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What if
all of us pledge
to never ****
You can't count on me to be held to this promise BTW
Bah, wouldn't amount to a hill of beans anyway ;D~
If only we could begin again and slow down the pernicious pace
We ruin our oceans, the land, our air even outer space.
If only we avoided such precarious paths that may lead to disparity
If only we knew what action is needed now, to deal with the reality.
Ecologists warned, yet still observe with ever-growing anxiety
the growth of harmful long-term effects on Earth's biodiversity.
If only the air wasn't gravely polluted, so the atmosphere begins to fail,
so wreathed by carbon dioxide layers, extremes to climate may prevail.
If only Earth's lungs cease being shrunk by profits heedless exploitation,
existing relationships are considered scarcely in these aberrations.
If only a solution for discarded synthetics which float in **** hordes
on oceans global drifts, disaster occurs wherever it reaches landfall.
If only we can do something, a belated but resounding universal call,
If only we can safeguard the future before there are no options at all.
If only we could begin again and slow the ruinous pace... if only
If Only
M C Crowder
19th November 2018
I first wrote song lyrics in 1978, song lyrics not so long, but it's message hasn't changed
Murlanda Dec 2018
I love you!
You love me
We love all
And all love us
But the trees are all gone now, and few animals are left
Babies are born
with no hate in their heart
raised to remain the same
But the water is rising, and the flames grew too high
Humans have reached enlightenment
Just in time for the world to die
Haylin Dec 2018
They say life is good
But I don't believe it.

What is good
In millions of people dying every year

What is good
In global warming

What is good
In school shootings

What is good
In floods, earthquakes, tsunamis

What is good
In being diagnosed with a chronic illness

What is good
In divorce

What is good
In your home being destroyed by a fire

Maybe there is no good
Maybe they're just lying.
Haylin Dec 2018
American school bombings
London stabbings
Gaza shootings
North Korea missile launching
Russian poisoning

So many broken counties

Lying politicians
Teenage pregnancies
Kids cutting
Child *******
Babies born as addicts

So many broken people

Air Pollution
Ice caps melting
Diminishing resources
Global warming
Seas of *******

So many broken things in the world
One day people will look and wonder how the world with so much love and beautiful things became so broken
Austin Mizelle Nov 2018
November 29th
AKA The Day Before the World Ends.
Cause we’re going down
Like pilots at Pearl Harbor.
Maybe it’s cause of the sky opening up
And no it’s not the rapture.
Not yet anyways.
Our gas ceiling is shrinking
And our footprints are growing.
Pretty soon we may be
Like stars in the night sky
We’ll irradiate our radiation.
While satellites rotate around us.
Or are they soon to be space junk?

November 29th
AKA The Last Minutes Till Midnight.
Not that we have many left anyways.
Pretty soon we might get those questions
“Father, what was Nagasaki?”
“A joke, my son. It’s a joke.”
We could just... ****,
Gone in a cloud of fungal spores.
Not a trace of anything left.
All that would be left would be the
Like lightning bolts in the sky
We’ll strike and set fires.
The embers floating around us,
Or are they the last fireflies?

November 30th
AKA The Day the Horseman Rode Again.
The White one first
With his crown of gold.
Next, the red one.
With his goblet of blood.
Third, the black one.
With his weighing scales.
Fourth, the pale one.
With his bone-white clique.
Yet they can’t do anything, we’re
Death, is unstoppable, yes.
But only against what holds life’s kiss.
And inside... we’re cold.
I’ve been working on this one for a bit. I plan on doing another in the future, possibly multiple times if I have things to get out.
Outside Words Nov 2018
Under smoldering red desert skies
Earthquake-like tremors displace sand
And giant gears pulling wide treads give rise
To a towering, onyx colored machine of man.

A scientific prophecy once foretold
That the oceans and trees could be killed
And in its toxic love of black gold
Humanity granted this prophecy fulfilled.

It used to warm our bodies and minds
But now, our sun is something to fear
Our lives and colossal machines combine
And chances of survival remain unclear.

For military rule has exploited
Our natural will to fight and survive
They’ve usurped us and anointed
Themselves rulers of the inside.

What’s left of our once great society
Roams the Earth in onyx colored arcs
Scientists try to return Earth’s sobriety
As we wage war for oligarchs.

Terrorism between 3 arcs ensues
As each believes the one to solve
The problem of an Earth abused
Will become ruler by forceful resolve.

I've had ideas fleshed out for this one for a while. Finally got around to writing it!

© Outside Words
Matthew Roe Sep 2018
A green chair in space,
Is out of its place,
Like the emerald button, haloed on you wall.
Why are you longing for

a Solid seat,
That gravity ‘cannot be beat’,
That you dare to face this heat.

         Could be
Wheeling in space
   Taking in
                         jumbled chaos all over
                                 The place as
                       would a
        Child on
                A bouncy

Your Garden is green,
So why press the button
And kickstart the process before
your eyes,
A process that had already begun.
A fun improv poem, when I was sat in a coffee shop with a green wall and I spotted a green button on the wall.
Something to do with Global Warming or 'ignorance is bliss'.
Eric Pon Jun 2018
The river winds in from distance lands
With mercyless power it turns stone to sand
Through its mysterious life, the very earth it commands
And Yet the fearful river still runs through our hands.
In torrents of furry where the deepest currents flow
The rivers wild waters surge with woe. For
Onward, forever, its destined to go
A permenant home it won't ever know.

The river runs from each of us
As a refugee of fear,
It knows in a blink it will be somewhere else
Its waves are really its tears.
It runs from the audacity  
Of the selfish human mind
As Its massive life capacity,
Of flora and fauna combined,
Are threatened by our antics and helpless to our crime
So the river runs on their behalf, from everyone, in time-

even within its whitecap foam
Water's yearning for a home
So roam does the water- endlessly,
till its long gone out of sight
The essential droplets of the river-
Nomads day and night.
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
No Future

No future, no future;
There’s no future for us to look forward to.
No future, no future;
There’s no future for us to chase.
No future, no future;
There’s no future for us to save.

Live your life like a Shakespeare tragedy;
Romeo and Juliet, staring death in the eyes.
Knowing their love is doomed and that there is no remedy;
The time has come for the world to say goodbye.

A black hole portent in a humanity dream, is showing us our future;
Our world will be swallowed because of our past.
In our present state, we are destined to failure;
There is nothing left to take and we cannot give it back.

Love or hate, feelings are forever changing.
All we can sing is, there is no tomorrow.
The end is nigh, those words are still ringing;
All we ever had they took from us and now we are all left without hope.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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