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hannah May 2019
We create a divider between the people in the struggle to be better then one another
What has this world became in the mass destruction for a single rose
Just to trample over hundreds of others
When did the evil win
When did we start to give up
May 2019 · 177
hannah May 2019
Calming playful breeze runs it's fingers through my hair
  Salt water gently nips at my ankles
I watch the sunset over the ocean
The mix of colors setting just right over the horizon
Getting lost in the warmth of the moment
Losing myself to the picture
May 2019 · 83
Numb is a good thing
hannah May 2019
I feel nothing
The world is dead to me I am lost in my own silence
I no feel the torment of your abuse
I  no longer hear you bringing me down with every step of the way
I don't feel anything and I have never been more at peace
Apr 2019 · 666
Whats wrong with me
hannah Apr 2019
Why is the silence so loud
Why is everyone watching me
Did I do something wrong
Tormented by my own mind
Outside I'm fine
But inside I am screaming
Breaking at the seams
Apr 2019 · 178
hannah Apr 2019
You can't do this to me
You can't leave me like this
Don't tell me pretty little lies
Don't say your my everything when in realty you are nothing
Don't rip me down the seam
Don't tell me your here when you are really somewhere else
In your mind you are still with her
I will always be second
Apr 2019 · 75
Love is Fake
hannah Apr 2019
Love is fake
People have made it to were it is just a word
The use it and abuse it
Tearing people down inch by inch
Till they can't even trust themselves
It gives people fake hope
It makes then believe in something that isn't real
It makes people go insane
Never really knowing if its real or not
Dec 2018 · 56
I need someone
hannah Dec 2018
I live many lies
I love so many that I need someone to remind me who I was
Someone to hold the broken pieces together
To glue the remainder of my heart back together
I need someone to hold me when I can't sit still
I need someone to make me laugh when I am about to cry
I need you
Dec 2018 · 36
Boys plaything
hannah Dec 2018
We are expected to put on make up for the same people who will just use and abuse us
Why do people define a girl as a boys plaything
We are so much more than that
We are united against a idea
The idea that trys to hold us back but we will not allow it
We will push a little harder then any guy out their, we will run a little faster
Just to prove that we are equal to them
Sep 2018 · 67
Falling in love
hannah Sep 2018
Girls think they fall in love with guys
But they do not understand what's falling in love
Because I fell in love with a place
I fell in love with this place and now it holds my heart
I am never happy if I am not there
I don't feel if I am not there
I fell in love with a place that got ripped out of my hands
Aug 2018 · 214
hannah Aug 2018
Pain and anger
It feels as if it's not me
I feel like a puppet doing and saying as you command
I feel like a fool only meant to sit still and lifeless until you say otherwise
I am not a human anymore but an object that does and says what I am told to
May 2018 · 92
hannah May 2018
The only mistake I made is you
May 2018 · 65
A book with closed doors
hannah May 2018
Faking being happy
Lies served with a smile
Boredom seeps from the cracks
Scared smothered and covered with false personality
Insecurities fed with food to make us feel better
Tear drops behind closed doors
Death’s associated with happiness justs so we don’t break down
Because when we break down people can see us for what we really are
May 2018 · 339
I am the problem
hannah May 2018
Am I really the death of you
The reason that you failed at life
Could I fix the  problem if I am the problem
May 2018 · 435
Is it wrong
hannah May 2018
Deadly snakes twist their way up my back
I was their tamer but the are not tame
They slowly twist and I see my life flash before my eyes
But is it wrong to say that I am glad I am gone
May 2018 · 161
hannah May 2018
My life is in your hands but you don’t need to save me
I am nothing to you but your everything to me
Leaving me to the idea that nothing is good or loving
But that everything is black and bleck
It's ok I know I am not worth saving
May 2018 · 189
I am
hannah May 2018
I guess what you give is what you get
I didn’t realise what it felt until I got what I deserved
Tossed out like trash I am
Abandoned by my best friend just like the horrible friend I am
Rejected like the Reject I am
Played with like the player I am
Life dies in front of me into a puddle of understanding and feeling sorry for what I put other people into……..
May 2018 · 188
self doubt
hannah May 2018
He just used your love for him
Yeah I know but I am used to being used and I really cared about him he is a good person
Yep keep lying to yourself
No, I know he used me
I wish he cared about you because notice how you still are rambling on and on about him.
Sometimes you lie to yourself for someone.
May 2018 · 125
hannah May 2018
They tell me fight back, but is it worth fighting.
Is life worth the fight anymore...
May 2018 · 183
Am I good enough for you
hannah May 2018
People have led me to believe that I am not good enough
They don’t think of the consequences of what they say anymore
I cry behind closed doors wondering what I did wrong to be the way I am
Let's put it the way it is I am not pretty, skinny, or smart enough for anybody
May 2018 · 131
People don’t understand
hannah May 2018
People don’t understand the impact they have on other people’s lives. They act as if they are the only ones with that are allowed to be upset. Sometimes I  wish I could go back into time
Call me what you want but I will not cry in front of you, but behind closed doors I will scream, and yell and weep my sorrows away.
May 2018 · 202
Blissful lies
hannah May 2018
I don’t know what to do anymore….
People here are so fake it's funny
They put on a show  for the world
Fake being brave is one thing but to fake who you are is another
people hide behind fake people nobody is what the seem.
May 2018 · 182
hannah May 2018
How does nobody see the mask that everybody puts on
Is it because they are so busy fixing their own
May 2018 · 72
What happened
hannah May 2018
What happened to everyone…
I don’t even know my real friends anymore
May 2018 · 198
Trust issues
hannah May 2018
I told you so
Why did you make take a risk that led to my death
Why did I die, a horrible death
I didn’t want to take a blind leap of faith
Why when i told you what was going to happen
Was it for your selfish need
I promised you I would do anything for you
But your just like the rest using me for your own selfish purposes.
Why do people push me to do things I don't want to do?
May 2018 · 184
hannah May 2018
Broken and confused
I sit alone watching the world go by
Nobody pays me any attention
So alone I sit
Facing the world by myself
May 2018 · 158
Why do we try
hannah May 2018
If we fall all the time why do we get back up?
If we are destined to die why do we try to fight it?
We set ourselves up for disappointment
By trusting people when we can’t even trust ourselves
Apr 2018 · 227
hannah Apr 2018
Tears splatter over the keyboard
He is yours not mine
Why do I do the things that I do
(I think I  like you)Backspace and delete
I can't do that your hers
and she is yours I don't fit in
So please don't get mad when I cut you off completely
I can't do this if your in front of me all the time
so instead I type ( I can't stand you) send
Apr 2018 · 294
Your sweet poison to me
hannah Apr 2018
One day she asked "How come we always choose poison over water?"
"The kind that takes our lives without a second thought"
  "The kind of poison that will be the death of us"
And then he said " Because it's sweeter."
Apr 2018 · 221
fake friends
hannah Apr 2018
I will still be waiting here for you to return
You will be damaged and broken
But it is the only time you turn to your real friends
Apr 2018 · 185
The world screams
hannah Apr 2018
Take care of it
Fix it
change it
Take care of your problems
Fix yourself
Change yourself
Because we don't like how you are
I just sit back and laugh
Well I don't like how you are
How about you take care of your own drama
How about you fix your clothes so it doesn't show everything
And finally How about you change your opinion on how a girl should look and act
Because I think your funny
Apr 2018 · 427
You don't understand
hannah Apr 2018
You do not understand
I feel like screaming
Listen I am not done
I demand an answer
I can't be thrown away like that
I am not alive to serve you hand and foot
Don't play innocent
You have never been innocent
I was just stupid
I am to trusting I couldn't see the fact that you where using me
But I am just a child what could I know
I know that I cared but you didn't...
Apr 2018 · 165
The shadow that never left
hannah Apr 2018
I will sing to you until fall deep into a sleep you will not wake up from
I will tell you everything is ok when it is not
You didn't expect it
So it never happened
You never left
And you don't know that your gone
This is about someone dying, so they never left....
Apr 2018 · 153
The definition of love
hannah Apr 2018
Nobody showed me how to love in school
I never learned the definition
I never had vocab test on it
Never read a chapter in those stupid textbooks on it
Never watched a bill nye video on it
So how was I supposed to know when you said I love you You were lying
Apr 2018 · 332
That someone
hannah Apr 2018
We all have that someone who reminds us of ourselves
That someone who is like a drug to the weak
That someone that is off limits
That someone that we care about
That someone that will never know how much you help and protect them
That someone can never know that it's been this way for a long time
That someone that doesn't know that you stole glances at from across the room
That someone that is sweet poison
That person that you would only wish the best too
That person that is off limits
Apr 2018 · 363
The place where I am from
hannah Apr 2018
The place where I am from
Its full of love
happy people
The place where I am from is not the place where I am at
The place where I am at
Is full of hate
mad people
Mar 2018 · 1.2k
My childhood monsters
hannah Mar 2018
My first monster
As the blood drips through the cracks of your fake disguise
Skin peeling off from the fake body you claimed as your own
You wear the face of a friend but the intents of my worst foe
Lust seeping from every pore of your body
My second monster
The face of a man twisted until it hurts
The sound of his merciless crys
Limping slowly towards my bed post
They crawl towards me
And I hold them close because they are just like me
hiding behind a disguise, and withering in pain.
Mar 2018 · 141
Do you notice me
hannah Mar 2018
Do you notice me
Why do people always ask that of themself
I don't understand why people care so much about the way they look,
We should all be fine without being noticed
We should be happy with the way we look, walk, talk, weigh, love
Mar 2018 · 323
What happened to you
hannah Mar 2018
You are no longer the same
Your smile has be beaten so bad that I can no longer recognise it
Your eyes scream that your in pain while you fake a smile
You keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself
You used to be outgoing and happy
You used to be very opinionated
You used to have a smile that could light up the whole town
What happened
What happened to your laugh can you no longer use it
What happened to your smile can you not repair it
What happened to your confidence can you not find it
That's ok I will help you repair what is broken, find what is lost, use what is discarded, I will bandage up what has been beaten. I will help...
Mar 2018 · 295
I sit here not over there
hannah Mar 2018
I sit here not over there with the smart kids
I sit here not over there with the "cool" kids
I sit here not over there with the happy kids
I sit here not over there with the emo kids
I sit here not over there with the dorky kids
I sit here not over there with the gamer kids
       I don't fit in anywhere
Mar 2018 · 216
The ghost
hannah Mar 2018
Dear ghost,                                                           ­       
Do you know who I am
I don't know who you are
So how do you know me
I see you staring but I don't know your name
I don't know who you are
I wished I did because
You make people laugh
You make them smile
You make them happy
Maybe with a ghost I could be happy too
To a ghost from the past
Mar 2018 · 240
Out of sight out of mind
hannah Mar 2018
Would you notice
The people dying from hunger if they were on your doorstep
Would you notice
The broken and abused kids if the were sleeping in your bed
Would you notice
The neglected and hopeless pets if they were in your backyard
Would you notice
The hurt and unclean young girls if they were in your living room
Would you notice the people in need of help if they were right in front you face
Mar 2018 · 107
Is it wrong
hannah Mar 2018
I know it's wrong to like u
When she likes u too
I don't want to be the person to hurt her
I will just keep it a secret forever
to protect her
It's crazy to I thought it would have worked out
It's crazy because she is all you need
she is crazy for you too
Mar 2018 · 188
hannah Mar 2018
Why can't we all just get along
Aren't we all apart of the same race The human race
I believe that we should be proud of where we came from
I believe that we should all be able to hold are heads up high no matter what we are
I believe that we should be equal in the eyes of others
I believe that we should not be judge by where we came from, but by how we
represent it
I believe that we are all the same no matter what we
look like,
believe in,
come from.
I believe that we are equal
Mar 2018 · 153
The before and The after
hannah Mar 2018
I used to think that we were friends
But that was back before you were accepted
You are no longer the book that can't fit on the shelf
I used to think that everybody should be your friend
But now I see how it has changed you
I  used to think that we could have been everything and more
But that was before people knew your name
That was before you meet them
That was before
This is the after
Your friendship means everything to me
But only when you can do something for me
Why haven't you replied I texted you ten minutes ago
Doesn't answer a text for three months

You told me you loved me
You told me you cared
You told me that I was your bestfriend
Only to let me find out that you were just using me
My secrets where given away to smoke and mirrors
Did you really think I wouldn't find out
I knew all along but lied to myself for you
Mar 2018 · 199
Death by love
hannah Mar 2018
I knew as soon as I seen you I was in trouble.You held a shotgun and a smile. How was I supposed to run away from You, when all I want to do was run towards you?
How am I supposed to hide from the one thing I want to keep close by me? How was I supposed to fight you, when I couldn't even stand to see you hurt? I stand there as you smile and then I understand this is what  you want from me.
If my death is all I have to offer you, then who am I to complain if you take it. After all they say that death is the sweetest when one is with their love one during the last moments.
When you tell someone that you would take a bullet for them, that still counts if they are the ones behind the gun.
Feb 2018 · 183
Am I
hannah Feb 2018
Am I the ghost from the past that follows you around
Am I the nobody you are try to shake
Am I the outcast that you don't care about
Am I the loser nobody needs
Am I...
Feb 2018 · 403
hannah Feb 2018
I am so sick of being used
Torn down and abused
betrayed and bruised
but they say at least I have a use
Feb 2018 · 295
Sick of hiding
hannah Feb 2018
I bet you would be so proud of me I found myself again
Under piles of makeup and disgust
Under tank tops to hide the problem areas
Underneath a couple of years of disguise
There I was trying to not forget who I am
Feb 2018 · 166
What happened
hannah Feb 2018
What happen between us
We used to be friends now you avoid talking about me much less talking too me
I used cry every night wondering why I have lost you as a friend
Now I just lay down and stare at the window numbly wondering what I did wrong...
Feb 2018 · 127
That girl over there
hannah Feb 2018
She used to be my friend
She realised that I am broken,
And I can not be fixed.
and then she left
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