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Existence of human life is derived from living microbes,
Living microbes created from carbon, hydrogen oxygen and other elements from earth’s matter,
Cell development three billion years ago has led to creation and subsistence of plants and animals,
Living ecosystem and animals developed from monkeys to apes,
Evolution of apes to human’s transition has been the most controversial phenomena,

Making brains think of black hole and big bang theories,
Bringing Theory of coexistence and Theory of Evolution in place,
Finding substantial evidence is key to understanding the formation of life,
Where 7 theories on origin of life was initiated,
Biogenesis and abiogenesis became the cult of living hypothesis,

Where DNA and RNA has given the living forms to read the genetic blueprint,
Searching for the new theories of existence and evolution,
Developing new atmosphere in the universe across earth, ocean and sky,
Where each process is dependent on natural existence,
Life is moving with the physicochemistry of biological survival.

By Madhusudan Dabhole
Human Existence
Rama Krsna May 2022
i bow
to the dark one,
hued like the rain bearing cloud,
who adorns this universe as his anklet.

that deep hum,
in the cosmic backdrop
his outgoing breath

dulcet tunes
from his golden flute,
the gravitational field
binding our Milky Way.

salutations to the unborn one,
who’s also the eternally playful one.
karma keeper of the cosmos,
bearer of the mountain of human pain!

© 2022
Inspired by a beautiful painting
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2021
My vivid dream 28th Feb 2020

Since the perception of time, bored ancient malevolent entities; the 'stars makers', have been corrupting our souls with 'want'; Collectively this 'want' forms the material world, which serves to suppress the inner spark; the energy contained within the human soul.

Good souls gradually struggle free from the confines of 'want' or the material world, thus releasing and returning the inner spark to the origin of light.

Dark souls remain within the material world reborn as the 'Dark-echo' continues to expand the physical universe, thus slowly terraforming the multiverse into a single living entity.

Dark matter is the fabric of life, and the womb of our dark souls.

The origin of light is a place of contentment beyond the perception of any fearful, material being; clinging to mortality.

That's why freeing oneself from the confines of the material world, and returning to the 'origin of light, is a leap of faith.
The multiverse, and the fear of loss explained to me in a dream.
Khoisan Apr 2021
Burnt out matchsticks
from the dark hours wind
theirs were a bunker
that bare
no malice nor loss
only a blotched memory
light-years apart
these days
that day
and those days.
Tetra Hachiko Mar 2021
all the small things
add up to big things
i cant take this anymore
blow my brains right out the door
say it aint so
please don't let me go
dont wanna know
all time low
just wanna go
dont wanna show
feeling so low
cant let this go
M Solav Mar 2021
A beauty that causes awe, that's your aim,
And a defence, this strategy called "it's all the same";
But there are cells for the marrow and cells for the brain,
And to call them similar seems rather quite insane.

Cause it takes mind to understand patience,
It takes defeat to finally accept the loss;
For only when all is lost, all can be regained;
That's the price to pay to understand the cost.

  And if I didn't have that pill to swallow,
  I'd call it bang for the money first thing tomorrow.

Around they gravitate like you're a shining star,
To take part and implode and beg a mighty roar;
It's a science for the desperate — no it ain't no art;
A beauty for the primates more than a beauty of the heart.

They slide down the usual paths of expansion
While we swim against pale currents of fog;
With my renounce I won't pay this ecstasy a call,
I won't beg a mighty roar, no I won't beg no more.

  But if I didn't have that pill to swallow,
  I'd call it bang for the money first thing tomorrow.

Now twice-spoken idioms might ring a bell or two
Like missed phone calls in the middle of the afternoon
I've gone out of my way to move out of the road
But I know that your fake beauty's just waiting to unfold

It's too easy to cast the blame, too easy to throw a bone
I've seen lightning bolts fall, I know who's on the phone
The dogs always bark along when they hear the thunders roar
It shouts across a sea of life, it's calling from afar.

  And if I didn't have that pill to swallow,
  I'd call it bang for the money first thing tomorrow.
Written on March 17th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Traveler Nov 2020
The limitless lacks the limited
To exist
The limited fears sudden death
To resist
This extended isolation
Has its consolations

Proto intelligence
In every molecule

Cell walls
Of ethnic solitude

Reptilian brain stems
Conflicting  hemispheres

From the Big Bang
On passed Shakespeare

Is a wonderful nightmare
Traveler Tim

It’s turtle all the way up
and all the way down
Jay M May 2019
Minutes, hours
                Ticking by
I can sleep when I'm dead
Get it out of my head
Out of all of their heads
It isn't over yet

The memories will forever scar
Forever roam far
Strangling those who know
Living again and again
Taking more and more victims

Holding my breath
'Til my body turned blue
Meet the shadows
I've got everything and nothing to lose

Trusting so easily
Falling so fast
Not realizing
Then it hits me

So much for being happy
In the days that remain
It's not like I'm dead
But I might as well be
Living on such a breakable thread

It was everything
Everything that I wanted
Something missing
Then I caught up

- Jay M
May 22nd, 2019
muteD Jun 2020
not a flicker, nor a flame.‬
‪always invisible, unknown by name.‬
‪so now it is up to me‬
‪to leave a mark,‬
‪to go out with a bang‬
‪and leave my art.‬

There was this tweet that told us to write based on the picture that had attached .. it was my first time ever doing something like that and I only did it to see if I could.

Honestly I wish you guys could see the picture. Nonetheless, I’m really proud of this especially since I haven’t written any poetry all month.
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