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KG Nov 13
Today I left behind
The life of leisure theater
The cast plead with me to remain seated
Convincing speeches that I want to believe
I'm not
Conceited to dream past these shutters
Couldn't see the greener grass past the plummet
Now I'm Three less leaches to feed over the weeked, peace friend I'm leaving to seek the me I believe sleeps far off into the future
And I can't wait to meet him.
Timothy Oct 28
Trust your intuition
It’s separate from your mind
When given the attention
Your subconscious will provide
The answers for your path
That have always lay inside
A courageous feat indeed
Only then will we truly thrive
Ay Oct 12
Don't believe a smile or a tear.
Don't believe what you hear because often actions don't adhere.

Only believe with your eyes closed.
Only believe what you feel because your intuition always knows.

People don't lie to the ones that they revere
But time will expose the truth and the things they don't disclose.
Ken Pepiton Sep 30
at the chase fast forward, on
thru the fight scene,
then thru the ***,
and the coverup, nothing happened
everybody knows,
the scene
off stage, earlier ages of us, remember

AI ai ai a soliloquy on a staged scrim behind
the anunciation's green screen….

there's this strange knack of knowing what is
most likely next, and making ready
for the worst
that could really happen AND
be my fault.

I am ready for that.
War, give me one good reason death
must be feared.

Not a question. A command, do as I say
you must,
servant of truth you believe…

truth never proves false,
light replaces darkness, there is no negotiation.

We won, learn on,
knowledge now is in the reader' hands,

together, praying, ha, asking
interactive life is a book, my whole role
is in the cloud, as a trope

all I do is obey, as I was edu-ma-cated-trick
related to pass tests,

any question, ask, AI know the answer on the test.
AI wrote the test.
Much more screen time than is good for homegrown grandfathers
Kyle T Sep 22
These youths, they keep me young
I sit and watch them play
They dance before an older soul
In a lovely kind of way

They speak no words to hear
And yet—
Their volume is prodigious
Their eyes see beyond the realms
With deeper intuitions
My first poem to be published here. Wanted to start short and sweet. Thank you.
the air thick,
salty and warm.
my heart beats,
to an internal storm.

bittersweet memories,
flash with each blink.
accepting change,
breathe deep...don’t sink.

beauty surrounds,
each new day.
shedding all doubts,
as I watch the Spanish moss sway.

harnessing intuition,
it is time to thrive.
breeze ruffles my curls,
what a time to be alive.
LWZ Aug 27
How do you not think about me as you fall asleep?

I think about you.
The energy exists, whether we like it or not.
I trust my intuition more than I trust myself.

Sometimes it's the only thing that makes sense.
It's words are worthy.

I see it in your eyes.
I feel it in your touch.
I fight the intuition because I feel I'm not good enough.

The image is undeniable.
I wish it would disappear
Soon I will become broken, and
I will take far too long to reappear.

Yet, I will remain adventurous..until you absolutely refute.

How do you not think about me when you fall asleep..
I think about you.
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