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Christina S Oct 3
Rainy days, they are the worst
Gloomy skies, disheartened sighs
I know the trees, they have a thirst
And to summers end we'll say goodbye

Thunder in a lightning storm
There are no birds melodies today
Outside it is too **** warm
A sign of our societies decay
What if trees could move
Would they stay where we do
Would they filter our CO2
I say the answer's NO.

They would rather want a place of their own
Away from humans with axes and saws
Where they'll be at peace
Doing stuff like photosynthesis.

Wonder what would happen then
Wait,Don't bother,Do not say
We'll all be dead anyway!
climate change is real,it is about time we act consciously and help plant more trees. Global warming is coming for us all.
lua Sep 21
All the acrid smoke
And dust of the world
Fills my lungs
Burning like a fire
I can taste the sulfur on my tongue
And feel the charcoal sticking to my fingertips
I look around
And all I see is a wasteland.
India Sep 7
We need to find a new space of revolution,
Beyond this place of pollution.
Democracy’s dying - the chambers of brick and bone can no longer hone the power effectively,
And besides, the mortars crumbling.
Grumbles echo between screens until the rumbles bubble then burst and tumble onto the streets,
but cries are few and weak.
The masses are meek.
‘To question the system is extreme’ media teams scream while they profit from the chaos and hide behind headlines.
The bourgeoisie sit comfortably as their bunkers are fortified,
Happy to capitalise on destruction and dramatise death.
Their crimes are discreet,
And steeped in deceit,
Yet they remain unburdened by the bodies that pile at their feet.
Why bother searching for answers when science is censored and senses are dulled?
They want us senseless,
Immune and desensitised to the countless lies and ecocide.
“Not our species, not our problem”
But it’s both and more.
Our streets,
Our future,
Our planet.
When will the lesson sink in?
When pollution is skin deep and soil bares only the spoils of war?
The climate crisis takes no prisoners, favours neither rich nor poor.
Your wealth can’t save you.
timestopper Aug 30
Is it just I who can't see this world?
It is stunning from the shock it gives.

You're blinded by the shock you heard.
Don't wait for it as long as it lives.
"When you encounter a mountain lion, be vocal; however, speak calmly and do not use high pitched tones or high pitch screams"--California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Be vocal, but avoid high pitched tones and screams
when a mountain lion appears on your path.
Remind yourself that it’s not a  dream.

If the path goes down to a flooded stream,
and bodies float by--
stay calm;  avoid high pitched tones and screams.

When you go to the store and there’s no milk or cream,
as the cows are sickened  from a poisoned well,
remind yourself that it’s not a dream.

If the wildfire turns your hot tub to steam,
as you run down the street to your neighbor’s car
be vocal, but avoid high pitched tones and screams.

When the weather goes to another extreme,
and mudslides cover another town,
remind yourself that it’s not a dream.

When the fisherman catches no salmon nor bream,
and there’s no more coffee, nor chocolate ice cream,
be vocal, but avoid high pitched tones and screams.
Remind yourself that it’s not a dream.
Ylzm Aug 23
Greenland's not for sale
Greenland's melting
Green forests burning
Greenback flooding
Greed and fear ablaze
fed and preyed upon by AI
Chosen by the wicked
but snubbed, the King sulked
My generation
Is completely ******
Poisoned by radiation ?
Or squashed be terrorist trucks ?

We have mass shootings
At least once a week
We've got global warming
Over which we "debate" via tweets

Some ***** say
Lets fix Mars and go live there
Open your ******* eyes
The big problem is here

Some of us preach acceptance
Saying to love no matter what
I tell you it's deception
Now he's going to hell because he loves a man

Someone kills them-self
Every 40 seconds
Wake up for gods sake
It's the second leading cause of death
We're destroying ourselves

Twelve year old kids
With anorexia
A few thousand wrists were slit
This past November

A step out of the norm
And you'll be excluded
Everything screams CONFORM CONFORM

I could go on forever
But I've made my point

Deep down we all hurt
But we're all in **** up to our necks
The society is rotten and perverse
The world is wrecked

There's nothing for us here
We get a dried up earth
Unbreathable air
We're ******* cursed
It's really not surprising
We all want to die
That we're the most depressed generation
(also the gayest tho lol)

You high ups had better ******* do something
Or we're all gonna die
No more future generation
The human race is falling to it's doom
Get your act together ***** **** mother *******.
Seriously not sure I wanna put any kids into this world
Flint Holcomb Jul 24
the scorching summer sun
makes the day almost unbearable
even the plants agree
the sun needs to *******

I guess its not the sun's fault
it's just doing its thing
but maybe it could tone it down a bit
since our sunscreen was washed away

it could be worse though;
the summer storms could roll through
flooding the countryside in a muddy wave
and leaving us trapped underwater

the floods didn't use to be common,
but now they happen every year
sometimes i jokingly wonder aloud
who forgot to turn off the hose

so I'll just sit in front of my fan
wishing we had ac
and longing for ice cream
that has already melted
Aa Harvey Jul 18
Global Extinction

The fires you start will come back and burn you.
The idiots are in charge and they deny the truth.
Enjoy the sunshine whilst remaining blind to the drought.
We as a species deserve to be dying out, no doubt.

When the waters rise and the lives disappear,
You will turn around and ask to hear,
But it will be too late to make a change.
The end is nigh, if things stay the same.

The sun is nice, until it is not.
The sea’s will rise and the land it will go.
The bats have all died because it is getting too hot.
Welcome to your inferno.

No fossil fuels left for you to dig, you dig?
You will be left on your little island, surrounded by what you did.
Emptying the ground for oil and gas.
The life they have, the life they must have.
The gas has taken the future and all the president can do is laugh.

I guess he knows that money talks.
The silent majority will rise and tear down your new wall.
Protest against the murderers, they **** the planet while I write verse,
To tell a tale of man-kinds fail; the words will never be heard.

Extinction Rebellion;
Our future wails.
No more extinction!  No more contradictions.  
No more self-punctured nails.

Once upon a time a clean air act was written as a promise.
No take backs, set in stone, the lies beat the Hell out of being honest.
The Earth is empty, it’s elementary.  If you eat until it is all gone,
You will get a nice tan from a hundred degree sun.

Speaking like a hurricane, tornado range,
It’s climate change.
The amazon is nearly gone, because Mr. Amazon is number 1.
The Earth is first, humanity thirsts,
I see no saviour fighting for our Earth.

All that remains is a scorched planet.
Just one more degree and we have all had it.
Polar bears drown, forest fires.
When the power ends and the planes are all downed,
We will be climbing the trees to get higher.

The tsunami will set us free,
By wiping out man’s technology.
Welcome to another ice age.
Man will walk alone one day.
The last man on Earth will have his say,
But nobody will ever hear him again.
For too long now we have all stood still,
By driving pollution through our hearts.
We have all become so ill.
This is how the evil starts…

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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