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Jason Jan 28
Song of love, twisted by welling darkness.

Vengeful art, practiced with vicious subtlety.

The softest lips whispered the hardest lies.

She exhaled an evocation of ethereal dreams,

Whose only prophecy was eternal sorrow.
©1996 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

I was going through old notebooks, as you do, and found this. Circa ~ 1996

I usually don't post many of my darker pieces, don't think I liked this one much either tbh, but I felt like I should post it anyway, idk why. Feeling a bit dark today I guess.
Jason Oct 2020
Hell threatens no pain,
I have suffered it all.

Death hides no fears,
I have seen them all.

Anger hoards no fury,
I have wasted it all.

Life offers no fire,
I have burned it all.

Longing loses no sorrows,
I am them all.
© 1996 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
in 1996
when i was seven years old
my father introduced me to my first ever search engine
he told me i could
for anything i wanted
anything at all
my first experience with a search engine
George Ittyerah Oct 2020
In the autumn of ninety six,
When the breeze blew with bliss,
I saw heaven in her eyes and the radians spread with such brilliance;
Captivating thousands in fact millions who wanted to be by her side.
But they did not dare cause of her tormented life.

The bells rang, the birds sang,
Autumn seemed so exotic.
Was I in love, or was it a passing vision -
One of lives  dramatic situations.

Every time our eyes met,
A sudden shiver ran down my neck;
I was so entranced by her
but dared not approach her.

Education got the better of me and I never took that step,
Love consumed me like a worm in a succulent apple;
And when it was too late, in just a blink,
the autumn coupled with the inducing sun,
Changed my life for what its worth.

We exchanged love, we endured love,
We made love and felt love;
through one solitary mode - "silence" being the golden conversation;
as we touched each other through this magical phenomenon.

The feelings we had were sacred, deeper than the blue ocean;
Yet it was drowned as time went by,  
and it withered slowly during the last autumn sunshine
A question I so often hate to ask,
A question that reminds me of lives unjust cruelty,

She had contracted AIDS,
A flower withered before its age;
Her beauty inseparable;
Soon to turn to ashes.
Oh Life! You are so unjust.

She was only nineteen when she died;
Her last few minutes were silent, as our eyes met for the last time.
It was only tears that I could afford,
Not even words could tell as to how I felt;

Our love was given its final bend
When with her dying breath,
She kissed me gently on my forehead;

Her lips were pale, were parched;
And soon grew cold.
How silence grew and how silence got bold!
In silence did it take my heart
and in silence did it strike me.

Its shallow pain hit me in vain
For my true love was silent again
Never to return back, never to kiss me,
But to be silent for ever again.
Terry Collett Jun 2019
During her last term
at boarding school,
Delia bedded
the maths teacher,
some neurotic
young woman,
whom Delia seduced
with her charm
and lust.

In her first week
at university,
where she went to study
the cello and music,
she seduced and bedded
the young female vioninst
from a few rooms down,
and occasionally,
the female trumpeter
who played like Miles.

Her father,
who was pleased
she was coming along well
on the cello and composition,
despaired of her history
of seduction, beginning
with the young
home tutor he hired,
some French woman,
who his daughter
managed to ******
towards the end
of the year.

He wished she wasn't
such a seducer
of women and girls,
but she was,
right down to
her blonde hair
and pale blue eyes,
no doubt,
he mused,
where her secret lies.
Terry Collett Mar 2018
Ariadne rose from bed.
Bernice slept on in sound
sleep. There was a beauty

there in that sound sleeping.
The way her fair hair lay on
the pillow. Her eyes closed

and the soft smooth lids.
The slim hands idle on the
covers of the bed. She stood

in the morning light and
stretched her arms upward
and outward. She would have

wished to stay in bed and
make love to Bernice but it
was time to shower and dress

and eat and prepare for work.
Bernice had the whole day off.
Ariadne went to the bathroom

and urinated then showered.
The water refreshed her and
washed away the stains of

sleep and ***. Stepped out
of the shower and dried herself
with rapid motions of the towel.

She dressed while Bernice slept.
Once dressed she breakfasted.
The radio played softly in the

background. Some pop music
and chat. Just as she was about
to go Bernice came in with that

sleepy gaze and soft ****** glow.
Terry Collett Jul 2017
Nesta woke up

Her husband Phil
was not in bed
beside her.

She could hear
the baby crying.

She leaped
from bed
and along
the passage
into the baby's room.

Her husband
was shaking
the baby

She grabbed
the baby
from him
held it
against her
looking to see
if it was all right.

What do you think
you are doing?
she said angrily.

He glared at her
it kept crying
I have worked
in the morning
he said viciously.

I don't care
she spat back
you do not do that
to my baby.

Your baby?
he said
he went to grab
the baby from her
thinking she'd do
as he said.

No you are not
going to touch her
Nesta said
turning away
from him holding
the baby tight.

He grabbed
her hair
but she held on
to the screaming baby.

He turned
her around
and pulled
at the baby's legs.

Nesta holding
the baby
tight against her
with one arm
grabbed a statue
of the ****** Mary
with her other hand
and hit him
over the head
with it
with all
her might.

He released
his hold
of the baby
and stood
for a moment
blood came over
his face
and he fell
to the floor.

She held
the baby closer
rocking it gently
in her arms
there there
she murmured softly.

The baby took
deep breaths.

Nesta walked
the baby
out of its room
and along
to her bedroom
and sat
on her bed
with her.

The baby latched
onto her breast
and quietened.

Nesta stared
at the wall
listening to see
if her husband
was making
any noise.

except the baby
******* hungrily
eyes closed
the baby's little fist
holding her hand.

Nesta leaned down
to the baby's head
and kissed.
Terry Collett Jun 2017
The girl entered
your small flat
and looked around.

She looked tired
and too thin.

What's yer nam?
you asked her.

she replied
what's yoors?

She looked at you
with her tired eyes.

you said.

Aam feckin' wabbit
she said
can Ah sleep
some place?

You smiled
ay coorse.

You showed her
the bedroom
and the double bed.

She kicked off
her thin soled shoes
and lay on the bed
and closed her eyes.

You left her there
and made a coffee
and sat watching TV
wondering how long
she'd stay
if she would stay.

You sipped
your coffee
and lay on the sofa
wishing she was there
beside you
snuggled up close
her red curly hair
against your breast
her head softly at rest.
Terry Collett Jun 2017
You recall
that night
you crept
into Iris's bed
while she slept
and hugged up close
to her
in the coldness
of the room.

She woke
and said
what are you
doing here?

And you whispered
you were cold
and would go
in the morning.

She said
what if they
find you here?

But she let you
stay the night
your arms
about her waist
the smell of her.

You wanted to kiss
her body but didn't
you just lay there
and slept until morning.

She said
you had to go
but be careful
no one sees
you leaving.

You left
and crept along
the corridor
to your dormitory
with the other girls
before they woke.

You lay there
in the semi dark
thinking of her body
and her smell
and the warmth.

No one to tell
no other to inform
as you lay there
in the girls' dorm.
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