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Rama Krsna Apr 2021
after searching
here, there, everywhere,
i behold
right under my nose,
the crescent bearing jewel
whose fragrance is pure jasmine,
in that peaceful void
between my
in and outgoing breath

© 2021
It was a Thursday approaching the weekend when I knew that this Family reunion would exist. It was a surprise because I had not found out until the quoted day arrived around 2:00 p.m. The place was a plain like the places I could see through the window; It was the Messiah who brought me this glee with weekend window bulla.

There were all those who only I met that day, from my family only I who joined you, to this celebration. My great company was sitting by the side of the window and watching you cook and do cooking and dining with your family, glowing every minute. While the others enjoyed talking around us in that space that was no more than two pieces of a normal house, on a normal afternoon. We are all happy and very pleased to have us all together, before dinner. I looked out the window, waiting for the seconds that I needed to enjoy as my eyes watched you, because they complained every two minutes for having you near them.

The table is very tidy, food services and snacks are very arranged, a welcome tablecloth for the guest. Wood stove and crockery nearby for everyone who would not want to limit the talk of such a rich aroma of food to taste. In the center a vase with Bonsai Sunflowers turned as if dancing around us to smile at us overwhelmed.

The other two minutes would be fulfilled to leave the abstraction of the Ventanal and look at you to compete with who to look at more, at the place of feet marked by the mischief of the one that comes and goes or Look delighting myself in You, cooking and decorating everything around the guests and Laughing with them, to later see your apron look like a reign in a Coronation to come.

Brass horns sound calling us to sit down. I waited for the circulating round of the remaining minute to look again before you took off your apron. Everyone walks slowly and well pondered to the feast, I waited by the side of the window for two more minutes to stand up and go to the table "Your Table", and walk or try because maybe I had lost my sight for the mere fact of longing to wait it was my turn to see this polished reality.

You spoke to me ... calling me, being able to only read your lips saying my name, so that I could sit around everyone ...
I look for the last time through the window and forget about the complaint of the plain that I needed to travel through the beautiful and peaceful landscapes of the meadow that it was that moment of having lost my current consciousness ..., rubbed with confining steam and splendor to your offices to summon me to eternal sleep.

All gathered at a dinner for all with the photographic awareness that is nothing more than a pre-photographic moment to have the pretext of looking at you again smiling with your menu of great culinary preparation in between your hands and the mastery of the object of remembering it in his post - photographic polychrome.…

I looked but did not listen, but from so much not wanting not to listen, I could see that with the Feast of Prana a sparkling bloom would reappear from an afternoon clouded with grays of meta-gray colors, almost being confused with intruder colors of great iridescence.

"You walk like almost starting to get my hearing back, signaling that it was time to be with you. You come, I am distracted again to look out the window, not to get away from your addiction to look at you, but for the seconds that I had left to get closer to you. Your presence is closer than a soul can come nobly losing all prudence; you taking me from my whole and hugging me to go to dinner with you and the others. Then walking, floating and in silence your approaching me, I could capture your closeness, feeling the warm and bustling compaction of your right cheek on mine on the left side of heavenly candor where I hear your voice transmission, because with the right ear I listen and I have the audacity to hear the boisterous gaze that invites me to hold hands and run across the plain to meet the echo of a new meeting with you and the blessed whole. "

Baba Nam Kevalam!

— The End —