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Kim Essary Mar 2018
Pitter patter , pitter patter, as you are awaken from your sleep.
Oh but the fallen heart so in love
In love with that perfect tiny little child as they run as fast as they can and land middle of the bed,
Good morning my sunshine , you slept well,  as the hugs wrap you so heavenly.  Even with the darkest gloom they shine such vibrant light the second their presence is in the room.
No matter the regret of one day of sleeping in , hand and hand we go , it's time for our day to begin.   Aw the love of a grandchild no apples or oranges do compare for there's only a love so pure and honest and destined to last a lifetime. Lay beside me  their tiny voice whispers as the day has been long,  night is upon us, as I tuck my sweets into bed.
Grandma, yes dear, I love you Soo much, as the light from the moon shined upon the face of the innocent child I returned with words ,
Oh my dear grandchild something you should never forget, the love I feel in my heart for you is more than I could ever express. Sweet dreams my love as I tuck them to bed , and fall into a dreamy  sleep,  as I know come tomorrow I will be woken again by the sound of their tiny two feet. Pitter patter pitter patter
My grandchildren are everything to me each and everyone
Andreas Simic Oct 2017
Who Am I 2©

I sit on the park bench
Watching the world pass by

It feels like I have been here a while
I do not know where home is

Nor what my name is
Somewhere out there someone loves me, I think

Be it a spouse, a sibling, a child or grandchild
Yet I am not sure

So I wait,
For what I am not fully aware

Could it possibly be to take some medication
That will clear the fog away

Or possibly needed to save my life
Maybe…or maybe not

Someplace deep inside the recesses of my mind
I hear these words

“Stay where you are, we will find you”
And so I wait

Andreas Simic©
Amelia Crake Jul 2017
My dad lying on the couch,
Staring blank faced in the direction of his youngest grandchild.
Mezmerized by how the baby plays,
His quiet babbling in some twisted tongue is background noise to my father's panic.
Nothing can quite keep the thoughts at bay,
so terrified of slowly whisping back into the stars
Before my son can remember his *Papa Bear.
I'll teach the boy about the stars.
Constellations that make sense,
Pictures in the sky.
He'll know hot to smile when it rains
And that it's ok cry.
My parents have taught us to love without regret
And to help out when you can.
As my parents did I too will raise my child about unconditional love and making peace with yourself.
Debbie Brindley Jul 2017
I meet a baby girl today
Who stole my heart
carried it away
All it took was to see her face
and my heart was
taken to a special place
A place filled with
and smiles
So much love
it stretched for miles
It's a wonderful place
where these hearts go
If your wondering how I know
it's a Nana's heart
you see
And that heart filled
with so much love
Well that heart
belongs to
Met my first grandbaby today. A beautiful little girl. She made my heart melt
Echoes Of A Mind Feb 2016
This is my grandfather
Or rather
It's his grave
You see
there's just the thing
that he and I never meet

He died before I was born
He didn't even meet his grandson
none of the grandchildren
did he meet
tho' he had always whished for it

So this cold stone
which is covered by grass
is the only kind of grandfather
which I ever had...

— The End —