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allison Feb 17
read the first letter of each line
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
These flashbacks
Of an old life
In a mountainous land
Where I was in love
Cause discomfort
How can I love anyone
Other then my parents.

These dreams
I have of the old times
With my monk lover
Freaks me out
Causing distress
How can I have a lover.

These tantric urges
I developed
Disturbed me
Because I
I wasn’t that kind of girl.
Uta Jun 2018
Cold night,

swift breeze,

she was shining like a bright diamond beneath the moonlight sky,

her skin was pale and soft,

Her eyes blue, secretive and true,

an elf she was,

fairest, wisest and most powerful of all beings that walk the Earth,

and yet a creature so beautiful and so wise,

fell in love,

with a man,

a mortal,

of which was a shocking decision for others,

but a right one for her.
Comment and tell me what you think!

A very short loving tale between a she-elf and a man.
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
Boredom can cause you to do

That causes hair-raising
and spine-chilling thoughts
to appear in your mind.
Yet they never seem to hurt the bee,
only the bird.
she slapped me
off her

he trapped breathe
blocked blurr
read miss

what what

Sequel to my poem A Mourner's tale

Her days turned darkness, as evil taunted her soul
Shattered she stood as the night fought her
Harrowing it was when time stood still
Fearful it were when he held her down
as he took away her reason to smile again
In a journey of ten minutes he took away her dreams alongside her innocence

There was no morning too bright to elude this darkest plight
There was no one to hold her again
No reason to smile
No light too bright

And then

I say

It was blinding how the sun pierced into her damaged soul
And when night came, she could not feel,
She could not see

It was shattering
It was shattering how pieces of her couldn't be mended again
And how these pieces spread beyond her life
It was shocking

It was shocking how her own mind questioned her existence
And how she lived through life, existing, but not living
It was monstrous*

It was monstrous how men could damage a flower so pure and beautiful
And how they go on damaging more flowers,
Crushing them and eluding them all of their innocence
It was blackening
Copyright professor Marylyn-Dolly
All rights reserved.
Keyana Brown Aug 2016
She was the girl that wanted to be
loved so badly and risk it all.

She was the girl that lost herself
to **** as her fragile heart falls.

She was the girl, that was trapped inside
the darkness and couldn't see the light.

She was that girl, who saw herself as a villain:
isolated, depressed,possessed, and pure hatred.

Something wasn't right...

She was also the girl, who caused the storm
to look after her when nobody was around.

She was the girl, who was such a fool
to invite temptation into this town.

The hurricane is coming...

She was then struct by lightning
and the darkness began moving.

She then found her inner peace
and she's finally set free.

She first started out as Ella;
bounded, afflicted, and loss.

Her name is now...
Another superhero that I came up with.
I think this might be better than the "Pather" poem.
Let me know what you guys think. ;)
RH 78 Sep 2015
Why is there a little boy lying on the beach?
Washed up.
All for a new life too far to reach?

Why is there a little boy lying on the beach?
What happened to the human rights we all preach?

Why is there a little boy lying on the beach?
Displacing people no home and no speech.

Why is there a little boy lying on the beach?
A son.
No future.
We hang our heads and weep!
Broken hearted and deeply affected by pictures I saw in the news depicting the lifeless body of a little boy no older than three who was photographed washed up on the shore line of Turkey. The result of further illegal human smuggling, people trafficking promising to get families to Europe on a false promise. All too often, people are put into small boats unable to sustain the weight of all the people put upon it and not fit for purpose. This is yet another shocking event in the wake of atrocities taking place in North Africa where the displacement of millions of innocent people continues. Governments are too busy counting the pennies and quarrelling amongst themselves in addition to wasting precious time as gangs and smugglers take advantage of the situation by sending people to their death profiting from the desperation of families searching for a place to call home. When will this end? RIP to the little boy, his brother and mother who all perished.
Rachel Doty Jul 2015
I beg you please don't leave me
I beseech you please don't go
I simply can't wipe our slate clean
Make our memories cease to show
why won't you let me touch you
as you head out the door?
just a hug, a ****** ******
just that and nothing more
Is the blame on me?
What is it I've done wrong?
Pray, tell me what I've done
so the guilt eats me not whole
You say there's someone else
Why cheat while our love seemed strong?
and then you dropped the bomb on me;
I've ben the other woman all along
Always Ally Dec 2014
It's not fair
To tell me I burden you
I didn't ask for this
I'm trying my hardest really
Do you think I want this?
Did this on purpose?
I want to be the girl who talks to people without hesitation
To speak my mind
To get up and dance
To not cry when I'm alone
Not be unable to breathe when I feel the slightest bit of social awkwardness
Not be offended by everyones' joke and jab at me
Which usually leads to more crying and hating myself
I don't want to look in the mirror and hate what I see
I don't want you to think I'm off putting because I'm quiet most of the time
I don't hate or dislike you
I hate and dislike me which is why I could never talk to a person like you
I don't want to love feeling second best at everything
I don't want to be treated differently because of my physicality and mentality
I don't want you to leave
I don't want you to feel like you have to fix me
I can't be fixed
Pain is relentless and forever
I stare for long periods of time contemplating my death
But I realize I can hurt the people that hurt me
I am weak
I am sad
I wish I could stop feeling this bad
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