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John McCafferty Nov 2020
When entering the realm of another
Try to connect by being receptive
Relate to appropriate space
Approachable pathways through
principled heart centred objectives
Display the routes to sincerity by
observing a faithful open perspective
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
John McCafferty Aug 2020
Split pathways splayed on palms and face
Each line runs according to its own race
Deep, undefined or shifting aside
Inescapable writings on the walls
Nothing seems straightforward at all
On reviewing in hindsight
The circumstance of chance
How much space do we have to play
Was I supposed to be late
Another carrier of an attitudinal barrier
Loss of control often feels immeasurable
Despite conflicts of character
At times are we in charge of our own lives
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Your word kills me more than this knife pierced in my chest
I was your saviour
And you are the death of me.
Here is our story:
The beginning still plays on my head
The images are vivid and alive
You are the one that needs saving,
Lying naked on the street at a cold winter night
I was a passerby who got a glimpse of the homeless child
Our eyes met, just like that
And we became meant to be

Both wearing their birthday suits
In a home built for two
The love burning like a wildfire
As two bodies intertwine
Pushing each others limit
In every passing hour,
You go rougher each time you are inside me
And always finish before me
Leaving me craving for more every **** ******* time

What happened next was a disaster not worth telling
So, let us end it here and not open old wounds
You must go in your own way
And I on my own
An old poem that I decided to finish. Not that I really care.
Debbie Brindley Jul 2018
Our once baron land
nothing but blackened sand

Tis now a place of beauty

So come take my hand
so we may stroll through our garden forever
Along the crazy paving pathway
We shall stroll through our garden togeather 
Flowerbeds of


Just to name a few

So come sit with me my love
on our swingseat made for two
The garden my sister built
for my husband and I
Tehreem Apr 2017
The heart my beloved is a grave
Of my silence and words you gave
I died in the darkness of pathways
Underneath the blanket of sunrays
Hangs away from the softness of my lips
On the gallows the redness of your lips
The evening cracks into night of separation
As the testimony of your beautiful reflection
I set there gleaming in the fire of yearning
Ashes paved the paths of desires returning
The dreams crucified on the cross of death
Life barely dangling on the noose out of breath
Dawn came storming in and they took you faraway
Where my voice cannot reach you neither my pray
Lady Ravenhill Mar 2017
The dark woods call you
The path laid out before you
you walk it alone
©LadyofRavenhill 3/10/17
Haiku #29
Melaka Jude Jul 2016
A four way crossroad
A decision to make
Each one leads onward
Which one should I take?

The one that goes deskwards
A pencil in my hands
Words shall flow like water
from the tip onto the pad

The one that goes skywards
My dream I shall grasp
Villagers call my
Stethoscope to their hearts

The one that goes northwards
Riches I await
Meet people from around the globe
Maybe that's my fate

Or the one that will go everywhere
No destination I shall have
Stories from here and there
A camera for a pal

A four way crossroad
A decision to make
Each one leads onward
Which one should I take?
Saudia R Mar 2016
I am an Inspiration.
By being,
I am paving a pathway.
For some to follow,
to duplicate,
to improve.
But overtime,
pathways erode.
The cracks slowly become noticeable.
And the path, not as even as it once was,
breaks away,
piece by piece.
What was reliability,
is now uncertainty.
Do I step,
unsure of sound ground?
Questioning, yet I continue down this path.
Because I learn,
I learn everyday.
A path is imperfect.
There are no two alike.
Similarities maybe,
but an individual path,
for a single walker.
What once was,
will never be again.
and learned inspiration
springs determination.
To not let an eroding path,
erode the soul that forged it.
Erin Apr 2015
So you see,
I've been lost my entire life.

With never ending pathways,
I'm scared to choose,
Not knowing where each leads.

There's too many paths
I'm not sure what to do.
Because you see,
I've been lost in these pathways my entire life.
Not finished perhaps?
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