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1.8k · Jul 2021
How the Rock Mounds Formed
Merlie T Jul 2021
I need not use full sentences
I cannot if I want to express
The structure confines, represses, degrades
the integrity of the cries
Help me speak
My throat, mouth too dry
so dry, I do not have tears

Salt crystalized and formed the rock
mounds glowing orange
in the dessert sunset
my spirit rests, crushed to rubble
like ash
1.7k · May 2022
A running stream
Merlie T May 2022
A running stream of consciousness
flows into the meadows
The bright and green made brightest by the sun
Blooms, flowers, bushes and bugs exist together here

When the large hand Death comes
With its dirt, dry fingers twists the stream of the spout off shut

Goodbye to the freshly flowing water, and blooms and flowers
bushes and the bugs
Sweet dreams to sweet consciousness
Forever and always
1.6k · Jun 2021
A morning in April
Merlie T Jun 2021
Peppermint tea
licks my lips
Morning in April
a sky so blue
1.5k · Jun 2021
Green Aventurine
Merlie T Jun 2021
Vibrant greens dazzle
like Aventurine
to remind me
opportunities await
outside in the air
love, kindness, pain wind
all call my name
in the brush petals sway
side to side
I am carried away
into the bright
white light
1.5k · Jul 2021
Looking to the East
Merlie T Jul 2021
soft, gentle sway
a dance at the tip tops
of all the trees
takes my hand
and carries me
up into the sky
over vast mountains
so tall
the sadness which
propelled me
over a lifetime
so long
holds me now
in the sweetest arms
soaring me on
into forever
hot pink clouds
meet with mountain peaks
always is all I see
1.2k · May 2022
Find it in the Flowers
Merlie T May 2022
I want to be present and
thinking about the world
Not worrying about myself+my mental illness+wellbeing.
Maybe I can find that out in the flowers
1.1k · Jun 2021
Flowers From the Market
Merlie T Jun 2021
Each time I return to the market
I bring home with me
two bouquets of fresh flowers
to fill a vase found long ago
in childhood with my loved ones in Mexico
from a shop near by, once meant for tea
A porcelain elephant
now holds cold water for fresh flowers
1.1k · Jul 2021
My Elephant Teapot
Merlie T Jul 2021
The pink roses
inside my white elephant
tea *** are Gorgeous.
The petals against the porcelain
a true work of art.
971 · Oct 2021
If only and someday
Merlie T Oct 2021
I lift my head up from the bow
A risk to take just yet
Iron caves have rusted
Surround and keep me warm
To leave here now frightens me so
But to stay will do the same
Years and year so dream to return
Forever I sorley yearn
To speak you and to find you
Is the only vision I can see
Your hand reached out to mine
So calmly and serene
To step over that threshold
Into the safety of always
Where we dance in memories past
Laugh as we always have
970 · Jun 2021
Cosmic Love
Merlie T Jun 2021
Through many moods and moons
I've felt the heart of your soul
moving me like clouds through the sky
A guiding wind to journey back and forth
Love me always through the bluest nights,
like stars shining in the desert.
Bright light backdrops the most immense gray as I dream
of you and you and only you forever among the cosmos
860 · Jul 2021
Water Falls
Merlie T Jul 2021
Water falls as you wash me
wrapped between your legs
Your arms over and around me
Gentle and loving
as they were moments ago
in a bed where we groaned and touched and tangled
loving safely and connected
Budding trust and blooming bonds
growing closer and closer together
857 · May 2022
Wisps of wind
Merlie T May 2022
Quiet mind, easy thoughts
Like wisps of wind
Warm sun
Against soft skin
827 · Feb 2021
A Dream
Merlie T Feb 2021
I open my soul to take in:
the wonder of winter's clouds,
the way sunlight reflects
against the body of a river,
bird's wings splashing, and
flowing gently with the tide

I wish to take in this view with another.
He is a lover of mine, but the pool of such feelings run shallow in him.
810 · Dec 2018
Merlie T Dec 2018
I love you!
You love me
We love all
And all love us
But the trees are all gone now, and few animals  left
Babies  born
with no hate in their heart
raised to remain the same
But the water is rising, and the flames grew too high
Humans have reached enlightenment
Just in time for the world to die
Merlie T Jul 2021
Waiting for the paint to dry
I want to start a fresh page
but if I do not give this one its time
it will bleed on to the next
It will lose parts of itself and
imprint where it does not belong
Patience is a virtue, perhaps this is why
789 · Jan 2022
In the deep end
Merlie T Jan 2022
To challenge one another
Impossible ways
Sending our spirits into space
Down to hell
And back again
A love now tried and true
Enlightenment at its finest
In my lovers arms
Soon enough, we'll find Nirvana
778 · Oct 2021
I Love You
Merlie T Oct 2021
One thing I never expected from this world
was to lose you
A constant and an always
With you gone I'm not so sure that I am here
Not all of me at least
I've never wished to return to the past
Now it's all I could ever dream
Cruel joke to have the memories, but no you
We will miss you for the rest of time
All the love you had to leave behind..
I'm so sorry
I love you so much
776 · Jul 2021
A comforting sun
Merlie T Jul 2021
vibrant green field
so bright the grass
appears almost yellow
A comforting sun
shines upon it all
encasing it in Heaven
759 · Jul 2021
Orange Flowers
Merlie T Jul 2021
Rage flows through
A flower so orange
Gentle harmony
from years long gone
I know its me
but I know its this
The mind is a cruel friend
753 · Feb 2021
A Prayer
Merlie T Feb 2021
I just want bright light and
         endless blue sky.
Back drop me in   never ending
hills of green!
The wind dancing with my bangs,
a smile draped across my lips.

I want to sing my heart out so loudly!
739 · Feb 2021
Planted Seeds
Merlie T Feb 2021
Planted Seeds
now Tumbleweeds
Tangled in the Brush
if it is True Love
is there really any Rush?

Rust Colors things Differently
Now days
709 · Jun 2021
Sitting on the Earth
Merlie T Jun 2021
The mounds of my sit bones
press firmly into the soil
Grass dampens me with mud-
moist from the water
just a few more feet down
Merlie T Oct 2020
I remember these early times
The first
Downtown in the cold
Lights out.
Adults living like heathens
Teens on the streets
My inspiration
The freedom which comes
from taps on bricks
cold air to put
you right back in your body
It was freedom nonetheless
Growing up in Eugene as young teens we would frequent the downtown bus station where scores of transient teens would congregate to talk of life, meaning, use drugs and debate existence after childhoods of parental neglect.
645 · May 2022
If I Look Intently
Merlie T May 2022
If I look intently toward the sun
Eyes wide, so wide.
The voom of gold rushing through.
Circles. Dots. Freckles. Light.
Ah, to stare into the sun.
Merlie T Jul 2021
dark blue
wisps of white
endless rolls
on the way down south
deep mounds meet
the land to the sky
stars sparkle
such silence
wind blows
627 · May 2022
That day
Merlie T May 2022
We made love in your room that day
Light pouring through the window
A neighbor played "Stand by me"
Music travelling over from the  next door
614 · Jun 2021
I'll Choose
Merlie T Jun 2021
I'll choose
this spot
right here.
Its mighty nice
A cool wind blowing
Chirps make up
white noise.
A field of grass
Sun streams and endless blue

I am famished.
Enjoying a beautiful day in nature
596 · Jul 2021
Merlie T Jul 2021
Gaze rests upon
red, red roses
encased in a purple vase
Hear warm, safe voices
A melody carried along
Words of affirmation, love, trust
Wind kisses
flowing through window
wrapped in its arms
tossed away
592 · Oct 2021
To my sister
Merlie T Oct 2021
I feel her spirit in the air
I see her in the light reflected against the trees
In the curvature of the shadow of a leaf
The wind I breathe carries her into me
Now a part of everything
581 · Nov 2021
Is it you up in Heaven?
Merlie T Nov 2021
The sky cries
While the sun shines behind
Is it you up in Heaven
Grieving us so?
571 · Feb 2021
Merlie T Feb 2021
upon a Pear tree
awaiting scraps
and nibbles and fibbles,
thrown by a man
who stands
in the green, green grass
Merlie T Jul 2021
To love with the heart wide open
The true point of existence
To live and really live
The skin splayed fresh
Vulnerable beings
Taking in every drop, ounce, molecule
All the pain, all the heartache
All the fear just for a small chance
at a glisten of hope
499 · Apr 2019
A letter of love
Merlie T Apr 2019
Let the wind
carry sweet whispers of my love
to you
Let yours echo
Calling back to me
Through the winds of the trees
Kisses and ever good wishes
Eternal in my heart
To yours
And back and forth
And back
Until it is in your arms, I reside
497 · Nov 2021
Song of Sorrow
Merlie T Nov 2021
The sky is crying
Gentle tears
While a song of sorrow
Sorrow and yearning
Sings from my spirit
Merlie T Jul 2021
She's an empty canvas
under sheets of red
Her legs spread out before me
as her body lay still
494 · Jul 2021
Merlie T Jul 2021
I see a lion
through the rose petals
in the bushes
his mane forms and rests
The wind blows
and I can hear
his roar
revealing a pink tongue
The gold of his body
blends into the gold of the grass
It glistens and it shines
I see his power
It is mine.
476 · Apr 2020
Piss Off
Merlie T Apr 2020
We got an orange president
and no way to report the news
They divided us and they conquered
I don't give a **** about you
You don't give a **** about me
Or us, or them, or justice, or humanity
We just gotta get the thumbs up,
the validation
and the evil green.
475 · Oct 2021
Merlie T Oct 2021
To run as children
Joyous laughs
Fields of green
Surrounded by trees

To slap so vile
Rage and rage and rage

To love and know so deeply
A world only we know
A bond only we hold

Everything in me
Is also in you
To share so much of who we are
How can that be separated?
466 · Jul 2021
Washington Park
Merlie T Jul 2021
In the sunlight of Washington park
I write
Gold flicks and reflects
along my hair
My skin hot from rays
of warmth
over a prolonged moment
of peace
447 · Feb 2021
Blind for the Sun
Merlie T Feb 2021
If I must go blind
to stare into the sun,
SO be it.
I'll squint my eyes,
making rainbows with my lashes
405 · Jul 2021
The Hydrangeas Died
Merlie T Jul 2021
The Hydrangeas died shortly
after finding their home
among the Orange and Yellow

I'm sorry I say I say
I should have left you
where I found you

Selfish to pluck the beauty from the vine.
404 · Aug 2021
Brown Eye'd Boy
Merlie T Aug 2021
Sweet, brown eye'd boy
Curls of black hair
loose round my finger tips
Warm, golden hands
hold the small of my back
Your smile
shy and stunning
fills me with the sun
393 · Jul 2021
I long to
Merlie T Jul 2021
I long to share this with you
To crawl into your arms
and bloom. Your love.
Open my petals
Don't pluck me from my sepals
Water me, don't hurt..
385 · Aug 2021
I want to crawl inside
Merlie T Aug 2021
I want to crawl inside
The crevice of the tree
Tiny and curled
Away from the world
Away from all of this.
Safe inside the hollow tree
Dark and comforted
A little cold
Breeze to blow in through the crease
Yes, here is where I'll stay awhile
Maybe forever,
I'm not sure
366 · Oct 2021
Merlie T Oct 2021
Moment to moment
Hour to hour
Day to day
The rest of a lifetime.
A bouquet of flowers
from a passer by
extends this moment to an hour
Hopefully longer soon
365 · Oct 2021
Missing you.
Merlie T Oct 2021
The hot lump
To my chest
As I miss you
337 · Jul 2021
I kissed it hard
Merlie T Jul 2021
I felt a rush of joy and love
as I read my dad's hand writing
in a note written to my mother
I kissed it hard,
and quickly grabbed his box
of ashes and
kissed it harder
I told him I loved him
and felt his bones
shaking against the wood
Beautiful and disturbing
Life in a nutshell
335 · Jun 2021
drunk with a joint
Merlie T Jun 2021
Drunk mit dem joint,
forcing myself to write
Listening to songs I know
work me up
Feeling their message deep
I wouldn't feel
this way if it were another time
320 · Jun 2021
Merlie T Jun 2021
I see Heaven in the clouds
its entry revealed
in the way light
reflects with the sun
316 · Dec 2018
Words From My Pizza
Merlie T Dec 2018
I cannot write of love, or poetry, or stars
I cannot creep into the dark abyss
I cannot seep into the sink with yesterday’s cabbage
Help me, I am burning in the oven!
-My Pizza
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