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Ace Nov 17
Here lies the girl who gave too much,
the girl that could have been someone’s princess,
in another life,
in another world,
on your throne made
of thin glass.
Your silver medal is the chain around your neck,
it’s crucifixion,
standing trial by fire,
rosaries and scars, and ashes, ashes, we all fall down,
we’ve all got rotten posies in our pockets.
You fell from grace when you least expected it,
a sinner and a heartbreaker,
instead of the saint and healer you wanted to be.
With a soul in your hand and a smirk on your lips,
you wore a cross and didn’t believe in God.
but you wanted to, oh, I know you did, you ached for it,
felt Him in your bones,
and your heart,
and your beautiful mind.
You built your love on lies and texts and late-night calls,
your calculated chaos too thin to hold your weight
and mine.
The third time I lost you, I was dead before I could finish the story.
hahah this is based off a really sad ******* poem i read off tumblr at three am and loved
Beckie Davies Nov 16
Crucify me
You know that you want to

Hang me up
Next to all of my mistakes

While you hammer in those nails
I wonder

Will they crucify you with me?
our crucifixion
If I was here and you were there
And we erased all the time that we have shared
Would we still act as if the other didn’t exist?
Would we still shoot the breeze but clench a cold fist?

Now if I was there and you were here
Would I listen to all your success's and pretend not to care?

If my arms were spread today would you run back to me tonight?
Or would I be in the right position to be crucified?

I wonder...
This is an old one. hope you enjoyed
Why must love hurt so?

All you came to do
Was to save me.
You saw all of my afflictions
From up there, you seated
On your throne of eternal glory.
Beholding me, as a fragile one
Your compassion, you bestowed.

You couldn't leave me
Alone in my groaning.
I am your hand work,
And so you thought of saving me.
To redeem me unto you again, you came
Yes, you came down here for my salvation
Your compassion, you bestowed.

For many days you lived with me,
Dining and wining all years long.
You told me of many a thing about
Heavenly kingdom, where you came from
You told me great things to come also,
I was at peace knowing you
I was full with love so deep.

But then you told me you were leaving
Going on a journey faraway.
Going back home to where you came from,
To prepare a place for me, you said.
I had no idea what you meant,
Until they came, oh, they took you away
Away, right in front of me.

I was deeply troubled by what I saw
All because you love me, They wouldn't
Let you go, it's a sin to love the condemned.
Your pains from their whips,
Oh, I heard it all with my own ears.
Your sufferings did I witnessed,
With my own very eyes.

Still, you wouldn't give up on me
You looked at me, all I saw was love
But then, they screamed,
As a man possessed "to the cross"
Oh, why must love hurt so?
All because of me, you went through
A terrible ordeal.

At the cross, your feet and hands
They drove through with nails.
On your head, a thorny crown they present.
Mocked all day, you withstood it all
All for me, for my complete salvation
By your side a spear went through, your
Blood and water rushing out like many rivers.

To me you said, "it is finished" and lived
No more, you lived no more.
All I asked was "why must love hurt so?"
Your body to the ground
Your love to the grave
Your whole to be gone, in desolation
I remembered no word of you, how hopeless!

Two days gone by, there's nothing of you
Early third day morning, there's a rumor in town.
All my doors been shut, that there's
Nothing to life, but my neighbors won't
Stop knocking, whispering about.
I gave no attention, until I heard

My bolt and nut, all swung lose
I'm going to the cross, to see the grave.
Your body I find not, nor your love in the mud
Unto me, my life returns
And my soul relieved.
Seeing you face to face, now I know
Why love hurt so.
Jesus died for me to have eternal life.
The tree of life is watered with her tears
Who mourns the Word of Truth denied by fools.
She weeps amid the sounds of jests and jeers:
While mockers mock she sheds her sorrow's jewels.
Her jewels return to dust whence all jewels come.
Rivers of flawless tears run rapid, fed
By bottomless wells of grief; the ****** scrum
Disgracefully disports before the dead.
A bleeding heart and broken, her heart's quake
Trembles the earth and splits it; streams of blood
Divine and purest tears into a lake
Puddle and pool with sorrow, dust, and mud.
Within her heart a sea of bitterness swells.
Her grief, the ocean's roar, resounds in shells.
[based on a true story]

While looking through dumpsters to see what treasures I could find, I discovered in one a trapped raccoon that had no way out. He was there at the bottom with a couple bags of garbage, looking concerned. The walls were too high for him to climb, but his stomach was bigger than his foresight, and all he could see was food, and he jumped in from an overhanging branch of a tree. And now he was in a bind that he couldn't get out of.

Being, to him, the very image of God, I solved his problem immediately by carefully laying diagonally inside the death trap a long plank of wood (nearby trash) that extended out of it, into freedom. And even as I was arranging the plank, he was already on it and making his way up.

My Lord, Jesus Christ, thank you for saving the raccoon that was me! and for extending to me the cross that I climbed to salvation!
It's been two thousand years,
But here we are again.
An innocent dark-skinned man
Was lynched,
And it engages and enlightens our world.

Let's not make this a habit.

And Pilate's here too,
Cowering in ******'s bunker,
Washing his tiny hands,
Blathering: I'm not Responsible.
That's what truth is.
As George Floyd's daughter proclaimed: "My father has changed the world." I pray she's right.
Dez Mar 23
I saw the blood
I felt the blood
I saw the hammer
I felt the wood
I read the words
They said "me"

I looked at the man
Who hung on the tree
I looked at his writs
I saw nails
I had held those spikes
I had read that they said sin

Then I knew the meaning
I and in so I began to sorrow
For it was my sin that held him there
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
to the crescent bearing jewel
who’s pure as jasmine,
easily placated
with heartfelt devotion,
eradicator of the
lingering fear of annihilation,
i offer my toxic ego
for a deserved crucifixion

© 2019
Ylzm Apr 2019
The sixth opened on the sixth
history prophesised, future past

sun and moon eclipsed
heavens and earth shaken
moon bloodied, stars fell
earth ripped apart, time perturbed

graves opened
the dead arose to life
the living buried themselves
immortal died
mortality perished

blood spilled, living marked
wait for the number of Man
The 6th Seal and the 6th Hour
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