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Rama Krsna Jul 2
by this man-made lake
a steady drizzle hums,
the sun, yesterday’s news
as nature’s palette turns green and gray.

staring into the gun metal sky
she nuzzles her hennaed hair
into his gandhian lap,
mesmerized by the pitter patter
she dubs, as tears from heaven.

a bow-shaped stone bridge on the near horizon,
red-eared sliders floating on the water,
the pencil thin architectural skyline,
even the floating melancholy mute swan
beckons monet to rise like the phoenix
and have a second go at whimsical life

but not me,
with a cornucopia of life-scars to show,
and a ticking clock that’s monotonously relentless,
this trip to the crease better be
the last time at bat

© 2022
Rama Krsna Jun 26
forgive me
for committing the sin of looking for you
here, there, and everywhere.
forgetting the cardinal truth
that you’re the omnipresent one!

to think i could think of you,
the one who’s beyond all thoughts
my trespass too.

forgive me.....

© 2022
Rama Krsna May 30
something to be said
for being one of a kind,
after all
two moons in the night sky
seem far less appealing

© 2022
Rama Krsna May 21
i bow
to the dark one,
hued like the rain bearing cloud,
who adorns this universe as his anklet.

that deep hum,
in the cosmic backdrop
his outgoing breath

dulcet tunes
from his golden flute,
the gravitational field
binding our Milky Way.

salutations to the unborn one,
who’s also the eternally playful one.
karma keeper of the cosmos,
bearer of the mountain of human pain!

© 2022
Inspired by a beautiful painting
Rama Krsna May 15
with zen calm
he awaits,
the next chess move of whimsical time

li’l does ‘time’ know,
he’s way beyond it.
legacy etched in stone,
this warrior of awareness
marches to his impending destination
steeped in silence.

as his life flashes
in that rear view mirror,
his beatific smile says it all.

i’ve attained nirvana!

© 2022
for teachers who have paved the path to liberation with silence
Rama Krsna Apr 30
why does this world with all its contents
seemingly disappear like sugar in milk,
each time i stand
in front of your sanctum of bliss?

seek Govind,
the one, the only
with all you’ve got.....
or else,
in his snare of illusion
you’re forever caught

© 2022
inspired by a triad of melodies from ancient yore
Rama Krsna Apr 23
all faces, bodies and limbs
in this variegated universe
belong only to you.
all feelings, thoughts and sensations,
simply yours too.
all of existence is just your dream!
even the bliss glimpsed in my deep sleep,
a chip of your inner peace

when you wake up from that long trance
to perform the cosmic dance,
we will all merge with you,
like moths to a flame

© 2022
the cosmic person is eulogized here as the sum totality of everything in this universe with no beginning or end
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