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Debbie Brindley May 2017
I have a friend
She is my Forever
A friend since childhood
She's like a precious treasure
Unfortunately she lives far away
But with video chat we can talk
face to face nearly every day

I have a friend
She is my Sun
So calm and gentle
She's full of fun
When I'm feeling bleak
My mood dark as night
She comes bringing her rays of sunshine
and surrounds me with her light

I have a friend
She is my Knight In Shining Armour
A friend who's talkative and vibrant
She's a real charmer
She always seems to know when I'm feeling sad and blue
She takes me away on what we call a pampering rescue

I have a friend
She is my smile
I've had this friend for quite a while
Time will pass maybe 6months or more
Next minute she'll be at my door
With a big smile and lots of charm
ready to greet me with open arms

I have a friend, My best friend
She is my sister
If she were to ever leave
I would truly miss her
She is so full of love, support and care
and no matter what she's always there
She helps me so
and life at times isn't much fun
And one day I hope to repay her for everything she has done
If I combined together the years that I have known these ladies minus my sister it works out to be 113years.
Debbie Brindley Mar 2019
I glimp fragments of you
while you sleep
This sad heart
it does weep

Perfect love
now in the past
A beautiful union
never meant to last

Eyes look at me
with an intensity
of things that use to be

Makes my heart yern
for the melodies
your fingers
once played upon my skin
drawn from deep within

I see you hiding
just beyond my reach
Confused eyes
Your beautiful mouth
Know with out speech

So sad my aching heart
every day we're togeather
Closer comes the day
when we shall part

Soulmate, Lover, Confidant, Friend
By your side I shall be
till the very end
Debbie Brindley Oct 2017
Touch so gentle and tender
Body and soul complete surrender
Lips so soft caress the skin
Close your eyes
and just give in
Arms and legs
Pull you near
Fingers tangled in your hair
All lifes worries fade away
In the grips of passion
you shall stay
Lust so hungry
an urge so great
Fast and frenzied
you just can't wait
Overwhelming sensations
Why put up a fight
Whole body tingling
Afternoon delight
Woke up with these words in my head
Debbie Brindley Jul 2017
I meet a baby girl today
Who stole my heart
carried it away
All it took was to see her face
and my heart was
taken to a special place
A place filled with
and smiles
So much love
it stretched for miles
It's a wonderful place
where these hearts go
If your wondering how I know
it's a Nana's heart
you see
And that heart filled
with so much love
Well that heart
belongs to
Met my first grandbaby today. A beautiful little girl. She made my heart melt
Debbie Brindley Aug 2017
They say it's better
to have loved
and lost
Then to never have loved at all
But sometimes
I do wonder
as I watch you
crumble and fall
To see you vanish
before me
and not able to do a thing
I feel little pockets of madness
starting to creep in
To terrified to look 
to far ahead
Life without you
fills me with dread
So I deal with life
one day at a time
Feeling my way through
as if I am blind
But to NEVER know
what it is to love
Really would be sad
And what we had was
unconditional love
And to have experienced that
I'm truly glad
So it is better to have
loved and lost
Then never to have loved at all
Even if that means that everyday
I have to watch you
crumble and fall
My heart breaks every day
Debbie Brindley Apr 2017
A Mothers love should run deep
So where the hell are you
Your absence makes me want to weep
I'm not sure what I should do
I've tried to tell you how bad things are but nothing seems to sink in
I know somewhere in there you care
So where do we begin
All I want is what's best for him
To have him happy and keep him home
But his mothers love is also needed
Please don't make me do this on my own
Was feeling a little bit angry/sad
When I wrote this
Debbie Brindley Jul 2018
Our once baron land
nothing but blackened sand

Tis now a place of beauty

So come take my hand
so we may stroll through our garden forever
Along the crazy paving pathway
We shall stroll through our garden togeather 
Flowerbeds of


Just to name a few

So come sit with me my love
on our swingseat made for two
The garden my sister built
for my husband and I
Debbie Brindley Jun 2018
say nothing
just let things go
extra stress
not needed
as our lives
find there flow

A well oiled machine
that's how we work
you and me
unyielding emotions
take there toll
everything has a fee

Not sure
I'd have coped
been able see
these years through
there is no one  
who helps me
the way you do

You give me strength
where I lack
I always know you've got my back
You make this life
a little lighter
dark times
a little brighter

Thanks so much
for all you do
thanks little sister
I love you
A very strong woman
is my sister
Ooh and ;a little bossy
She has been a constant by my side during my husbands illness. Thank you my sister
Debbie Brindley Oct 2021
Swaying in each others arms
Dancing cheek to cheek
Sweet lyrics whispered  
Making ones heart miss a beat

Rays of sunlight shimmer down
Gliding across a daisy covered ground
Abundance of birds everywhere
As we dance in the meadow
Messy breeze tousled hair

The season is changing
Autumn leaves float to the earths floor
Keep holding me close as we dance
some more

Sun descending cotton candy clouds way up high
Hues of orange and red fill the sky

As the hues of colour fad away
and darkness descends on this beautiful day
Incased in your arms is where I shall stay

Stars like diamond dust cover the black canvas of night
As we dance in the meadow
Guided by silver beams cast down from a full moon light
Nice memories
dancing with my husband
Debbie Brindley Sep 2017
You came into my life
aged 4

Such a sweet wee thing
and to this heart
of mine
much pleasure
you did bring

I had laughter
and love
with my little boy
But girls
bring a different joy

You really were
a lovely girl
You put my life
into a whirl

We did crafts
dress ups
had days
filled with fun
Your hair
shone golden
when out in the sun

Now you're an adult
Into a lovely young lady
you've grown
with a husband
and a baby girl
A family of your own

So now I have a grandaughter
to give me years
of pleasure
and I'm sure just like her mum
she'll give me memories I'll forever treasure
This was written with much love
for my beautiful stepdaughter
who has been part of my life for almost
Debbie Brindley Jun 2018
I love your hands
So beautiful
So strong
The way your fingers dance
upon the fretboard
as you play a song
The tenderness in your fingers
as they caress my cheek
something you always do
before drifting off to sleep
The warmth
of your hand
as I take yours in mine
As we stroll through the bush
birds singing
the weather fine
How gentle they are
As you hold
our grandbaby in your arms
full of love
and always so calm
Playing the guitar
made your hands strong
I love their beautiful shape
your loving fingers long
Never was into hands until I met my husband
Debbie Brindley May 2017
You sit at our kitchen table
Guitar in your hand
Playing beautiful melodies of love
And tunes from far away lands
Then at night you play with a rock band Hells Bells is their name
Music blaring
Heads are thrashing
The whole room goes insane
At the end of the night you pack up your gear
Head on out the door
Home to your sweet darling
To play your beautiful melodies once more
A poem for my husband x
Debbie Brindley Jan 2019
Illness seeps in
Taking all in its path
Leaving only a shell of what was

Shattered hearts
Tears wept
Broken dreams
Memories forgotten

But Hey
Life must go on

Right :)
Debbie Brindley Jun 2017
What life once was
Is life no more
Sadness came calling at the door
A story told
A tragic tale  
One that leaves you fatigued and pale

Once a social butterfly
Wings now broken and torn
Torn pieces carried away on the wind
With every piece gone you mourn

At what cost
A true love lost
Leaves ones heart
shattered and bleeding
So many emotions
you can't control
has got your head reeling

Close your eyes
make a wish
  for this life to have a happy ending
But this one wish
will dissolve like mist
For the loss and grief are still pending
Could not sleep last night.
Wrote this at 2am
Debbie Brindley Jul 2017
Silence surrounds me
As I lay here beneath the earth
Surrounded by soil
Black fertile soil
Feels as if I've been here
forever trapped
Buried in the darkness
Buried by lifes burdens
If only I could reach the surface
Break through
Though to the sunshine
the fresh air
Fresh air that shall fill my lungs
Fill my lungs
and bring me back to life
To a life I once had
Life filled with color
And sounds of happiness
Instead I lay here stagnant
trapped beneath the earth
In silence
Having a hard day feeling sorry for myself :'(
Debbie Brindley Apr 2018
Memories intact

Amongst   the  chaos  in   your   head

Your words sit silent in a mouth which no longer speaks

Frustration and anger


Behind coNfuSEd eyes  

Features at times expressionless
A canvas blank
Void of colours

Take my hand
I shall guide you
Watch out for you
Protect you
Be your voice
So you are heard
Cared for
My husbands illness
Debbie Brindley May 2018
To give birth to a child
is a wonderful thing

The waterfall of emotions
The love it does bring

Your world is charged
forever more

Long sleepless nights
are in store

As fatigue
a messy house
set on in
You'll not really know
where the hell to begin

Baby will eventually settle down  
Order, routine
will come round

You'll laugh and cry
They'll melt your heart

You'll love them
like know other
from the very start

As they grow
from toddlers to teens
they may change into someone
you've never seen

Their teen years
may drive you insane
But their hormones go nuts
so they're really not to blame

Fill their world with
Hugs, laughter and fun
Cherish your child
as if they're the only one

Talk at the table
when you all sit for tea
Help them grow
to be the best
they can be
Spent mothers day with my siblings and our kids
Debbie Brindley Apr 2018
Caring for you
my love
a harrowing experience
it has been
A life I had not expected
A life unforeseen
When things change in life
When things are taking away
I can't just except and for it be ok
I need time
I need space
In order to get my head
into the right place
To have support workers
come in and care of you
For them to take over
and do what I normally do
When my head
is feeling right
I'm able
To release
To let go
without a fight
So inadequate at times I do feel
When not giving time to release and then heal
My emotions end up in turmoil you see
Hurtling all around
inside of me
Having time
Having space
helps to mend
And makes things much easier
for me to transcend
Healthy coping skills
Debbie Brindley Mar 2018
Why was I giving
such a perfect love
Then have it so cruely
taken away

I really thought
my perfect love
by my side would forever stay

Is this what life throws at you
in order to make you strong
Some of life's challenges
are just nasty
and feel so wrong

I don't want you
to leave me
on this earth all alone
Everythings so twisted
makes my body
as cold as stone

Some days are so dark
for me
I think of ways
for us to go together
But then I think of our children  
their love I truly treasure

So I try to see the good things
that I have in what is my life
And to be there
for our children
in the good times
and when there's strife

I know that I can't leave this place
So I shall carry on
with a broken heart
And love you
till the very end
Until death do us part
Sad days
Debbie Brindley Sep 2017
                        ­                Of
                                                        ­ ­       My
          ­­                             You'll
                      ­         Listening  
             ­                    Making
                   ­ ­                     Strum
          ­­                              Your
                        ­ ­      I'd
                     ­                      Connected
  ­                                            Wanting
                   ­                   Let
So miss hearing a guitar being played. Was  a constant sound in our home
Debbie Brindley Aug 2018
Harrowing hollow within ones chest  
Heads chaos  
an overwhelming mess  
Sleep deprivation here to stay
Emotional well-being has gone
Wishing for thoughts and feelings of yesterday
Debbie Brindley Mar 2018
Your silhouette
against glistening waters
shimmering in the heat
of the sun
My heart dancing
at the beauty
of the vision before me
You have taken
my heart
my soul
  immersed them in colours
I have never known
My love for you
and whole
You have showing me a life
of trust
A life I had never before known
A life where I am free
to love you
stigma and decay
A life of unconditional love
So immense
So pleasurable
Even the smallest
of pleasures
seemed so much more
My world
more vibrant
more beautiful  
lifes pleasures
were shared with you  
How lucky am I
to have had you
fall in love
with me

You have shown me what it is to truly love
Debbie Brindley May 2017
I wish
I wish
upon a star
That I could gather you
in my arms
and take you far
Far far away
On a cloud made for two
A special cloud
for me
and for you
Away from these lands
filled with anguish and pain
To lands with no illness
where you'd have good health again
To lands where together
we'd grow
and grey
As husband and wife
forever we'd stay
Wish we could float away on clouds
Debbie Brindley Sep 2018
Let me pretend our life is normal
there's no illness here
as I lay beneath the covers

With you
My dear

Under the covers
on a chilled mornings day
Outside beyond our window
children are at play
Freshly brewed coffee
drifting in on the air

As we lay
beneath the covers
without a care

Spring flowers bloom
their perfume
dancing in on the breeze
Hear the Kookaburras laughing
outside in the trees
Dogs bark in the distance
a few streets away

But under the covers
nice and cosy
is where we shall stay

Till it's time to get started
on our day ahead
But for now I'm quite content
under the covers with you
in our bed
Pretending  life is  normal
Debbie Brindley Aug 2017
Life rushes by like a river raging
Everything around you forever changing

Growing up leaving home
Starting your own adventure
Getting a place of your own
filling it with things
you treasure

You may experience
You may
find someone to love
You may
go for midnight strolls
Admiring the stars above

Maybe marry
Have children  
Bringing grandparents
great pleasure
A child's love is a wonderful thing
the best feeling ever

Life flies along so very fast
One day you wake  
50yrs has past

It all becomes quite a blur
So many memories
making emotions stir

Family and friends
people you hold dear
Some family and friends
no longer here

Reasons being
for some it's old age
There will be good times
bad times
There's all sorts of lessons
on lifes stage

You can't always know
what life will bring
Sometimes it's so wonderful
it'll make your heart sing

But there will be times
you feel dark
empty inside
all you want to do
is lock out the world
and hide

But life's forever changing
Who knows what
the next ten years will bring
So buckle up your seatbelt
and let life do it's thing
Life is a rollercoaster
Debbie Brindley Jul 2017
You lie on top of the earth
basking in the sun
Warming your flesh through
to your bone's
Sunlight blanketing
everything in it's heat
Flowers of winter are overflowing
Colors bursting through
vibrant against the  
nakedness of the tree's
The aroma of a sunny winters day
fills the air
The hum of nature all around
surrounding you with their
musical rhythms
Dragon flies
Each dancing to their own beat
The earth and sky
A haven of activity
Tranquility at its most divine
Written for my sister.
About the garden she has created
Beautiful day
Sunny skies
Happy husband
Lovely day
Debbie Brindley Jul 2017
Lovely little nose
Skin so soft
Long feet, long toes

Good head of hair
Rose bud lips
Content little stare

Amazing feeling
So much love
For one perfect little bub
Amazing how little babies
can make you feel
Debbie Brindley May 2017
Samantha is our daughter
she has a growing puku
In 3months time
we'll be lucky enough to meet
our first little moko
Puku means tummy
Moko short for Mokopuna
means grandbaby
Debbie Brindley Apr 2017
I'm walking behind you
I call your name
My grief so overwhelming
It fills me will pain
Can you hear me
Do you understand
Not so long ago you rocked to the beat of a band
Slowly you turn toward me
Your face a canvas without expression
Your behavior  
Your speech
Filling with indiscretion
Show me laughter
A reaction
So I know how you feel
My life changing so rapidly
It feels surreal
I love you with all my heart
This illness that is yours
Is something I Endeavor
When you love someone
Love them with your whole heart
You never know what tomorrow can bring
Debbie Brindley May 2018
Where life's headed
I'm not sure

For your illness
has no cure

I can't hide from the world
stay curled up in bed
Gonna grab the bull by its horns
and move forward instead

Fill our world with
Spend time with
family and friends
people we hold dear

Friends come visit
guitar in hand
to play you harmonious tunes
Afternoons filled with
fun and music
ending all to soon

Family days
stories past and present
lots of chatter
these days always pleasant

Our grandbaby
a little girl
Fills our world
with giggles and sqeals

Most days there's music and laughter
some times we sing and dance
Plus we take you driving
whenever we get the chance

Have to stay positive
make the most
of our time
Don't know what else I can do
but love you with this heart of mine
Debbie Brindley Jun 2018
Music blearing
heat searing
sweaty bodies sway

Festival fever
Music weaver
Watching bands play

In a trance
as we dance
memories of yesterday
Enjoyed many music festivals
over the years
Debbie Brindley May 2017
I miss
your beautiful smile
it's been gone for quite a while
I miss
the special look
you have just for me
wither we're hanging with friends
or picnicking under the old oak tree
I miss
your loving touch
your loving touch
I crave so much
I miss
our long talks in bed
now I wonder
what goes on in your head
I miss
our family walks in the hills
wild flowers and
red tailed cockatoos
I miss
watching you play
with the band
up on stage
To me you looked  
OOH so grand
I miss
you playing your guitar
Sometimes I'd sit
and watch you from a far
I really wish
I could turn back time
and have the old Todd back
who was once mine
Debbie Brindley May 2018
I cradle your love
within my heart
A perfect gentleman you were
from the very start

Your aura so beautiful
bright and strong
I knew
in your life
I belonged

you mean the world to me
You left my spirit
and free

One thing about our love
is no mask
did we wear
Any issue needed solving
the other always there

We never fort
never argued
Our hearts sung the same song

Maybe our love was too perfect
because illness came along

For you and I
   would have journeyed
into old age together
Watching our children  
their families
on journeys
to wherever

So sad that you won't be
by my side
We'd talked
often of grandchildren
watching them grow and thrive

Our grandchildren will always know how much you mean to me
But our journey
into old age
Is something
that was never
meant to be
Love youI
Debbie Brindley Aug 2018
My heart is breaking

Through shattered shards
pockets of sadness
seep in
Darkness creeps deeper
under my skin
Run from these feelings
but go where

Can you not hear me
Tears wept silently
today life's to hard to bare

My heart is breaking

This life's Harsh Lesson

Well yeah


Poking holes in my personal space

It hurts so bad when unable to fix
When life throws tragedy
into the mix

My heart is breaking

What can I do

My dear

But be here
For you
Feeling sad
Debbie Brindley May 2017
For 15yrs we had a love
pure and true
Love so perfect
I feel bound to you
Like intertwining vines
of a wisteria
My heart shatters
a million times over
knowing you can never
be my forever

Soon the time will come
for you to leave this place
of chaos and confusion
Not knowing
what is real
what is delusion

We may meet again
In another time and place
Forever in my heart
You have a special space

With all that is happening
I'd  live this life
a thousand times

So I could have you once more
not only as my lover
but also as my friend
Debbie Brindley Jul 2018
Your hands and fingers
so very strong
Yet filled with tenderness
as you strummed my song
A wonderful guitarist
I loved to watch you play
As the music notes
carried you away
To a place so peaceful
it was beautiful to see
As you strummed the piece of music you'd written
for me
Missing you. Missing you play
Debbie Brindley Nov 2018
Woke up last Sunday
Vision slightly impaired
was my eye playing tricks
thought it was nothing to be feared
But my eye did not correct
Straight lines wonky
Vision blurred
My head feeling slightly giddy
a little nuts
It was absurd
4 days in
off to the optometrist
I went to see
Not Retinal Detachment
But Macular Degeneration
My first thought
"oh ?#$@ me"
So off to the hospital  
It was so hard not to flee
My eye ball was numbed sanitised
injected into
So hopefully
It will be fine
Because if it doesn't work I'll end up legally blind
If your eyes ever play up go have them checked.
Had to write this with my left eye closed.
Debbie Brindley May 2017
We lived in an old home
with a
big fire place
Perfect for our children
who could run and play
in its big open space
Their laughter wonderful
as they rode though the bush
They'd climbed tress
build cubbies
go camping
do whatever they wished
You could even drop a line
in the dam
and try to catch a fish
Bush out the back
Orchard out the front
The kids would canoe
Dive off the pontoon
Even go on a big frog hunt
Life in the hills was perfect
an awsome place
for our children to play
Days swimming
and snockling  
Wanting their friends
to come and stay
It's a place they hold dear
to their hearts
It was really sad to leave
and make a new start
But they have wonderful memories
of the old house in the bush
I'm so glad
our children grew up there
and could do
whatever they wished
A peom for our children
So many wonderful memories
were made while living
at the old house in the bush
Debbie Brindley May 2017
There is a cravice
in my cheeks
on which a tide of tears
has flowed upon
The person who once was
is now gone
He is the stranger
before me
fragmented and torn
Lifes full of harsh lessons
we must learn
My heart has shattered
into a million pieces
Tearing through my flesh
it burns
Will this pain subside
I feel so
so tired
This is one fight
I shall lose
I can't fix
what is happening
So the cravice will grow
What lesson will I learn
I do not know
But one day soon
I will have to let you go
Debbie Brindley Apr 2018
Suffocating feeling
gasping to breath
Overwhelming sensation
A need to leave
Isolation wanted
Great need for space
Burning up
Sweat on my face
Head starting to spin
Walls closing in
Need to escape
Get out
Before it's too late
Out the door
Through the gate
Take my time
Got out
Got away
Everything will be fine
When I was 19 started  suffering panic attacks and the only way I could stop them was to leave the place I was having the panic attack. Had.them for about 3yrs
Debbie Brindley May 2018
Paper flowers upon Ivy walls
Dark gray skies weep tears from above
A rainbow of colors flow
My step daughter and I made paper flowers
Debbie Brindley Mar 2018
My poetry sorrowful
my life my muse
writing of my sadness
helps dispense my mournful blues
It really does surprise me how writing poetry makes me feel
Expressing my emotions
in words
is helping me to heal
Poetry helping get through the tough times
Debbie Brindley Jun 2017
The song of a magpie
Brings special memories to me
Staying at Nana's house
The sound of the sea
My sister & I
our cousin Johnny
Playing chasey  
Hide and seek
The wind in our hair
There were gardens of roses
Pathways everywhere
Summers always mild
You could feel the ocean breeze
Wanting to play more
When Nana called us
in for tea
Hugs from Nana
As we were tucked in tight
Into our beds to sleep for the night
I love to hear the Magpies sing
And appreciate the beautiful memories they bring
Memories  from when I was around
5 or 6yrs
Debbie Brindley Feb 2018
A fabulous day
to be had was in store
At Mash Brewery I casualy
strolled through the door
Our tables real long
30 + ladies are here
Eating lunch and chatting
with a wine,cider or beer
Then I spy the birthday girl
a friend I hold dear
Like all the other ladies
I bring birthday cheer
Then a call "all aboard"
gotta skull down my drink
To much of this  
I'll end up feeling real stink
So out of the brewery
single file we go
To our white disco bus
with our Kiwi driver Joe
With a smile to our driver
I say "Kiora Bro"
Then we're off on our journey
to different Swan Valley locations
There's laughter even a waterslide to release some of life's frustrations
Then all to soon my journey
must end
Then I hear a voice say
"Come to Guildford my friend"
More then happy to ablige
It's back to my seat
with a skip in my stride
At the Guildford Tavern I decide l'd love to go the whole way
And on my girlfriends couch
tonight is where I shall stay
Today I'm having respite
so my sister I call to see
if in the morning
she's able to come and get me
She's more than happy
Glad I'm having fun
I love my sister
she's my number one
So off on our bus down
the Highway we roar
"Girls just wanna have fun "
we let our voices soar
With our trusty driver Joe
in our white bus
with the disco light
We laugh, sing and dance
our voices carrying into the night.
The most fun I had in a long time
Debbie Brindley May 2018
My journey to you
so very long
Men I'd dated
never singing the right song
Then one day
you were there
Leather jacket
Long blonde hair
I felt as if I was in a dream
You had the best **** mullet
I'd ever seen
You're handsome face
it did frame
You wore your mullet
without shame
Farrah Fawcett hair
my jeans real tight
Who could've known
we'd fit just right
The first time we meet
that majestic night
1980's Big hair, Big shoulder pads
Big everything
Debbie Brindley Jul 2017
Large boulder rocks everywhere
Water so clear mussels attached to riverbank's
Laughter racing home made boats
Everything about this place is beautiful
Debbie Brindley Jul 2017
Children climbing old oak tress
Jersey cow watches peacefully from the fence
Running through fields toward home
Loved this place
Debbie Brindley Jul 2017
Oak trees sway in breeze
Red dirt driveway curving dividing the two
Canola blankets fields in yellow
This Haiku is about the house where my children grew up. I loved this place miss it immensely
Debbie Brindley Jul 2018
Lifes tragically hard
more things going wrong

Sometimes I do wonder
how sorrowful
the lyrics would be
if written as a song

A song of great love
and trust

Of passion

Of illness  
and fear

Of anger
and heartbreak
over the one I hold dear

What sad lyrics they'd be
If my life with you
were a song
Debbie Brindley Nov 2018
Your walk elegant
as if in a dream
A vision of loveliness
is how you are seen

Long and lean your body
with a big loving heart
Knew you were special
from the very start

Our brothers a lucky man
to have fallen for you
How you love him back
For him
A dream come true

When it comes to love
2 things are a must
Your relationship
has both
they are
So glad my brother found someone so lovely
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