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I woke up this morning and I feel happy
I wake up each day and I feel happy


Because each day my feelings are stronger for you
Because each day I feel chemistry pulling me to you
Because each day I think of your beautiful personality

Your beautiful personality is what makes me feel happy each day

Love's Evolution
by Michael R. Burch

Love among the infinitesimal
flotillas of amoebas is a dance
of transient appendages, wild sails
that gather in warm brine and then express
one headstream as two small, divergent wakes.

Minuscule voyage―love! Upon false feet,
the pseudopods of uprightness, we creep
toward self-immolation: two nee one.

We cannot photosynthesize the sun,
and so we love in darkness, till we come
at last to understand: man’s spineless heart
is alien to any land. We part
to single cells; we rise on buoyant tears,
amoeba-light, to breathe new atmospheres ...
and still we sink.
The night is full of stars
we cannot grasp, though all the World is ours.

Have we such cells within us, bent on love
to ever-changingness, so that to part
is not to be the same, or even one?
Is love our evolution, or a scream
against the thought of separateness―a cry

of strangled recognition? Love, or die,
or love and die a little. Hopeful death!
Come scale these cliffs, lie changing, share this breath.

Keywords/Tags: love, evolution, ***, lust, cells, chemistry, electricity, darkness, night, stars, photosynthesis, shared breath, microscopic, amoebas, pseudopods, microbes
If you focus on the pain
Mild sore aches or strain
Does it fade away
Enough for long as
sun does with shade

Measurements of mixed context

The more we sit inside
Idle minded led astray
Nature's chemistry in flux
Diametrically perplexed
Medication stimulating parts of the brain
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
when two people are meant to be
we call that chemistry

and a single kiss
will leave them breathlessly

but some times in a laboratory
there is another story

so when two people are meant to be
they can also be like poison
there might be an explosion

so be careful when a kiss is breathtaking
your heart might still be aching.

- gio, 01.05.2020
Vii HunniD Apr 17
She has that look in her eyes,
That could immediately break one’s heart.

She brings out that Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin, even though she isn’t mine I still find myself happy when she replies my messages
What Goes Around, Comes
by Michael R. Burch

This is a poem about loss
so why do you toss your dark hair—
unaccountably glowing?

How can you be sure of my heart
when it’s beyond my own knowing?

Or is it love’s pheromones you trust,
my eyes magnetized by your bust
and the mysterious alchemies of lust?

Now I am truly lost!

Keywords/Tags: love, lust, pheromones, chemistry, alchemy, alchemies, bust, *******, hair, attraction, eyes, stare, ogle
Adrian Dec 2019
cannot publicly acknowledge the existence of angels,
Such an outrageous act has been outlawed by the council.
So here I am to tell you about these nonexistent beings.
They come from a place called heaven, a serene place
Lying in the clouds that do not fade; they are everlasting.
In heaven they soar free, using their feathery wings,
Which glisten like scheelite in the eternally dawning sun.
Their halos are a gold, 10 carats more pure than the element,
And seemingly glow, even in the most minimal light.

And their souls, as pure as a diatomic gas,
As white as the everlasting magnesium flame.
But most importantly, their souls glow like the firey sun,
Always ready to make us happy, and eternal in existence.

But I once again forget, as a note is passed my way,
That “angels,” in fact, “do not actually exist”
The council.
It also says to stop talking about these forms,
Or I will be detained... then executed...
Welp, that’s a sour note to leave on...
If anyone has listened to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, you’ll know where my inspiration for the denial of said winged creatures. If not, listen to it, it’s a funny sci-fi comedy podcast. Also again, look up any names that you don’t know, chemistry is pretty cool too.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 16
When this condensation locates your skin and runs like the Orinoco from its Andean peak, wandering over you at a composed, but covetous pace, exploring several variances of possibility at once, seeking your chemical reaction to whet lest it evaporate, I ponder over such showering of inanimate affection, all in the hope you will summon me from a docked eidolon and into your water, in partnership with the effusive sail -- learned of geography, triggered by chemistry.
From the Fabrizio Frosini  & Poets Unite Worldwide anthology "Poetic Fantasies." Poem by Carlo C. Gomez
People change.
Not necessarily a bad change, but still,
Feelings, wants and needs,
Effect the algorithm, if you will.

Suttle changes to them,
May hit ****** hard to you,
Doesn't stop them caring,
But it can still feel painful, true.

You may crave for them to go back,
Back to the way it was before,
You can try and forget too,
You might even crave them more.

Sometimes personal situations,
And their own hardships are to blame,
Your might too,
But you want them back all the same.

Sometimes its hard to question,
And ask what has changed between us,
But you don't want to fracture what you have now,
Don't want to cause a fuss.

The complex emotional or psychological interaction between individuals,
Some times the results a great,
Sometimes you mess up the concoction, unintentional.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
And what if
I say
I know you
Without knowing you
Since ancient time

And what if
I say
I see more than just
You let
Through calming vibes

And what if
I believe
You are one of
The kind
Peace of mind

And what if
I say
What you mean to me
Beside the dreams
And the reality

And what if
There is more to say
Being a dreamer
When you are a dream
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: The inspiring soul
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