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Pax Apr 16
i took a peek, then never again.

What's beyond that window
Lies a curse i did, a sacrifice
I took and a burden i carry.

Goodbye lullaby, as i sleep
soundly towards the end.
Promptly written while watching my window.
I peek on the little human I made
When she's playing or sleeping
Mostly she doesn't notice
But sometimes she does and
The smile lights up the air around her

She has now taken to peaking on me
Although it takes the form of
Loudly stalking then jumping out -
I pretend to be scared and
Sometimes she catches me unawares

Little things are the big things
In parenthood.
Day 329
Bhill Sep 2019
Suddenly the ridge top was glowing
The lightning glittered the sky with sudden bursts
Sudden bursts that let you sneak a peek as to what was coming
What was coming appeared to be a mountain top assault
Assaulting us visually with dancing lights and rolling outcries
Outcries of thunderous clatters far in the distance
How far away was this commotion
Count it down
One one thousand, two one thousand

Brian Hill - # 231
Do you count it down..
Xant Sep 2019
The moon peeked into my house last night
It sent signals within its piercing light,
and it said come play outside if you might


"It's pretty lonely out here in the dark,
nothing to hear but the hoot and the bark,
but I have made you a warm cozy blanket of light,
so come play outside if you might"
Keerthi Kishor Sep 2019
If you want to get into someone’s head,
Have a sneak peek on slices of his life,

Get into his room.
Because personal space don’t lie.
EmperorMoth Aug 2019
Sometimes I peek into Etheria,
Because I ponder where my soul lives,
Casually gliding in the ethereal area,
Trembling cascading chaotic abyss,
Casual sensations indulging in the journey sought.

It's overwhelming, what the power of thought can do;
Place you in realities broad and new,
A contented choke up on surprises, unexpected,
Setting a foundation for limitation is rejected.

What I found in the realm of wonder, Etheria,
From the glimpse, the journey, into an endless inside,
A song, sung so deeply and profoundly,
That only when I touched my face from hysteria,
Had I discovered my very soul, and from that, I cried.
Emmanuella Jun 2019
"Peek and retreat
is the term for it.
Is the term for what I do."

"Treating the world to a prime game,
a fine game of relentless peek-a-boo."
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2018
I peek at you in the crib,
My beautiful babe,
To me born,
An emptiness from me gone.
An Angelic smiling face,
With a lovely grace,
Wrapped in pink lace.
Tiny feet, tiny hands and cute fingers,
On my face linger,
And your soft heart beat,
Pull at my heart strings bit by bit,
Your innocent eyes speak a lot,
So small in every thought.
My love, you and I,
Momma's delight,
A time for a new beginning,
This phase I am enjoying,
My baby girl,
My tiny world.
When my first born a daughter was born
I built these walls in
The shape of mountains
With rivers on the inside
Settled with gardens, lush
That I dug and watered
Myself - climb, hike it thus
And you'll be surprised
That it's a much better trek
Than wrecking foundation
Destroying battlements,
These walls were not made
To keep out but to see
Who wishes to peek in
And find and know and
Maybe even care for and
Love me, so much more
Of what's within is just a
Town willing to be lived in
A heart just afraid to be
Stepped on but willing still
To be held, beat for and
In time, bloom and build
And climb some more,
It's just here, I'm just here
Waiting for any curious hiker
Waiting for a mountain high thrill
Of a kind of love affair, or -
I'm not picky at all -
A great kind of friendship true
Maybe though see what's within?
Amanda Jul 2018
My room never seemed darker
I sever useless ties
If I ever am redeemed
I promise to silence wasted cries

Feel ensnared with no control
Unable to move, gasp for air
Swaying carelessly on the narrow edge
Of letting go, and going there

This continuing brutal journey
Has reached its compassless end
Wind is finally dying down
The choice mine to break or mend

The breeze is swirling, still
Start to wheeze, my lungs let go
Freeze time for a moment but
It thaws, melts like April snow

Lose my sense of taste, my lips
Numb as I fall out of grace
I tumble down, the coldness spreads
Into my body and face

The sky is far above me
I don't dare to take a peek
Not much point if I already know
I will not find what I seek
Written long ago
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