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982 · Dec 2020
She Lies
Jason Dec 2020
She lies

Because I lie

I lie

Because I am insecure

She lies

Because she no longer trusts me

I lie

Because she hurts me

She lies

Because she doesn't want me to see her pain

I lie

Because I fail to understand

She lies

Because she can no longer see the truth of me

I lost her

When I could no longer see the truth of her
© 12/29/2020 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
975 · Jan 28
Bitter Sun
Jason Jan 28
Song of love, twisted by welling darkness.

Vengeful art, practiced with vicious subtlety.

The softest lips whispered the hardest lies.

She exhaled an evocation of ethereal dreams,

Whose only prophecy was eternal sorrow.
©1996 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

I was going through old notebooks, as you do, and found this. Circa ~ 1996

I usually don't post many of my darker pieces, don't think I liked this one much either tbh, but I felt like I should post it anyway, idk why. Feeling a bit dark today I guess.
836 · Jan 25
Jason Jan 25
Oppressive silence
Blanket heavy with judgement
Familiar comfort
© Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

A senryu*

*Fellow poet pointed out this was a senryu, not a haiku.  Thank-you! ;)
576 · Apr 5
Romeo and Juliet
Jason Apr 5
Ya know...

If that most famous pair of star-crossed lovers had only possessed cell phones,

Things might have gone much differently.

572 · Feb 21
Jason Feb 21
The most fun I ever had
Was making you laugh
**** a copyright who cares steal it
it's only my heart
438 · Jan 5
Jason Jan 5
Ducking burning sun
Find solace 'neath shaded tent
Cool rain on warm kiss
© 01/01/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
400 · Jan 29
Jason Jan 29
Love is bitter from age and neglect
Chains to bear breaking my back
Eyes deceive, thoughts betray
Tongues lie, souls decay
Words, like fire, torture and burn
Fire is soothing, pain must be earned
Ears distrust like lifeblood flows
Time is unending, destructive, and slow
©1994 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Ok, I lied, maybe ONE more throwback!
395 · Mar 10
Jason Mar 10
Expecting my hands to be soft,

Is understandable,

Not seeing the scars there,

That's classic.
© 03/08/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
390 · Feb 25
Jason Feb 25
There're always consequences for you,

But when you really love someone,

You'll make consequences for them too.
© 02/25/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
369 · Apr 8
Things and Stuff
Jason Apr 8
Caution: Objects in poems are deeper than they appear.

The more shallow it looks, the deeper it is.

Please wear your life vest at all times,

And may we take this moment to highly recommend the buddy system?

We happen to have one available if you are unable to locate a buddy.  😊
365 · Feb 9
Jason Feb 9
See them
Not seein you
You don't see
You not seein
© 02/09/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason 6d
I know, ultimately, it's true what they said,
That when it all comes down, we make our own beds,
Now we're adults, let's mess up the covers by jumping like kids,
I know we've a long way to go, but there's a life to be lived!
© 04/12/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
361 · Oct 2020
Jason Oct 2020

To wallow in and under drown,

To shape a tear, to form a frown.

Exaggerations embracing pain,

They weave a spell to summon rain.

A heart to crush, a mind to flood,

And veins that throb with rivers blood.

Confusion swims where soft truth flies,

A cauldron to mix a concoction of lies.

These fires scar, yet sear no flesh,

While times slow healing turns souls to ash.
© 1998 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
354 · Oct 2020
Jason Oct 2020
It is ever-breaking fragile pain,
Thinly-strung lightning-flames.

It is stressing, tense, and pulsing life.
To force down grief, to strengthen strife.

It is flowing wonders' pouring heart,
A weathered, broken beggars' cart.

It is swimming through the sunlit air
On perfume-scented strands of hair.

It is sprouting springtimes luscious glade,
And lying down in burning shade.

It is a flashing trick of fading shadow,
In summer sunlights only meadow.

It is broken trust and spoken lies,
An angry haze in bleeding eyes.

It is sipping sweetness and pouting lips,
A flag of peace that snags and rips.
© 1998 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
321 · Mar 24
Reflections on Water
Jason Mar 24
I want your tears to rain on me

To pour down my cheeks

I want to feel the salt of your pain

Scouring away wrinkled years

I want to drown in the truth of you

Parching tongue, renewing thirst

I want to savor the sweetness of love

Quenching bitterness
© 03/24/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
279 · 6d
Jason 6d

I love you
I miss you
I want you
I need you

You are every hope
You are every dream
You are my only wish

© 04/11/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
231 · Jan 10
No Summer for Us
Jason Jan 10
I'll never see it's like again;
The springtime coming to life
In my grandmothers back yard,
The birds singing, insects humming,
Sun dappled camouflage on the pond.
One mid-morning, mid-mourning,
Dreaming of love lost,
Hoping for hope.
It's funny, how young love is like childhood,
Gone before you truly value it,
Only cherished after the fact.
Only, cherish that fact,
Value it, before it's gone.
Humor your heart, like a child,
Hope for hope,
Dream of love!
And some mid-morning, quit mourning,
Let your camouflage fall, feel the sun,
Let the birdsong bring you back
To the wonder of childhood!
Love the autumn of life,
You'll never feel it's like again.
© 01/10/2021 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Written about one of the most beautiful mornings I have experienced, wishing that a certain person were there to share it.  It was one of those moments where you don't really know whether you should go on. I decided that morning, that instead of ruining every beautiful moment mourning, Instead I would imagine she was there with me, sharing every beautiful moment. That I would take her with me in my heart forever. And that's what I did.
223 · Jan 5
Jason Jan 5
A sky overrun with clouds
Can bring gentle rain
Or torrential flooding

A soldier following orders
Can be the backbone of an army
Or the downfall of a people

A lovers promise
Can be a ray of light
Or darkness itself

The true promise
Resides within our own hearts
With each beat it is renewed
© 01/05/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
213 · Mar 7
Jason Mar 7
In Soviet Russia,

Consequence face YOU.
203 · Feb 27
Kaiser Soze
Jason Feb 27
I suppose the knife was used,

More like a tool,

But having been stabbed in the chest,

To not consider it a weapon,

We'd be thought the fool,

So to give the story that final deft twist,

We were convinced the blade didn't exist,

It's a scenario Kaiser Soze simply couldn't resist.
© 02/25/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
203 · Jan 26
Growing Pains
Jason Jan 26
I am not inconstant,
But forever evolving,
Not closed off,
But not always open.
I expose my heart
Only when the sky darkens.

I build toothpick-towers,
Tantalizing torments
Taller than trees.
Chateaus of cards
Whose hallowed halls
Visitors seldom peruse,
And even more rarely see.

Young and foolish and bold,
Thoughts all over the place,
I spoke like a shotgun.
My opinions explosions
Verbal projectiles
Going off in your face.

I lived life by moments,
I existed only then,
Only there.
Motivated by love, yes,
But also by pain
And by fear.
Each memory
Of each moment
By each fallen tear.

Now older and wiser
-That's either a laugh or a sin
Haunted might be more apt-
I find I write
Too close to the skin.
A subtle blade,
Flirting, teasing,
Razors edge longing to dive in.
Vampiric voracity
Obscured by imperfect opacity,
Seeking the vitality within.

What ****** force
To unleash?
What uncouth beast
Would I be?
That which sustains me?

Better to starve,
To choke on dust,
Than to make that first ****.
Dooming myself
To an eternal enmity
Against my own will.

I've heard it said that
Wisdom is the product
Of suffering and time.
But what dear cost,
What dire punishment,
When youth is the crime?
So I'll try to balance the scales
With love and lessons learned,
And relinquish remorse to rhyme.
© 01/26/21, © 02/09/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
200 · Feb 3
Jason Feb 3
I am a reflection of
What should have been
The mirror darkened
Silver tarnished
Cracked in insouciance

I am the fallen fragments
Molecules devastated
Fractured facets of
Silicone sand
Meticulously separated

In scattered light
I am the shadow of
A jaded shade
An obscured apparition of
Abiding love

Framed in pain
I am the spaces between
The polished glass
The sharpened edges
The once-perfect dreams

I am the fist
Fear-enforced ferocity
I am the anger-driven
Hypervigilant philosophy
Responsible for each atrocity

I am the blood
Chasing each line
Filling each wrinkle
Draining reason
Never satiating time

I am the man
Left behind lies
Determined deficient
Dejected detritus
An unwanted prize

I am
I don't know who
I... don't know what to do
But since I don't know
I could be the superglue too
© 02/03/2021 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
195 · 2d
Jason 2d

Fragments forlorn
Harmony's halcyon healing
Fortifies Hearts

© 04/16/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
189 · Oct 2020
The Enchanting of Never
Jason Oct 2020

Bewitched by the charming graces of my private hell

Honesty, leave me be, that I should never kiss and tell

Soul to the winds, body to the flames

Salvation is ash, destruction a game

Spirit starving, though gorging be

Whether passion, love, or ecstasy

Only eyes am I

No hands to grasp the things I see

Only prayers am I

Never to reach the powers that be

On bliss' wings I soar upon high

A slobbering slave of darkening sky

Mind for fire, heart for dust

My remains trapped in a body in lust

The master plans the subjects scheme

The circle of life, the cruelest theme

Only eyes am I

No way to catch the tears that fall

Only now am I

Too late to save one from the fate of all

At the end of my rope I dangle and twist

Should I climb for the top or cease to exist?

Reason and sorrow to sweetest wits end,

Ignorance and wisdom dance, twist, and bend.

Grey rains fall and tired eyes swell

Never again to kiss or to tell
© 1997 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
187 · Feb 26
Jason Feb 26
I take a whole week to celebrate my birthday,

Just to make sure I don't sweep it under the rug.

And I've worn a mask what feels like my whole life,

But October is, by far, my least favorite holiday.
© 02/26/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
179 · Feb 24
Jason Feb 24
I curse like a drunken sailor with a stubbed toe and an eye full of Tabasco.
Is this even worth copyrighting?  Not really sure it's a poem lol :p
168 · Mar 8
Jason Mar 8
They'll tell you how beautiful are your wings,

While they bind your pinions and strip your feathers.

"So graceful and so precious!  Such lofty, ethereal things,"

The words like rusty chains, cracked leather-sentiment tethers.

They'll tell you, "Rise above the sorrow, fly from the pain,"

After they teach you to clip your own wings so you won't fall,

And when the confusion sets in they'll be the first to tell you you're sane.

"People can't fly," they'll say, and point to the wings nailed to their wall.
© 03/08/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

I try to express the things that I think people need,
I don't write to try and make someone bleed,
Heart to pen, mind to screen,
I just wanna use my gift to help people see,
It's not about ***, race, religion, or creed,
It's all about healing, and love, and faith, and belief.
162 · Feb 23
A Flashlight Named Sol
Jason Feb 23
I'm an ant
Having an epiphany
In the beam of a flashlight
© 02/23/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
156 · Feb 16
Jason Feb 16
~~TW - Child Abuse~~

I learned all I needed about women when I was twelve,
When my own mother left me to fend for myself.

See I was a scrawny annoyance, he was a 300 lb. catch,
And she simply refused to referee such an uneven match.

So she turned her back on me, left me for dead,
And he used me like a punching bag (just not in the head).

I guess she could deny it, if there were no bruises to see,
****, she barely reacted when he almost killed me.

He was jobless and living with us, doing artwork for some bar,
I laughed at his work and the look on his face said I'd gone too far.

He shot up like a flash, I'd never seen a 7-foot redneck move so fast!
He chased me down, grabbed my throat, and said I'd breathed my last.

He lifted me off the floor, and said this life was not to be treasured,
Then punched me in the stomach; Once, Twice, and Thrice for good measure!

His contempt only flourished in sight of the cross at my neck,
So he tore it off and spit on it, he wasn't scared of goin' to heck.

When I was nearly unconscious he finally left me fall,
He kicked me, asked where my God was, and left me gasping in the hall.

When he'd passed out drunk I told my mom what he'd done,
She patted my knee, "Do you expect me to believe that, son?"

"It's such a hard life, being a single mom, I hope you understand.
That's why I'll never forgive you, if you drive away this man."

So yeah, you'll never have trouble convincing me men are crap,
But likewise, I know women are no better, and that is a fact.
© 02/15/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
154 · Feb 20
Laid Out
Jason Feb 20
I try to show you
A little piece of me
But it's not like I can
Lay out my soul;


I mean hell,
You won't even
Speak to me.
152 · Feb 20
Faith Umbral
Jason Feb 20
     I forget about my faith,
And all the things I'm taught.
     I see the end is near,
But all my life I've fought.
     I want to go to sleep,
To never wake again.
     What is this thing approaching,
Should I call it a friend?
     I'm feeling restless,
But I have nowhere to turn.
     Either I go back,
Or go ahead and burn.
     I see my life, my luck,
And I am sure I'm hexed.
     What should I do when I don't know,
Just what I should do next?
©1991 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Another throwback
151 · Feb 27
'Murican English
Jason Feb 27
I remember learning about Japanese culture in elementary school.

They taught us to say a few words, told us some Japanese stories, we learned how to fold Origami, and we got to try sushi and some Japanese candies.  

It was one of those cultural-week things.  It was cool.

Anyway, I remember at one point the teacher was telling us how every inflection matters when speaking Japanese, and that saying a word with the wrong inflection can turn it into a great insult.  

I remember thinking, "Wow, it must be really hard to speak Japanese."

Only now, when I'm almost 45 years old, do I realize it is literally no easier to speak American English or any language for that matter.

Every inflection counts, every word counts.  There are uncountable ways to insult someone, and indeed to be insulted, and the path to speaking (or writing) without unwittingly tossing out insults like candy (don't throw sushi, it's very messy) is a narrow one.

This is especially true when writing about something painful.  I try (but probably still fail) to be sure when I write I [attempt to] take that into account.

So, anyway. I just wanted to say, that if I have said something to offend you, such was not my intention.

Just sayin, y'all be careful with that thur 'Murican English, it's loaded!
©02/26/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
149 · Oct 2020
Chaos Theory
Jason Oct 2020

Where once we met,

Passion stirred breezes for winds to form,

And drenched our hearts in it's growing storm.

Like clashing clouds each enveloped the other,

Releasing energies no depression could smother.

A thunderstorm raining lightning bolts,

Shamelessly shedding light in blinding jolts.

Water and Air, spinning, mixing, churning.

The chaos was music, the eye in a hurricane of yearning.

Oblivious, we destroyed, even as we created,

Endangered life as surely as rain sustains it.

The chaos of our perfect storm turned against us,

No music now, only the raging tempest.

Winds of passion calmed, storm-fronts collapsed within,

And the last teardrops of rain fell unforgiven.

Silence stretched, louder than any thunder,

Broken, after so long, by hope barely uttered.

With care hope grows, uplifts, and inspires,

Then sings of life, and love, and of passion like fire.

Testament to life, though unaware,

A butterfly batting its wings, stirring the smallest breath of air.

Now, a field of butterflies rise from dreams and cocoons,

A thousand tiny gusts of hope, born anew.

Innocent, they move the very sky,

Fledgling winds, breezes learning to fly,

Rising high above the meadow where they were born,

Quietly whispering prayers, of becoming a storm.
© 07/20/2020 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
146 · Feb 21
Jason Feb 21
I was a student of her spirit
I was in love with every aspect

I was accepting when she was distant
I was joyous on each return

I was more than a scapegoat
I was more than a back-story

I AM more than just broken pieces
© 01/01/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
143 · Mar 3
A Better Mouse Trap
Jason Mar 3

I am a mouse tempted by scent of cheese,

                                                        ­      I am a little lever,
                                                    by wightish weight released.

                                                                     I am the

         Tip me over and off I go,

                                        just as mapped,

                                                       Chain reactions
                                                                ­               crashing
                                                                ­                          choreographed.

                                                 ­               I am the ball bearing on its
                                                                ­                                     tilted track,

                                                         ­            Precariously poised
                                                                ­    awaiting that last flat

                                                               ­               CRACK!

                                                       ­    Startling astart at starting gun,

Gravity-well-willing I wobbly-spin-roll-run,

                                          ­                Back and forth I wander like a top,

Dizzily confused when off the end I
                                                                ­     plop.

                                                  It's alright, everyone, I'm okay,

This cup was here to catch me...              luckily.

                                                  Ah, I'm the cup too, of course,

                                      Rattling 'round rampant without remorse.

                              It's not a problem, I've already served my purpose,

                                  Ball-bearing-brained, I was useful for impetus.

                                  Downward-driven delivering incidental dues,

                         I am now the toy robot set off on a cruise,

               Wheels turning, less one brain (lest I hurt myself)

        Wound-up tight only to travel the length of a shelf.

Gears ground, I spark-stumble-halt,

      I've kicked the bucket, but it's nobodies fault:

                I'm also the water cascading through air,

                                                           ­   Splashing happily,
                                                        but predictably,
                                                   to be fair.

                            Sloppily graceful I stick the landing,

Releasing the cage, design-demanding.

 ­                      robot

I might even be the little mouses tiny outrage.

It seems I was all the pieces of the trap I set,

Honestly, everything fits just fine, except:

We seem to be missing one of the architects.
© 03/02/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
141 · Feb 21
Jason Feb 21
She led me
To believe
Her heart
Had changed.


Was the truth that
Her heart
Had been chained?

Like water
Did she choose
The path
Of least resistance?


Could the
Free spirit
I knew
Have been led away
Tied like a balloon?

© 01/23/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
140 · Jan 25
100% Recycled
Jason Jan 25
Words pour from my heart
Staining the page crimson
Shaking hand spatters ink
Pens azure life-blood leaking
Rhythmic refuge reverie
Beatboxed spittle
Tears accompany
Washing ink-blood
Into drumstick-pen dents
Petite purple puddles
Small seas of sadness
Storm-tossed soul
A sailor searching
Three-ring horizons
For spiral-bound cyclones
© 01/25/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Writing, like music, is a refuge to me. Writing is the only means I posses of giving physical form to the constant storm inside me. The act of translation from soul/heart/mind to written word can heal and destroy. Indeed, one might think one must be destroyed in order to be created anew. Scars support this theory.
140 · Mar 8
Jason Mar 8
Downy pen, as light as day

Well, it is...

On the one side anyway
© 03/08/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
140 · Jan 29
Jason Jan 29
"I look like a melting gargoyle when I cry."

She laughed, like wind-chimes in sunlight, soothing and warm. She replied, "You don't have to show me."

"Will this really work? I feel silly."

"Well you won't know unless you try, now will you?" She smiled.

"Okay, okay. Like this?" I asked, crossing my hands over my chest.

"Kinda," She reached out and adjusted my hands slightly, "Like that, gently, like you're holding a baby bird against your heart."

She let go of my hands and floated backwards a pace, watching me encouragingly.

Still feeling silly, I tried to clear my mind, while remembering her instructions;

Focus, stay relaxed...


Think of hope, I told myself, and as I did I began to bring my cupped hands down away from my chest and hold them facing the sky.

"*******!" She exclaimed, leaning in, her face alight with - something.  

I started to lower my hands, thinking as I do, that she was poking fun.

Her face fell, and her hands shot out like lightning, gently bracing my hands and preventing me from lowering them. "Don't be shy," she smiled softly.

I looked up into her eyes, wary, but her face showed only concern.  I looked down again, ashamed of my reaction, and she ducked her head to maintain eye contact.  "You're a squirmy one, aren'cha?"

I felt my face flush, but I laughed, despite my anxiety.

She nodded towards my hands, "Don'cha wanna know what I see?"

I saw nothing. "Sure," I said, trying not to sound skeptical.

Apparently I failed because she let out another peal of chiming laughter.  She seemed to sober a bit, without losing her carefree smile and leaned in a bit more closely.  She peered into the bowl formed by my cupped hands like it was filled with stars instead of empty air.

She remained like that for what seemed an eternity.  I held as still as I could, awaiting her judgment.  She straightened and looked at me, very seriously.  Her face was not hard, exactly, it was like a waterfall that had just stopped falling, all trace of humor was gone.

"Why are you ashamed of me?" She asked softly, no anger or hurt, just concern.

"I..." I didn't actually know how to answer.  I thought for a moment, the both of us standing there, with her holding my hands like a fortune teller.

"I think I have just been convinced, over and over, that I should be." I said somberly.

"Silly boy," she replied, her face once again alive with that same ephemeral light.  "Don't you know?  People will tell themselves all kinds of things when they're hurting.  Don't you go and let hurt steal your hope, your light!"  

I hung my head a bit, somewhere, deep down, I did know.

She shook her head slightly, and smiling a bemused little smirk, she glided closer.  With her left hand she began to push my hands back up towards my chest, and brought her right hand around to cup the back of my neck, simultaneously drawing our foreheads together.

Her eyes drifted nearly closed, as if she was falling into a trance, and as my hands reached my chest she whispered something I could not quite understand.

I saw it first in her eyes, a faint glow, and as she finished her short silent prayer the tiny glow flared into uproarious brilliance!  The blinding light suffused us, filling my vision with blue/white fire.  

Hope's warm countenance floated before me now in the heart of a star, and just before I awoke, I realized that the light was coming not from her eyes, but from beneath my cradled hands.
©01/29/2021 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

I had previously tagged this short story with "dreams" so it would show up under that tag, but I don't want people to get the impression this was an actual dream.  Just a story.  Keep Hope alive! <3  :)
135 · Oct 2020
Meant To Be
Jason Oct 2020

"Let me go, set me free,

I'll come back if it's meant to be."

A pronouncement, not a choice.

Then she said, with tears in her voice,

"If you ever loved or respected me,

Don't call me anymore, please."

I couldn't argue, it wasn't my place.

Plus, she said, "I'll call you, I just need space."

She didn't believe in destiny or fate,

Or being locked to a future that she didn't make.

I don't believe in fate either, it's a moral vacation.

It's my belief that destiny is simply ones destination.

Was it such an insult that I once believed,

That we were so well matched we were meant to be?

Did our destinations just not intersect?

I waited for years, I never thought she'd forget.

Finally I worked up the nerve to leave word with her parents.

She called back, indifferent, but said she'd make an appearance.

Years of silence, now suddenly we're meeting at eight.

Nervous and scared I waited, she was only fashionably late.

We talked and caught up for an hour as we ate,

Though the butterflies only let me pick at my plate.

Just outside, she said she didn't have long,

But come sit in the car, and she'd play me a song.

I sat shaking in the dark van and I listened.

Well, to tell truth I tried, but was so nervous I didn't.

I tried to be cool, but underneath I was a mess.

Somehow I found the guts to blurt, "Can I have your email address?"

I agonized and worried, I tortured myself and fought.

What should I say?!  Bah! Just be honest, I thought.

Heart in throat, I emailed her, I told her I was still stuck.

She replied with an ice bath, "Too bad, get over it, goodbye, best of luck."

I'd love to tell you I was stoic, strong, and poetic.

In reality, I stumbled around like a zombie for years, it was pathetic.

I tried again a decade later, total fiasco of course,

I was lost and emotional and going through a divorce.

She was nice but aloof, she said, "If I'm on your list."

It set me off balance and gave the conversation a dark twist.

I read into her words with my own bitter pain,

And earned the response, "Don't message me again."

Time heals all wounds, after a while, it was OK, am I right?

Sorry, but nightmares still trouble me night after night.

I dunno if it's Covid, or I just know one day I'll be dead...

But I have to try and get this stuff out of my head.

Rip it out of my chest and wrestle it onto the paper.

Maybe, with enough words, I can start to fill in the crater.
© 2020 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

135 · Dec 2020
Jason Dec 2020
If I could quit you
If I could resist

If the truth did not ring true
If the pain did not persist

If the sun were to fail to shine
If I didn't live for dreams of rain

If they didn't drip-dry into this heart of mine
If I didn't weave them into and between every refrain

If I lost myself and I couldn't remember why
If I could ignore that you're not here, holding my hand

If I could picture your picture and refuse to cry
If I wasn't on my knees, if I was able to stand

If there was a drug to take to make me forget
If it erased longing, and sorrow, and pain, and regret

If I could simply eat it and you'd disappear
If I could just drink it and drift off, free of fear

If I pretended to want these things to come true
I would only be lying to myself, trying to spare you
© 12/28/2020 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
135 · Jan 6
Jason Jan 6
We eviscerated our love as if on demand,
Like fictional characters with scissors for hands.

If life were a movie, we would have pieced it together,
Using all our hope we'd rebuild it stronger and better.

We'd have a book of movie quotes we could use for a brain,
Then we'd just have to get these claymation hearts animated again...

We'd have them personally reassembled by a Halloween king,
And expertly stitched at the hands of an undead queen.

Our spirits safe, inhabiting invincible dolls,
We could rewind time, so the bombs never breach the walls.

If it was something we drank that made us feel small,
Could there be a tiny cake that would reverse it all?

Could it be the golden ticket to the show where we met?
Or would an offer of friendship bring up confusion and regret?

You may believe that I'm only enchanted by the path not taken,
But I hope, that like me, you too are a dreamer awakened.
© 01/06/2021 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
135 · Jan 26
Jason Jan 26
Silence can be an impassable shield,
Or an effortlessly piercing spear, 

Barricaded behind this bulwark,
One can strike without fear. 
Assaulting these stony crenellations,
Any enemy is made the fool, 

Stones and arrows fall lifeless,
But beware this entropic tool. 
Smelted in fires of wrath,
Forged by hammers of pain, 

Tempered in a bath of mistrust,
Sharpened by challenge refrained...
It leeches hope, returning nothing,
Depleting both meaning and life. 

Equally capable of smothering the self,
As it is of stifling strife. 
Leaving warriors trapped in their castles,
Battlefield abandoned, bodies tossed, 

Besieged by a war of attrition,
That can neither be won nor lost.
© 01/09/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
134 · Mar 3
Jason Mar 3
Ah shiny approval,

Warm and soothing on the skin,

Absorbed like a lizard,

When one is hypervigilant.
©03/02/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Thanks for all the love HP!
133 · Mar 1
First Thaw
Jason Mar 1
Rising shadows release frigid forest

From deadly-dark silent guest

Lilac light lilts songbirds astir

Crystals cascade from ruffled fur

Halting soft steps upon frozen grass

Seek chilled silver trickling 'neath polished glass

Sudden stifled step echoes eerily alone

Tickling giggling reply from icy stone

Drinking doe darts sight unseen

Elusive as spring in this snowy scene
© 03/01/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
133 · Feb 19
Jason Feb 19
We joined ourselves
Mind, body, and soul
Is that not forever
You must've known some magic
I didn't
And had the heart to cast it
Because I didn't
© 01/01/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Feb 22
"If you get down and you quarrel everyday,
You're saying prayers to the devils, I say.
Why not help one another on the way?
Make it much easier
(Just a little bit easier)"

-Positive Vibration - Bob Marley, Bob Marley and the Wailers
Bob Marley, Bob Marley and the Wailers

I looked but Bob Marley was not in the classics section.
124 · Feb 7
Jason Feb 7
Wishes are not like prayers,
They do not pause to consider,
What is right or what is best.

Wishes don't knock or wait in lines,
Wishes don't recognize borders,
A wish will never worry or stress.

Wishes hear our deepest desires,
Blind to deception and deaf to lies,
Words are wind to these ethereal beings.

Wishes don't gamble or cheat,
They don't understand money at all,
A wish will never pay for anything.

Wishes are stoic, swift, serene,
Subtle as a star in the day, as wind on waves,
Eagles eyes could not catch a wish in flight.

When prayers won't do,
If hope has no chance,
Wish for a wish,
For a wish just might.
© 02/07/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
123 · Apr 6
Jason Apr 6
She grabbed me by the heart, pulled me close,

and said, "You don't have a heart."
© 03/01/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
119 · Jan 29
Jason Jan 29
Standing outside looking in,
Running circles with the wind.

Lose the self I've never known,
Chasing light that's never shown.

Forever rise to no avail,
Rusted, bent, and brittle mail.

The rising sun breaks on eager round,
It's dying screams release no sound.

This sadness might pass me by,
If I was ever left alone to cry.
©1998 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

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