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Druga is illusion
A symbol or a membrane
A discus to be thrown
To observe the arc in sunshine.

She is not the ball
To be shotput through
She is not the goal
But a passage by the soul.

Sit, spread
Your arms wide as rainbow.
Wife, you have forgotten
The son is not your daughter.
What do thou focus on?

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Rama Krsna Jun 2019
show me
but a glimpse
of your alluring beauty

an unlined forehead
streaked with vermilion,
lotus-like eyes
where cupid resides,
bow shaped lips
which shame the tulips,
and those full-moon bubbles
which alleviate all troubles

even shiva
cosmic ascetic
gets weak in the knees,
in your voluptuous presence

© 2019
inspired by the great  philosopher. Sankara
Rama Krsna Apr 2019
daughter of the mountain
those fierce himalayan winds
bring home
the music of your tinkling anklets

with each cat-like step
you take
i hear esoteric ragas
neatly arranged
forming musical treatises
your indescribable beauty
and infinite greatness

for now,
i meditate on
that space
between these notes
which is where
i know
you truly reside

© 2019
Rochelle Foles Feb 2019
there on the scaffold
          colorful cacophonous screams emanating from workman’s coveralls  
           captivated her
           rebel in real life

engaged by her lack of hero worship    dedication to her art     the common cause
            her fire drew him to her

and so they began to weave their tapestry

it tells a story

brilliant hues
as art
public pride
personal degradation

back on the scaffold
             cacophony revisited

back on bedrest
              resilient resisting unceasing unaccepting

scaffold and ego deemed titanic-like         demand artistic license  uncompromising
                     crushed   crumble  disintegrate  
               lose face    credibility

turn tale
and run to the one deemed feeble
spirit knows no bonds                        
      as body knows no freedom

is Hercules for them both

the day her plaits were drawn crisscross on her forehead
decorated with huge glorious blossoms
      plucked from the patio

lips kissed

last breath

a pair destined for the history books

a love



Frida & Diego: FateD?    

© 2017 rochelle foles
did you recognize this couple?
it’s my most influential ****** (yes, i meant to spell it that way) in life and art- the ever introspective woman, artist and tough as nails survivor, Frida Kahlo and her brilliant but wandering husband, Diego Rivera.
Now does it make more sense?
i challenge you to now read it again with thei. relationship in mind.  i’d love to hear your take on this!
Yogi Devi Pada Sep 2018
There is a beautiful Saint, disguised in the body of a girl,
She tries to hide it, but the curtain tends to fall,
She is tuff, but sweet like honey,
She must be strong, because life is not always funny.

She holds the Earth on her shoulders, but inside she is a child,
Trying to tame a lioness born in the wild,
There is a time when people will see,
Not the sweetness, but the tremendous force she is ment to be.

And the world will sing her name,
Not of glory, nor of fame,
They will pray for salvation,
Because she's the one that give it with no hesitation.

— The End —