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the nectar of love
only comes with
the poison of pain,
for the exorbitant price of one

at the chasm
of life and death
destroyed by love
grief remains
as life’s sole friend

the memories of love
belong to time
and this aging body
to the five elements.

© 2019
Rama Krsna May 12
nestled within
this ocean of tranquility
with its zen-like decor
they sit for hours
in total silence

a smiling Buddha
sole witness
to the arrow-like exchange
of amorous glances

each glance
an implicit confirmation
of intimate liaisons
from lives past and present

the odd tap
of wooden chopsticks
picking up sushi
the only music

dare not enter
this oasis of love....
as eyes keep
rapidly exchanging words
while lips stay silent

© 2019
Rama Krsna May 4
the deeper
i search within
the contours of myself
to find the real me
i only see you

the mirror
i hold
to my face
projects your reflection

my heart beats
the rhythm of its beat
chanting your name

you on the other hand
seem to enjoy your stroll
away from me,
oh vishnu maya - mistress of illusion

when true knowledge
you will experience the truth
only i pervade
every pore of yours

© 2019
Rama Krsna Apr 28
exacting in love
possessive by nature
volatile in temperament
and raging like flames
you are wild and untamed

nothing like docile padma!

the strategic placement
of each kiss on
your voluptuous body
you so unashamedly demand
is provocatively seductive

drawing out
from deep with in the soul
of this simple flute-playing cow herd
a brazen but besotted lover

© 2019
padma: see my poem padma
Rama Krsna Apr 27
in a world
where a drama queen
sheepishly bares
tales she could’ve easily spared
oh Krsna
wish you were here

in a world
where world leaders lie
so adeptly on the fly
oh Krsna
i wish you were here

in a world
that knows no shame
where social media
deserves quite the blame
oh my dear Krsna
we wish you were here

why is truth such a rarity?
there just isn’t any parity
in a world that’s a total nightmare
dearest Krsna
how i wish you were here

© 2019
Rama Krsna Apr 23
seems just a little less
the melody of my flute
the fragrance of the roses
the stars in the night sky
even the wetness of water
just a little less
without you there
my crescent bearing goddess

© 2019
Rama Krsna Apr 21
daughter of the mountain
those fierce himalayan winds
bring home
the music of your tinkling anklets

with each cat-like step
you take
i hear esoteric ragas
neatly arranged
forming musical treatises
your indescribable beauty
and infinite greatness

for now,
i meditate on
that space
between these notes
which is where
i know
you truly reside

© 2019
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