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hazem al jaber Aug 2021
Adorable forests ...

from my mountains ...
here ...
where i do live ...
where i used to write ...
sending you my words ...
send you the words...
my words ...
wrapped in love ...
drenched within my heart ...
to you there ...
at your place ...
where you used ...
with your heart ...
to read my feelings ...
through my words ...
which it created ...
only for you ...

O the  most beautiful lady ...
who ever ...
my eyes saw ...
and took me away ...
from my mountains ...
to her place ...

to you sweetheart ...
and for you ...
writing ...
and singing ...
into my adorable forests ...

hazem al ...
I am swamped to think
about the massive problem
that the universe has given me.
It only makes me furious
and I think I will get awful day,
but someone whom I love texted me and also supported me
by sending her selfie.
She is gorgeous.
I don't feel
that I've lost my flithy mind.
Everything she gave made my day runs effortless.
She is adorable.
My heart feels comprehensive.
Indonesia, 8th June 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Safana Jul 2020
You give me all hope
All hope of capableness to
Sing a beautiful song
And, to danced a dance
Most adorable dance
Accolade, given to me to
Nurture our friendship

Jonesing for a cup of love
Oftentimes, you're sweetest
Habile and passion you are
Ahead of my feeling it's you
Read all above stanzas and
Inspire the warmth of love
Bardo Jun 2020
She was a wonder of Nature, a special
Had this lovely aura about her
The way she held herself, the way she
   moved.... way she spoke her words
A real classy Lady that's for sure... a proper woman
What the hell she was doing with me I don't know.

Anyway I invited her to my house one day for tea
She so wanted to see where I lived
She was only in the door when she playfully ran her little
   index finger
Along the surface of my little black table in the hall
And then holding it up for me to see, for my inspection
Revealed a big unsightly blob of dust, a most incriminating
She smiled a cute little reproachful smile
"It's true Baby", I said," I've been neglecting things of late, been
   letting things slip
Ever since I met you, I've been so preoccupied
Been so preoccupied with thoughts of you
You're always in my head Girl, your... your great beauty, your...your
   incredible loveliness
You've been driving me to Distraction Baby
And Hey! I like the view from down there, it's great! "

I had her sit down in my front room, she hadn't been sitting
When she pointed at the floor, at my carpet
"You know you've got a hole there in your carpet, a big hole"
And "Look!" she said pointing further down the room
"There's another one over there... and another!"
"What can I say Babe", I said, "you know you have me half
Every night you got me pacing up and down, back and forth
You're this beautiful obsession to me Darling
You got me walking the floor over you Baby
Been thinking about you so hard, and so often
Now I plum gone and worn out my bleedin' carpet
Worn it out with all my walking".
At this she smiled a lovely kind sympathetic smile.

When I came back in the room with the tea
She said to me, she said "You know over in your corner there
Did you know you got a big cobweb and a spider ?"
"Oh! I said.....Oh Her! So you met my Spider
She's not just any old Spider you know
She... she's my... my Love Spider" I said proudly.
"Your Love Spider", she said a bit skeptically,
"Yea! I never had the heart to take her down
Why! She reminds me so much of you Darling
Reminds me of how awesome your powers are
And how futile it is to resist,
Reminds me of how wonderfully caught up I am
In your lovely sweet sticky web
Of gooey gorgeousness and outrageous delights.
With this she looked at me long and hard
Until suddenly there broke upon her lips this lovely enchanting smile,
"You know", she said,"you're so adorable you are, how I love you so".

P.S. "Phew!" I thought to myself,"that was a close one".
Poem inspired by a lady friend of mine, she is very house proud, loves her house while mine is a bit run down. I wondered what'd happen if I ever invited her around LOL.
Shreya May 2020
Tracksuits and red wine
It's midnight and John's voice fills the room.
Our jenga castle crumbles,
We dissolve in a fit of giggles
And realisation hits me in that moment,
How my eyes always seem to find yours in the midst of a crowd,
How these lazy movie nights are the best nights of my life,
And the mere thought of losing you crushes my soul,
"You fill up my senses." You sing along, chuckling as your hand grasps mine,
And you pull me to you.
That vanilla scent intoxicates me, your warmth wraps around me, your dreadful singing and those awful voice cracks make my ears bleed,
but god you bring a smile to my face.
Laughter escapes me,
And I sing along with you,
as we mismatch our steps and sore across the house like we know what we're doing.
And that moment is when I look into your eyes,
I know.
I'm falling for you.
And there's no one who could make me laugh at these stupid random things.
There's no one who could look at me the way you do,
There's no other you.
And Even if there was,
I'd choose you.
Again and again.
Because As "Annie's song" plays,
Everything, all the imperfect perfections, you,
you make the broken part of my heart beat again.
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