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I went down to Lloyd center
Looking for you
But a mouth full of anger
Blocked my view
He took your hand
There in the skating rink
God will give him blood to drink

Saw the two of you leaving
I didn't want to follow behind
But I could see the rest of your evening
Burning in my mind
Sky's black
The moon's pink
God will give him blood to drink

I looked over the railing
The ice was white
On the north-east side
Where I saw you and your boyfriend
On a Friday night
I went mining for gold
I struck pure, fresh zinc
God, God will give him blood to drink
Another one from 1994, off a tape called "Taking the Dative". Later re-released on the Ghana compilation in 1999.
Alastair Fenn Jan 2019
the rain's melting glass
moulding our views
and moving intentions
to rooms where it started

in grey skies and days
gripping tightly as tea melts between
afternoon darkness

the city at evening
turned pines into curtains
drifting on branches

and in sudden still we walked out between them
in tunnels so soft words can't escape we
shook them together
the snow freezing down
between coatings inside the stitched cotton
we're both waiting there as cars drive below

the rain's melting glass
and scatters through streets
and cracks in the frame
are beginning to show
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
I can't tell you what I meant
because I don't know what I said
I'd tell you what I think
but I haven't got a thought
if I put two and two together
I think that I'd get five
and if you'd **** me
for what I know
I'd only tell you lies
I'm a smashed up piggy bank
robbed of all my pride
broken heart
empty mind
Wrote this at 15

— The End —