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Arianna Feb 11
Errant* hands,
But no error do they make,
Nor falter in their steps

Traveling west
          Across the blooming meadows
          Of roses brightening your cheek;

Tracing east
          Through the dark curtains of
          Of moss curling soft over your face;

Wandering south
          Across the steady terrain of your heart
          And the waterfall trails skipping gracefully down the lines of your form;

And striding north,
          To your raven-eyed crown,
          Where I see You, twinkling
          In the stars chosen from heaven
          To light up your eyes.
* = "Errant" here is used in the literary sense of "wandering" or "itinerant, rather than to indicate erroneousness or moral depravity.

For a Blue Sparrow. :-) This came to mind while navigating back to the hostel by memory after my phone died, thinking about the directions, looking for landmarks, and you know... Just thinking. ;-)
I find it surprising  
that animals can sometimes
understand us
better than people.
Their eyes;
full of love and hope.
Their attitude;
showing care and gentleness.
Words are not needed
for them to tell us their love for us.
And yet we,
cannot love each other
the way animals can love us.
Debbie Brindley Apr 2018
Memories intact

Amongst   the  chaos  in   your   head

Your words sit silent in a mouth which no longer speaks

Frustration and anger


Behind coNfuSEd eyes  

Features at times expressionless
A canvas blank
Void of colours

Take my hand
I shall guide you
Watch out for you
Protect you
Be your voice
So you are heard
Cared for
My husbands illness
iamtheavatar Mar 2017
This life.

Nothing more
than dust and dirt.
Nothing more
than a pause for breath.

Yet You chose to speak
to these skin and bones.


Speak Lord.

Let Your voice
touch this weary heart.
Let Your Spirit
pour like eternal rain.


Speak Lord.
When these lips
don't know how to praise.

Speak Lord.
When these hands
are too heavy to raise.

Speak and set me ablaze.

**iamthe_avatar ©2017
A poem for love.
JSL May 2016
Do you know what gentleness you've killed just by existing? But where else could I rest but in your hurricane.
DEW Apr 2016
He clears his throat,
offers a hand,
lady afloat
begging to stand...

but where is she now?
The gentleman's moon...
his strides upon Earth
whose labors to croon?

Here, gentleman, hear
her breaths are so soft.
Need this dough like skin,
a taste so aloft?

Her pulse like a symphony,
her steps on pools glistening,
her lips your night litany,
her hands light-wrought ivory.

Gentleman she swoons!
Her hips like snow dunes,
her words gentle noons
that light up your Junes.

Yet you stay away,
your respect holds sway.
Though she is nectar,
you drink not as night
does day.

Your gentle ways
lengthen the days,
though distance kept,
you oft' purvey
a sense of love,
as she turns your way.
André Fernandes Apr 2016
Before I burn
This diary,
I will gently
Rise my bent knee
And name you
My humble wishes:

Offer me sanctuary.
Be my peace of mind.
Grant me your summer smile
In days of wintery rain.
I will faint and return
By the grace of your autumn air.
I will beat the wind
That rises tides out of your kind hearted soul.

I want to fall asleep
And feel the sun on my face
Sheltered in your arms,
Caressed by your fingers.

I will greet many days
And reach out many smiles
If the only life I have left
Remains blessed
By your presence,
My love.
Keep us close everyday,
Bestow Your love in our hearts,
Let us be humble and kind,
Make us keep to Your good deeds,
Allow me to love him dearly.
And let him know that i love him
Let me be able to celebrate in his sucess.
And be able to mourn in his sorrows.
Lord keep us together,
In loving harmony and peace.
You have heard the kindest words i say to him
Let us love one another into enternity Lord!
Angelina Aug 2015
I want to feel his feather-soft fingertips grazing the curves of my body,
To reverently hold him in my arms beneath the pale moonlight,
To feel the heat of his skin on mine.
I yearn for the warm, insistent coaxing of his lips,
The sound of his whispering voice,
And the feeling of his breath tickling my ear.
I want tenderness in his beautiful eyes, his words, his touch.
I long for his capable arms, his easy smile, the masculine smell of his body.
I need gentleness within his insistence, desire within his need, compassion within his reckless abandon.
I don't want *** from him,
I want to make love.
I don't know what I want, really. But I want it to be soft and slow and gentle so I can savor every moment.
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