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sometimes, I'll still smoke
out of a **** soda can
just to remind me
smoke fat cones, but never forger where you came from
The Arctic Monkeys rattle my brain
nearly into a trance
while the lyrics cut
into my subconscious,
leaving me just a hint of sober

while she's sleeping, I *****
bleed my brain into this blank screen,
into this ******* machine,
so my feelings can be made public,
yet for the most part, unseen

it's odd, you know, I feel
further isolated, yet somehow,
part of something bigger, something,
I don't know, eternal,
when I feed this dysfunctional family
I'm a starving technician, because my profession doesn't pay, rather it robs me of my sleep, my peace, and some of my sanity
mid-day reveries
leave me many miles away
in another time

if I only worked
like I tried to avoid work
the world would be impressed

"just do the dishes!"
I tell myself, but I can't
seem to get focused

"why can't you be normal?"
I ask myself
in reply, I scream internally

I'm blessed with a curse
that leaves me dreaming
and drifting away

I'm sorry, love
I don't mean to ignore you, it's just
so nice over here on my little cloud
light a spark to burn away
thoughts that I have lived today
what time is it?

time for medication
Johnnie Woods Aug 2018
An entrophic mind, like a sphere,
with random spikes here and there.

A tension is reduced,
Mind is brought back to its chaotic
yet peaceful nature.
There's no more heavy steel
Frenzied blind train
Heading towards one direction.
Now, there's a sphere,
and we can appreciate everything
surrounding us. We're awakened,
Rebooted and reseted,
Back to our roots.
We can swim, touch and smell!
It's a truly healing experience.
Thought on cannabis
Peter Balkus Oct 2018
Not LSD,
not cannabis,
neither *******.
But Debussy -
the remedy
for migraine.
Poem inspired by "Prelude a L'apres-midi d'un Faune" by Claude Debussy
Dream Oct 2018
I've begun a war, i wanna abandon.
But the love in me, the one you can't see, is the only reason im here.

I wanna defeat gravity.
I wanna be high and woke.
I wanna blow all these thoughts and the **** called feelings up in smoke.

I want that liquor in my hands and my *** on the floor.
Till i find my way, i won't take steps no more.

Don't wanna go home, cause walls gives the body warmth not the soul.

Give me words to express how i feel.
I don't wanna be real.

I wanna dissappear into the crowds, and not come out.
In my own world.
Im gonna cover up, i won't let them know.
Cover up, i won't let it show.
Cover broken soul
I wrote this a while ago⛧
Dream Sep 2018
I once heard one broken heart say to another broken heart that ''i wish we were not made of glass''.
Only a broken heart understands the plight of another.
MARY JANE by Warissara

By the side of the lane
I caught a glimpse of Mary Jane
Dressed in purple, Dressed in green
Her kisses sweet like tangerines

Nothing ever seems the same
Her perfume takes away my pain
Numbs my brain and blows my mind
Leaving all my worries behind

Mary Jane
I can’t complain
I feel the love when I hear your name
Cos this game I play
Day by day
Come what may
You’ll always stay
My ode to Mary Jane
Dream Aug 2018
There's moments spent with you that I'll never forget. A brave me, I've never met. A fearless me,safe in your Haven. I hope I can meet her again. It was a feeling I've never experienced before,but one I'm dying experience again. The reason I stopped talking to you was not because I was angry( although I was at first) but because after everytime we spoke I got caught in my feelings, and saw rays of hope. However the next day I would see you with Her and my heart broke all over again. I have cried way more than you can imagine and yet I tried soo hard to hate you but I couldn't find enough reasons because our connection, every conversation felt so **** real. Yes, what you did wasn't right. You hurt me. Really bad. But you did it because it made you happy. She makes you happy.......and thats all I wish for you. I can't unlove you, And I don't want to because what you made me feel was incredible. I do not regret anything. Nothing at all. Even though I've told you I do. But trust me every experience is valuable to me. We were truly amazing while we lasted. I don't want to end this year with a bitter taste and leave with regrets. This is everything I didn't say.
A text to my ex.
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