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Marilyn O Dec 2020
While wiping the dust off the chairs,
the radio garnished the room with a lovely song.
We chatted and laughed over and over,
sprinkling the flowers to beset the room.
Everyone was merry and positive.
We shared our worries, cried, sobbed, encouraged and supported each other.
We didn't care for nothing because we had ourselves to rely on
so we spoke up without fear nor shame.
Our confidence as family was one to be envied
because we listened and shared our cares.

The day after was more than disastrous.
Wherever we went we paused in shock.
Words cruised from mouth to mouth
and echoed from street to street.
Even the birds sung our song.
Our depths and cares were known all over the place.
We were bewildered beyond our strengths
because we didn't know you were the parrot in the house,
spreading our stories wherever you went.
Avoid gossip, it kills trust and diminishes values.
Angela Rose Nov 2017
I don't want to talk about the weather
I don't want to talk about how humid it was today, or how it rained some time last week
I want to talk about if you think the aliens are real
I want to talk about which type of flower reminds you of your mother
And I want to talk about what song from the last five years reminds you of summer
I want to talk about the pets you had growing up and their names and the marks on their coats
I want to talk about the first time you fell in love and what her smile looked like
Did she have crooked teeth?
Were her lips painted red the day you noticed you loved her?
I want to talk about what kind of toppings you like on your pizza
And I want to talk about how you like your coffee in the morning
Do you prefer more sugar, more cream?
Black coffee, or no coffee at all?
I want to talk about your stance on immigration laws or abortion or gun control
I want to talk about where you have most felt at home
Was it the basement at your mother's place, where you first got laid?
Or maybe it is the baseball field where you scored your first home run?
I want to talk about who you are when no one is looking, because that's when it counts the most
Do you always spare a dollar for the homeless man under the bridge at the intersection by work?
Do you hold the door open for old ladies with six bags in their arms and a coat full of cat hair?
I want to talk about everything and anything except the weather
Daisy Rae Aug 2017
when she's happy, she can't stop talking, but when she's sad, she doesn't say a word.
Baffled by loud,
boisterous chatter boxes.
Completely oblivious to expressions.
That uninterested look on your face
and the feeling of fatigue.
Conversation as dry and baron
as the deserts wasteland.
Nothing in common.
You can't relate.
You get Antsy.
Every excuse to escape.
Thinking about anything else
other than the topic at hand.
The attic upstairs.
Single digit IQ's try to fill it
with treasure chests of useless information.
You don't want any part of it.
Worried about what others are doing.
Their perfect mouths will report
every flaw and imperfection
from someone else's every move,
while they put themselves up on a pedestal.
You could care less.
Zero contempt for
their own actions.
You tune them out.
You know better than to be
brainwashed by these dim-witted
knuckle draggers.
You look right through them
like they're not even there.
You'd rather be anywhere in the world
than trying to uphold a conversation
with this person.
Sovereigns of discussion
change subjects and steal the show
with their big takeover and  interrupt
that heart-to-heart you have with
your peers.
They vent about their troubles
and financial situations
like no one else in this world
has problems.
Yet, they contradict themselves
by flaunting and flashing
the expenditures on frivolous
things from the day before.
They've got much to say
but not a lot to talk about.
You have to dumb yourself down
on comfort levels just to connect.
Raiders of dialogue unleash
the tongue lashing of the century
as they talk "at" you
and not with you.
Loquacious bobble heads
with rotten personalities
share gossip and spread rumors.
Whispering in ears
behind the backs of others.
Sexist, racist, homophobic comments.
Bad combination of being
over opinionated and
living in the early stages of evolution. ******* and belittlement.
Telling you what to do while
putting you down simultaneously.
Feeling powerful and favorable.
Like a bully picking on children.
You simply ignore this because
you know better than to digest
such immoral behavior.
They don't care about
the historical events of your life.
Only their own.
Far fetched nostalgic
childhood memories.
Lies upon lies.
You call them out on it.
Only more lies to cover it up.
No use trying.
So vain in self absorbed sophistication. Superstars in their own minds.
It's virtually impossible to argue
with stupid people.
Family, friends, coworkers,
random's at the breweries.
Hiding unknown identities behind fabricated stories to sugarcoat the pressures of not being able
to handle the pure, unadulterated, truth. You need these types of people
in your life for entertainment value,
not to bore you death
but to sit back silently,
analyze and interpret
with your imaginary bucket of popcorn
as they prey upon other innocent bystanders and punish them
with the same unbalanced lectures.
You see the same dull and disinterested ****** expression you once had.
You're not alone.
Avoid eye contact
with these ingrates.
You are not that
Never forget that.
Debbie Brindley May 2017
I have a friend
She is my Forever
A friend since childhood
She's like a precious treasure
Unfortunately she lives far away
But with video chat we can talk
face to face nearly every day

I have a friend
She is my Sun
So calm and gentle
She's full of fun
When I'm feeling bleak
My mood dark as night
She comes bringing her rays of sunshine
and surrounds me with her light

I have a friend
She is my Knight In Shining Armour
A friend who's talkative and vibrant
She's a real charmer
She always seems to know when I'm feeling sad and blue
She takes me away on what we call a pampering rescue

I have a friend
She is my smile
I've had this friend for quite a while
Time will pass maybe 6months or more
Next minute she'll be at my door
With a big smile and lots of charm
ready to greet me with open arms

I have a friend, My best friend
She is my sister
If she were to ever leave
I would truly miss her
She is so full of love, support and care
and no matter what she's always there
She helps me so
and life at times isn't much fun
And one day I hope to repay her for everything she has done
If I combined together the years that I have known these ladies minus my sister it works out to be 113years.
Angge Aug 2016
I know for a fact that I am talkative,
In which I find noise as something positive.

But when it comes to you, your eyes and your smile,
I can't help but think that silence can be worthwhile.
Cee Valenso Apr 2016
Listen. I'm not silent.
In fact, I'm immensely talkative.
I have a loud mind that produces battalions of statements daily.

I am talkative.

Words egress from my lips like rivers flowing to vast seas.
I speak of my aspirations, dreams, and visions for the future.
I brag about my strengths and feats that I have achieved.
I impart my knowledge and discoveries to the curious.

I am not silent.

I share my experiences and learnings to elicit self-reflection.
I exclaim my inspirations and interests with much enthusiasm.

I was never silent.

I admit my weaknesses, insecurities, and fears with difficulties.
I enumerate my quirks and oddities despite hesitating.
I disclose my secrets and sins that marred me.

Why do you call me silent?

I elaborate my thoughts and my whims on the spot.
I sing my favorite rhymes, lullabies, and songs that are more than just mellifluous melodies.

How can you call me silent?

I utter peculiar lines and cryptic metaphors in varying tones.
I narrate stories of friendships, love, romance, and passion in diverse forms.
I spit verses of hatred, greed, atrocity, and apathy with vehemence.
I scream what's taboo, ******, unconventional, and abhorrent unabashedly.

There is absolutely no space in my mouth for silence.
I am not silent and my lips are not closed.
Your eyes are just covered, and you do not know how and when to listen.
Viseract Jan 2016
I curse myself my misfortune,
Yet when it turns I bless it

I say goodbye sometimes,
Yet immediately want to turn around and talk some more

I always worry when I'm not around you,
Yet when ill befalls me and you're not there I tell you not to

Sometimes I feel like I am the worst,
Yet still manage to see the best in others

I am instinctively protective of you and my friends,
Yet all I want to do is rest my head on your shoulder and give up

I rant and rage about some people, all fire,
Yet when I actually speak to them I become ice

I always want to talk to you,
Yet unless in a babbling mood I find it hard to do so

In my mind, I picture myself as a smooth talker,
But honestly? The moment I see you I am tongue-tied

If only you knew my ironically comical habits,
That befall me when I fall for you
A lighter, happier poem. I'm smiling as I upload this, which is a good thing, right? I think it's a good thing. Maybe because it's associated with pleasant memories, and I've always been a sucker for caring, passionate girls. Ah well, big giveaway, but I don't care. So what if I like someone? So what? It makes me happy, so be happy too!

— The End —