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No, he's not pessimistic
It's just that he's accepted the reality
He has examined every single angle
But got the same result each time
The radius is not yet ready to form a cone
So, he has to cope with the circle only
He understands things very well
Hence, there's no point in being optimistic...

The tree would bloom only in the spring
So, it continues to wait for that season
Similarly, he's also waiting for the storm to pass by
And the clouds to rain down 
So that he can see the clear blue sky
Under which he'd again try to convince
The radius to give up its obstinacy
And to form the cylinder, if not the cone...
If he can't be at the top alone... Let him be equal with every other being..!
They talk for a new day
But the Sun has already extinguished
And he's lost in an unidentified darkness
Where the Moon is present
But doesn't accompany him at all...

And those twinkling Stars
Seems nothing more than his fading heart
Yet he's crawling along that dark path
In the little hope of a new Moon's ray
But he's unknown that a distance of 3,84,400 Km gapping them apart...

Again in that blank darkness
He sees some rays but this time Red
Unaware of the danger, he continues to step ahead...
They tell him to bridge the gap between him and the Moon
But he's burning down all of the Bridges
And thinks, he's going to build something new...

But it's just a thought, so, he decides to recall, all the things...
Before he prepares himself to see his own downfall..!
When I shifted here... 
far from my land
full of anxieties and a little fear, unknown...
Two cute baby pigeons
Right in a corner of my balcony 
Gave me that happiness I was craving for... I don't know, from when...
And those baby pigeons 
Unable to fly, were a little afraid 
Of that 17th floors' height 
Were so helpless the same as I 
And their helplessness forced them to share that space 
With a person who himself was shy 
And few days passed... 
I tried to give them that possible space needed
Spread the grains so that they could feed
And now we both were comfortable in each other's company
At least I thought so... Unless that day came... 
When they learned to explore the sky on own... 
Unknown of their new ability
I stormed in our space to see them 
They saw me coming... Saw the slide of the door
I was about to step in but they gave me the same reason to abhor
This selfish world and the game of "You Trust, I show (The colors)..." 
They flew and never came back... 
What they meant to me, they couldn't understand
And left me alone, again with my fear and anxieties
The same way, when once you pulled off your hand..!
Hey Everyone... Back here again...hope you all are good... Little stuck these days with unknown things...
Simon Jul 2020
Logic isn't logic if it's forced down your throat! Which is exactly why logic can't protect itself against its own reasoning when forced to do something it's never to have been done ever before, since an idea's very conception!
Sometimes logic pieces things together that isn't always "perfection"!
Ace Black Dec 2019
this hole in my chest
sinks deeper
and deeper
I scream but my lips are sealed with a smile
A laughter
Reach in and see
See what’s inside of me
This hole in my chest
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
I was an outcast
in school
nobody liked me
I had no friends
noone to talk to
noone to share my experiences with
noone to understand me
noone to learn from
noone to help me
I was alone
and lonely
and sad.

Now, reflecting on my memories
of my outcast loneliness
I am relieved from my trauma
by expressing to myself my lonely sadness
as I’m doing in this poem,
and reminding myself that my school-days are in the past
and re-focusing on being in the present-moment
and striving for my joy and happiness.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When I am in pain
I have discovered
calmly introspecting
gains me self-awareness of my pain,
and helps me achieve acceptance
of how the pain is happening;
and then calmly expressing my pain
in words
enables further self-awareness of my pain,
diminishes the psychological-energy of the pain,
and helps me endure the pain
Is it the same way for you?
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