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In a mirror, we always look older
and we believe that it lies.
We blame it for every wrinkle:
Okay then, you lie, but why?!

How rude of mirror to do so,
like literally in the face!?
We give it so much attention
and what in return? Disgrace!

Or perhaps we do look older
indeed, and it doesn't lie.
Perhaps we lie to ourselves
and maybe we know well why.
Danielle Oct 2022
I am at a crescendo of this mercurially
fervent woe, maimed by the visage of
smoke and mirrors;
"a death in chrysalis is to live once again."

Draping into the worn out disheveled
silk, beautifully withered
lulled by the sound of riverbanks
as if it's pacifying the feral.

A star-lit eyes deluged with bliss
rose with thorn-teared flesh
overwhelmed by a mawkish melancholia. Although we were haunted by our old love, it will never be the same.
sgail May 2019
in and out of short pines
a fly travels to the top of a mountain

while I stand in my underwear
and the incandescent

staring into a mirror, into a mirror
and on
as we all have.
Furey Apr 2022
There are some days
I think to myself
I am beautiful

But most days I can't
Sometimes I catch
Just a glimpse

In the mirror is the girl
She is the one
I wish I could be always

She is graceful
She is beautiful
She is everything I want to be

I cannot look again
If I do I won't see her
I will only see me

It's disappointing
I can only see her
Just the single time

These days I don't
I no longer see her
I am no longer beautiful
Brandon Diaz Sep 2021
Magic mirrors, Magic mirrors for sell.
These aren’t normal mirrors,
here’s how you can tell.

Don’t like your waist?
Look in the Magic mirror,
and it’s simply erased.

Any pragmatic problem with pimples,
Are seized, solved, and simple.

Any bruises, blemishes, or bumps?
No longer!
All it takes is an overcompensating ogle just once.

Don’t like what you see?
With this magic mirror you can see anything.

See the future,
See the past,
This magic mirror is something you just need to have.

They come small,
They come large,
This magic mirror can be yours for one small change.

Magic mirrors, Magic mirrors for sell.
These aren’t normal mirrors,
THATS how you can tell!

You wanna know where I got these magic mirrors…
Ok, but you can’t tell a soul…
Some say forged by a wizard,
Others say you have to **** a ten foot lizard,
Maybe in the depths of a tomb,
Perhaps 100 feet down in a dark deep room.

Or there’s a store down the road,
Selling normal mirrors for 2.99 a load.
Alexander Jul 2021
is it me
or her
looking in this mirror
Jme Love Apr 2021
Not bent
Not bruised
Together one minute
Shattered the next
Like a mirror
Showing a perfect reflection
It cracks
It breaks
Distortion is all i see
Or maybe its just the real me
Not bended
Not bruised
But broken.
That broken image is me
My reality
An unbroken mirror
Is an illusion of unreal reflection
Holding no truth
Showing not who i am
But what the mirror portrays ne to be
Jana Q Apr 2021
The toothbrush starts, “Enameled crooked crescents fence
a cavern filled by slimy growths and walls that tense.”

The towel ruffles, “Four protrusions rife with joints;
the fifth a rounded stump with sev’ral gentle points.”

“Agreed. The knobs and knuckles wear a supple coat;”
the loofah huffs, “it’s gritty, slick, and prone to bloat.”

The eyebrow brush retorts, “It’s two retracting domes
that cause a row of strands to flutter when one roams.”

“While ‘domes’ is right, I venture ‘jiggle’ as more apt -
along with perky, tapered tips.” the brassiere flapped.

The ****** giggle, “‘Bouncy’ could suffice as well,
but don’t forget the dampened folds and prickly swell.”

“Absurd!” exclaims the hairbrush, “More like brittle twine;
Entangled, oily knots that never quite align.”

“Not twine, but thistles bushing out in sweeping arcs,”
the razor sighs, “from paper that too clearly marks.”

A glassy voice laments, “Not one of them’s correct -
how easy this would be, if you could all reflect.”
Humor is so not my forte, but this was for the Day 3 prompt in SingPoWriMo, so I gave it a shot. It's about bathroom objects trying to describe their user. Critique is welcome!

Are the indirect descriptions easy/hard to understand?
Does the ‘twist’ at the ending work? Or just fall flat?
How long did it take you to realize what the poem is trying to do?
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