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burning rain forests
wild animals with shrinking space to live
growing air pollution
smog in major cities
more than 3,5 million deaths
     due to respiratory diseases
global warming
new insects and other beasties
    in the formerly cooler regions
extreme hurricanes  rainstorms  heatwaves
excessive use of fertilizers by agro-industries
bees are dying
blossoms are left unpollinated
biodiversity is in a flat spin
deserts keep growing globally
fossile fuels are still polluting the air
curious dolphins die in the water of the Thames

after so far hundreds of thousands died of Covid-19
it is high time to see the larger picture
to comprehend interactive phenomena

the pandemic brought earth a little recovery time
the waters have cleared
you can actually see fish in the canals of Venice
satellite pictures show clear air over metropolises

suggesting: the new normality after the pandemic
must be significantly different from the old one

do we really need hundreds of thousands to die?
does it need a virus for us to understand

that we need a different relationship to nature?!!
The colours and the lights that glow,
The music and the masks,
The people swaying to and fro,
In the enchanted dance.

The moon and the stars that glow,
The glimmer in her eyes.
The glistening earth, creating quite a show,
Gleaming as the sun begins to rise.

The gas and the smoke the flows,
The fire and the ruin.
The devastation that grows and grows and grows,
This barren land with blood strewn.

The horror and the burning earth,
The mess you refuse to regret.
Trapped under the Ruin’s Curse,
I won't forget
ari Mar 16
this is mother earth
killing us off
before we **** her
think about it, won't you?
D A W N Mar 7
this global catastrophe,
happened when a group,
of people called society,
decided to do something,
beyond their sanity,
calling this massive destruction,
we made,
you see,
these people who come,
from different varieties,
preaching from any type of equality,
knows nothing of the prophecy,
that's leading them into,
a catastrophe.
their heads stuck to their,
little did they know that the,
ice is,
don't you hear trees,
when our brutal machines cut them,
we're not even trying?
and yet we still believe,
society thinks,
brutality is somewhat,
less beyond our sanity,
making this world,
a global catastrophe.
this was written in 2016 where my grammar n construction were still bearable oof
Carlo C Gomez Feb 23
Light from dark
What befell the Earth
Involves us all

Dark from light
What befell us all
Cannot be undone
Joseph Miller Jan 31
I'm sorry for us all
searching for shelter
in a hail storm of lies
lost our faith
in the future
thinking our time
will be the end of time
so sad
it makes me wanna cry
can't be right
or left
don't know
who to believe
what to say
for all humanity
the beauty of nature
burning away
in blackened trees
we're surrounded
by the ashes
of limbs and leaves
so hard to see
but surely it's true
it's not too late
to rescue our fate
Aa Harvey Jan 21
Brighter than the stars at night

Nature is colour, the vastness of space,
The roll of the thunder, the streams gentle waves.
Goodbye fellow being, be gone to the lost.
Cut down by life, we are still counting the cost,
And we may never know what we could have had together,
But as I stare into the Heaven’s, all I can think about is the weather
And the seas that rise and the ice bergs that fall.
Goodbye fellow being; goodbye to you all.

Man has been here and left his footprint forever.
Forever changed is this land, crushed beneath tire like a feather,
That no longer flies on the wings of a dove.
Goodbye fellow being.
Goodbye to the love.
Goodbye to this place that we like to call ours.
Goodbye to the planet and hello to the stars.

I am waving a little early, but there is no past.
It is all gone.  This little light is lost, to being out last.
Along pavements and roads to nowhere, I have walked with them all;
That is why I can only stare at the floor
And hope to see through, but this city gives me no view.
Just architecture, nature, Circle of Life has a puncture.
And we are at a junction…Do we choose right?  
I can no longer see the stars through the city lights...

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Pyrrha Jan 11
The world's ablaze
Filled with rage
Mother nature is to blame

Not your God who is supposed to save
Not your God whose hands create
It's mother nature, the one who gives

Mother nature, the one who shares
Mother nature, the one who loves
Not your God who turns his back, no

The God who cares more
About your "unholy" bedroom life
More about your uncharitable deeds
Than he does the state of peace

Blame it on our mother
Who gives us her breath so we may live
Who gives the fauna from her back so we may eat
Who is crying silent tears so we can drink in peace

Yet you praise God
For his Mercy
For his 'generosity'
While he steals all her credit

Our dying mother, mourning her broken body all alone
While we dance across her continent sized bruises
And blame her abuse on herself alone
Dani Jan 1
Let it rot we said
In the yards of untapped dreams
Crushed cars
Broken plates
The stench of rot
We let ourselves breath in decay
Burn it we said
Letting poison fly into flames
Breathing in the deadly ash
Choking out life
Because we could not see
We are creating our own demise
As we choke out our own lives
But that isn’t enough for us
We let others suffer
Choke on our smoke
Suffocate in our ash
Left to rot and waste away
Business as usual
But this business is unusual
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