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Faizel Farzee Jan 14
In transit on a stationary life
The earth rotates on it's own access
It spins,
So if my soul wait
Ghost, you will float by again.

Bring with you my smile
I misplaced it
Like hope lost, to find it
I need to go back in time

When your hand was always locked in mine
Inseparable we were
The truth is
Love is blind

I pulled out it's eyes
I laid it to waste
I spit out your name
As I don't want to know how a lie taste

If love becomes deceitful
Then we no longer safe
Love was hope
Now all it brings is distaste.

Cupid is fake
I looked for him all over
I needed his bow and arrow
This time he won't miss
You need to alleviate this sorrow

The time we surfing on is borrowed
I hate myself for wasting it on a ghost
A figment of my imagination
Do I know what happiness name is?
I am just pains host.
When words scratches at the surface
it's screams to be free
you lay it bare on these pages
to subdue my demons in their cages
so i don't end up....
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
The morning creeping up on a tired night
 This notion dawns on me.

The last conversation we had
It's memory still tears me to tears
Tearing at my soul
My happiness now raging
It's feelings is spitting mad.

Devoid of emotions
Your eyes hollow like the dead of night
Your words frosty and so cold
My heart frozen has given up it's fight.

We were in lust
Our souls constantly craving intamacy
Emotions dacayed and turned to rust
Smiling momories tainted
It has turned to dust.
When all you have tainted memories,
Your heart feeling lost
You cloaked in this treachery
All you can do is drive forward
And hope you don't crash
In this nightmarish reverie.
hannah May 2018
Deadly snakes twist their way up my back
I was their tamer but the are not tame
They slowly twist and I see my life flash before my eyes
But is it wrong to say that I am glad I am gone
Apporva Arya Jan 2018
U r long gone,
& I still have feelings for u.

I too want to move on,
So, I tried some new places.
But wherever I go,
It's same old me with old feelings
& Thoughts.

Why I am in dark,
When it's so bright outside.
So, i choose to let you go,
I choose to free me.
Hence decide to face u up.

I gift you back your lies,
Our memories and my feelings,
Words and emotions left unsaid last time.
I vent out each bit of u from me.

& In a moment I felt so relieved.
Its such a huge burden to carry on painful and past memories in your present and to your future. Hence past must only Belong in past.
Vent out it all and be free.
Poetic T Oct 2017
Bygone moments that hover
              between the be-fore's
and that seconds yet to be validated
                                          between its existence.

But in-between, it has a moment to exist.
                       We ponder its
                                           fleeting existence.

Was it meant to be?
                        or just daja-vu reflections?
Could it be a moment that's relived in a comic rift.

— The End —