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Rama Krsna Apr 2019
my pink rose
during your heavily textured silence
i’ve quietly merged
the dance of the cosmos
my reflection
nowhere to be seen

yet if you look
with that third eye
you will see
in every nook and corner of this cosmos
in every smile,
every frown
and every tear
from here to eternity

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jul 2019
queen of masks!
each veil worn
to germanic perfection
they’ve become you,
hiding that true deity
lurking deep within

each motley camouflage
a charade to quell
a rising dam
of kaleidoscopic emotions
bubbling from regrettable actions
of lives past

this towering fortress
surrounding your jello heart
self built, brick by brick
and coated with
the leaded paint of distrust,
is now impenetrable

sporting a thousand faces!
lose that stealthy visor of denial,
and true to your name
open your white silk kimono
at once
to let the tides in
and watch that inner pink lotus coruscate

who am i?

the beleaguered king
tired of wearing a million cloaks
and desperately looking
to lose them all
in order to find
my true goddess akhila

© 2019
akhila: a Sanskrit name meaning the enchanting one who is “whole” or “complete”
Rama Krsna Jul 10
riding his cosmic bull
the cosmic dancer
rattles his cosmic drum.....

only a serpent around his neck
as his cosmic garland,
he silently ponders.....

is it time yet for cosmic dissolution?

cosmic dust from that annihilation
to be worn as a cosmic emblem on his forehead,
sending a stark reminder
that the cosmos and all the games played within,
are his and his alone

© 2021
Rama Krsna Aug 2019
in the far reaching circumference
of your eloquent silence,
a galactic gravitational pull
tugs me deep within
busting the black hole of my own illusions.

i spy
nestled inside your incandescent halo:

avatars, bliss. compassion, divinity, enlightenment, forgiveness, grace, holiness,
infinity, joy, kindness, light, miracles,
nirvana, omnipresence, peace, quiescence,
radiance, self, tranquility, utopia, veritas,
wisdom, xenodochy, yogi, zen master
all gift wrapped in one!

the a to z of sanctity.....

untouched by clocks
i stand as a king-side pawn
who’s magnetically drawn
to that shining white light
like a moth to a flame

© 2019
A to Z poem conceived in a state of deep meditation eulogizing the greatness of  the cosmic being.
Rama Krsna Apr 2019
anahata, my darling
      how i long for union with thee

narayana, cosmic healer
      resides in this ocean of love

india, as always, for you and me
      offers solace to our bruised hearts

taamarai like
      you are grace and beauty personified

aaho purusika!
       thou art my love and my life
anahata: heart chakra/spiritual center
narayana: the lord of the universe
taamarai: lotus flower
aaho purusika: giver of the i-sense
Rama Krsna May 2020
inside that inner cave
shines an effulgent flame,
complexioned like camphor
bearing a crescent moon
he’s pure as white jasmine
sole terminator
of the veil of illusion
cast by the lilting tunes of
that captivating flutist

© 2020
Rama Krsna Jun 19
ultraviolet to infrared
and all that’s in between,
only you.....
my crescent bearing jewel
who’s pure
as white jasmine

© 2021
dedicated to all who have dared to love
Rama Krsna Sep 25
close your kohl-rimmed eyes
hold me tightly,
let’s dance, cheek to cheek.

c’mon, beggars have dreams too!

leaning to kiss your imaginary lips,
i taste
laced in your occidental tongue,
chocolate truffles and grapes of Montrachet,
which bring an angelic smile to a moonlit face.

scribbling a needed epilogue
for a sultry tune
within the confines of my jello heart,
i curate a dream,
a simple dream for no one to know or see,
but you and me.

© 2021
inspired by the fabulous and sultry rendition of the French song c’est un beau roman, c’est un belle histoire by In-grid.
Rama Krsna Apr 24
after searching
here, there, everywhere,
i behold
right under my nose,
the crescent bearing jewel
whose fragrance is pure jasmine,
in that peaceful void
between my
in and outgoing breath

© 2021
Rama Krsna Apr 2019
seems just a little less
the melody of my flute
the fragrance of the roses
the stars in the night sky
even the wetness of water
just a little less
without you there
my crescent bearing goddess

© 2019
Rama Krsna Aug 7
strewn atop
her neatly made bed
decorated with satin sheets and silk pillows,
some dainty rose petals.....
a green bottle of bubbly by the bed side
the highlight of the night....
that slinky ‘coco de mer’ lingerie
her secret weapon.....
as she tucks away her pleasure toy
a smile of relief descends.....

her lover is back in town!

© 2021
dedicated to all those who are separated from their lovers
Rama Krsna May 10
my darling paro,

this throat
stained deep blue
from your magic touch
now dazzles like sapphire

snake venom
hastily consumed
from the churning of
the universe’s darkest desires

unwanted remnants from the big bang....

in containing
that poison at the neck,
you sustain
the all important dance of love
continually going on
within my heart....
you alone live


© 2021
A letter from Shiva to Parvati thanking her for all she does
Rama Krsna Jul 2019
inside this black hole
where no light trespasses
his linga alone does,
smoothly into the event horizon
marking a point of no return

even sand clocks
at this gateway to heaven
tick slower
as gravitational time dilation
takes over

upon entry
no escape routes
or parachutes
exist for exit

only a free fall
into singularity
where space-time curvature
becomes infinite

odds of mere mortals
surviving this plummet
are nine billion to one

any volunteers?

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
all afflictions
imagined or otherwise
are created
in the turbulent ocean of the mind
and resolved
in the tranquil oasis of the self

why then an existential need for a creator?

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
tis the golden hour
atop this apsidal hall of sentience
seventy-two thousand bilva leaves
as four cosmic forces
in mute surrender
to an eye-popping waltz
choreographed by
the crescent bearing jewel
who’s white as jasmine

© 2019
bilva: aegle marmelos
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
to the crescent bearing jewel
who’s pure as jasmine,
easily placated
with heartfelt devotion,
eradicator of the
lingering fear of annihilation,
i offer my toxic ego
for a deserved crucifixion

© 2019
Rama Krsna Aug 28
is it me or did i not see
naughty cupid shamelessly flash
his flowery bow and love-dipped arrow
straight at me?

i see her falling eyelash,
  only witness
to that seductive gaze
which freezes amaranthine ‘time’
down to absolute zero.

seldom bound
by conventions or clocks,
i, the sage smile....
knowing her playful side
and the true nature of whimsical cupid.

© 2021
modern rendition of the  story of shiva and kama-cupid
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
at the center of the milky way
the reclining lord of sri ranga
adorning a diadem
accentuated with a peacock feather

complexioned like
the dark rain bearing clouds
his golden navel
the true seat of
this galaxy’s black hole

a waft of
warm sandalwood
floats all through space
as i revel in the lilting tunes of
die zauberflote

© 2019
Poem inspired by Govind Ramakrishnan from his book- my world in fifty words
Rama Krsna Jun 26
death in the mirror
as time stealthily gallops......
my life flashes by
like orange tip butterflies
tap dancing from rose to rose

© 2021
a tanka is a Japanese style poem which is written with a syllable structure of  5/7/5/7/7
Rama Krsna Aug 14
besotted by a gazelle’s gaze
beguiled by her effusive smile
bewildered he stands,
bereft of any shame
begging with a bowl for her lips and more....

© 2021
this one is for the daring ones that risk to lust
Rama Krsna Aug 15
i’m flattered......
but i suspect
you will be the one doing the ‘killing’......
singing my life with your words
killing me softly with your poems
“after all there is no point in living
if you don’t feel alive”......

© 2021
dedicated to the queen of the metaphor, a talented writer waiting to crawl out of her shell.
Rama Krsna Jul 2019
in this sanctum
where no one enters
deity distinctly different than devotee
she dared

is it the audacity of hope?
or a star about to crash and burn
paying a hefty price
for karmas
well over five thousand years old

that was then....

reentry, this time around
permitted only
when duality truly ends in unity
just like the cosmic hermaphrodite

her residual ego
already deflated
needs to be surrendered
at the doorstep
before being permitted access
into this sanctum sanctorum of love

only then
this half circle
fully complete

© 2019
Rama Krsna Aug 2019
a garland of words
eulogized by occidental cosmologists today
to deify the milky way

for five millennia,
in clandestine chambers of
the temple of the lord with a lotus navel,
oriental sages, finely tuned into
ultimate mantras of the cosmos,
initiated ‘twice born’ namboodris of kerala
into a mellifluous sanskrit verse....

a potent heart melting hymn
where our star-studded galaxy,
milky in complexion,
is seen as a spinning jagged-edged discus,
worn as an ornamental ring
around vishnu’s slender index finger,
from whose whirling lotus navel
originate the birth of inseparable twins:
warped space intertwined with flowing time

now this is a garland of exquisite beauty!

© 2019
vishnu: the all pervading one
namboodris: a sect of brahmins from kerala
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
with each flutter
those kohl rimmed eyes
a mirror to her heart
lips fail to deliver
heart’s murmur

her slate of the past
now wiped clean,
a new future is chalked
ruthlessly trampling
past residue

may be all that I am...
soul’s temple frail
from its combat with life
my resilient inner beauty
audaciously still seeks
a glimmer of hope

© 2019
Rama Krsna Aug 2019
it’s time
to prune the shrubby black forest
and brush those silky cobwebs
off that glossy pink camellia,
the king bee is lonely
circling shiny petals
yearning for a taste of sunny honey

only when the honey bee
plunges deep into
the crevices of this tender corolla
will that rosy flower blossom

in a quiet corner
a ‘graceful cat’ meows

© 2019
Rama Krsna May 30
under a torrential shower
of iridescent peacock feathers,
i spy
the cosmic flautist,
whose conch shaped eyes
ooze boundless compassion,
his dusky complexion
mirrors the night sky,
as the twinkling stars
in the firmament
stealthily become his garland

what will he do next?

steal the heart of the next damsel
who comes his way?

start another world war to fight for justice?

or open his mouth to show us the whole universe within?

© 2021
Inspired by a beautiful painting by the talented Nalini Chandilya
Rama Krsna May 15
lurking behind
that nervous but sensual laugh
hides an exotic goddess
pretending to be
a die-hard feminist

was it the regimen of a demanding mother?
was is it the separation from your misunderstood motherland?
is it the distance from your chosen lover?
or simply sadness from an unrequited love?

toss away the jin guo
and let the river flow.....
for this world to see
the true guan yin
rising within you

© 2021
guan yin : goddess of  love and compassion
jin guo:a hair pin worn  by. women
Rama Krsna May 22
i bow
in silenced awe
to a moonlit silhouette
of a half man,
half woman

a celestial being
for whom
an offering of
a garland of pink lotuses or dried skulls
merely the same,
each half
in dizzied love
with the other

as i ponder why?
he - the cosmic father
also became
she - the enchanting mother

© 2021
Inspired by a cosmic event in Arunachala which resulted in a beautiful painting done by the extremely talented artist Nalini Chandilya
Rama Krsna Jul 31
you’ve turned me
a nomad
running helter-skelter
in all cardinal directions....
cos when it’s all said and done,
it’s your smile
that i keep looking for on every street

© 2021
Rama Krsna Apr 2019
my love for her
steady as a rock
blessed by the gods
born out of the seven sacred flames
which witnessed this divine union
is indeed pristine

my love for you
primordial in nature
born from within my very soul
mixed with equal parts
of gin and passion
consumes my very existence

which love is higher?

let the powers of the universe
be that ultimate judge

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
the tree of life
with its roots entrenched in ego
incessantly watered by
the fountain of desire
flowers lofty expectations,
which when unfulfilled
crumble like dry leaves
from flames of disappointment
and the smoke of anger,
poisoning mind and intellect
till humans are human no more

© 2019
Rama Krsna Apr 2019
daughter of the mountain
those fierce himalayan winds
bring home
the music of your tinkling anklets

with each cat-like step
you take
i hear esoteric ragas
neatly arranged
forming musical treatises
your indescribable beauty
and infinite greatness

for now,
i meditate on
that space
between these notes
which is where
i know
you truly reside

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jul 16
did you feel that lil tug inside you?

that’s no murmur
my darling radha
just a melancholic tune
floating from my magical flute
sent your way
packed with all my love

© 2021
Rama Krsna May 2020
starting now,
our parallel paths
meet next
not on wretched earth

at the end of time
in the ocean of milk
silly schedules or errands
need no heeding

this will be
another four billion years!

shedding tears of blood
i weave a garland of skulls
each skull
sadly yours...

as your sculpted body
bound by endless karma
makes its way
to the funeral pyres
before starting
another soulless existence

in the soul filled
where all lives end,
is where mine begins.....

as i wait there
with a bowl in hand,
wearing only the sky
as my garment,
adorned with
a garland of skulls,
begging for nothing
except your soul

© 2020
Smashaans:  large cremation grounds where numerous bodies are burnt after death
Rama Krsna Jul 5
deep inside her
this myriad of colors ~~
is it a full moon?

© 2021
Rama Krsna May 31
into this fire
of pure awareness
i offer
the body
intellect and ego ....

in the charred embers
of this funeral pyre
a pristine white lotus
with one thousand petals
each petal
a proxy for a billion residual desires
burnt forever

time and space 
simply fade away

© 2021
Rama Krsna Jul 25
i’ll be waiting, the usual place
no rhyme, no reason
just a glimpse of that face,
seething anger takes a lil toll
a bit of dancing to soothe that soul

at this karaoke bar
loneliness longs company

conversations with an empty martini glass
brings bittersweet memories of good times past,
i wish you best in that search for green
here, things will be the same
just a lil less sheen

© 2021
dedicated to all those who.are lonely
Rama Krsna Sep 7
🎁         if mere words              🎁
🎁      could only deliver           🎁
🎁 how i really feel about you 🎁
🎁     i’ll happily dissolve         🎁
🎁   into ink, pen and paper    🎁
🎁      to gift wrap myself         🎁
🎁    as a poem, just for you     🎁
© 2021
dedicated to all the beautiful women in my life
Rama Krsna Jul 2019
each time
our concupiscent eyes lock,
hair on every pore
stands on end
anticipating the volcanic eruption
of libidinous passion
our tanned bodies collide
like galaxies
creating a perfect union

each interlude
devours a cluster of stars
from the fire generated
during the carnal ******
as vital fluids
get exchanged

is this why
the planets and stars
collude each time
and never let us come together?

or, is it because
when we do,
we trigger another big bang
a whole new universe
with help from no one at all?

just the two of us

© 2019
Rama Krsna Oct 9
this long red tunic
hides her battle scars well.
centuries of fighting incarnations of cunning lucifer

her eyes sea blue,
her lips blood red,
the crescent moon on her forehead
witness to her numerous accolades.

in the continuing saga of good vs evil,
her next battle begins.....
this warrior goddess of exquisite beauty
pauses to smile,
just for you and me.

with this gifted diamond earring
now worn
as her cosmic amulet,
her ultimate victory is near certain!

© 2021
a hymn to the ultimate feminine energy in the universe
Rama Krsna Apr 2
standing in tree pose
palms folded above head,
not even the raging flames
which envelope you
dare threaten thy resolve,
as those fish-shaped eyes
meditate on
the space between the brows
where your true love resides

resident of kanchi,
need for strict austerities
are now over.....

it’s time to open
those compassionate eyes
and cast a glance
at the verklempt heart
of your ultimate devotee,


Kamakshi: empress of the universe whose eyes are filled with love
Rama Krsna Jul 2019
linguistic creativity
plus telegraphic brevity
spiced with a poet’s insecurity
make up the key ingredients
for high quality poetry

© 2019
Rama Krsna Apr 2019
while the whole world
takes my name
for eternal salvation,
i softly chant
under each breath
the magical words
my eternal love

without whom
i'm merely
the burnt ashes
which remain
after that fragrant incense
called radha
has been lit

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jul 2019
only when i hear
those magical words:
“i love you”
leave your enticing
bow shaped lips
do i have a raison d’etre

i wander like a recluse
half mad, half nomad
fully devoid of purpose

the altruistic love
you shower
eternally charges
the battery of my existence
sans la quelle
juke box of life ceases to play

these temporary duracells
are withering away radhika
end this tirade,
come lock your lips with mine
like we used to
in the good old days of the vraj

© 2019
This poem is an ode to the power of Radhika,  The eternal lover of Krishna
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
a curled black serpent ascends

her piercing eyes hell bent
on kissing
seven white lotus buds
placed along spine

with each peck
buds bloom in ecstasy,
reversing that
illusory mirror of duality
making dreamer and his dream one

nectar descends

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
this bang from aeons ago
unleashes a dark centrifugal fury
in far-flung M87
devouring neighboring stardust

the other side of
this hawking spectacle,
a black king cobra
entrancingly coils
around a thousand-petalled white lotus
finale of an existential journey

misery over....

© 2019
see my poem on kundalini
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
space between us
once brimming
with blazing sparklers
now, just cool mist
filled with reticence

this melancholic
london fog
like a standing Fender
strums up its own lyric

to a tropical night
moon stoked waves
rapped a hip-hop tune

kneeling by a buoyant ocean
our lips locked
tanned bodies entangled
as goose bumps erupted
under the auspices
of a cynical full moon

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
for her
t’was garbage
fractured glass
on its way to trash.....
to him
each shard
a fragment of a busted heart
in need of resuscitation

remnants of a failed love

© 2019
based on a true story
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
riding a full moon
up and down the tidal waves ~~
this turbulent mind

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jul 2019
for whom
total abstinence or extreme indulgence
six of one, half a dozen of the other.....
sempiternally steeped in perfect equanimity,
effulgent as the primal flare
my crescent bearing jewel
who’s pure as jasmine

© 2019
arunachala:  the sacred mountain where liberation from the cycle of birth and death is easily attained
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