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Aleena 5d
They cringe when they see me
Because they ain’t me

They don’t like my appearance
But hey,
That’s a them thing

What they don’t know is that:
I’m amazing

So don’t do me like that
Because you’ll just get played
Kaledyn 5d
I apologise but I had to ask
Why you keep playing?
I mean I ain't tryna play games
But you be playing with my heart bro
I mean I get that life with the bros
be different from what we share
But consider me bruh
I didn't sign up for yo' spotlight
I really thought it would be me and you
But you had to ruin that moment when you ditched me for her
Wait. Does it help you sleep at night?
Do you feel pedratic when you do that?
Ohh I see, you tryna hide the coward in you huh?
But nah, you being pathetic and in the process
You really hurting my heart
I hope you do realise that eventually
But I ain't here forever though..

Being in a relationship whereby loyalty is one sided really hurts me..
You came in my life
with the words “I love you at first sight”
I should’ve known better for you had a hidden bowie knife.
Would you blame me if I believed in fairytales?
For I was so young and naive.

I did not reciprocate those feelings back,
Did you take it to your ego,
and decided to play that game?
or was that your intention all along?
Because you wore me down with kindness and care,
till I was soft and vulnerable.

Weaving your beautiful lies,
you got me to entrust my heart and soul.
Glamouring my vision over the months,
you wore down the walls
and got past the borders and guards.

You decided to take of the mask
and drop the truth like a bomb,
when I was defenseless, weak and unarmed.
For the caring and affectionate person I knew was all a facade
under which laid a deplorable and cynical soul.

Wearing me down till I was unfortified,
was a part of your maneuvering all along.
You reeled me in with care,
just so you can hurt me with a smite.

You broke my vision of what is all good in this world;
where kindness and care isn’t always itself,
but a way to get past the walls.
You made me taste the bitter after taste of those sweet words.
and scarred my innocent soul.

You broke her,
for she no longer sees kindness and care the same,
but fear the ones who show her kindness,
will do the same.
This is to the person who was never a lover but had his own motives to hurt. To the person who brought to light that words and actions aren’t always true. To the one who glamoured my vision, broke it sending a rushing aching pain through my nerves and veins. To the person who tore the petals of innocence and made me believe life isn’t always beautiful and honest. To the first person who made me taste bitterness, betrayal and pain to the core.
David J Jun 8
i just dont get it
I question how much was real
ive been played a fool

i thought it was love
did you really just play me
... i want to say no

but what have you said
how could say things like that
I know i couldnt

does it just help you
I guess then i wouldnt mind
but dang... that just hurt

now that i look back
were you always just playing
youve got skill alright

ha... i never thought
that i could be played like this
congrats you got me

i gave you my heart
but you just saw a trophy
i hope you had fun

.... because ive never felt this close to being done
... im, so... lost.  I was in so deep... wow did she pull me in. I dont even know anyomore wth happened. Ive lost everything...
Ive been, completly and utterly.... defeated
c May 17
I’m not an object
And I am tired
Of always being played
Axel May 14
1+1 equals 2
but I only know you+you ≠ truth
this is totally not a poetry,hahaha sorry
Time Apr 19
My love is true for you
But you desire something else.
This feels like deja vu.
Like the last time you played,
And called it love,
but really it was just the death of a dove.
Arcassin B Apr 9
By Arcassin Burnham

I be really chill as ****,
Chill as ****,
Technically on the break but that's all in
my head,
Penitentiary mindset but no longer locked
up, you didn't hear from me,
So that's not what I said,
Moving around the creases , in and out
of situations , not my main occupation,
But I'm working up the nerve to live and
survive and survive,
And I don't know how long I could stay
alive , in this ongoing cycle,
Throw your feelings out ,recycle,

I be really chill as ****,
Chill as ****,
Let the chamomile flow though the veins and such, I got a,
Soft spot for nature in my own little way,
Nobody else strong enough to evade my
space, Ya hear me,
Really chill , to the point of no return from
this cloud that I'm on, I could never come
down off this plane, its real strange,
But I'm sane,
Chill I'm telling you.


Don't drag your partners down along with ya' to the grave,
When fakeness is engrave into their brains like a bad movie that
Persuades ,never know,  might bring the pain,
Shut up,
Close your eyes,
Matter of fact open them, stay awake,
Trust no one,
Talk to everyone,
Don't become a dead body in a lake,
Don't seal your fate,
You planned this ,You planned this,
You planned this, don't run from it,
You planned this ,the parasite lingers like
A therapist,
You planned this,
There's no other way to say your views are distorted,
Turning every which way as a sign,
It's a crime, systems take over your life,
You didn't plan it,
But they planned it,
This is propaganda we've been handed,
Your life expectancy isn't really candid,
I know we all gotta' die someday , lie awake somewhere,
Don't be a bandit or a sinner, that’s impossible,
Is this country really free ? Is it optional ?
The feds will hold , a grudge to different race cause their superiors told,
I feel like life is game without the checkmates,
It never gets old.
Donna Apr 6
Thank you dear brother
For showing me poetry
For you , I still write
My brother Simon is and will always be my true inspiration for writing poetry besides my love for my family , because of him I began writing , maybe one day I will stop writing but for now I don’t think to much about if and when I do , poetry helps me release my feelings my imagination , my fun and silly side , so I shall always be grateful to sites like HP and to those who read me <3 I doubt I ever write a book , I don’t feel the need to do tbh , for now I’m just happy to share here on Hp and it’s helped me learn much about myself as I am and most defo a much happier person *** my motto is live life be happy and appreciate the simple things in life x
Jade Welch Mar 13
I didn't REALLY lose you.

The reality of it is, I never really held a single piece of you,
but you possessed my entire heart.
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