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Ripples in the water
Roses in the bush
Rainbow views
Raindrops and *****
Remedies for the soul
Relaxing times
Reflecting, wishing
**** Red dress
Revitalised mind, richly defined
Take me there...
Another one off the cuff, with some inspiration from irthlingborough lakes.
Donna Jun 2020
Seagulls squawk on by
as I sip cappuccino
on a cloudy day

Sometime lazy days are much needed to unwind **
Valentin May 2020
I have been sober for too long
Sobriety makes you feel confident
Yes you can have control of yourself

But I need to unwind
But I need to think about nothing else
Nothing else than nothing

I have been sober for too long
More than an escape
A full satisfaction of relaxing my mind

Sobriety sounds nice for one reason
So the next first drop of alcohol is
Delightful as an ******

I have been sober for too long
I have been bored and sad for too long
All I needed was many drinks

And my body is dancing following
The beats and my mind is
Feeling so good so far

I want more more more more more
More more more more
More more more more
hannah May 2019
Calming playful breeze runs it's fingers through my hair
  Salt water gently nips at my ankles
I watch the sunset over the ocean
The mix of colors setting just right over the horizon
Getting lost in the warmth of the moment
Losing myself to the picture
Zane Smith Sep 2019
the days I feel
my brain is blocked,
I take a step back
go for a walk.
no phone needed
through the neighborhood.
searching for peace
a quiet state of mind,
finding ways
to leave it behind.
one way I take my pause for the day, giving my brain a moment to process
Bre marie Jun 2019
Deep inside the pain can hide
lingers & thrives.
My heart unbinds, my mind unwinds.

Wishing I could go back
make you mine.
Hold you till the end of time.

My life's outta line as my heart unbinds.
Love the sloth in my mind
Busy sloth-ing away it’s time
The cheetah, somewhere around
Slogging away all the while
The two at loggerheads
Tearing up my heart
The Mind, a multitasker
The Heart put to tasks
Time to summon the tortoise
I surmise
Anthony Oct 2018
All I see
All I see
Everything in front of me
Is a river


All I see
All I see
Everything in front of me
Is a flower


All I see
All I see
Everything in front of me
Is a spiral

Bright Violet Jul 2018
Have you ever felt anything more amazing?
The sun kissing your face
while your eyes rest
while you take a breath
lying down listening to the waves.
They come and go incessantly
but you like the sound of them
their rhythm takes you on a journey.
A journey you shall always cherish,
wisdom you got through pain and torment
And now it's time to let it go
You've earned your rest
Take a bow
Pull the curtains
Empty your mind and rejoice
You left your mark in this world
You touched people in your wake
And that's all you can ever hope for
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