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Major Rity Mar 2021
It’s spring
So much that
It's almost like a little summer
The birds are chirping
I don't remember flirting
Last time feels so long
So teach me birds
Wake me up

No drugs
Just love!
Amanda Sant'Anna Dec 2020
Baby I left my conciousness
inside your body and
when you dance
I feel tingles in my brain
Strying Oct 2020
I can't stop
Your words
bring me tingles,
over text,
And butterflies form every time
I get a notification.

Your voice alone brings a smile
to my face, but it'll never work.

I'm just kidding myself thinking
that it'll be better this time.
That this is not the exact same as before.

For he left me alone,
and you're already too far away.
Farsolatido Apr 2020

Flashing light of across the street,
We walk together to the street,
Step by step,
We matching our steps walking together,
Side by side,
Holding each other hand to warm our self,

The tingles of my heart makes me blush,
To see us through our shadow,
We laugh with our own world,
Such lovely scenery to us both,

You can walk me home,
All the way home,
Don't try to anyone else,
Just be yourself.

Brent Feb 2018
Trembling hands
             against circular grip.

Pieces of road
             reveal and disappear.
Pools of light
             raked with speed.

My jacket lifts with
             each heart beat.
Her invitation rattles
             in my skull.

Blood flows
body tingles.

Our bodies will soon
             be together.
Sienna Luna Feb 2017
It's a wonderment
to witness
deep green irises
with spots of amber gold
near the center.
It's cute to watch you
watch me
from across the room
with red curtains
and metal chairs
your leg twitching
your foot shaking.
It's a fine frenzy
to feel your fingertips
rustle my hair
as I hug you close.
It's playful to find
your smile and mouth lines
stretched out wide
as I flick back to bright sunlight
illuminating your eyes

still green
kiwi green

and it's nice
to see you again.
It's a wonderment
to witness
your presence
like a shadow
in my peripheral vision
but when our eyes catch

they snap together like velcro

for a few elongated seconds

and it's a quiet kind of bliss

that makes my toes tingle slightly

out into the infinite arrival.
Shruti Atri Apr 2015
Walking in the garden,
I stepped onto the grass
And revelled in the tingles
On the soles of my feet
That made me smile.

The grass was wet.
Absently, I sat myself down
And felt the grass in my hands...
'The grass is wet,' I thought,
'It feels nice, cool and peaceful,
But water doesn't catch fire...'

*Can the fire inside me burn in serenity?
Or will it burn out my peace
And c

— The End —