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How fast plans
can change.
One minute you're working,
and then...
You slip,
you fall,
you break your hand.
change of plans.
I hurts my writs unexpectedly right before my major piano concert.
Oops, change of plans.
It was the 7th day when evil invaded our skins, God resting as they wrestle to pull a trigger of genesis, the big bang felt like a genocide,
on this day the altar was on fire.
Breaking news

Back to our existence a Big bang theory was a comic story,
the only big bang that happens every day brings distruction
it was the sound of a bullet escaping a gun to find home in a spinal cord

in other news
cracks were discovered in a happly married man.
we are all broken after all.
till death bring us together, for another funeral called revaluation.
It's crazy how we still argue about the formation of the Universe just to deflect the big issue which is"After life". But we die everyday.
PoserPersona Nov 2018
1 A halo of everything from the nothing.
2 Both seeds and grows space and cosmos.
3 Supernovas are but whimpers to the maker.
Drunk poet Aug 2018
I don't know, I... I can't describe it
I just wish your feet didn't move you to my door
I wish the ***** didn't burn so hot in me after
that little big fight
Now my lips keep ******* my tears
on words with "had I know"
I wish the liquor store had closed before that hour
Or better still, the bottle disposed
But it happened so fast that I lost my myself to another self
My anger met jealousy, like fire unionised with gasoline
I don't know, I... I... I can't des... Or maybe do I understand now
You were the page in my diary I tore
And the coin that slip of my pocket in the rain
Well, I'll wipe my tears away
For after just one gunshot I will be there to give you my apologies
{the poet that stinks with lines⚟}
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
I was suppose to choose you,
But hereafter, you declined,
My oozing heart turned into blue,
Affliction tortured my mind.

Demented, like an altered bamboo,
Drifted in the wind, I fall apart,
Oh girl, I'm just missin' you,
It's no use, for he regained your heart.

You said you love me,
Yes, you definitely did,
So where's that guarantee?
Do I have to plead?

If you did love me,
Then you won't have to test my faith,
This made me hate thee,
And you didn't mind and deviate.

We're gone our separate ways,
Detached with each other's lives,
Goodbye, this bidding I must face,
Until the pain in me subsides.

I was supposed to choose you,
But hereafter, you declined,
And "BANG", consciousness blew,
She suddenly snapped backed into my mind.
Faith is just a word, so it needs to be proved.
Ashley Kane Mar 2018
Put a gun to my head and bang shoot me dead

Would you run through the door as I’m bleeding on the floor ?

Or would you stay and cry as my blood begins to dry?

Would you face the knot for the one you shot

Could u atone for your sins for the love that had been?  

Will a smile be on your face
As they put me in my case ?

When your done with me who will you torture next ?

Put a gun to my head and bang shoot me dead

(C) Ashley Kane FB
Wrote when younger stuck in bad marriage
Silverflame Feb 2018
come forward, you sweet whimsical dream.
fill my mind up with all sorts of beauties.
leave my bed empty, but my smile frozen.
these euphoric senses dance on my duvet,
to later sleep on my pillow.
I wish I could stay here forever.
for this one feeling.
the feeling of something.
something like the very feeling of feelings;
feels peculiar.
here I have forgotten you.
here I am free of the idea of a
silhouette, that used to be mine.
but; there is always a but.
when the sun's lazy hot
rays tickle my eyes open.
and the birds, now mournful,
chirping trespass my ears.
there falls the heavy brick down,
and with a sudden bang.
I see the raven black silhouette,
crystallized in the corner of my eye.
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