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jackie Oct 9
i hear the voice in the dark of night and i open up the window
but its not coming from there
the dark figure in my mirror beckons me
what is the figure in my mirror but a reflection of myself?
for then i am lying on the floor with a gaping wound in my head
this isn't how i wanted to die
have a great day everyone
Alex Gifford Sep 9
Move the magnet from your compass
when you want to know the way.
Slay the snake inside your stomach,
it hunts truth, its only prey.

Throw a stone at self-deception
though the mirrors in your hall.
Can't you feel it, breathing slowly?
None but pride before the fall.
all mine, all mine—
in this Elysian
castle of glass
made of nightly
wishes and tears—
princesses, knights,
kings, queens,
jack of all trades,
Johannes factotum—

you are all mine—
all mine!
you are all mine.
Azure Aug 14

Mirrors  show my reflection,
but they never tell how I feel.
Smiles could send a warm signal,
but they hide the cold within.
Silence could seem peaceful,
but not when it's noisy inside.
It can be bright and shiny on the outside,
Although it's really dark within.
Never believe a reflection,
because it doesn't show what truly is.
Marla Aug 3
i saw myself the other day
when my eyes met in the mirror.
past all of the sadness, anger,
beauty, pain, poetry, desperation,
laughter, hysteria, knowledge,
and kindness lays an ancient siren;
temptress of the forgotten.

call me a saint made of flames,
a fallen angel in witness protection,
redeemed by redeemers through
a wall of water and emotion
to be exiled for the rest of time.

our paths may cross sometime
and a purpose may be served,
but i am not of this space.

no. i am from pain and have
caused it in many ways, but
always for a good cause.
i am the parabellum of peace.

don't forget my name.
don't forget these eyes.
you'll never see them
in another life,
i promise.
Justice Aug 2
Mirrors reflect what
We are feeling most
When I look into one
I just feel broke
Is this the path
I've really chose to
Who am I to you,
Will I really ever
What do you think?
wren Jul 23
i want to start believing that i am mine
i want to own every bit of myself
all of the parts i deemed ****,
meant to please others,
i want to wrap them all
in the softest cotton
and give them a new home,
one i can live in too
avoiding mirrors is getting really old
samara lael Jul 10
mirrors always seem to shatter my heart. their sharp shards would draw out the blood.

~ mirror beauty.
Dré Jul 5
We love each other broken,
and maybe that’s our curse.
I catch my reflection in glassy shards of you,
scattered across countless hotel room floors.

relentless reminders
of the things we love
and can’t stand.

Everything and nothing.
Together and alone.
Here and there.
I can’t be in this body;

Exit stage left when bloodied soles
remind me of my inability to make you whole.
Imminent failure lingers over me;
a wet blanket putting out a fire
that was never meant for fighting.
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