She was divided ÷ by the times × her new addition + was taken away -
hannah Apr 2018
One day she asked "How come we always choose poison over water?"
"The kind that takes our lives without a second thought"
  "The kind of poison that will be the death of us"
And then he said " Because it's sweeter."
Amber Waddy Sep 2014
Love is a fine art, with my pirate heart.
I'll make good of your ransom, whether you're handsome or not.
I'll twist your tongue in knots, or something of a similar plot.

With broken bodies and worlds colliding.
There's no sense in hiding when there's hate to confide in,
but alas there is hope, when there's nowhere to go and you and I are stood alone.

The tides change and the waves differ in size.
The sun shines bright and we feel more wise to the ways of the ocean,
love has a new notion as it proves us both right and wrong.

This is my pirate heart's solemn song.
this Way Is
No way to Live

Avoiding all Contact
Eyes, Body and Space

Walking Carefully
So as not to Irritate
Careful of what I Say
On Guard

Because Whatever
Comes out
Of My Mouth
Might be the Piece
The Fault the Reason
That it
   All Falls Down.    

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved
Walking on eggshells has never been my strong suit.
Abdullah Ayyash Oct 2014
Take me,
     wherever you go,
          take my soul
Have me,
     whenever you want,
          have me all
I’m here for you and I’m there with you
Send me your cloud and let it rain over me
Let your grace embraces my wounded heart
The cut is so deep
Your mercy is in need
Take me,
     have me,
          or forever...
               put me to sleep

Abdullah Ayyash
June 19th, 2013

— The End —