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Merlie T Aug 29
I want to crawl inside
The crevice of the tree
Tiny and curled
Away from the world
Away from all of this.
Safe inside this hollow tree
Dark and comforted
A little cold
Breeze to blow in through the crease
Yes, here is where I'll stay awhile
Maybe forever,
I'm not sure
Merlie T Aug 5
Sweet, brown eye'd boy
Curls of black hair
loose round my finger tips
Warm, golden hands
hold the small of my back
Your smile
shy and stunning
fills me with the sun
Merlie T Jul 26
Water falls as you wash me
wrapped between your legs
Your arms over and around me
Gentle and loving
as they were moments ago
in a bed where we groaned and touched and tangled
loving safely and connected
Budding trust and blooming bonds
growing closer and closer together
Merlie T Jul 26
Waiting for the paint to dry
I want to start a fresh page
but if I do not give this one its time
it will bleed on to the next
It will lose parts of itself and
imprint where it does not belong
Patience is a virtue, perhaps this is why
Merlie T Jul 26
I see a lion
through the rose petals
in the bushes
his mane forms and rests
The wind blows
and I can hear
his roar
revealing a pink tongue
The gold of his body
blends into the gold of the grass
It glistens and it shines
I see his power
It is mine.
Merlie T Jul 26
dark blue
wisps of white
endless rolls
on the way down south
deep mounds meet
the land to the sky
stars sparkle
such silence
wind blows
Merlie T Jul 26
vibrant green field
so bright the grass
appears almost yellow
A comforting sun
shines upon it all
encasing it in Heaven
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