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Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019
Poet/Poetess falls in love
Expect different
Expect forever

They will adjust their height
To reach you
They will adjust their time
To honor you
Pay attention to their eyes
Every time it will be dilated
When it's about you

Using metaphors
They will try to reflect
Your presence
Through their Ink
Sometimes as a flower
Sometimes as an ant
Sometimes as a bird

What you are to their soul

They may
Burn their emotions
They might share it to you
They may stay silent
Wishing peace to you
Never they will stop
Loving you
Genre: Experimental
Theme: To the eternity you will live
Brittany Hall Apr 2019
Fragile, yet, unbreakable.
Rattled, but, unshakable.

Taking the **** and I'm dealing with it.
Taking these hits 'cause I'm feeling with it.

Out of my mind, but I'm cool with it.
I still walk a straight line, I don't fool with it.

Tired, but I still stay woke.
Fired up; what a ******* joke.

Still respectful, I don't hope you choke..
I'll just let you make someone else go broke.

Anyway, back to the point.
I'm doing fine, want a hit of this joint?

I'm ******* funny, I'm free, wouldn't you like to be me?
Just kidding. I'm humble, trapped, and you don't wanna be me.

It doesn't matter what anybody else believes.
The only one that can judge Me, is Me.

Me, me,
Me, me, me, me,

One lesson you taught me,
Is to care about me, me, me, me.

Thank you, really.
I hope that you agree.

I'll never again forget,
That I, am Queen Bee.
Harry Jul 2018
Try not to be insultig or vain,
be a gentleman, please use your brain.
Some people will admire you,
or show emotions, and love, too!
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Let creative souls be creative souls.
Don't think that you're better,
give them their due
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
People come from all walks of life
You can agree or disagree but
never ever breach that
level of respect.
Call me old-fashioned but this is one thing I hate about this day and age. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but yet they attack people FOR HAVING a **** opinion. And I'm like 'really'. Gone are the days where you can have disagreements with people respectfully. At the end of the day, it's their **** opinion. It's not fact. I'm friends with people from all around the world. No matter the religion, sexuality, race or perspective, we still respect each other's opinions. We don't get butthurt over it.
This day and age is spoiled and entitled. I know its not EVERYONE but its the majority of people.
You can talk about anything, just don't be a ***** about it.
Rant over.
Be back soon.
Lyn **
Lure Pot Mar 2018
You're kind and respectful
you're sweet and beautiful
you're pious and honest
you're polite and modest.
You're cool and wonderful!

You've happy smiles and lovely eyes
you've an amazing look and face
you've a great heart and sweet voice
you've such a soft mind.
You're so cute and special!

You respect your parents
and respond to your friends
you love your family so much
and you're a gift of peace.
You care all about them!
Debbie Brindley Mar 2018
Your silhouette
against glistening waters
shimmering in the heat
of the sun
My heart dancing
at the beauty
of the vision before me
You have taken
my heart
my soul
  immersed them in colours
I have never known
My love for you
and whole
You have showing me a life
of trust
A life I had never before known
A life where I am free
to love you
stigma and decay
A life of unconditional love
So immense
So pleasurable
Even the smallest
of pleasures
seemed so much more
My world
more vibrant
more beautiful  
lifes pleasures
were shared with you  
How lucky am I
to have had you
fall in love
with me

You have shown me what it is to truly love
Debra Lea Ryan Jan 2017
My Heart Feels Heavy
When My Head is cluttered
By certain words uttered by Another
That cause me despair
  Respond I then want to
With words that care
Keep my dialogue Kind
Refined and Respectful

Cori MacNaughton Jun 2015
More folk need to learn
About Cause and Effect
Respecting others
Is fundamentally what earns respect

My dad was raised Christian
But left
No disrespect
He just wasn't convinced

So when I was a child
Our attendance at church was
Sometimes a source of contention
And, usually, more pain than joy

The summer of 1969
Men walked on the Moon
And my parents
My dad moved across town
I saw him one day each weekend
The most time we had ever spent together.

When I was twelve the earth moved
Sixty-four people died
And my father embraced Buddhism
And Buddhism embraced him
In a way nothing else ever had
and he learned moderation
Regaining his freedom

What got him was the Law of Causation
Cause and Effect
What goes around comes around
The Golden Rule
With the baggage from his past
The philosophy of common sense
His pianist's artist's teacher's mind
Could comprehend
Grasp and hold for good

My twelve-year-old mouth
Would not be denied
And so I one day announced
That chanting
Was simply another form of prayer
A fact he acknowledged
but ultimately
with humor and grace

And was it my father's turn to Buddhism
That sparked my own
Journey into Spirit?

In 1972
With Godspell on the radio
I saw Jesus Christ Superstar
At the Universal Amphitheatre
And when my sister joked
"Let there be light"
And all the lights came on
Then she genuflected
Before taking her seat
It was only partly in jest
For there was reverence in the air
And a sense of the Eternal
The foundation of the story
Of every story
Cause and Effect

Later that year I was baptized
Before I realized
That no church held the key
For the key was within me
As it resides within us all

More folk need to learn
About Cause and Effect
We are here on earth to Love.
And respecting others
Is fundamentally what earns respect.

6/7 July 2005 Approx. 2 AM
Dedicated to my parents, who allowed me to be who I am, rather than trying to narrow my choices artificially.
I have read this poem in public but this is the first time it appears in print.

— The End —