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muteD Dec 2019
Tic, tic, tic
I am a ticking time bomb
and I’ve been doused in gasoline.
I feel like I’ve been snagged
on a fishing line
and I’m being reeled in.
A fish hook in my heart?
My heart is liable to drain.
Have you seen a drained heart?
It looks empty
about as empty as I feel.
This is all over the place.
I guess it is true what they say,
you lose your mind before you lose
your life..
which would mean
Death should be honored.
I am close to Death and
Death is close to me.
What do you think the title should be?
blackbiird May 2019
i can still taste the cherry cola
on your lips as we shared
our final moment staring at
the moon waiting for the
angels to descend and take you away.
Debbie Brindley Mar 2019
I glimp fragments of you
while you sleep
This sad heart
it does weep

Perfect love
now in the past
A beautiful union
never meant to last

Eyes look at me
with an intensity
of things that use to be

Makes my heart yern
for the melodies
your fingers
once played upon my skin
drawn from deep within

I see you hiding
just beyond my reach
Confused eyes
Your beautiful mouth
Know with out speech

So sad my aching heart
every day we're togeather
Closer comes the day
when we shall part

Soulmate, Lover, Confidant, Friend
By your side I shall be
till the very end
Marie Feb 2019
I’m tired of living here
Trapped in constant sorrow
Who cares if there is a tomorrow!

All this anger in my head
Always laying in my bed
I never leave
I’m trapped at home
I’m tried of this feeling

The paint on my wall is peeling
I see the same four walls
The same old tattered blinds on my window
They shut away all the light of the day
So I sit at home and decay
In this room...

I say “hey mom I’m tired of being here”
alone trapped at home
You’re always gone mom


I’m starting to think you’d be better off if I was too....
susanna demelas Nov 2018
She wanted to climb inside her ribcage                                                                                            
Make a home in these bones
For these for walls
rattled so violently
In a way that never felt
Like home.  
He wanted to be swaddled in love
Because she didn’t love him enough
And maybe if the blankets weren’t so tight  
He could be freed, finally, a dove
But he was always too scared
To take flight.
Joanna Oct 2018
Two letters. One syllable. Packing more punch than an insect striking a windshield. At least in that scenario, the pain is momentary, release is instant.

But you. You said that simple word and the emptiness in the silence that followed was anything but. Because what it truly meant was disappointment. Confusion. Regret.

“I wish I would have known”
That’s why I was telling you now. Shouldn’t that have accounted for something? Shouldn’t you have seen it was hard for me to tell you that.

Falling asleep.
I wanted to cry. I wanted to know what was going on inside of your head because **** me, I liked you now and then that happened and now I felt uneasy of myself. Of my worth. All of it through the lens of you.

I feel like something is wrong but I don’t know what. Did I do something, or is it because of what I didn’t do? Just speak your truth to me.

“Sleep well”
With an emoji. Does that equate emotion? Or is it a filler for words you don’t know how to say, feelings you can’t convey, the way you’ll break my heart eventually but for now I should ‘sleep well’, sleep well.

Well it’s hard to sleep when the person you care about is the one keeping you awake at night. Do you even still care.

“Sweet dreams”
I say. But what I really mean is I miss you. Do you miss me? I miss your touch, your laugh, the way you slightly smile when you pull back from kissing me, the way you looked at me as you hovered above: that look of genuine desire. Was it all just physical?

Only time will tell. But in the meantime I hate the social constructs that tell me to play this game, to wait it out? To not look clingy? To not want someone. I hate it. But that’s the rules of the game.

So. Your move.
© Joanna Mrsich. All rights reserved
Phoebe Sep 2017
my dreams are only you
i wake with an ache and a pain in my chest with your name
your smile on my eyes
your laugh echoes in my chest
then i see you..with her
somehow i'm never out of tears
never ending and lustful i'm stuck on you
when i'm finally alone, all i can do is weep
weep for an opportunity missed
weep for a soul lost
weep until i'm asleep and you fill my dreams again
Darrel Weeks Sep 2016
There has always been you
There has always been me
There has always been us

Every smile is
Every tear is hidden behind a Band-Aid heart
for our son
What they do out of duty we do out of love
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