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Nathalie Jun 20
I loved the soothing
Tone in her voice
It was comforting
All the trivial
Irritations of the day
Would drift away
It reminded me of
How I felt when
I watched the gentle
Breeze as it hugged  
The sail of the boat
On the water
This harmonious
Collaboration between
Two independent elements
Supporting each other
In moving forward

Jasmin Joy May 8
Pain ran through the veins.
Hopes were flickered out
Ants are biting the soft skin
It is not good vision to see
The baby squirrel is not moving
Thunderstorm put me inside
My heart pounded as he
was gonna die forever...
Oh! I can't imagine his death
Its too cold outside.. Maybe
he is shivering. Mamma
squirrel is very panicked
I ran out to the tree
took him in my hand and
kept him in shed and wiped
out him with a towel
He opened his cute eyes by
The warmth in my hand
Kept him in the towel so that
He'll be okay. But......
My heart skipped by a shout
I was scolded for getting out.
That's my mother...besides
Getting sad I smiled and remembered
That mom's love is always the same
With no difference whether
it is a squirrel or it is a human...
A sweet short story happened in my life 😊😊
Comment ur opinion whether it is a correction or a compliment🙂
MSunspoken Apr 4
Touch so comforting
A familiar hand to hold-
Spreading this disease
Honestly, I'm not one to write a Haiku. Despite that, I think that Hello Poetry needs one right now.
TD Feb 6
(I miss those moments
when you smiled)

I hammered madly on the ivories
I imagined an open stage
I danced and twirled

I saw your grinning eyes
over your open newspaper
a wink and a nod

You tapped your feet in time
and clapped when I’d pretend to try.

But most of all I miss
your quiet presence
a comforting constant
during the awkward years
when every day was a second away

from tears.

And that smile...
Zywa Jul 2019
I am shocked by the question
to myself: who will comfort me?
Where are the arms

that rock me happy
and promise me a bright future?
With whom will I be safe?

.....Come on girl, there is more
.....under the sun, it shines
.....look around you, smell
.....the weather, you have your nose

.....your eyes, ears, and mouth
.....and your hands of course
.....not just for the love
.....of a man, of a child

But the world is so big
I want someone
for myself, a home

where I recharge
I want someone
to embrace, four arms

that feel together
that I am a woman
to love
For Maria Godschalk

Collection “The Big Secret”
Mary Frances Jul 2019
Your radiance blinded my eyes
yet they didn't hurt.
Your words pierced my heart
yet I did not bleed.
Your fire set my soul ablaze
but I wasn't burned.
Your chains held me to the ground
but they made me soar higher.
This is the kind of love you give:
complex yet affable,
resilient yet comforting,
agonizing yet appealing.
Amaris Jun 2019
Hush, little one, and get some rest
Don’t lie awake thinking you failed some test
Let me wipe away your tears, don’t be distressed
All who matter know you tried your best
Sam Manfre May 2019
Strangely comforted by nature;
to be silent with what always is.

I fear dawn is about to fall.

Comforted by the fisherman at sea.
Symmetrical lights sway above the shoreline.
Tiptoeing along the tide,
effortless fun.
Fun just by being.
I smoked into the night.
Or maybe the night was looking at me;
whispering gaze beckoning me to search the vast bay water.
What could bob to the surface for a foolish wanderer.

I took the face the moon offered on a cratered platter,
and walked home
lusting over new horizons
I am quite excited for calm, comforting summer nights
zee Apr 2019
i think of people as if they're stars
billions are existing, brightly shining
each star necessary to complete variations of constellations
but when one star dies out, you can never complete it.

much like people,
billions are existing, brightly shining
unaware of the purpose they have
blinded by other's lights they forget their own
forgotten brightness, they forget the purpose they have
in other's lives.
i looked up one night to stop myself from crying but instead i was captured by the most beautiful mess of twinkling stars, almost blinded of how brightly lit they were.
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