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Yazad Tafti Feb 8
cap pulled off this one also roams around my head
skull bare brains
dreams of a neurologist shattered
the root of my knowledge castrated i'm better off
as fortified as a stable fine thread
paint these walls a shimmering laminate of crimson
the crime on me an ode to a death wish
but yet wished upon by others
from james and taylor and christie with love
so pull that cap slowly to my head
'fitted' one size fits all
what a beautiful sight as that flash seduces me
50 shades of grey matter
just let me live baby
Wickus Nov 2019
Dark endless night
Guns flickering light
Bang bang bang
Oh, just another gang

It’s mad outside
Tell me I’m lying

Lying in my bed
Wishing you were here
Your face stuck in my head
It’s the darkness that I fear

I guess I’ll just hide
Until people stop dying
Michael H Aug 2019
Ere a bang.

A shiny something in stasis? Greys and blues fighting lightning betwixt darkening sky.

In one colossal blow, colour is entire like the sun.

Starlets fly in rainbow striation.
Brandon Conway Jun 2019
From a pinpoint explosion
to the edge of space and time
a never ending expansion
racing through stars that shine

stretched too far
like this rubber soul
trapped in a bell jar
a personal black hole

let go
for this name has been expunged
let go
for this big crunch
let go
for this death
let go
and draw the last breath

as the pinpoint universe
explodes only to reform
as stars and time disperse
this soul contorts and transforms

rises from the ashes
and sees a new day birthed
gazes as a new sun flashes
on a new mother earth

happiness has finally been found.
cameron michael Mar 2019
shrieks from the fallen ones
haunt your memories
faces slowly fading away
as the time rushes by

yet everything seems paused
moving along in slow motion
watching everyone else live their lives
smiling, laughing, enjoying their time

while you sit back and wonder
what happened here
why me, why us
things could have been better, different

how have i managed to survive
can’t believe i made it this far
i had your help
and now i have nothing

the silence stings
but the emptiness hurts the most
cupboards left open
couch cushions askew

stains on the carpet
hard to accept the fact
that bang bang bang
that slash slash slash

has now led to you all

i’m sorry
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
How fast plans
can change.
One minute you're working,
and then...
You slip,
you fall,
you break your hand.
change of plans.
I hurts my writs unexpectedly right before my major piano concert.
Oops, change of plans.
It was the 7th day when evil invaded our skins, God resting as they wrestle to pull a trigger of genesis, the big bang felt like a genocide,
on this day the altar was on fire.
stopdoopy Mar 2019
You're not welcome here

There may be posters
on the outside of the building
with your face on them sayin
but that ain't an invitation

Pushing past the swinging twins
strutting in, without a care
like you've done nothing,
as if everyone in the room
doesn't want to **** ya

For all the things you've done
they wouldn't need the pay
it'd be a service to mankind,
plenty of folks are glad to put a bullet in yer head

But Darlin'
ya always did have a sweet mouth
I'd love to see you talk your way outta this one

And as soon as you go to speak
I can see it plain as day

Hot anger; what a feeling.
Breaking news

Back to our existence a Big bang theory was a comic story,
the only big bang that happens every day brings distruction
it was the sound of a bullet escaping a gun to find home in a spinal cord

in other news
cracks were discovered in a happly married man.
we are all broken after all.
till death bring us together, for another funeral called revaluation.
It's crazy how we still argue about the formation of the Universe just to deflect the big issue which is"After life". But we die everyday.
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