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Simon Oct 4
Is like a calm standing wave of pressure less lust. Binding all factors together to gain rhythm. Molding until factors appear larger than what was interpreted at ones first breath of life. Magnifying properties of ones own gratifying claim. Properties share. Properties shape. Do they lie? We would never transpire such a claim. For it’s the pressure less lust changing factors into the way things join paces of one molded majority. The calm standing wave doesn’t take charge, as it does not need to take charge. It is purpose itself. For reasons without pleasure. Presenting itself without claims to itself. Finalizing the properties as it grows, while swaying different processes in one standing wave. So does the factors that just are. It is what it is. Trying to understand it, will take your claims away. Your properties don’t lie, when you’re now lying to yourself. Just embrace the pleasure. No questions asked. No actions wasted. Pressure less lust will guide you on a nice smoothing sway of immaculate processes.
This is the very first poem I ever written. Hope you all like it!
Constant over-stimulation,
no thoughts of what’s to be,
numbs us from the inside,
separates mind from body.

But why change for anything
and take all this away?
Every pixel, every wire,
everything that brings us

further from the nature of things,
further from me to you,
further away from what’s real,
further from the truth.

Stay awake, remember
let your body tell you,
let your own mind tell you.
Feel it from the inside.

Blend pleasure and pain.
Embrace each moment willingly.
Let intuition lead you.
Seek authenticity.
Maybe it helps not at all
Or maybe it helps much
But I’ll say it like this
I have it in my head
I heard or saw or read
Somewhere that dolphins blind
In dark or bound briefly
But kindly with blindfold
Can find a moving thing
Long beyond when it moved
Through water and tests show
It not to be scent trail
Nor do they the experts
Suspect temperature
But say instead the roll
And fold of turbulence
Signs a way back to fish
Or fleeing lure and sings
Betrayal though all else
Is still as night and death
Ken Pepiton Sep 8
Sept 8 2019

bungee binging The Good Place
this witty inventions peeks

in the window, like a pop-up ad for
imaging software,

hmmm, tune to white
noise and
shift into this aural or otherwise
ifity. We-ness, us-ness, eplurbalus-usem,

y'all. Nobody cares, but we all feel your pain.
waiting is, is all we made sense of,
so far
but nexts are super-positioning as we speak,
write-read, right (and the feeling of asking per

mission-- like is this thing broken --- but no
it worked) right.

Wedom, rhymes, in rhymnals.

Freedom wisdom dom dom
doh minion!

How happy could you be if dying, the act,
you all dread it; but ever,

the idea, ever.
think death's sting is ever lasting?
Once again, ditty dumm dum ditty

when was ever was? Was ever always

pain, no shred of a strange charm

to take the pain away?
Pain, you imagine evermore or nevermore,
either you imagine one

or the other. Ever is a long time to imagine being happy, and though, although, actually,

ever is in progress as,
dammed definition rule. Who agreed to these
logos therapists

redeeming idle words that stink of chaos as

extreme as ours, here,
in our bubble of being, imagining we
this or that, by taking thought,
a mere qubit past the

tip of your tongue.
Who knows, sometimes it works.
Trout Sep 6
Now do I give a second chance
Since you became a manly man
Since I would rather be distasteful
My past only proves that I would take

Misery clouds our intuitions
Marina Aug 21
The eyes speak on what mouths cannot say
There is something inside that pushes us,
We can either push against it,
Or push with it.
Derrick Jones Jul 13
Alone in the dark I look for a spark, I am not a lark but I’ll sing ‘til you hark and come to me, come through me, don’t fear me just be near me and we’ll endear and we’ll endure, I may not be quite sure, because this is all a blur, and my mind lags behind what my heart swiftly finds.
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Thanks for reading!
CL Fjell Jun 29
How do you finish a quest,
A quest for love,
When even your own intuition says,
"You're not ready."
But I know I'm ready,
I need this!

It's been too long
Too long without a kiss
That releases that dopamine,
Get my brain so high

It's been too long
Too long without a hug
That releases the demons,
Make my spirit feel alright

So yes, I'm ready
But my intuition screams
It still screams and says,
"No! You'll just die again!"
But intuition please,
Don't you have to die to be born
To be born again is to love.
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