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Merlie T May 2022
Burning my core
A crackled Fire grows
With heavy woods
I work to dull it
They only feed the flame

Reason is without me
Though I try my best to cling
Any ounce of sanity
All this feels in vain

Navigating my spirit is an ocean
Depths, lows, and highs
Creatures frightening
Terrifying and kind
It all awaits

The fire and the wood
And the reason and the sanity
And the depths, lows, highs
And all the creatures in the deep
They come from me
Merlie T May 2022
We made love in your room that day
Light pouring through the window
A neighbor played "Stand by me"
Music travelling over from the  next door
Merlie T May 2022
Quiet mind, easy thoughts
Like wisps of wind
Warm sun
Against soft skin
Merlie T May 2022
I want to be present and
thinking about the world
Not worrying about myself+my mental illness+wellbeing.
Maybe I can find that out in the flowers
Merlie T May 2022
If I look intently toward the sun
Eyes wide, so wide.
The voom of gold rushing through.
Circles. Dots. Freckles. Light.
Ah, to stare into the sun.
Merlie T May 2022
A running stream of consciousness
flows into the meadows
The bright and green made brightest by the sun
Blooms, flowers, bushes and bugs exist together here

When the large hand Death comes
With its dirt, dry fingers twists the stream of the spout off shut

Goodbye to the freshly flowing water, and blooms and flowers
bushes and the bugs
Sweet dreams to sweet consciousness
Forever and always
Merlie T Jan 2022
To challenge one another
Impossible ways
Sending our spirits into space
Down to hell
And back again
A love now tried and true
Enlightenment at its finest
In my lovers arms
Soon enough, we'll find Nirvana
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