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Glenn Currier Jul 26
It was an evening of tears.
Not of pain or sadness
but those that arise unbidden and unexpected
after witnessing a hardened woman
who finds a sliver of grace
to forgive herself and another.

Tears of gratitude
from the sudden awareness
of undeserved goodness
given freely.

This flow welled up
from something so deep within me
it belies masculinity, logic,
or the thick and high walls
cast up from hurt.

Tears that pierce scar tissue
wrapped around the soul
from pain or the fear of it
from abuse and the remembrance of it.
These are powerful tears
more mighty than the brutality
and shameless arrogance
I witness on the evening news.

Oh how full I felt
from this unabashed weeping
as if I had been visited by angels,
or something that can only be called
Tom Atkins Jun 12
I am thankful for the trespassers.
for those who dared breach my walls
gently but firmly, who passed through
my locked doorways carrying candles,
determined to do no harm, determined
to raise me from the dead.
There have been times in my life, and we are living in one of those today, I believe, when I needed someone to push past my own walls and self-limitations with gentleness and love, so I could become more, better, stronger.

The gentleness and love are just as important as the persistence, I have learned.

Be well,

EP Robles Mar 1
NOT  a goodbye my sweet birds
but that season's  change
o'er time and human need

the burrow may borrow
what little warmth
of heart but the sun sees
the vastness of grand love
we give her\so not a goodbye
little ones but a promise
for tomorrows!

:: 03-22-2014 ::
Rev: 03-18-2018
unlimited strength
embracing softly, my hands
such power understands
nothing is so strong as gentleness
and nothing so gentle as pure strength

Saint Francis de Sales
Here we are
In a closet,
protected by intimacy.

This is not a reflection,
written on sand
nor a message
left on a mirror
by salient hands.

With a phrase
I will release you.
Into a room,
Without judgment, or breath.
Without a scream of worry,
Or an island of regret.

This is love without witness,
The most naked of vulnerabilities.
The self-seeking, all seeing periphery,
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
I find it surprising  
that animals can sometimes
understand us
better than people.
Their eyes;
full of love and hope.
Their attitude;
showing care and gentleness.
Words are not needed
for them to tell us their love for us.
And yet we,
cannot love each other
the way animals can love us.
Debbie Brindley Apr 2018
Memories intact

Amongst   the  chaos  in   your   head

Your words sit silent in a mouth which no longer speaks

Frustration and anger


Behind coNfuSEd eyes  

Features at times expressionless
A canvas blank
Void of colours

Take my hand
I shall guide you
Watch out for you
Protect you
Be your voice
So you are heard
Cared for
My husbands illness
iamtheavatar Mar 2017
This life.

Nothing more
than dust and dirt.
Nothing more
than a pause for breath.

Yet You chose to speak
to these skin and bones.


Speak Lord.

Let Your voice
touch this weary heart.
Let Your Spirit
pour like eternal rain.


Speak Lord.
When these lips
don't know how to praise.

Speak Lord.
When these hands
are too heavy to raise.

Speak and set me ablaze.

**iamthe_avatar ©2017
A poem for love.
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