarity I needed
my conscience to reveal..
Something told me to leave -
I keep my third-eye peeled..
your intuition will rarely steer you wrong. if it isn't right, your heart will feel it and your mind will try to mask it. free your heart, open your mind and


unfinished btw
tyAAA Mar 13
may my intuition guide me,
make me aware of what’s inside me.
may the sources of the universe that are here on my side
lead me to all that’s righteous and help me to confide in my creator and what was placed here to aid my existence.
may i act out of courage but stand strong in my resistance.
may the light of salvation and eternal faith guide my way.
may the words that i say
fall into the ear of the universe and become so & may the grace of divine truth follow me everywhere i go.
4:25 pm - 13.3.2019
Chelsea Rae Feb 3
I am scared to become human again.

This mind has expanded and this Eye has

lifted this world from grey to color.

If you only could read these words and understand

The me that you knew

Has left the view.

I am I N F I N I T E

and I seep into the dirt and the leaves,

pieces of me are in everything and them in me.

I can finally feel it all so much stronger.

I am no longer here,

I am with

The Mother and The Father.

Let’s talk about my intuition
Talk about a brain that swells
I saw it coming to fruition
Easily for you I fell

Suspicions were a friend to you
Made me your toy; I would not tell
My nightmares and my dreams came true
Sequestered in your prison cell

Do all the ***** things you do
You’re Heaven and my private ****
Just say one thing when I come to
And no more hear the ringing bells

Those words, please tell me, “I love you”
With earnestness, to me you sell
I don’t care if it isn’t true
You are my fix and I’m not well

So “dose” me up; I need to sooth
And fill this lost and empty shell
Drunk on your love; You are my *****
The cost of this I do not dwell

A choice I made yet did not choose
You instantly had cast your spell
Too blind; I did not see the ruse
An easy ‘mark’, no need to sell

Tried for a stew but made a soup
The drifted parts will never gel
No question, for sure I’ve been duped
I clearly hear the banging knell

Forever stuck within this loop
A never-ending carousel
You took my soul with one fell swoop
I said ‘hello’, you said ‘farewell’
Written: January 7, 2019 (started) / January 24, 2019 (finished)

All rights reserved.
[Iambic tetrameter format]
Helen Jan 2
we often forget that yesterday has been turned to dust,
long before tomorrow comes
pastel brush strokes gently conceal lies, wounds, and barbed wire scars
wouldn’t you rather be privy to the explicit state of affairs
rather than be presented with a silver platter, a shroud, filled with lacy lyric and milky emotions swimming in remorse
deception seeps from every one of your thousands of pores
how many times do you have to hit an egg until yoke begins to seep out?
Intuition was inspired by Beyoncé’s “Pray You Catch Me” from the Lemonade album
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