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Pax Mar 17
Does your love that shallow?
              Is it just for show?
     or does it hard to swallow?
                           Are you that shy
    to evade me, then why lie?
I know -  I’m old and weary
so I worry,
I don’t want
to be played sorry.
just better not to like me at all.
maria Nov 2021
I said once
that you can't brake me anymore
and then
I let you
play me
and again
Written on November 22, 2021
© ,Maria
My Dear Poet May 2021
Turn the dial
on my back
and spin me around

Press the button
on my head
and push me down

Ring the bell
in my ear
bring on the sound

Push me off
the ledge
pick me off the ground

Check the crack
in the battery pack
no longer around
Made an ocean before a drop
Of water dried-up before it's mopped
A shoot before the backdrop
creative feeling before she gulped

Beauty before the beholder
or let say before he behold her
Grown before she could be older
Timid before, She is bolder

Loved, before realizing they are ****
Yet to get the love-in, but he has come
He's here, she will yet describe him as gun
Only shoots around, like he's as* god

Now, she wished what was dim was clear
Like courage coming before the fears
She hoped this affair could be fair
Like seeing the future before it appears

If only we can know Tomorrow's end from to Today's end
But Today's end is just a start
Well, will like to stay a start can just be the needed tip for the trip.
Jennifer DeLong Feb 2021
I hear nothing from you
No just a text to say hi
Or even a how you doing ?
But then ....***.....
That's all
So you think
that will get me to respond
Sorry ....
I spent 7 yrs lovin' you
Still do
Sorry ....
I'm to expensive
You can't afford me
I need a how r you
A thinking about you
At least once in awhile
Cause , I'm worth it
So go *** yourself
© J DeLong 2/3/21
Our time was short
But our love was not
Across the park
Sitting below the bark
We kindle our hearts
Just like rain met fire
Let me tell you a tale
Of ruby and sapphire.

It all started before this year
You and me stranger from toe to ear
I saw you and you saw me
Really understood me relativity
Among the black you were the white
As i was the one who was not even on sight
You would say hi you would always smile
But I didn’t look nor cared if i was in a mile
You would always smile when you looked at me and one day things unfolded as you were in front of me.
I wanted to write, complete my journal
Guess who had written everything to make me feel infernal.
I asked your friend, did not looked at you
At this point, even you started to do this too
She pointed at you as you were bright
That was the moment you were into my life.
I thanked you on text, said few this and that
You replied few things, it was just a start.
Things moved ahead, i asked you out
You took time, but said lets head out
My first time was embarrassing, didnt wanna make it happen again.
But ohh boy look, who has fallen from her moped.
I controlled my laugh and went to help you
Opened the door and made a impression on you.
Talking, laughing i was busy with myself,
That you ordered something which cost me a whole buffet.
From that day with texted more and more
Got closer and closer, unknowing both
That a storm was near.

How should i describe him what should i call?
He is the one who destroyed it all
Whom to blame and whom to not
Sliced her to pieces throwing her everywhere.

My heart cried like clouds filled with tears
As he was near and i felt fear
To know someone so close and still get rejected,
I guess guys this is life, and i respected.
He was my friend and she was my love
There happiness meant everything for now
Promise myself to never speak to her again
Only to find out my friend did the same
His silence to me and his happiness to her
Ohh boy wasn’t i the loneliest person in this world.
Picked myself brick to brick
Told myself to rebuild everything
Made my mind to be something new
But my heart died a million death
Whenever i saw both of you
What was i lacking? why am i incomplete?
What did went wrong? Was i indiscreet?
My worst time began, my life went round
I would never texted you that was my call
Got so busy in life i nearly forgot our dream
Only to find few months later
You broke up with him.

Met your friends, heard about you
It wasn’t pretty, few bads about you
From that day I saw your slither
Few i knew, but the truth was bitter
My curiosity increased, my mind needed answers,
This was the time when my heart became dancer,
I wanted to know, wanted to learn
What could possibly go wrong
For a girl this much fun.
Then after a month i finally knew,
But it was partial and away from true
They talked about how less of a person she was, they were the narrator,
That she was a bad character,
Laughing at her as she didnt matter,
Her own friends whom she thought she was close with,
Were no longer her friends but strangers together.
What did she do? What happened that February?
What could have gone wrong to what degree?
Well, to me, she did made a bad choice, we can all agree.
Finally I thought i knew the truth,
It was simple but defined her youth,
It was a misunderstanding that happened
A mishap that she was ravened
Her guy was a malice a untruthful,
And she would always need his approval
It would be a prison for a normal
But for her it was her formal.
She being made to do whatever he wants,
She making him happy by whatever he wants,
Such an obsession, such a passion
What would have happened
If only he would have gotten.
Even though he toyed her
Made her his slave
She did everything to please him
And by please, Yes,
Giving her unto him, he using her as much he wants, him making her a mess,
For now she was only an object in dress,
An object for satisfaction
As he was never concerned for her feelings
And nor her actions.
The day too did came, when he wanted to get rid of her, as his fun was done,
As his vessel was filled, and now he wanted another one.
What would a guy such as himself would do?
Well of course, he would spread rumours about you.
She is *****, she is bad, she is begging me to be with her and is only capable of sleeping in bed.
I had my fun, now i am bored,
Onto the next one
Here i go.
Said the guy who left her broken
Who left her puzzled and choked,
Who made sure she would never rise,
And would never breathe the air of nice,
It wasn’t done as i was still searching,
I met her again and we were matching,
Thought finally my love was answering,
Even all this i made her a goal in my map,
Little by little i was falling into her trap,
As she was only making sure,
That her EX would notice and she would roar.
Using me to finally getting her more,
Ladies and gentlemen, it was a good lore.

Got crumbled, had rage,
A typhoon ranged
All sort of emotions and feelings engaged,
But it was ******, Listen close
The ****** of love and hatred rose,
Such an intense hate and i had never felt
This was my becoming of something great,
No love for her I wanted her out of my life, but she was there in my sight,
My rage came forward gave her a decision,
I knew she would deny to all perfection.
Become my girlfriend said I.
No I can not give it a try,
Get out of my life, goodbye.
Those were my last words my last sentence
Event though she insulted me below the class,
Saying i was pressuring her and confusing her pass,
Her words heard by everyone, as i did not expected,
Everyone looking at me as i had done something unaccepted,
I couldn’t believe what i heard, my brain did run,
Me getting insulted was the last thing anyone would have done.
I said goodbye with an image of her in my mind,
That i shall never let her back in my life

The next day was sad,
The day after gloomy,
For only few days it may be,
I had the pleasure of getting near you maybe,
I made up my mind after that,
I was chasing something which i never had,
Never went to class as i got tired,
Always had thought of you which i admired,
Came back to senses, as they would always backfired,
Slowly slowly my hate became strong,
It wasnt ordinary it was a cruel song,
My love would never rise like a sun's dawn,
It had no hope, it had no receiver,
It was alone in itself with extreme fever,
Crying at a corner I consoled him a lot,
Only to find out he killed himself at last!

What the hell happened? Where did you go?
You leave me alone now, plz dont leave me alone!
This pain, this life might have killed you for once,
But trust me my friend i need you here to undo what has been done,
But i never heard you again, i never seen you again,
I am still in worry what happened with you ohh-my-kind-men,
Anyways, all right Ta-Ta-bye-bye,
You had a good heart, good love and a good cry,
I could be able to continue this path which you have lead,
"Just make her happy" this is all you said!
I promise to make it worth, promise to make it eternal like Taj,
So thanks for this life and goodbye Anuraj!
many dappled shadows
played on the forest's floor
as light winds did blow
maria Jun 2020
played me
was a fool
end of story
wish I never met you

written on June 24, 2020
© ,Maria
JCabanilla Sep 2018
Sweet talks,
Late night walks,
Childish pokes,
and my heart got broke.

He destroyed my zone,
And now I'm all alone.
I know it was just a game,
but I played so lame.

He's a pro gamer,
and I, I'm just a beginner.
We played feelings for fun,
but I end up thinking how to run.

I thought I can win this time,
but my heart refuses to rhyme.
I'm aware about the ending,
and fear is a word to describe my feelings.

The game lasted for three days,
the ending didn't change.
He won, I lost.
I'm sure for him I never had any cost.

He kissed my forehead down to my chicks,
but I stopped him before he touch my lips.
I can't give up my first kiss,
for someone that I'm going to miss.

This is not a story of a Princess,
it's not appropriate to seal it up with an ending kiss.
For he was never mine,
because we just played for fun.
Dedicated for those who played a game with someone who's in relationship already.
Michaela Ferris May 2020
I must’ve tried a million times
tried so hard to get you to see I was here all along,
but you had a different plan and broke every promise we made.
I thought I knew you, so trusted your words
But now I know that couldn’t have been further from the truth
So I packed up everything I gave you and left
Now there are no more tears to cry.
I don’t have to try to say goodbye to your memory.

I could have actually cared about you
If you had ever given a **** about me
Now I’m sure I’ll have no trouble finding someone who loves me more than you,
but good luck finding someone who will love you as much as I ever did!
Although this was a good, goodbye and I felt free
You shoved a knife so far in my back
I can no longer trust whoever comes into my life
I’m so **** scared of being played all over again.
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