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Butterfly Aug 7
All I get is pain when your not home.

Baby come back
Amyrah Jul 9
It was embarrassment sometimes,
And, blush in some others.
Both times she was pink,
the latter was because of him.
he just adored it.
Those who can relate, lemme know
Butterfly Jul 5
Your laugh
Your jokes
Your hair
Your touch
Your eyes
Your my love
Love me human
Ruhee Jul 3
Little Magic tree
Within you comes Glamouring fairy,

Every time I see
Your Blissful leaves falling to me
I feel Very happy,

With you belongs the key
Of souls That is to be free,

Fabulous Magic tree
I fall to you on my knee
Please don't stop being so Adorable Pretty,

Little Magic Tree
Filled with angel fairy
I love you through my artery.

Fathima Ruhee
Cyndi Apr 5
I, a lowly Quarter
Her, a goddess Penny
I, a girl afflicted with spirit-sense
Her, from a world looking down upon mine

We met by chance
A product of excitement and thirst
She brought me an iced tea
And sat across from me

The other seats were full
The cafe was new
The timing was perfect
The iced tea was... interesting

She asked me my name
I replied, "I'm just a Quarter
She didn't care
She said, "Well, I'm just a Penny

Her sweet expression
The sweet iced tea
Melted my bitter coffee heart
Made broken from fear

I had come because ghosts don't like crowds
They don't like people
They don't like me
She didn't know

She didn't need to
I was just alone
And thirsty
And afraid

She asked what I like to do
I said "I like video games
She didn't laugh or leave
She said "I do too!

We talked for what seemed like hours
It was starting to get dark
I told her I needed to go
In the dark, the ghosts get... aggressive

She asked me if I wanted to meet again
Of course I said yes
She seemed... sort of magical

I ran, pulling my backpack straps
The ghosts all stared
But for the first time, I didn't really care
I just smiled

The next day I went back
She was there waiting
I sat down and ordered a coffee
She asked, "How are you feeling?

I wanted to say scared
I wanted to say in love
I wanted to say confused
But I said, "Happy to be here

We talked for hours more
Laughing about funny memes
Discussing foods
Borderline flirting

She asked me, "So why did you leave so suddenly?
I got nervous
Nobody likes spirit-sensors

I hesitated
She noticed
I said, "Well, I—
She put her hand on my shoulder

"Don't worry, I know why.
You don't have to be ashamed.
Your fearful manner
Your urgency

"I don't hate you.
She stood up, taking me with her
And hugged me
She... Hugged me

I, a lowly Quarter
Her, a goddess Penny
I, a girl afflicted with spirit-sense
Her, abandoning her world above mine

I couldn't help it
I cried
I just cried into her shoulder

She walked me home
It was dark
The ghosts clawed at me
But her presence cleared away the pain

She bandaged my wounds
She told me I should sleep
She walked out the door
Wait, not yet—!

I stopped her
Beneath my tree, the amber leaves twirling around us
The tree I was born under
The tree many were hung in

I asked her to stay

We sat on the grass
I was still crying a little
I asked her why

She told me many things
About her manipulative father
About her mother, who despised those beneath them
But most of all, she said

"I don't care who you are.
I don't care who I am.
I knew you needed someone,
And I needed someone.

"You might be a Quarter
And I might be Penny
But when I saw you

I couldn't believe it
Nobody would
It was surreal

But not anymore
Now, we don't meet at the cafe
We meet in the living room
With a coffee and an iced tea

She tells her friends, "She's perfect for me
I tell myself, "She's perfect for me
We play video games
We fight ghosts

We watch fireworks
We count the stars
We cuddle at the fireplace
We kissed, for the first time, at the cafe

I, a lowly Quarter
Her, a goddess Penny
Us, together
We, an unthinkable couple

An unstoppable gaming team
A couple of caffeine junkies
A pair of memelords
A dancing duet of fates

Quarter and Penny
I found her
irresistibly adorable
she made me smile
like a child
at a carnival
biting into a cloud
of cotton candy
SC Kelley Jan 26
You make me feel like the man I've always aspired to be,
And the little, scared kid I used to always be.

At first, I wasn't sure,
Too much running through my head.

But once we were there on your couch,
Sharing warmth and asylum.

My heart raced like it hadn't in years,
My mind going a thousand miles an hour.

Once you fit your hands in mine,
And curled up beside me.

It felt safe and natural,
Like we had been here before.

Your genuine smile and cute laugh,
At every terrible joke I made.

Your smell remained on my left shoulder sleeve,
And your phantom fingers softly brushing.

It all felt natural.

It all felt right.

At least for tonight.

For those falling somewhere for someone
Mrs Robota Jan 7
"You're adorable"
he smiled
"a lovely person;
very passionate;
I don't even think I'm complimenting
It's just a truth"
And I don't accept compliments
But because he said it
I'm accepting a truth
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